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03/13/2017 I purchased a ZAD-20CE last month and couldn't be happier...I mean I love love love this baby. Simply ZAD-20CE sounds grrreat! I've only been playing for about 1 1/2 years and decided it was time to upgrade from the entry level Hohner I was playing. In any event buying a Zager has proved to be a great decision. I now playing nearly every every chance I get and my skills have greatly improved no doubt in part to the great action on my new Zager. I also want to say thanks to all the folks at Zager guitars who were involved in the purchase and shipping process. My guitar had a long journey to Alaska and arrived in perfect condition.
J. Randall Denardi
Wasilla, Alaska

03/10/2017 My ZAD80 has arrived in perfect condition! Now to re-learn after a 30 year break. I am so pleased that I found Zager. Your guitars are a work of art, sound incredible and priced well below their market value. Thanks for the quick replies to my weekend emails. Now the musical journey has begun. Thanks again
Dave Truzinski
Nashville, Tennessee

03/08/2017 I have been playing my Zager for a couple of months now and I truly love this guitar. Very nice sound and the quality of the instrument is first rate. I have never played a "high end" acoustic but I have played some that were extremely difficult to play. The modifications to the nut and bridge improve the ease of play tremendously. The sound when playing lead licks and riffs is amazing. Very penetrating and "ringy". The customer service and quick reply to any question submitted was astounding. Very nice people to do business with. Fine instrument and attention to customer service equals happiness! Thank you very much!!
Tamarac, Florida

03/08/2017 I purchased two zager guitars and have been very happy with them. My fingers do not hurt when I press down on the strings; the sound is beautiful; and the guitar is excellent in looks and I highly recommend Zager guitars for all ages. Denny Zager, Jr. has been wonderful as far as customer service and I feel when I email him, I've known him for a long time.
Darlene Mueller
Gilberts, Illinois

03/08/2017 I just had to write you again and tell you what a wonderful guitar the ZAD-20CE is. I recently purchased a Martin D-18 GE which I have been looking for. I swear, the Zager in many ways has a clearer more precise sound. My wife says it is her favorite to listen too. I believe I will be buying another model from you very soon.
John Wood
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

03/04/2017 Thank you for the customer service you provide and the type person you are. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.
Gary Avrett
Indianapolis, Indiana

03/02/2017 I received my Zager Guitar today!! I thank you with all my heart! It is quite obvious that a lot of time, pride, and commitment goes into the entire process. From the packaging, to the case, and most importantly the Zager Guitar. It is my privilege to own such a finely crafted instrument. It's sound instantly soothes me and I couldn't ask for a better fit; but the best part is, I didn't have to sacrifice sound for a smaller size.
Colleen Ingle
Denver, Colorado

03/01/2017 I got my ZAD-20 yesterday and I was very impressed. I love this guitar!!! It's easy to play, it sounds awesome, and it looks beautiful. It's everything you said it was going to be. Thank you very much for this great guitar.
Cesar Rodriguez
Los Angeles, California

02/26/2017 Good morning Dennis, and Dennis Jr, and everyone at the Zager team. I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent guitar delivered to my home the very next day following the order. I usually take a little while before I make a judgment when buying an instrument. This is no exception, but I have been unable to put this guitar down! The sound is more vibrant than my Martin Dreadnought, (which was also setup with light strings). The tone is every bit as rich and full as the Martin. The playability with bends and barre chording in particular is the more comfortable than my deluxe strat and tele, or any other guitar I have had the opportunity to play. The picking response is excellent, the built in tuner is a very nice and useful touch, and the electronics are also very solid on this guitar. The professionalism and courtesy with which you give to your customers should be a standard in the musical instrument/lesson business
Jeremy W. Gorsuch
Miami, Florida

02/26/2017 Hello, Delbert Adams here long time fan. I ordered the Zagar 20ce on last Thursday late. It arrived the following Tuesday. What quick service!!!! I was absolutely astonished at the workmanship and the quality of this guitar. Thank you so very much for the work that you put into your modifications. Everything was just as you said it would be and more. The sound is just absolutely beautiful. The wife and I really like this guitar and will be buying another one in the near future. Again thank you so very much. It is so nice to do business with such a good individual.
Delbert Adams
Des Moines, Iowa

02/26/2017 I really like that guitar I am on the road at the moment with my band and will be back around august 10th and want either that guitar or the black one you have! I love all your guitars I PLAYED A FEW OF THEM AND HAVE TO ADMIT THEY PLAY AND SOUND BETTER THAN MY EXPENSIVE MARTIN. You guys make me proud to be a guitar player! So I will keep in ouch every chance I get to internet connection. Thanks for such fast reply!!
Patrick Elkins
Kansas City, Missouri

