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04/30/2017 To all at Zager, but especially Dennis: I just unpacked my new guitar, and wanted to again thank everyone at your organization, who answered my every silly question patiently and thoroughly, and got it to me safely. I especially appreciated the free tuner...that was a kind and thoughtful gesture on your part. It's not something I would admit to most people...but think you will understand. I actually started crying when I unpacked's much more beautiful than I could have imagined from the pictures, and the combination of that, and the joy of a long deferred dream at last coming true was too much for me.
Duitch Sloane
Louisville, Kentucky

04/27/2017 We received our new guitar Friday, June 13, in the afternoon. It is just STUNNING, and sounds lovely! And the case is beautiful...we are humbled by your generosity in including it. I gained a million "wife points" from my husband for this treasured birthday gift--he loves it. Thank you, thank you!
Gwendolyn Blythe
Eagle, Idaho

04/27/2017 all the tesrimonials say it what a great guitar I have'nt played my gibson since I received my zad80ce in the mail before I bought the zad80ce I was looking at martins and the price just scared me away so I stayed with my gibson and started searching e-bay and found you guys what a lucky day that turned out to be I e-mailed you you e-mailed back the same hour or Dennis jr did and by the end of the week I received this beautiful and wonderful sounding guitar I can't wait to put a strap button on it and take it to a gig thank you very nice very nice
Roger Shirk
Omaha, Nebraska

04/27/2017 Just wanted to let you know I received the 20CE two days after my phone purchase. I have had it now less than a week and cannot put it down. I am a beginner (two years give or take a few months) and this is my fourth acoustic. Interestingly, my first guitar was black as well and the diffence in the action is virtually non-comparable. I decided I was done with black guitars! Until now. The sound is studio quality, the body is extremely light weight and the action is effortless.
Paul Shields
Seattle, Washington

04/24/2017 Denny, Got my guitar about an hour ago and it is as nice as it is advertised. I got to play it a little bit and it is everything as advertised also. I have always been skeptical about the hype people do about their products but I read so many testimonies about how good the guitar was and with the guarantee I figured how could I go wrong. It took me all most a year of talking myself into buying it but now I am really glad I trusted what all you said and ordered it. Every email I have sent has been answered in less than an hour and that includes Sunday night when I ordered it. UPS delayed delivering it for a day but still got it on Thursday.
Don Pruitt
Los Angeles, California

04/21/2017 Hi Denny...I'm basically speechless here. I am 52 years old and first played and took lessons on an electric guitar (Fender Mustang & Ampeg amp) when I was about 10 years old. I never really picked it up and never learned to read music. I easily lost my place in the sheet music, etc. I gave up. Even though my dad was a big band musician and said anyone should be able to play,"rock & roll", it only has 3 chords!!! Throughout the last 40 years I tried several other times and never succeeded. I decided that I just didn't have the, "gift" even though I love music and have had a life long desire to play. All my life there has been this nagging desire to play, combined with a sense of failure. Recently and now at age 52, I decided to give it yet another try. So I bought another guitar and went online to several sites that looked promising. None made much sense to me and it was not looking good until I accidently found your site. I signed up and have loved it. I have learned more in a few days than in all my years of struggle and I have something coming from my guitar that sounds like music!!! Is that possible???????? I am absolutely blown away.
Tim Washburn
San Antonio, Texas

04/19/2017 Itís 6:18 p.m. in Waco. My guitar arrived this morning but I wasnít able to get to it until this afternoon and until everyone left for the day. Iíve been playing for about an hour, songs that Iíve wanted to play and songs that Iíve always played. I couldnít be happier with my purchase. The guitar feels like an old friend and sounds like a much older, seasoned guitar. My fingers feel great. It really easy to play. I can only imagine how it will sound over the years (something to look forward to). Itís perfect. Thank you.
Will Hutson
Waco, Texas

