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01/21/2017 I've had my guitar now for a few weeks, and I love it. It sounds great and really is easier to play. Also, thanks for the goodies like the shirt stand, and the strings.
Seattle, Washington

01/19/2017 Dennis, I got my guitar yesterday. My dad played it till 11:00 PM last night and did not have anything but good things to say about it. He has a Martin D28 that he loves. He has been playing guitar for 60 years. He said it sounded better than his Martin, that is something I never thought I would here him say.
Morris Moore
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

01/18/2017 I bought a Zager guitar about a year ago and after owning an ibanez and an old conn this guitar beats them hands down. I like playing it for hours and never seems to make my fingers sore. thanx Denny!!!
Denver, Colorado

01/17/2017 I received my guitar and I'm so very thrilled! It is exactly as we had talked about, and it plays so wonderfully. The sound is awesome.... just nothing like it. The electronics are wonderful, too, and I'm enjoying trying out the options and the different sounds it creates. The neck problem is not even something that is visual and is definitely not a problem for me. Thank you so very much for this incredible instrument that I'll play in many places. Also, the finish is beautiful. And, I could not believe that it was in tune when it arrived........ now that is amazing!
DeeDee Ogden
Salem, Oregon

01/15/2017 I just wanted to give you an update since I purchased my ZAD 80CE a couple of years ago. Three of my siblings; sisters Susie and Della and brother Robert, are also proud owners of your guitars. Played unplugged, they still project over 3 and 4 part harmonies. When plugged in, they deliver what every guitar player seeks - nuanced tone for days. We play during famliy get togethers and are absolutely convinced your instruments are the best value for the dollar period. Robert accidentally damaged the jack on his guitar, and you immediately sent an entire replacement unit. - free of charge. Customer service isn't just a sales ploy for you, but an unheard of commitment. I have only ever sent in testimonials for a product twice in my lifetime - both to Zager. I remain your enthusiastic supporter and will continue to spread the word.
Rod Ramon
Marina, California

01/15/2017 We just received our new Zager Zad80 and it is a beautiful instrument. The sound is just great. Again you have made two customers extremely happy and well satisfied. Couldn't be happier. Thank you very much. Tell your father for us that we said thank you very much and we do appreciate the work that he has put into these instruments. Also that we really enjoy his videos, very, very informative. You all really have a class act.
Delbert Adams
Des Moines, Iowa

01/12/2017 I want you to know how absolutely thrilled I am with the guitar I purchased from you. The moment I took it out of the box, I immediately knew that it was a very high-end guitar. The finish is so beautiful, with a brilliant shine. I've been playing the guitar every chance I get. To my surprise, I remember many of the basic chords that I used when I played the guitar several years ago. My tender fingertips (left hand) do not get sore from playing because the action on the guitar is so unbelievably low. The guitar has such a rich, full sound, with sparkling highs and deep, luxurious lows! It stays in tune and none of the frets or strings buzz at all. In short, this Zager guitar is the best guitar I've ever played or owned. I have already derived many hours of pleasure from playing it, and that means that I'll love it even more as my skills improve. Kudos to your dad and yourself for making the greatest guitars.
Marlene Schwartz
Houston, Texas

01/09/2017 I couldn't buy a zager direct from you as I live in the UK. I was fortunate to buy a zager on ebay from an American guy living in London. They do not come up very often so is a real privilege to own. It's the easiest and best guitar I have ever played - beats the socks off my 1975 J20 Gibson Deluxe. I only play the zager now.
Trevor Clare

01/07/2017 Hello Denny, Received my ZAD-80 this afternoon..Was is perfect shape....after a few moments of tuning (due to temp changes in mtns) it sounded just a great as I hoped...Looked even better than expected...Plays much easier than my Martin D-35.. I love the mellow tone yet has good volume ,almost as good as the D-35 but I use med. to light strings on it. No string buzz and very easy to fret all the way up the neck....Neck is also very comfortable...Thanks for the quick response to my order and shipping....Sure glad a friend told me about your web site and guitar. I'm very pleased to have a guitar with great sound and looks at less than half the cost of my other guitar.
Don Newman
Dallas , Texas

