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04/02/2016 Dennis, I love my Zager ZAD20 guitar. I use it every week in the my church's Praise Team.
Mike Schneider
New York City, New York

04/02/2016  I first experienced the Zager "Easy Play" touch/sound by playing one at a friend's house. I was so impressed with it that I didn't even put up any fight when my adult daughter wanted me to give her my precious Martin as an "early inheritance"... this has special significance because, until i played the Zager, I had considered my Martin to be my "lifetime achievement award" guitar for over 40 years of loving and playing guitars!
Roy Hunt
Chicago, Illinois

04/02/2016 I have to say that I love my new Zager guitar. I am so glad that I ran across your site while doing a search for acoustics. This is my first guitar and If ever decide to get another or am asked for a recommendation, Zager will be my only answer. Thank you again for all of your assistance and courteousness. Zager Guitar is a role model for how a business should operate.
Christopher Lopez
Atlanta, Georgia

03/30/2016 my new guitar was waiting for me when I got in this morning and it is perfect! I am very satisfied and can't wait to get it home a start playing. Thank you very much.
Lou Biron
St. Louis , Missouri

03/27/2016 I LOVE the guitar. It has made me a better player. Thanks,
Jerry Schlegel
Cleveland, Ohio

03/25/2016 In case your keeping track, you should know what led me to your web site in the first place was a referral from a friend of mine living in New Mexico. His name is Richard Beaudry. He purchased a guitar from your company some time in the last six months and is very satisfied with it. This carries a lot of weight with me as he is a life long musician and knows high quality equipment when he sees it. Thanks for your help.
Thomas Auger
Las Vegas, Nevada

03/24/2016 Just an FYI, I purchased a 3/4 Travel Zager last summer, and recently told two friends about it that are long time guitarists. One a Martin user....they are both in Angelfire, New Mexico. I understand they are both ordering one on your guitars...Yea! I sure love mine!
Pamela Ninniman
Raton, New Mexico

03/23/2016 Thank you a great guitar love it all i can say is sweet sweet.
Don Rusk
Portland, Oregon

03/21/2016 Over a year ago, I purchased the ZAD-20 from you and am very pleased with the instrumment. I'm also excited for your company to provie these instruments to our nations schools.
Carey Ferguson
Papillion, Nebraska

03/21/2016 Good Morning, Just a note to thank you for the Zager shirts I purchased from you. Received them yesterday. They fit well. Looks great. I even play my Zager guitar's better.
Darrell Alderman
Boise, Idaho

03/18/2016 After purchasing my Zager 20 CE I have been spending more time (around two hours) each night working on learn. It is amazing that my fingers last a lot longer then when I tried the Fender. But now I need to learn how to play! I’m hoping this tool will be the way.
Fred Schuster
Cadallac, Michigan

03/15/2016 The internet is a powerful tool for the good and the bad. I know you've heard this a million times over, but I was about 12-13 when his hit came out and I loved it. Still love it and get a kick out of having one of his guitars. I appreciate the strings, but please don't feel obligated to do so. WIll post my comments right now. Wishing you and your dad continued success.
Jonathan Jarman
Sandy Springs, Georgia

03/13/2016 Just happen to be on line and checking out your site again. I purchased the ZAD-20CE and love it. I just put your name down for nomination in the Acoustic Guitar magazine list of guitars and manufactures for guitars of the year. I hope it helps with your sales and image. You guys do a great job and deserve credit for all your hard work.
Columbus, Ohio

03/13/2016 It's been a while, but I love that guitar and I own a few. I took it to Rochester, NY to the Guitar Center to have a strap pin placed, by a luthier and he said this was a great find. I'm going to Myrtle Beach next month and it's the only one goin with us. Thanks for everything.
Hornell, New York

03/13/2016 Dear Mr. Zager, Just received my ZAD80 Acoustic. What a surprise to get as a bonus the carrying case. Now I am the proud owner of 2 top Zager guitars. As I mentioned in a previous e-mail I will put the electric away as an investment. Please give me some advise what the best storing method would be. Thank you for the guitars. I was more excited when I received them than I was a boy getting my first bike.
Klaus V. Schiber
Miami, Florida

03/09/2016 Dennis, I can’t say enough about your product and how your run your business. I worked for IBM for 30 years in sales and service and one of the things they taught very well was how to provide “delighted customers” which is something your business does. Also another measure of a great product is …if you ask someone if they like the product they will most likely tell you yes because no one likes to admit they bought something they didn’t like. But if you asked them if they would buy another one….that pretty much speaks for itself. I intend to buy another one of your products. Thanks again for the great service and the excellent communication.
Roy Gallup
Los Angelos, California

