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05/24/2016 Hello Dennis, WOW, what a beautiful guitar! I practiced with it for a while, and it felt very good. The sound is clean and sweet. We will spend many hours together, letting the world do whatever it cares to do.
David Jones
Cheyenne, Wyoming

05/22/2016 I just wanted to let you know that my guitar arrived today and, so far, I love it. The sound is so rich and full and it does seem easier to play, although my fingers are still pretty tender. But I know I will play this guitar more than my 12 string.
Dave Wilkie
Kansas City, Kansas

05/20/2016 I am SO enjoying my Zager guitar. I have been playing it everyday since I received it. Very different from my previous guitar, which I put down after a short time because my fingers hurt so much.
Pam Van Handel
Augusta , Maine

05/20/2016 Denny, Glad you are selling guitars again 2 or 3 years ago I bought an OM electric for my birthday. I love it!!! I tried 40 or 20 guitars first locally all name brands. Nothing compares to it. I decided that I want to get the full size, but when I went back on the site you were not making them. I decide to check back today and Yipee!!!! You are selling guitars again. As soon as I can save the money I want a full sized solid electric. Anyway your guitars are the BEST!
John Handley
San Francisco, California

05/17/2016 got the new strings and the accessories yesterday. Put them on this morning and I'm back in business. The guitar sounds and plays great. thanks again, you guys are awesome. I'll definitely pass the word.
Robert Choate
Lafayette, Indiana

05/14/2016 Hey Dennis.....I just wanted to tell you that the new Zager Guitars that my sister and I have from you are the absolutely the best. This is a total of three that I have purchased from you and they are all super! I sure hope you continue to make them because you could sell a billion of them if your dad could make that many. Maybe in the year 2525 you could. Thanks again and tell your dad he's the best...So are you!
Raleigh, North Carolina

05/12/2016 I have two Zager guitars, a Zad 20 and the Zad 80 both CE models . I love both of my guitars , and so do the players who have plyed them .
Robert Brace
Little Rock, Arkansas

05/12/2016 I want to thank you for the guitar I purchased a few years back. I am not happy with many things I have bought over the years, however, your guitars are one of a kind for the dollar. Many of my friend are floored by the sound.
Jason Ritchie
South Lyon, Michigan

05/12/2016 Hi Dennis. I have a Zad 80 and love it, in fact all my friends always want to play it instead of theres.
Jim Wilhelm
Los Angelos, California

05/08/2016  I would like to take the time to thank you and your father for your fantastic product and customer care witch is the best online by far. Also iv been taking your online lessons for 5 months and I can't beleave how fast I am coming along. Thank you for making it so enjoyable to learn the guitar. I
Paul Nugent
Las Vegas, Nevada

05/06/2016  I've had my ZAD80CE for over 2 years now and it just keeps sounding better and better (and it's not the musician!)
Scott Jackson
Chicago, Illinois

05/05/2016 Hi – I bought a used Zad 20 guitar on ebay a couple years ago – it’s great – prefer playing it to playing my old 1973 Martin D35, which is still in good shape – and I prefer the Zad 20 mainly because of the tone, not just because it’s easier & more comfortable to play – great guitar.
West Lake, New Jersey

05/02/2016 She is here, and she is beautiful. I am absolutely elated and look forward to playing your guitar for many years to come. Thank you for all you have done, especially answering my numerous e-mails. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you. Every time was a cause for me to get a little more excited and built up the expectations of your guitar, I am not disappointed. You guys are the best!
Rob Christensen
Louisville, Kentucky

05/02/2016 Loved the restringing tutorial -and I thought I knew how to restring -every guitarist should watch this! Thanks!
James Soule
Atlanta, Georgia

05/02/2016 Guitar and Case are outstanding! Thank You.
Bob McNamara
Brooklyn, New York

04/29/2016  With all the E-mails back & forth between your Dad, You & me I feel like we're old friends...That is the kindest thing and the best Christmas present i have had in a very long time!!! I don't know quite what to say? I just don't see this kind of thing much anymore! I will pass this kindness forward, as they say, to someone in need one day in the near future. I'm glad no one is around to see this tough Navy/Marine with tears in his eyes...must be my allergies??? Just tell me what i need to do next to pay you? And you & your Dad have my promise on my honor that the balance will be forth coming! And lastly It's people like you all across America that keep us going on with your support! And I'd do it all again! Warmest regards to you & yours Mark U. Veteran United States Naval Medical Corps...
Dallas, Texas