01/07/2017 I guess I've had my new guitar almost 3 weeks now, and I'm completely in love! I know that the instrument will improve with age, but it's wonderful the way it is! After so many years dedicated to career and family, I've re-discovered the passion I used to have for music and playing guitar. Sometimes I wonder if my hands will be able to keep up with the demands I place on them, but I just take some aspirin and keep on going. I'm no expert, especially having been away from the scene for so long, but this is one fine guitar. It absolutely sings. The notes ring out clear and strong with just the lightest touch. I was amazed when I first took it out of the case at how light it is. I never expected it to be so delicately crafted from such fine woods. I was a bit leary of buying a guitar with a rosewood fretboard, but my concerns were allayed immediately. The piece of wood used for the fretboard is just as dense and tight-grained as any ebony board I've seen, and it feels great under my fingers. Of course, Denny's finely tuned action and perfectly dressed frets don't hurt, either. I often find myself playing in front of a mirror: it's not a vanity thing; it's just the best way to enjoy looking at this beautiful instrument for long periods of time. I can't get enough of it. I went on line and ordered a bunch of strings, since I'm wearing them out in 2 weeks or less. Thanks for everything. Thanks for building such a wonderful instrument. And thanks for all the support and follow-up information. I know I will be using the resources on your superb website for years to come.
Alan Scott
Los Angeles, California

01/07/2017 Thanks again for everything! I am already spreading the word about your fine product and excellent service. Your company is what American business was meant to be.
Rick Peabody
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

01/03/2017 Denny, I got my new ZAD-80 yesterday and I am impressed it plays beautifully, the sound is so rich, I had to get used to hearing it for awhile this morning before I could appreciate the beauty of this guitar. And I love the action. Undoubtedly this is one of the nicest guitars I have had he pleasure of owning.
Keith Anderson
Tempe, Arizona

01/01/2017 I just like to let you know I received the ZAD-20CE last night and once I got it out of the box I couldn’t keep off my hands. Very easy to play and after a few hour my hand left it could play for a few more hours. Very low action and the sound have crispy highs and nice lows either plugged or unplugged. This guitar just sounds as good or even better then any expensive solid body guitar.
Anthony Faris
Fort Worth, Texas

12/31/2016 Just opened up the box with my new ZAG20. It is a stunning instrument, both in appearence and sound. Thank you very much for all of you patience, during the purchase phase. And please thank Denny for the wonderfull guitar !!!
Mark O\
Omaha, Nebraska

12/28/2016 I received my guitar a couple of days ago and it is everything I hoped for and more. From the finish to the way it plays is first class. I really appreciate the extras like the beautiful wood, finish and inlays, the picture of Denny testing it, the signed photo of him as a young artist and the t-shirt. I look forward to playing each night after work. I have been so busy the past few years that I haven't played much, but I am able to play my new Zager for over an hour at a time and my fingers are not sore. I could never do that with my old guitar. Thank you for the personal touch put into all you do, I look forward referring anyone interested in playing the guitar to your company.
Rick Peabody
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12/28/2016 I normally don't rant and rave about much, but I am so excited about my Zager. I just finished three gigs at the Alaska State Fair, two planned and one as a replacement(Wed & Thurs, Fri Sat @ today are the "Big Names) The replacement job was (I am sure) due to the Zager (luckily I didn't have to sing as my temp bridge would have fallen out!!)! In the "Tune up/warm up room I had quite a few comments on how "good" my guitar sounded even without plugging it, in it really carried. I love this guitar, in fact I haven't picked up any of my other guitars since I received it.
William Brekke
New York City, New York

12/28/2016 I am a beginning guitar player and have made some rapid strides in learning primarily due to the ease of play of your guitar, ZAD-20CE. I previously owned another brand and it really tore up my fingers due to the need to press hard on the strings to make clear chords with no buzzing or muting. It is hard to express in words how glad I am that I purchased your guitar and now feel that I might become proficient in playing it some day.
Dave Wallace
Weeki Wachee, Florida