04/18/2017 I received my ZAD 20 CE guitar this week and really love it ! It is just as you advertised. It sounds great and really is much easier on my fingers than my other guitars. It is also a visually beautiful instrument. I also signed up for your lessons before receiving my new guitar as I wanted to see if I could improve my playing ability and learn some new techniques. I am really thrilled with the detail and content of your lessons. You have a great teaching style and as a result, I find the lessons extremely motivating. I highly suggest anyone considering one your guitars also take a look at your lessons which are truly a bargain in every way! I am really energized now with a great guitar and superb lessons to spend a lot more time and effort earning how to play some really great guitar music. Thanks also for the neat gifts you included. What a nice surprise.
Jerry F. Biscopink
Detroit, Michigan

04/17/2017 Hello Denny Jr, Well I've had my new zad 20ce about three weeks now and you won't believe how much I enjoy playing it. I'm so happy I smile just telling you about it. I finally picked up a used amp and about to drive the old lady right out of the house. The guitar is so easy on the fingers it's a joy. I switch back to my Alvarez once in awhile cause I feel sorry for it sitting in the corner I guess! Your guitar sounds so much better and is so much easier to play that I wish I would have bought it a year ago when I started playing.
John McHugo
Atlanta, Georgia

04/15/2017 Denny,My guitars arrived right on time.I got to tell you it's so nice when things go beyond expectations,both guitars are beautiful,looks,tone,playability are all exceptional.I've been playing over 45yrs and own over 30 guitars,I see more Zagers in my future.Thanks to everyone at Zager Guitars for a great experience and a great product. Warmest Regards
Steve Clemente
Red Rocks, Colorado

04/15/2017 I just received my new ZAD-20CE 20 minutes ago, it looks and sounds wonderful. I was really surprised to find a Polaroid picture of Denny with a guitar included. That is just AWESOME. This is the first time I was able to take a new guitar out of the case and play a couple of songs instead of just plucking the strings wishing I did. Thanks again for an excellent guitar and sending along the picture.
David Tommerson
Orlando, Florida

04/12/2017 Wow, what a beautiful guitar! I bought the ZAD-20ce om on discount. It has a small scratch right below the tuner and actually is hard to notice unless you know it's there because it goes with the grain of the wood. With that said, it doesn't matter to me that it has a minor flaw. I feel honored and privilaged to own such a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. I have been playing on and off for 20 yrs now, more off than on and have finally found a guitar that doesn't defeat me yet makes me want to play. I now play every night for around an hour or so. This baby is hard to put down. The ease of playing is outstanding! I am soo used to pressing so hard on the strings that I have to constantly remind myself to relax as I am playing a real guitar now
Katrina Jagelka
Columbus, Ohio

04/09/2017 I gave what I thought was an honest evaluation of my new ZAD-80CE. All "10's". I'll say it again - the guitar is simply outstanding, and the customer service is above and beyond any that I have experienced. I have no doubt the reputation of Zager Guitar will remain the highest. You have the best product and the best service!
John Conn
McComb, Mississippi

04/07/2017 I also just wanted to thank you again for the ZAD-20 OM that I purchased for my daughter recently. We have had it for a couple weeks now and she could not be happier with it. She was having a lot of problems practicing with her previous guitar and having very sore fingertips to the point of not wanting to practice anymore. With the Zad-20 she finds it much easier and really looks foward to playing. The sound is really beautiful too. You've made a 12 year old girl (and her dad) very happy and I will be forever grateful.
Don Czerwinski
Valparaiso, Indiana

04/07/2017 My ZAD80CE arrived less than a week ago and I have been absolutely pleased with the sound and ease of play. Everything I read on your website about the Zager Guitar line is true. I can't tell you how many guitars I have played in the last 40 years, but I can promise you that the ZAD80CE is "the one" guitar I will play in the future! My only regret is not having the Zager experience sooner! Thanks to you all at Zager Guitar for a most positive experience. You have an excellent product and excellent service.
John Conn
McComb, Mississippi

