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12/04/2016 I bought a ZAD-80 last summer and I love it. The sound is rich and warm. The natural look just adds to its beauty. I had played one at a friends house, and really wanted one, so I bought one. I'm glad I did.
Jonathan Harder
Perryton, Texas

12/03/2016 Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and product!
Linda Codori
East Lancing, Michigan

12/01/2016 Just wanted you to know my guitar arrived yesterday. I had to work until 7:30 pm and I got home from work at just after 8 pm. It was there waiting for me. I couldn't put it down. I love it, I told my daughter I was try- ing to find a way to sleep with it without hurting it. It is beautiful, sounds beautiful, and is very easy to play. I love it. I collect guitars, as a hobby. I like to get guitars with different features and see if I like them. the way they sound, the way they play, the way they look, the difference in tone with the different types of sound holes, or no sound holes, and the shallow bowl round back vs regular size. I now have 3 guitars that are keepers. (Over the years I have had probably a couple of dozen) Yesterday my new guitar jumped to the top of my list - My very favorite. I really love it. I am one proud owner of this guitar.
Cherie Self
St. Louis, Missouri

11/28/2016 Dennis, I received the new guitar last Fri.on time and in good condition. This is by far the finest instrument i have ever owned. I looks and sounds great and is a joy to play. I really feel fortunate to be able to buy the last available acoustic electric.... and, thanks for the little extras.. pictures, picks and stand.... nice.. And, also, thanks for the quick response to my questions. It was a pleasure.
Paul Oliver
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

11/28/2016 I am very very happy, pleased, with my new guitar. It IS a great guitar! I shopped a local guitar center, and NOTHING they had plaid or sounded as good as my new Zager ZAD-20. I can feel the wood sing on this guitar, unlike everything else I tired, which felt muted and sounded muffled. Truly, the wood, and construction of this guitar is solid end to end. The fit and finish is superb. The EZ-Play system is exactly as advertised, and I love my ZAD-20! It’s not just another guitar, but a true musical instrument of way above average quality—a sweet, sweet deal.
Craig Janeway
Minneapolis, Minnesota

11/28/2016 Dennis: I bought the last zad20ce OM in your stock. What a beauty. Its the nicest toned quitar I've ever owned and I will never sell it.
Ronald Watts
Boise, Idaho

11/25/2016 I bought my ZAD-20 about 6 months ago and everything about my experience has been positive. The buying process was flawless - fast, professional, and no "buyer's remorse." I'm a beginner so I don't have years of experience playing other guitars, but I get together with friends that each have different experience levels and every one of them enjoys playing my Zager.
Westfield, New Jersey

11/22/2016 I received the ZAD-20, and I'm thrilled. It's beauty is only rivaled by its sound quality and ease of play.
Chris Davis
Ashford, Connecticut

11/20/2016 What a nice guitar!! Wow I am very happy with it and it met all of my expectations. Thank you for all of your support as well.
Ken (The Bubba) Marble
New Orleans, Louisiana

11/19/2016 Hello Dennis I received my new guitar on monday and it is every bit as nice as I expected from the email's that I have read about your has a very good sound and is easy to play. I am more than pleased. it is much more than I expected.I hope to enjoy it for many years. thank you so much
Nashville, Tennessee

11/18/2016 Received the Zager this afternoon and love it. Thanks again for all the work you did to bring me a high quality guitar at a reasonable price!
Phillip Boyd
Raleigh, North Carolina

11/16/2016 My new ZAD-20 Natural just arrived about an hour ago. It's absolutely great! I've gone through several acoustic guitars and was never truly happy with any of them. They looked and sounded great, but were never enjoyable to play. In the area I live, I have yet to find a "luthier" that I trust to work on any of my guitars. Out of necessity, I've learned as much as I could about doing my own set-ups. I always managed to make improvements, but soon realized my limitations in experience and necessary tools. I knew in the first few minutes that this is a great playing guitar. The craftmanship is icing on the cake. This guitar is really nice to look at. I'm am very particular and have better than 20/20 vision. There is not a flaw to be found anywhere. The gloss finish isn't thick and feels nice to the touch. The weight of the guitar is suprisingly light. Overall, it's a fantastic guitar with the set-up I've always strived for. I wish I would have found your websight years ago. I'd probably own one of everything by now.
Daniel Calton
Moline, Illinois

11/16/2016 I';ve been playing now for about 9 years and I've never played a guitar that sounds so good or plays as easily as the ZAD-20 in this price range. I also own a $1200.00 Larivee guitar and the ZAD-20 sounds just as good if not better, and it certainly plays easier. I won't give up my Larivee but I am certainly going to be playing more often now that I have a guitar that is simply a joy to play. Thank you so much for your incredible craftsmanship on such a beautiful and precision peice of equipment.
Jeffrey D Sac
Bixby, Oklahoma

11/13/2016 I absolutely love it! Amazingly easy to play, as well as having a beautifully rich, resonant tone! I've never played a guitar that sounds/feels so in-tune w/ itself. Again, thank you & I wish you the best.
Eric Bassett
San Antonio, Texas

11/10/2016 This guitar is everything you describe and more. It's beautiful to look at and beautiful to play. Anne is a beginning player, and I am a intermediate/novice player, so we are thrilled with the ease of play. We spent quite a bit of the evening playing and admiring it. We are so very grateful that the "Denny Zager string science" system was developed for these high end guitars. Thank you for the Polaroid picture, picks, certificate, truss rod tool, photo of Zager and Evans, and fantastic packaging. The case is wonderful as well. The quality of the guitar and case is superb.
Anne Redick
Chicago, Illinois

