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10/15/2016 I bought my husband one of your guitars about two years ago and he still plays it all of the time.
Omaha, Nebraska

10/14/2016 I got home last night around 8:00 pm and to my surprise there was my guitar waiting on the porch! What a fast delivery and what a good feeling when I opened the package and there was my Zad-20 in a great looking custom hard case. I have been playing hollow body electric Ovation for past 25 years and although it cost significatly more than the Zad-20 even back then, I am telling you the guitar I will be playing most now will be the Zad-20. The quality and appearance of your guitar is great, and the easy play system really does work! I am no longer a young guy, and several of my fingers are starting to stiffen but this instrument is so light and touch requirement so low, that I will be playing for years to come. I love the guitar, and I am so glad that I was able to get one of the last ones available. My only regret is that I procrastinated for several years on buying one. I was up until 2:00 am. this morning playing. Thanks again, and I will be visiting your web site frequently.
Paul Ketcherside
Newalla, Oklahoma

10/11/2016 Well, it's been two years since I've played any guitar what so ever and I figured it would take a few months before I could even imagine playing live again but thanks to my new Zag and the EZ play set up I was able to hold down an hour long set just 2 weeks after receiving my Zag. I'm picking up songs and playing guitar like never before, and I give credit to my new Zag, the EZ play set up, and the guitars tremendous ease of play. The only down fall is that if I have heard about Zager Guitars so many years ago I would be so much further along in my playing ability. Well, you can be rest assured that nobody I know will make that same mistake because I'm going around preaching the Zager Gospel. Now both me and my lead guitar player have Zag's and we are loving life, they sound and play beautifully. Thanks again Denny and Dennis for the excellent support and all that you do!
Dustin Cloos
Nashville , Tennessee

10/09/2016 I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I got my guitar last month. I had been looking at your guitars for over a year and just kept waiting. But I am glad I didn't wait any longer. I am very satisfied and know that with the craftsmanship your father built this guitar with I will have it a lifetime
Jeffrey D Sac
Bixby, Oklahoma

10/09/2016 Thank you very much for the most amazing guitar. I am verry happy with my instrument, Thank you once again.
Narek Artunian
Detroit, Michigan

10/09/2016 Denny...I am not eloquent enough to put into words how great my ZAD20 is. I started looking on eBay for a nice guitar, which is how I discovered your EZPlay system. I decided to take a chance, and made several bids on a number of the Zagers available there. When I learned I could buy directly from you, for less than these guitars were bringing on eBay, I made the call and ordered the ZAD20. What a bargain. Dennis and Jill went out of their way to help, and the rest is history. I flunked history in college BTW...but not this time!
Scott Holden
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

10/05/2016 Thank you very much and I most certainly will recommend you! I've loved playing this guitar from day one and certainly appreciate the incredible customer service you provide.
Greg Rentschler
Valparaiso, Indiana

10/03/2016 I just received my ZAD-20. What a great instrument! Perfect setup and in tune right out of the box. The fretboard plays almost as fast as an electric guitar, but sounds like an acoustic...a darn nice sounding acoustic at that. I must say, I feel fortunate to own a piece of history. Congratulations on 40 years of making awesome guitars. Like I said, I am proud to own a Zager.
Jim Rinks
Poulsbo, Washington

10/02/2016 I purchased the ZAD 80 from you in July. I am so pleased with it. It is everything you said it would be and your service and instructions on how to use it were tremendous. thanks for the picture you sent with it, I really appreciated that. It is a wonderful guitar and I have already written four Gospel songs on it.
Emory Johnson
Green Bay, Wisconsin

09/29/2016 Your company provides 3 things that are in very short supply in today's marketplace: 1) a fabulous product that I absolutely swear by and recommend every singly chance I get; 2) a very fair (best value) price for that tremendous, high quality product; and 3) wonderful people that stand behind the product with a commitment to uncompromising personal service..... You, Denny and your highly professional team have a lot to be proud of and I want you to know that I -- and countless others -- appreciate the work you have done and the way you have treated us over the years.
Don Donovan
Kansas City, Missouri

09/29/2016  I just wanted to say that after strumming on my friends Zager guitar, there's no other experience like it. It sounds so smooth and very easy playing. My last guitar was a Alvarez acoustic and payed $800 and wasn't nearly as great sounding as the Zager. Thanks again for the help!
Reno, Nevada

09/29/2016 I haven't written you yet concerning feedback on the Zad-20, Zager guitar I purchased in October; that's because I've been too busy learning to play it. Wow! I'm SO glad I bought your guitar; it has a very rich sound and is a delight to play. I'm a beginner and still learning but in just a few short months I've been able to pick up where I left off in high school 20 years ago and I'm already able to play better than I ever imagined. I look down at my finger and strumming hand and can't believe it's me playing. I love my new guitar, thank you so much for making a great quality product! To add, your guitar has inspired my family to purchase a piano too... It's funny how music is catchy like that. Thanks again!
Ray Crawford