04/07/2017 Just had to send a quick note of thanks for all your attention over the last couple weeks regarding the guitar purchase. The guitar is beautiful, sounds fantastic and I can't wait to start lessons once again ! Just a great experience all around -
Chicago, Illinois

04/03/2017 and it's everything you said it would be--easy to play, great sound, nice finish. I love the built-in tuner, and the hard case is top-notch. Thanks for the T-shirt, too--how'd you know I wear an XL? I'm really looking forward to playing this guitar for a long time!
Tom Mccarroll
New Orleans, Louisiana

04/01/2017 Just wanted to let you know that i love the guitar! I am able to get through over 20 songs in one sitting without any finger discomfort. Thanks again for all of your help and getting the guitar and all the extra 'goodies' to me so promptly.
Debbie Evans
St. Louis, Missouri

03/31/2017 When I arrived at my brothers house the guitar was already there. Curious as I was, I immediately unpacked it and started to play. Wow, what an experience! The guitar looks great, sounds fantastic and plays very easy. Iím very happy with my new instrument and I will tell all my colleges in the Netherlands about you guys. Keep up the good work.
Jan Buis

03/28/2017 I have about 18 guitars. Six of them hi end Martins and three of them hi end Guilds. I ran across Zager guitars while surfing E-Bay. After reading his promo I decided I would try one. I have been playing for the last forty eight years. When the time came in life that I could afford better guitars I started having problems with arthritis in my fingers. I could only play for an hour or so after taking Aleve. After reading about Denny's string since and the testimonials I decided to see if one of his guitar set ups would help ease the pain in my hands while I played. I received the Zad-80 yesterday. I was impressed with the appearance from the start when I took it out of the case. I gave it a good once over before I started to play. I started to tune the guitar and found it in perfect tune. I played till the tips of my fingers were so sour I could play no more but my hands did not hurt and no Aleve. The sound quality is right up there with the best sounding guitar I have, right out of the box. You can not beat the quality and set up for the money. It was a beautiful day here in North Carolina yesterday and I set out side and played for hours till dark. I have worked in quality control for 30 years and the quality is in this guitar is outstanding!! A man that will take the responsibility and put his name on his work as Denny dose and even provide pictures has my respect.
L.T. Pierce
Raleigh, North Carolina

03/28/2017 Well, Denny, received the ZAD20OM CE today via UPS, right on schedule. It's a beautiful guitar, one I'll be proud to show off anywhere. Cosmetically, it appears to be flawless at first look. Beautiful woods. The strings are so easy to press down on the frets, like you advertised, and the sound is great. BTW, the extra string set that came with it are the extra-light gauge; I am assuming that this is the recommended gauge for this guitar. Tested the electronic tuner and it appears to be right on target (tested it against an Intelli-Touch electronic tuner).
D T Duke
Gatesville, Texas

03/28/2017 Thanks for the great guitar! It did come today in the mail. It sounds every bit as good as it looks. I haven't played much in the last 8 years but this guitar feels great and doesn't kill my hand to play it. My old Dean Exotica sounded good (especially when amplified) but the action was awful. I like the sound projection - it really carries like a guitar three or four times the price. I almost bought a Guild that you father had modified, but I'm quite happy to have this guitar and to keep it for years to come. Thanks. Thanks for keeping me posted on the shipping schedule too.
Eric T. Brown
Washington D.C., District of Columbia

03/25/2017 I bought a zad20 2 1/2 yrs ago and still play it daily. I love it and still go to the guitar shops and can't find anything that plays or sounds as nice w/out taking a 2nd on the house, and even some of those don't stand up to the zad20. I bought it on a whim and wanted to learn to play-doing very nicely now. I have always said that if something happened to it-I would replace with a zager immediately. Good luck-You have touched and inspired a lot of people, myself for sure. Thank you for everything.
Ken Price
Aurora, Colorado