11/08/2016 The guitar arrived yesterday & when I got home & opened it up, one couldn't have pasted a bigger smile on my face! When I got it out of the case, I immediately tried a d-chord & hit it right away (I have problems w/ muffling adjoining strings on my "old" guitar)!! I tried a few other chords & in every instance with a chord that I had problems with on my "old" guitar, I hit the chord much, much better on the Zager. Plus, I really like the way it sounds. The case is beautiful, and the extra set of strings, the key for adjusting the truss bar, and the guitar picks (a surprise), were all present and accounted for. Also, the envelope containing the certification, your father's picture, and the link to the free lesson (another surprise), PLUS the t-shirt (the final surprise!!) were included.
Ed Petrick
Los Angelos, California

11/08/2016 Hi. I submitted a revue for the Zad20OM I pruchased recently. The one I bought has never been played, does not have a mark on it and the film cover is still on the pickguard. Fit and finish is beautiful and tone is very similar to my D-18, but a little brighter than my Blueridge 000 rosewood. Thanks for the offer of the strings I use Martin 12's. If you have rospective buyers in my area, they would be welcome to play mine.
Ray Bunch
Grass Valley, California

11/08/2016  I have a ZAD80CE, which I absolutely love. In fact, after receiving it several years ago, I sold my Martin D-21 that I had played for nearly 40 years.
Jay Schulz
Seattle, Washington

11/04/2016 It's because of your reputation that I placed my order today. In my case, my guitar and voice mentor owns a ZAD80CE . When I asked him about the Martin HD-28 I was about to buy he asked me to hold off. He said he loves his Zager and I should look at the reviews and your website. It was all so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to go for it. Do you want to know the final straw that convinced me? He said when his guitar arrived (on-time) and he unpacked it that it was in tune!!!
Richard Novorro
Cleveland, Ohio

11/02/2016 I received my new ZAD80CE today! What a great guitar! Of course I immediately unpacked the guitar. I sat down to play a few chords and had this big grin just creep over my face. I was so pleased with the sound and the playability of the guitar that I signed up for the year of lessons on your website. What a beautiful guitar!
Alan Harris
St. Paul, Minnesota

11/01/2016 Guitar arrived safe and sound Friday afternoon. Beautiful instrument. The "flaw", as you know, is very minor. Intonation is great (checked it for fun). Rich, full tone. It has several hours of play time on it already. Thank you for your attention to detail and commitment to quality.
San Francisco, California

10/29/2016 Received my new Zager today. VERY pleasantly surprised. Lovely tone. Very quick neck. Haven\\\'t hooked to my Genz Benz nor Roland amps yet ( maybe tomorrow). Just really a delight. Compares to some of my Indian rosewood Breedloves in projection and tone. Thanks for a great guitar
Stan Home
Newark, New Jersey

10/29/2016 Hi Denny- I just wanted to let you know I received my guitar this afternoon. It truly is beautiful! Thank you for all the other goodies, like the stand, tee-shirt, extra set of strings, picks, tuner and autographed photo.
Larry Truillo
Indianapolis, Indiana

10/29/2016 By the way, I am 58 years old and put down the guitar over 30 years ago because the ones that I could afford were very difficult to play. This Zager is awesome.
John Davidson
Amarillo, Texas

10/26/2016 I have in my possession a tremendous instrument that I hope will last me a lifetime. I have picked up a number of much more expensive guitars, but none that surpass my Zager ZAD-80CE. It is a thing of beauty, but with a sound quality and ease of play that are second to none!
Ralph D Polson
Spartanburg, South Carolina

10/23/2016 Well, I've had my Zager guitar for about a year now and I wanted to let you know that I still love it. I think it sounds better now than when I first got it. Amazing. I think I made a good move when I bought a sure enough quality guitar to learn on. Sure has made things easier. I've found a group of guys to play with and we get together almost every week. Great time for all. My wife has even begun to play. Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to thank you once again for such a fantastic instrument. Think I'll stop writing now and get to my daily practice. Have a great day and may God bless you and yours.
Mark Dauster
Plano, Texas

10/21/2016 My wife bought me a ZAD-20CE about a year ago and I absolutely love it. I have been using it to lead music at Christian retreats and church events. I really love the way it sounds. My wife really loved your personalized service too. First, she bought the guitar. She stated that she spoke with you personally and shared with me that you were so friendly and helpful. Later on she ordered a hard case for it. Again she said that you were very helpful to make sure she ordered the right one. Thank you so much for taking time with her. You definitely have two happy customers here.
Brian Vigue
Kingsland, Georgia

10/20/2016 I bought a ZAD-80 about 2 years ago, and I just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful guitar. It is always admired by everyone everywhere I go, even by people who bought much more expensive guitars. I have had several friends use my guitar as a basis of what to look for in terms of craftmanship, playability, sound, etc when looking to buy a new acoustic guitar.
Michael Skiles
Manhattan, Kansas

10/19/2016 I was ready to plunk down $2200 for a Pimentel (handmade here in Albuquerque). The Zager sounds and feels MUCH better!
Joe Quinby
Albuquerque, New Mexico

10/17/2016 My wife got her guitar a few days ago. It was the last acoustic electric you had. She felt fortunate to get one. She just started as the worship facilitator at church and knew that an electric would be easier to hook up compared to the acoustic with the external pick-up. She had given up on the guitar when she was a music major at Calvin College due to it hurting her fingers. She's not really excited to play since it's so much easier on the hands. THANK YOU.
Scott Pollmann
Middleville, Michigan

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