12/25/2016 I got it yesterday & I wanted to tell you how exquisite and balanced the instrument is. I am nearly out of my mind ecstatic!!! I feel very fortunate to have one of your guitars - I can tell you had your hands on it and care very greatly about each one of your 'children'. I hope you are in good health and enjoying life. Again, I would have bought one from you but when they were available from you I had 0$! May the Good Lord bless you and your family greatly. To do the kind of work you've done, you'd almost have to be a believer. I love the snowflake crosses fret markers. The tone is so balanced I marvel and it plays nice too. Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Trish Perry
Albany, New York

12/22/2016 Denny, Got my guitar yesterday and haven't put it down! What a great guitar, a real bargain for the price. It plays so easily and looks great. I LOVE it. Thank you for the wonderful service and the ease of the transaction. I appreciate the personal touch of giving me a shot of Denny tuning my guitar.
Glenn Mills
Miami, Florida

12/20/2016 I have had my ZAD 80 for a few weeks now. I can not say enough good things about this guitar. It has a wonderful tone. It looks like a million dollars. I started taking lessons the week I got it. My teacher is a graduate of the Berklee college of music. He played the guitar and said I must have tons of money for a guitar that sounded that good. When I told him how much it cost he was floored and said I definatley got my money worth. I probably drove Dennis crazy with all my e-mails but he always responded quikly and answerd my questions. Thanks for the great product and service. It will be hard to imagine a world with out Zager guitars. I feel like I own a treasure. Thanks for everything.
Troy Raines
Jonesboro, Georgia

12/19/2016 My ZAD 20 is the pride of my music world. Thank you, again, Denny, for such loving attention and for making such beautiful instruments affordable. They would be bargains at twice the price.
David Blair
Sacramento, California

12/18/2016 Thank you so much for the new guitar. i was going to email you earlier but i kind of just kept playing. the guitar sounds absolutely amazing and looks beautifu,l its hard to put down. i can't believe how cheap it was for the quality of the instrument. i really appreciate what you guys do. i wish you guys the best and again thank you so much.
Ramon Alan Nola
Miami, Florida

12/16/2016 We did receive the guitar yesterday, it arrived exactly on my husband's birthday. All I can say is "Thank you" so much! Not only is the guitar incredibly beautiful, it sounds crystal clear and so smooth. We love it and will take good care of it. Your company has the best customer service, I can tell this is truly a passion for you. When our son gets old enough we will get him a "Zager" guitar too!
Mary Habegger
Plano, Texas

12/16/2016 I just wanted to say thank you again. I bought 2 Zagers, which I initially thought was CRAZY! But I am so glad I did. So much easier to have a guitar in each city where I play...and they play beautifully. I'm 4'11" with small hands, but I've been playing (and writing) chords I avoided before.
Ruth Greenwood
Nashville, Tennessee

12/13/2016 You guys are the best and really live up to all the testimonials and positive feedback that I've read on your site and on E-bay! It's great to know that there are still companies out there that really do care about customer satisfaction - I really appreciate it and you will definitely call you to place the order on Friday. Once again, thanks for your prompt responses and for your help.
John Stephenson
Atlanta , Georgia

12/10/2016 Hi this is Richard. I purchased one of Denny's guitars about a year ago. Some of my friends who play 3000 dollar Martins cant believe how good my 495 dollar sounds. Thank you for a wonderful guitar.
Richard Rakowski
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

12/08/2016 Hope you are doing well. I have purchased both the ZAD-20 and ZAD-80 models and still love these instruments as much, if not more, as the day they landed on my doorstep.
Arnie Ogburn
Fargo, North Dakota

12/08/2016 Just some words to let you know that the guitar,after 3 fly ,Lincoln-NY,NY-Paris and Paris-Marrakesh, is now in his new home.And no problem at all for this trip. I'm not a good musician,but I can say that the guitar look very good,sound is great and much more and so easy to play.I just regret to not know your father's guitar before ( thank's internet) cause I probably bought one or two many year before and my level would be better. So I'm happy with that one .
Didier Baverel

12/04/2016 Thank you for your assistance and all of the information you supplied me about guitars, and most of all thank you for all of your time and effort you have put into making an amazing guitar. I received my ZAD80 last Wednesday, and it is better than I could ever have hoped, sounds very beautiful and plays amazingly.
Russell Kies
New York City, New York

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