02/23/2017 I just wanted to write and tell you thanks for the beautiful guitar. It plays and sounds every bit as good as my Martin HD28. A friend of mine had purchased one of your guitars and I was looking for a second acoustic. I made the right decision when I purchased a Zager. Best of health and wishes to you and your family for the many years that you have given the guitar world.
John Wood
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

02/20/2017 I wanted to let you know that my new ZAD-20 Acoustic guitar arrived in perfect shape. When I popped the case lid open Wow what a beautiful piece of work. To say I'm satisfied is putting mildly. I'm so excited to start guitar lessons this coming week and begin to enjoy this awesome guitar. I want to thank you Dennis for such a quality product and at such a reasonable price I might add. Dennis Jr. was extremely helpful to this first timer and I appreciate his professional and personal guidance, in fact your whole gang is top notch, my thanks to all of you. I know that once I get some lessons and experience under my belt I'm really going to appreciate this guitar just that much more. I will keep you guy's updated on my progress.
Dan DiMola
Portland, Oregon

02/18/2017 I'd also like to pass along the fact, that when I was making my purchase online, I was having a bit of trouble with my credit card company validating the transaction. (Which is a good thing I suppose, in these days when predators enjoy stealing honest folks identies.) I called into Zager Guitar and I spoke with Jill, who was extremely professional and helped me through this slight difficulty with ease! She deserves to be mentioned for her help and the kind way that she handled it. Too often, these types of people are unmentioned. Thank you Jill!
Tom Klein
Hermon, Maine

02/17/2017 Thank you for your prompt service and great customer service as usual. There was no delay and no apology needed. I am impressed with the Zager way of business ethics. If we had more companies that treated there customer's the way you guys do we would all be better off. Even though I am returning a guitar I still have nothing but good to say about the Zager's and your product.
Atlanta, Georgia

02/16/2017 I just took my ZAD-80 out of the case for the first time. Love it! Thanks. I'm proud to own an instrument made in the tradition of a master luthier. You capture that spirit very well, and that sets you apart . . . not to mention the beautiful tonal quality, finish and playability of the guitar.
Jim & Bonnie Tallmon
Detroit, Michigan

02/14/2017 Just got home and couldn’t wait to open the box. It is gorgeous and plays like a dream, the tone quality is heavenly. I am confused about it being a discounted guitar for I can’t find a scratch on it, but great for me. I now know why people rave about this guitar. I love my Alvarez AD62SC and had planned on buying a Yairi but the ZAG is unbelievable to play. My Martin D28, even after lowering the action is nothing like this guitar.
Clay And Gail Hansard
Houston, Texas

02/14/2017 Hello: Just to let you know I got the guitar and am really impressed by the sound the look of it. I'm just starting to learn to play and right away felt very comfortable with this guitar. Years ago, I tried to learn to play but found it to be awkward and frustrating experience and gave up. I realize now that the guitar I had been trying to learn on was crap. Thanks for providing such a quality instrument - I feel lucky to have found your company when I did. Thanks again,
Dave Lajala
Chicago, Illinois

02/11/2017 I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with this new guitar. I presently own an Ovation 1771 Balladeer and Epiphone 12 string; there is no comparison to the beauty and playability of the ZAD20CE. The ring and tone are remarkable for a guitar in this price range. The customer service and support I have experienced since joining you is a lost value in today’s business world. You are truly making this a personal experience and show that you care about your customers. Owning various guitars and playing since I was 15 (1969), after viewing your lessons for only the last couple of weeks I am finally playing at a level of satisfaction I’ve never experienced before. Like a good guitar this will only get better with time (and practice). Denny, you always be remembered for the great hit “In the Year 2525” but immortalized for the gift you’re giving back to the guitar community and folks like myself who play purely for the love of music. Not only are the skills of playing the guitar conveyed easily on your website, the life lessons communicated through your teaching are beyond measure. The impact you are having on people through your work is truly commendable.
Gary Lindell
Appleton, Wisconsin

02/08/2017 I would have written sooner, but it's hard to compose email with a guitar in your hands, and I've barely put my new 80CE down since it arrived. It lives up to its hype and then some. I've been playing since college (All I shall say about college is that it was something more than 20 years ago. Well, okay, more than 30 years ago.) I never gave up playing, but in the last 18 months I got really serious about it again. I own a Martin/Clapton signature and a Small Martin (for travel), plus a nylon-string acoustic/electric Cordoba that takes me back to my college/folk music roots in the late 60s and early 70s. But I had wanted a Zager for a long time and finally gave in. It is sooooo sweet. The tone is every bit the equal of the Clapton. The string spacing along the fret board gives me the room I need to hit my marks as cleanly as on the Cordoba classic without the extra neck width that is always a challenge for someone with relatively small hands. My 80CE would have been a bargain at twice the price. I can't tell you how happy I am that I took the plunge. The guitar has so inspired me that I have signed up for high-end lessons to get even better at this. When my instructor asked me how good I wanted to get, I told her I wanted to be able to stand toe-to-toe with Mason Williams and play "Classical Gas" in duet. I actually have some confidence with the 80 CE that I could get there.
Jean Heller
St. Petersburg, Florida

