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07/11/2016 Thanks for your help and assistance. The guitar arrived in perfect shape and on schedule. The action is beautiful and really plays. I am trying to learn to lighten up on it since it takes so little effort on the frets. Beautifully built and finished with great sound. Being a woodworker, furniture maker and boat builder, I can say the book match on the sound board is quite nice with excellent finish
Ryan Lorey
Potomac Falls, Virginia

07/11/2016 Thanks so much for such a great guitar. It's the best one I've ever played. I was extremely surprised when I found it on my birthday. Thanks for the picture and all the great stuff that came with it. What a great surprise. I haven't been able to put the guitar down since I got it.
Dwayne Anderson
Tulsa, Oklahoma

07/07/2016 Dennis, I simply can't tell you how impressed I am with my new ZAD80CE. It was like Christmas to me when I opened the box and saw it for the first time. I was surprised. This quitar is stunningly beautiful! It also has an angelic sound! I'm really so thankful to have it.
Mark Venable
Tampa Bay, Florida

07/05/2016 Denny, just got my guitar and what a beauty. Sounds great and really plays easy, just as advertized. I like the fit of the case. Thanks for the tee,picks and strings. I will be playing it tomorrow at a jam we have every Wednesday so that gives me a chance to show it off. Thanks for the fast ship. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Pacy Handlovsky
Seattle, Washington

07/04/2016 You were so gets mellower and easier to play...and I have been playing with some talented good ol boys down in NC who play Gibsons and Martins and they are blown away by my Z80. I still play my 20yr old L00 Gibson Blues King, but the Z80 has become my favorite due to my arthritus and it being so easy to play.
Nashville, Tennessee

07/01/2016 I received my guitar yesterday. It’s gorgeous! Thank you for adding the strap button. I have been playing it and comparing it to my Martin – the Zager is definitely easier to play. My friends are eager to see it so I will be “showing” it off. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I’m sure there will be more Zagers in my future
Paulette Carr
St. Louis, Missouri

07/01/2016 Just to let you know, I have had my ZAD20 for over 7 years now, and even though I don't get a lot of playing time, I as still loving it! You guys are the best!
Michele Tagami
Davenport, Iowa

07/01/2016 Dear Denny Sr. In past emails I have commented on your really significant accomplishments in the design and development of the "system" for diagramming music for the guitar. Your work is important to me and undoubtedly maany others who aspire to playing the guitar. Many people just learn a few chords and strums, sing along and call it good. I wanted more and you provided the "system" that has allowed me to play like I know what I am doing. I know I have a long way to go. It is very satisfying to me as an amateur aspiring musician. You should be very proud of your work and your willingness to share the results. Someone said that golf is a game that is easy to play but difficult to master. I think the same can be said of learning and playing the guitar. It is challenging but so rewarding. I owe you many thanks.
Donald Manson
Phoenix, Arizona

06/28/2016 I just received the ZAD 20CE. Everything that's been said about it is true. Visually beautiful instrument, fantastic tone, great quality for the cost.
Donald Manson
Phoenix, Arizona

Cindy Kessler
Dallas, Texas

06/23/2016 Got it, thanks. It looks and sounds great now. The reviews were right, its a great looking, easy to play guitar. Its every bit as easy to play as my Strat, which is very surprising. Thanks for all of your help, I'll let you know how things progress.
Michael Josias
Omaha, Nebraska

06/22/2016 I got it! It’s beautiful and I am super excited about learning how to play now; especially since I see what a difference the size and design of the guitar make. The strings are a lot closer, so I think I will finally get over my failed attempts at learning in the past because I feel this guitar is the right one to learn how on. Thank you so much! I also wanted to thank you for the case and extras that came with it. Unexpected, but greatly appreciated!
Shelley Bates
Chicago, Illinois

06/21/2016 I am totally loving the new guitar! The more I play it, the more I love it. I sat outside with it yesterday, out the back of my Subaru Outback wagon, while my kids rode their bicycles around and around our courtyard. The music just flows from my fingers when this guitar is in my hands, and it's so easy to make it sound wonderful! And I love that I can tune it without an external tuner! It's like heaven! My Zager-Martin Sigma used to get all the attention -- now my new Zager gets all the attention.
Deborah Sutter
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

06/19/2016 Thank you for your commitment and dedication to your customers. I received the electronics package yesterday and put it in myself and my guitar is back to working as good as it was when I first bought it almost 4 years ago. This has been the "BEST" guitar I have ever purchased and the sound, quality and craftsmanship is "SECOND TO NONE". I especially have to mention the "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE" that I received from you. There is no other company out there that offers what you have to offer and I am so glad that I found you guys and I look forward to purchasing more guitars from you in the near future.
Keenan Kanahele
Carlsbad, California