03/07/2016 The support from your company is amazing. I bought a ZAD20 a couple years ago and I screwed up the performance by putting some heavy strings on (I think). Anyways, you took it back, adjusted and sent back to me in very short order, no cost to me. That is amazing service, which is why after practicing and saving up for the past few years, I finally decided to purchase the higher end Zager.
Avinash Sharma
Minneapolis, Minnesota

03/06/2016 I bought a Zager Zad80CE a couple of years ago and just love the guitar.I also bought another Zager Zad20CE at the local Guitar Center. They had no idea what they had and I wanted to buy a guitar for my son . Needless to say I brought the 20 home .
Robert Brace
Little Rock, Arkansas

03/03/2016 Again, thank you for your personal attention to the order! If every business ran things the way you guys did, the world would be a better place!!! Thank you!!
Kim Johnson
New Orleans, Louisiana

03/03/2016 Hey Dennis--wanted you to know that I love the guitar. It sounds beautiful and is wonderful to play, besides being great-looking.
Denny Bixby
Portland, Oregon

03/03/2016 I wasn't writing words just to be kind. I really meant all of them about the guitar. :-) My Thanks are to Denny, but also to you and the others that operate this business. You are all worthy of praise. I have had nothing but good experiences with your operation.
Tim Carpenter
Dallas, Texas

02/29/2016 my zad guitar is back in perfect condition..i have martin, guild and breedlove but my zager is the best of them all. its so easy to use and the sound is amazing specially when plug in, sounds is crunchy deep rich tone..i love this guitar..thank you so much
Joebal Pascual
Salt Lake City, Utah

02/26/2016 Wow… All I can say is that you guys are a class act…. I am a psychologist and try to run my practice the same way you do your business. There are very few of us around anymore…. I am honored….
Michael Emerson
Denver, Colorado

02/24/2016 Hello Dennis, I got the strings you sent. Thanks so much. You guys are really special. I will make it a point to call and leave a message on your dad's voice mail sometime today or tonight. I am going to be selling my Seagull guitar now that I have no need for it.....and it is a very nice guitar, but nothing like my new Sunburst! I appreciate your family business and especially your wonderful guitars! By the way, my sister said that she heard your guitars being advertised on radio the other day ( WRKO in Boston ) and she was quite excited. I hope you sell many many many hundreds of them........if not more!
Dan Skapinsky
Mobile, Alabama

02/23/2016 Good morning Dennis, the ZAD80 arrived last night, after reading all the articles on correct care I decided to let it stay in its case for an hour to adjust to the house temperature, when I opened it I was absolutely delighted with the sheer beauty of it, the quality of workmanship and as soon as I sat down and played the few notes I know at this time, I found the richness of the sound astounding.
Thomas Michael
Boston, Massachusetts

02/22/2016 The Zager plays much better than my Buddie's Ovation Legend by far. Again Thank You so much for a wonder Instrument and the Case... Just Awesome dude. Just for fun Attached is a Pic of my room which I pretty much live in now :)
Al Albion
Seattle , Washington

02/20/2016 oh and PS....its time to sell my Gibson SJ200, Gibson Hummingbird & My vintage Gibson 66 j45! Thanks again GUYS! You GUYS Are freakin AWESOME!!!! A job well done! Vito Russo. pss If you need me to write any kind of review anywhere let me know! Consider me your free spokesman!!
Vito Russo
Chicago, Illinois

02/20/2016  receive the guitar today and im very glad with it including the certificate of authenticity,strings and lots of picks,sweatshirt, strap and most of all a photo of sir Denny playing and testing this guitar....i appreciate it all....thank you very much! i love the guitar!!!
Joebal Pascual
Salt Lake City, Utah

02/17/2016 Hi. When I was in the states a few years ago I bought a ZAD20-CE direct from you and bought it back to the UK. The guitar has simply been fantastic.

02/14/2016 I had a dreadnought Guild guitar that I bought new, and it (in short) was NOT a user friendly instrument. I would not even offer a comparison, for the way the Zager plays and sounds--the Guild doesen't hold a candle to the Zager for true enjoyment of the instrument, and I'm sure many of the guitar makers realize that--and they won't like you because you steal their thunder--and you do!
Pete Fitschen
Des Moines, Iowa

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