02/06/2017 I received my new ZAD 20 about a week and a half ago and I can't tell you how much I love it; its a guitar I'll use for many years to come. It sounds great and for someone like myself just starting to play again after many years of not even touching a guitar it is really great. I can prastic as long as I want without my fingers hurting, and the help I received from you while trying to decide to buy a Zager. All can say is I love it.
John Beaird
Green Bay , Wisconsin

02/06/2017 The guitar I ordered arrived as scheduled and in perfect condition due to careful packaging. Thank you. I've gotta' say this is one beautiful guitar. The spruce top, mahogany sides and gold plated hardware make an exquisite combination. The finish is extraordinary and having played it now for over two weeks I find the tone impressive. The case is also quite good. One thing I noticed in handling the guitar for the first time was how much lighter it was compared to my other acoustics. Using lighter bracing and strings add to the playabilty of the guitar. Action is perfect and the Zager plays easier than a few guitars I have with a scale length of 24 1/2".
Dennis Holt
Dallas, Texas

02/06/2017 I just received the guitar….it is beautiful, as easy to play and advertised and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Also the case is beautiful, the literature helpful and I LOVE the larger picks and extra light strings….thank you so much for the help. I am a very happy camper!
Scott Blanchard
Mobile, Alabama

02/02/2017 I received my guitar a couple of weeks ago. It is all you said it would be. I have been want to learn to play for many many years but nothing felt right in my hands. The tip of my first finger on my left hand was cut off on an angle years ago and it made it difficult to play. With your Guitar it has made it so easy to fret the strings am I am seeing some very great progress. Thanks for doing such a great job
Glenn Aylor
Reno, Nevada

01/31/2017 Denny, I was a bit skeptical about purchasing your guitar. IT WAS THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE. Plays easy sounds great.Very Pleased would highly recremend to others . PS I own other guitars that cost much more and I bought this one to use and abuse outdoors but it is so nice and plays so well that I just can't.
Mike Mold
Cheyenne, Wyoming

01/30/2017 I received my guitar, a Zager ZAD-20CE in natural finish, and I am writing to tell you that it is magnificent! I am thoroughly pleased with the instrument – its fit, finish, tone, and playability are all top shelf; and the entire transaction was a pleasant experience from start to finish. I especially appreciate the speed with which my new guitar arrived and how well it was packed. I also appreciated the communication throughout the process that kept me apprised of what was going on every step of the way, from the time I placed my order until it arrived on my doorstep. It only makes me even more confident and comfortable with my purchase. I have already shown the guitar to several of my friends and heard comments like, “Wow, where did you say you got this guitar? I might need to get one of these myself.” Thanks again, and I look forward to years of enjoyment with my new Zager!
Paul Kline
Boston, Massachusetts

01/27/2017 I can't thank you enough. I had spent countless hours trying all sorts of guitars when a friend told me about your guitars. At first I thought it was too good to be true - (price, sound, quality, and easy to play to boot). I thought, what do I have to loose, so I bought a ZAD 80CE. When I pulled it out of the box I almost started to cry. It was beautiful. My wife hit me and asked me how much did THAT cost. When I told her the price she made me prove it . Even she couldn't believe it. It looks great. More importantly it sounds unreal. I can't believe this cost less than a grand. My buddy has a guitar that cost over three times more than what I paid and he's green with envy. He's a real pain to play with now because he always wants to play my Zager guitar. Everyone wants to know where I got it so I tell them to go to Zager Guitar. After three weeks I'm now playing songs that my friends took months to learn. I'm hooked.
Kyle Wood
Merrimac, Massachusetts

01/27/2017 i am amazed,this guitar is wife bought this for me and allready responded with an e-mail earlier so i'm going to take a moment to let you know what i think. the sound is amazing up & down the neck,no easy to fret,spacing on the stings gives me the cleanaest many have give'n-up playing for these have truelly solved that issue. As I inspected guitar i could not find any flaws.perfect!!! i now know that quality and customer service are on the top of your list.
Brian Foster
Chicago, Illinois

01/27/2017 I really felt I needed/wanted to make the effort to let you both know how much I am grateful for the first class way you make us feel - and I believe in my heart that the world and its guitar players are so much the better for your artistry and sharing .I am proud to havre one of your guitars- thank you.
Greg Sherman
Witchita, Kansas

01/24/2017 Hi Denny Jr., it's Roger Duron from Virginia. I purchased a ZAD 20CE from you a few months ago. I absolutely love this guitar. I have played it so much that I have worn Denny's signature off the back! I wish I could bear to be without it because I would send it back to you so he could sign it again. This time I would ask that he sign the front!
Roger Duron
Indianapolis, Indiana

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