06/19/2016 Picked up the guitar from ups after Racing to get there 1 min before they closed. This guitar is out of this world. Beautiful tones, Playability is amazing as well( I can actually play an f-chord without struggling.) I will recommend this company 10000 percent for the quality product and honestly one of the best companies Ive ever worked with as far as setting up the order and the shipping changes.
Chris Dingley
New Orleans, Louisiana

06/16/2016 I received my ZAD20 yesterday and would concur that it is all that it is advertised to be. Very easy to play, great tone, and a superb fit and finish. A very nice guitar indeed. I will confess, like many other customers, I was apprehensive of buying an unknown Brand of instrument sight unseen, however, the testimonials, photos and information on your web site, reivews from other web sites, and your money back guarantee swayed me to give your guitar a chance. Good Thing!! I am very pleased with the sound, quality, playability and the personal touch you and yours afforded me. Thanks,
Cary White
Lake Worth, Florida

06/13/2016 What a great instrument to come home to and play after teaching high school students all day! I teach in the least funded county in Colorado, Huerfano County at John Mall High School, with some really challenging kids. Playing these fine instruments using the Zager method really helps me wind down. I really love the sound of the ZAD20 and ZAD80. They certainly both have their unique qualities.
Ron Striegel
Green Bay, Wisconsin

06/11/2016 Received my ZAD 80 the other day, right on time and in perfect shape. Even my non musical friends compliment tne guitar on it's looks and sound
Jim Held
Los Angelos, California

06/11/2016 Tony Cina here...I'm just loving this guitar...perhaps I'll write a review that you can post's just too good not to is as was advertised...EASY!!!! I can literally go for hours practicing!
Anthony Cina
Boston, Massachusetts

06/11/2016 I have had my new ZAD 20 CE almost two weeks -It's fantastic - First - thank your Dad for coming out of retirement - and building guitars again. This is a beautiful musical instrument and an unbelievable value - Everything promised is delivered and in my opinion exceeded. It is easier to play - I can play an F consistently. Sounds great - (it was in tune) (My wife likes the sound better than my Larrivee) Plays great. Looks great.
Bob Smith
Boise, Idaho

06/07/2016 've been enjoying my ZAD80 for over a year now. Next week, I'll sign up for Denny's online instruction. I have a good friend who loves to visit and play my guitar. He can make it play what I can only aspire to (at least for the present). He says it has the best tone he has ever heard (and he has been playing for several years, and owns half-a-dozen guitars).
Oran Denton
Kennewick, Washington

06/05/2016 I wanted to let you know that the 3/4 Travel guitar that I ordered for my wife arrived on Wednesday afternoon. She really loves the sound and the size is just right for her small hands. It is really a beautiful guitar!
Carl Olszewski
Mobile, Alabama

06/04/2016 I was very pleased to see my beautiful, new guitar and the absolute, perfection of its manufacture...not a flaw was spotted...I picked it up and marveled at its miniature size...and finally, I gently strummed the strings with my! It was in perfect tune and the action was so light and easy I instantly fell in love with it!
Ron Belanger
Salem, New Hampshire

06/01/2016 If it's not a Zager, I'm not interested! Thanks for such a wonderful buying experience once again. Katrina
Katrina Jagelka
Nashville, Tennessee

06/01/2016 My husband got his guitar the other day and is absolutely thrilled! The sound is fantastic and my son is coveting it already. I am truly grateful for the wonderful customer service and the time and effort that is obvious in the sound and look of the guitar.
Elizabeth Singer
Las Vegas, Nevada

06/01/2016 Guitar arrived fine last week. Needless to say, it is beautiful, and plays like a charm. Thank you!
East Lancing, Michigan

05/29/2016 I received my guitar, and I am loving it! It sounds awesome, and it is gorgeous!
Deborah Sutter
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

05/26/2016 Many, many thanks for getting the guitar to me this week. I got it on Wed, and we had our first night of "band weekend" last night....I love it, and so do all the other guitarists! It feels phenomenal, sounds phenomenal (both plugged in and unplugged), and is set up perfectly....I couldn't be happier.
John Cioffi
Louisville, Kentucky

05/24/2016 OK, it's been in the house for 3 days now and I'm in love. The tone is outrageously beautiful, the feel and action just extraordinary.
Kenneth Mossman
Cleveland, Ohio

05/23/2016 I only have one day off today, and I have a lot that I should be working toward getting done. But, I have this problem, you see they delivered my brand new guitar, its a ZAD 80CE and I just want to play this guitar. I don't want to do anything else. It sounds so beautiful, and it plays so easily. I just love it. Thank you soooooooo much. I knew that it was going to be worth the wait. I just can't say enough about how much I love this guitar. I REALLY REALLY Love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cherie Self
Miami, Florida

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