03/22/2017 Apparently you CAN "teach an old dog new tricks". I just finished my first online lesson with Denny, and this beautiful rosewood and cedar guitar (which at first I was almost afraid to touch) sounds as lovely as it looks! I love music, and have wanted to make my own music for almost fifty years now; but I got nothing except sore fingers with that tinny little $39.95 guitar I carried around for decades. Finally gave up and sold it at a yard sale. Then--must have been fate--I stumbled upon Zager guitars at ebay. I am so happy that, at age 66, I've finally gotten the chance to become a musician...thank you so much, Denny and Dennis, for helping me to realize my dream.
Barbara June
Leland, North Carolina

03/20/2017 I'm up in Wyoming and my guitar arrived right on schedule. It is s beautiful piece of work. My brother played it for such a long spell that I think he wore out a set of strings! Just kidding. It sounds wonderful and it filled my hear with joy to see him playing and singing again. It is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much. I've played it myself and I love the wonderful bright notes and deep bass tones. It is just what I was looking for. I really hope I can learn to play it half as well as my bro.
Judy Speck
Park City, Utah

03/19/2017 She arrived and she is simply a beautiful instrument. I sat down this morning and played a number of my "old favorites" and it was just wonderful. "Lonely Stranger" never sounded so sweet or so blue. I think I'm going to have to spring for the case sometime soon. Although the guitar looks splendid hanging from my wall - I do recognize that probably isn't the best way to store a great instrument in a non-climate controlled environment! Thanks so much for all your help and incredibly swift response and support. You have a Zager advocate for life!
David Elliott
New York, New York

03/18/2017 What can I say, the 20 series Zager Guitar I just purchased from you says it all. I have owned a Martin D-41, Gibson Dove, and several other lower price guitars. None of them came near the quality of the guitar I got from you. The ease of play, the tone, the craftmanship, the great service from you is unbelievable. Anyone reading this can feel free to contact me anytime. I am very plain spoken and direct!!! The Zager Guitar is by far the best guitar I have heard. If you are in the market for a guitar, Zager is the only way to go. I could sit and tell you about this all day, but you will not believe it, until you have one in your hands and play it and hear it. Thank you for making this possible for me!!!!!!!!!
Jim Henry
Logan, West Virginia

03/16/2017 Just got home from work and the new ZAD20 was waiting on the porch. This is absolutely a beautiful guitar not only visually but also in sound. Masterful craftsmanship. I am most delighted that you have two more identical that I can purchase. I would like to do that through Paypal, which is most convenient for me. By the way, I recently purchased a Martin D41 acoustic/electric for myself which I paid $3220 And I must be brutally honest when I say, this ZAD20 is without a doubt in the same league both visually, aurally, and ease of playability. It is absolutely astonishing that you can produce such an instrument and sell it for such an affordable price.
Terry Davis
Los Angeles, California

03/16/2017 The guitar arrived today. Wow! As advertised. A beautiful instrument. Easy, easy to play and what a great sound. I had been playing a Washburn CE for the past three years which, frankly I really liked. It was in a similar price category and really a pretty instrument. I sold it last week after only two days on the market and was wondering if I had done the right thing as your guitar hadn't arrived yet. I did the right thing. Denny's guitar blows the Washburn away. No comparison in sound or playability. I'm a relatively new guitarist at age 62. I've been studying and playing seriously for just short of three years and this guitar will boost my abilities immediately.
Bob Palmer
Honolulu, Hawaii

03/13/2017 the Zager ZAD 20 guitar was delivered in perfect condition and still in tune 5 days ago. Everything was just as promised. Quality of workmanship, sound and balance, easy playability and good looking fit and finish, everything is living up to its billing. After playing the instrument for only a few minutes, it felt as comfortable and familiar as though I had played this guitar for years, that says a lot for playability. I showed the guitar to some of my guitar playing friends and let them try it and the verdict was unanimous, everybody liked it and concurred with my opinion. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyable playing and hope that instruments like this one will continue to be available at such a reasonable price to all of us pickers in the future. Thanks a lot.
Jack Nordmann
Coventry, Rhode Island

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