09/26/2016 Dennis, WOW! thanks a million, the strap button and pick came in today's mail, just got done installing it and now both of my guitars feel the same, (great) Thank you so much, one for teaching me the best and most sensible place to anchor my strap, and two for allowing me to get that same balanced feel on my knock-around guitar that I get from my Zager, I still don't understand why anyone would tolerate a guitar that falls away from them all the time, when the alternative is so much nicer feeling, thanks again, your customer service is the absolute best in the business. signed, a VERY satisfied and happy customer
Drew Denton
San Antonio, Texas

09/23/2016 I've been using your guitar for several months now and absolutely love it and the awesome picks that came with it.
Magic Safire
Nashville, Tennessee

09/21/2016 My name is Ken Boesch and my daughter Becky bought a black acoustic electric from you about 6 months ago. She is loving it, and plays the darn thing for hours every day. Thanks for the great guitar!
Ken Boesch
Ballwin, Montana

09/20/2016 Hi Dennis. Thank you very much for your help, once again your customer service is outstsnding.
Paul Nugent
Las Vegas, Nevada

09/19/2016  I don't think people really know how good your customer service & warranty really is. Glad to hear Denny is ok. A vacation is good, but the world would sure miss his instruments if he just retired or quit.
Tracy Sweeny
Chicago, Illinois

09/17/2016  I will say this, out of all the guitars that I have played that have the conventional neck width, my ZAD-80ce lets me hold chord shapes more often with out me having to lift fingers to avoid string buzz/deadening. (Something about the neck shape of the ZAD-80ce seems to make it easier for me to maintain better more fundamental left hand positions)
Andy Groch
Cincinati, Ohio

09/17/2016 I've had my Zager Guitar for almost a year now, it's a ZAD-20CE acoustic-electric with the cut-away and let me just say, for any beginner looking for a guitar to start with, I fully recommend any of these guitars. It sounds great, the lowered frets make very easy to play, and with the built in auto-chromatic tuner built in, the only makes it even better for beginners. I'm still using my ZAD-20CE and that would make it 3 years this December and there have still been no problems with it of any kind.
Jason Simmonds
Sanford, North Carolina

09/14/2016 Still love my Zagar 20ce !!! Really need a new t-shirt cause I wear it all the time !!!
Fort Wayne, Indiana

09/11/2016 Good afternoon. We just finished an imprompt-to playing session here at work and all enjoyed the guitar. I'm still amazed at the sound of my Z-20. Thanks again for producing this wonderful instrument.
Jim Richards
San Diego, California

09/09/2016 If I lost or damaged my ZAD 20 I would be devastated: I own a number of guitars but none come close to your ZAD.Best wishes for the future.
Mike Dixon
Alexandria, Virginia

09/09/2016 Thanks very much for your prompt assistance, I thoroughly enjoy learning your guitar system and arrangements.
Thomas Higgins
Columbus, Ohio

09/09/2016 I just cant find another guitar that even compares to the zad 20-ce om I have and I know I would love the zad 80-ce om even more.One reason it is so important to me is because my fingers are very thin and delicate and your guitars make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in helping me to play and play for longer.I have quite a struggle with my hands so I treasure my Zager! I have written several songs on my Zager that we play in church every week so it really has been a blessing to me and others. I just wanted to say thanks! I will be waiting patiently but longingly! Thanks again and God bless you all!
Jennifer Haynes
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

09/05/2016 The thoughtfulness of this gesture is truly appreciated. Your support ethic is the best I have experienced anywhere. The model is a ZAD80CE. I have had it 2 years now and it looks as good as the day it arrived and plays even better now that it has loosened up. I play at least an hour everyday and the guitar is a joy to pick up always with that sweet anticipation of hearing it sing again.
Alex McLean
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

09/03/2016  The customer service philosophy that you and your Dad have developed is exceptional and very rare in the business world. It really sets you apart and is so refreshing.
Donald Manson
Phoenix, Arizona

09/02/2016 I see that the price I paid for my guitar ($200) last year was a good price Seems like the value of used Zagers is going up up up. Can't believe the starting bid prices on E-bay. Glad I got a Zager rather than converted Martin. The increasing value of the guitar sort of puts to bed all the nonsense about you guys not being real and guys spamming harmony central with bogus reviews. Your customer service is unbelievable. Guitar sounds great again.
Ron Bush
New Orleans, Louisiana

08/30/2016 I purchased a Zager 80CE guitar. One day I discovered that I really liked my Zager better than my Martin D40! I started playing it regularily and haven't put it down since.
Julie Paul
Tallahasse, Florida

08/30/2016 Just wanted to tell Mr. Zager how much I'm still enjoying the lessons via the internet! I recently renewed my subscription again and I seem to learn something new every time I review a lesson that I've already been through, or watch a new one.
Ron Striegel
Green Bay, Wisconsin

08/30/2016  my wife and I spend the winter in Florida, and the rest of the year in Connecticut. It makes sense to have decent guitars in both places. I have an el-cheapo in Florida and my ZAD 80 here in CT. Well, returning to Ct last week and taking the guitar out of the case after 6 months---it was perfectly in tune, and blew me away all over again. And of course the news that the past generation of EZplay guitars is no more just proves that Dennis DID create each one. No hype from you guys!!
David Smalley
Ashford, Connecticut

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