04/26/2016 Hi dennis JR .. I own one of your fathers guitars (I love it) .... got it Sept. 2008 it's the best sounding easyist to play ... and I have a few ...
Dave Lombardi
Minneapolis, Minnesota

04/24/2016 Thanks, this guitar is incredible!!
David Chalfant
Long Beach, California

04/23/2016 i'm in! thanks again. the reviews i have read online are true. your customer service is second to none. thats why i have chosen to go the zager way! have a nice day.
Jeff Weaver
Frankfurt, Connecticut

04/22/2016 I have received my beautiful ZAD80CE. It looks and sounds amazing. I have been telling my brother, who is a much more accomplished guitarist than me about Zager guitars. He is intrigued. I look forward to having someone who can really play take this guitar to task. In the meantime I will keep plugging away....I am having a ball... Thanks again
Jon Borer
Phoenix, Arizona

04/20/2016 I ordered a left handed Zager guitar for my Grandaughter in December for Christmas and I have to say she loves it.
Jerry Curfew
Odessa, Texas

04/20/2016 It also looks like my newly purchased Ibanez is a gonner. After playing the Zager I realized that it is very imprecise - a term I would have never applied to a guitar.
William Kessler
Hudson, Wisconsin

04/17/2016  I am absolutely amazed at you customer service. The beauty of the guitar was awesome. Thanks again for you extreme honesty in every step of this transaction. I can and will say good things about you and your guitars.
Mark Williams
Waverly, Ohio

04/14/2016 Dennis, I got my guitar this afternoon and I am thrilled with it. Beautifully made and it sounds great. I had forgottten how rich the rosewood sounds. I had an old USA Epiphone that was rosewood years ago that I had sold and always regretted selling. I have a 12 string Seagull and a Washburn 6 string but this guitars action is so much easier. I love it and look forward to improving my play with this gorgeous instrument. Thank you for working with me on this. Wishing you God's best
Kirk Werner
San Francisco, California

04/12/2016 When the guitar arrived, I took it out of the box and looked over every detail. I noticed that the guitar was very beautiful and the fit and finish was very nice. I tuned it up and made that first strum across the strings and I was so impressed! I have to admit that when I first got the guitar, I was almost looking for a reason not to keep it because I already have a couple of very good guitars including a top shelf Seagull. I began playing the ZAD80 and was very impressed with how easy it is to play chords and individual notes on this guitar. There is almost no effort involved. Because of this, I began playing and never noticed that 2 1/2 hours had went by. I was in the "zone" and my fingers were not sore at all. This has not always been the case with some of the other guitars that I have owned. The main thing that I have taken from this experience is that I find myself playing the guitar more and more the guitar does not sit in its case, it is in my hands. The instrument is absolutely beautiful, it sounds fantastic, and it takes virtually no effort to play. From my perspective, this is a very impressive combination for any guitar player.
Greg Clark
Valley Farms, Arizona

04/12/2016 I just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived on Friday and it is in perfect condition. Thank you for the special care and packing! It plays like a dream.
John Mayer
Honolulu, Hawaii

04/12/2016 I received the great guitar. It is really nice. Thanks a lot for the great product and service!
Frank Zhu
Detroit, Michigan

04/08/2016 Thanks Dennis, your service and support is unmatched anywhere. Much appreciated.
Roy Gallup
Los angelos, California

04/06/2016 Dennis, thank you very much for the wonderful gift of music! My kids (especially Jackson) loves their new guitar. Every night they want to get it out and jam! I appreciate your generosity. I was able to video record the event as well as we took a couple pictures. I am trying to figure out how we can get that information over to you. Thanks again Dennis! My daughter Ella was the individual that wrote the attached message and an interpretation is as follows: "Mr. Zager, thank you for the guitar, we love it. From Ella and Jackson."
Jay Perkins
Raleigh, North Carolina

04/05/2016 Hi Dennis - Just wanted to let you know that I am totally happy with the guitar, and have come to like the "wood irregularities" as distinguishing features (like you said in the first email). It truly is one of a kind and such a pleasure to play! I find myself looking at it and staring at the overall beauty and craftsmanship of the component parts - and their perfection! The abalone detail is gorgeous, and the finish is perfect, and I've fallen in love with it to the point, that I don't want to have to send it back and part with it. Every night I play it and it gets more and more fun to play, and sounds so great that I don't want to put it down. I appreciate your kindness, and your policy of making the customer happy, and I am grateful to do business with people like you and your dad.
Kenton McGlone
Houston, Texas

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