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08/30/2016  wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my ZAD-80CE and how much I regret that I only found out about Zager guitars last year. I own a 1978 Martin D35, a 2006 Martin D42, a 2001 Custom Koa Gibson Hummingbird and a 1995 Takamine EF-400S. My favorite guitar for chrystal clear sound, soft touch and playability is my Zager.
Doug Headlee
Chicago, Illinois

08/27/2016 Mr. Zager, I would like to thank you again for the fine work you did on my ZAD80. I simply love this guitar. It sounds wonderful and is very easy to play and learn on.
Gary Adams
St. Mary , Florida

08/24/2016 I just wanted to let you know, perhaps a bit after the fact, that I L-O-V-E my guitar that I purchased back in June. I now wish I had purchased the top-of-the-line guitar, because I can tell that a Zager guitar is what I will want to play as my main guitar for a good long time. Not that there is much that I would criticize about the "mid-grade" one that I purchased - I simply have to assume that if this one is as great to play as it is that the one the next level up must be amazing! I have gotten a lot of inquiries as to what kind kind of guitar it is, and a lot of compliments on the tone. When other people try it out I invariably get raised eyebrows and a look of, "Oh my! This is like buttah!" And it is. Thanks for a great product. It was the best gift I ever got myself!!
Birchrunville, Pennsylvania

08/22/2016 I have received my beautiful ZAD20.!! It looks awesome!! I have been fully satisfied. Thank you for your number #1 service with making me a EZ-play guitar owner. I am now going to entrust your Dad's video lessons to provide the correct training for someone like myself who doesn't know how to play guitar.
Richard Ramirez
Los Angeles, California

08/21/2016 I purchased one of your guitars, and it has made all the difference. I am a 5’4” petite woman, and I had a real difficult time playing my previous guitar. It was hard to press the strings on my old guitar – not so with the Zager. No more sore fingers, no more buzz! As a beginner, this guitar was just what I needed. Thanks.
Sabrina Young
Hollister, Montana

08/20/2016 I called you back in October asking for some advice on purchasing a guitar for my husband’s Christmas present. I know NOTHING about them but LOVE to hear them played. YOU were VERY HELPFUL on picking out and recommending the ZAD 20 SUNBURST! I carefully hid it away until Christmas and I must say it’s the FIRST time I have EVER blew him away with a gift! He and I both could NOT be more pleased with the quality and especially the SOUND! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR RECOMMENDATION! Thanks again for all your assistance on the PERFECT gift!
Darlene Thomas
Sylva, North Carolina

08/18/2016 i finally played your 80 series, i was soooo pleased. i put my tach. away years ago, i couldn't play it that well. your was incredible, how can i gat my hands on one of these again. i am 37 now a gave up on ever playing until i strummed on you guitar. Thanks for any assistance
Jim Walton
Nashville, Tennessee

08/18/2016 bought a ZAD20CE a few months ago, and it outplays anything at Guitar Center.
John Runkle
Dallas, Texas

08/15/2016 I'm a loyal custom of yours that can't say enough about how much I love my Zager Guitar. I have been playing for over 20 years and this is no lie. I don't even lay a hand on my other Acoustics since purchasing from you guys 4 years ago! It's that good!
Jim Wilkey
Star, Idaho

08/12/2016 I have had my guitar for about a year now and wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed the guitar very much and am very happy with my decision to purchase it. Good luck to you and your father in the future.
Robert Lindsay
Atlanta, Georgia

08/10/2016 Hey Mr. Zager! The gift is a hit! He was so happy I thought he was about to cry. :D. I played it for quite a while in a test run before Christmas and like it so much I may well end up using it on a cd I'm recording with Wayman Tisdale's prdoucer! What's even better is that not only has my step dad been practicing regularly what I gave him in his first lesson on it, but he's looking up instructions and chord charts taking it steps further on his own! When he told me that I about fainted...It seriously shocked me but also made me really happy. I thank you and your father so much for having ventured into this business and for all the blessings you've brought so many people.
Matthew Morton
Mobile, Alabama

08/10/2016 just wanted to tell ya that I've had my 20 Zager guitar for a few years now and still love it. My wife and I sing and play southern/bluegrass music and we perform at alot of churches in northern indiana and my Zager goes with me always. Very pleased and have plans on getting a 80 someday.
Tim Jackson
Demotte, Indiana

08/10/2016 Your business motto is good business. Its a pleasure to know there are still folks of integrity in business.
Daniel Jaime
San Jose, California

08/06/2016 Hi Dennis, just wanted to let you know that i received the guitar today just as you said. It arrived in great condition. Wow, very sweet sound, never heard a Zager before.. Feels real good and plays even better! Now I just have to practice and get good at it! Thanks again.
Plano, Texas

08/04/2016 Just wanted to say that I received my new picks in the mail. And also wanted to send you a heart felt "thanks" for the quality way in which you take care of your customers. As a side note, a friend of mine just purchased a mohogany Martin acoustic guitar and the consensus from friends who have heard both guitars is that my Zager sounds much better. I have to agree. Thanks again for your service and for making such an outstanding guitar. May God bless you and your family.
Mark Dauster
Plano, Texas

James Spader
Witchita, Kansas

07/31/2016 Thanks again for giving me of your time and attention. I will always direct people toward your business as much as I am able to do so.
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

07/31/2016 Thank you very much! Your support and response are unbeatable.
Alex Kluyenko
Plano, Texas

07/31/2016 I have been a member of the Zager Guitar family since 2003. I bought a ZAD20CE and it's been Great. The guitar lessons are Full of information that you will not get in any other guitar course that I'm aware of..... and I know of Many. You will learn about re-stringing, tuning, and care of your instrument. I still maintain a membership to the guitar lesson library because of so much information that Denny has learned the hard way over many years, and the new things being added all the time. If you want to learn or you have played for years, I strongly urge you to sign up for Denny's courses. I also recommend that you start out with a high quality Zager guitar. It will make learning much easier, and even if you are a long time musician you will enjoy these excellent quality guitars. The warranty and the 'lifetime' customer service you get is unheard of anywhere else in the industry.
Tracy Sweeny
Chicago, Illinois

07/28/2016  About a year and a half ago, or perhaps a bit more, I purchased one of your very fine guitars. It is a ZAD-20 OMCE and I am still in love with this guitar. Included with this guitar were three picks which I was also very fond of (just the right thickness). Thanks in advance for your time. May God bless you and yours'.
Mark Dauster
Plano, Texas

07/25/2016 I purchased your guitar last year and I am enjoying this great instrument. I also have a nice Baden guitar, but Zager plays easier and sounds better.
Alex Kluyenko
Plano, Texas

07/23/2016 Once again, I must thank you for producing a guitar that is so easy to play! I have recommended this instrument to the National Arthritis Foundation. If not for this awesome instrument, many of us would not be playing. God Bless!
Minneapolis, Minnesota

07/22/2016 Shipment rec'd. Thx very much for including the pic and strings. You guys are such a class act.
Brooklyn, New York

07/21/2016 I just purchased a CE 20 Left-hand and have been playing it for about two weeks. It really does play nice and has great tone also. You would not believe how hard it has been for me to find a Left-hand guitar that sounds good and plays well also. It really is a good looking guitar.
John Brant
Los Angelos, California

07/19/2016 Larry Kelley here from Richardson Texas. I want you to know how much I enjoy owning and learning to play my OM20. I am equally thrilled with your lessons. What an unbelievable amount of thought, time and dedication you have put into your teaching method. Like nothing I have tried before including one on one with so called professional teachers. In closing please let me compliment the way you run your business and a real big thank you goes out to Dennis Jr. and Jillian for their never ending concern for customer service.
Larry Kelley
Sacramento, California

07/19/2016 Hi there , I received my guitar in very good condition and I love it , it looks great and it plays so easy it is unbelieveable, will buy another one
Michael Robin
Cincinatti, Ohio

07/16/2016 I never thanked you for my ZAD20CE that I recently received. Nice guitar, perfect set-up, neck is nice and straight – I love it! Haven’t been able to put it down – my other guitars haven’t even been touched. Also, your customer service rocks! It’s nice to pick up the phone and actually talk to a person. Thanks for all your help and your quick email responses!
Tom Klauba
Atlanta, Georgia

07/13/2016 I am loving the lessons, they make sense to me and make learning so enjoyable and will definately be purchasing more time! I was a flute player for many years, playing in concerts, pit orchestra's and completing my royal academy music levels ( I am originally from scotland). Guitar is a whole new ball game and your method has helped me tremendously, I can't thank you enough for sharing this gift.
Theona Neuer
Houston, Texas

07/11/2016 Hi!. I want to let you know I am extremely happy with my new guitar. I had been trying to go from nylon strings to a steel-string, and was finding it too painful. Your guitar sure makes a difference. Thank you! The tone of this guitar is amazing. I've compared it to a friend's Gibson J-30, and far prefer this.
John Leaser
Freeland, Washington

07/11/2016 Thanks for the note and concern. I was looking for playing quality and ease of playing with these 60 +yr old fingers after not picking up a guitar for 30 yrs. When I think about it I got exactly what I was looking for! I asked for a discount whether it was a blemish or in this case was played so I got exactly what was asked for and you delivered perfectly on your side! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Your customer concern is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Ryan Lorey
Potomac Falls, Virginia

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