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02/14/2016  Ever since the very first time I emailed you in 2008 you have always answered me back usually within minutes and that really means a lot to me and I would always reccomend your guitars and company to anyone. As far as the lessons go, when I started out my wife used to laugh at me and always say " why don't you pay someone to give you some lessons cause your terrible " she sings a different tune now. My Estabon lessons were a wasted year of my time being taught to be a puppet. Since I learned the finger patterns it's a whole new ballgame and ten times more fun. Now if someone hears me play I kind of like it. I love all Denny's videos and highly reccomend them to everyone. Thanks
John McHugo
Chicago, Illinois

02/14/2016 no question.BLACK BEAUTY ARIVED. She is without a dought the finest guitar this old boy has ever played.

02/12/2016 I am able to strum and pick it as hard as any of my other guitars(I have three) and the strings do not buzz at all and I also want you to know that it is the best sounding and no doubt the easiest playing guitar I have ever played
Allan Hanscom
Washington D.C., District of Columbia

02/12/2016 I went to Guitar Center yesterday to take the Zager challenge. The results: My ZAD-20 OM beat the competition hands down in this price range. I could not find one guitar that matched the sound, looks or quality.
Steve Dombroski
Nashville, Tennessee

02/08/2016 Your families' company reputation made this easy for me to do. Your help with me in my issue has only made me feel stronger about doing business with Zager Guitar.
Philip Scholler
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

02/06/2016 I stopped into a local music store looking for an acoustic. I was instantly drawn to this used ZAGER. Love the guitar. The prices was right. I’m 55 years old and have either owned or played every guitar out there as I worked in music retail for about 15 years in addition to playing since I was 10. I have to say this guitar is one of the best instruments I have played.
Wallace McKissick
Indianapolis, Indiana

02/05/2016  Our sons love your guitars. At anytime you will find one or both playing something on a Zager guitar. Thank you for all your work and time in this project for us. If we are ever in need of another guitar, you will be hearing from us. Thank You
James Paragallo
Sacramento, California

02/02/2016  got my guitar and it is good to go. A lot more stable tuning with the lights on there. Thanks again for everything. I will definitely keep spreading the word about Zager guitars. You guys are awesome!
Brad Olmstead
San Jose, California

02/02/2016 Again, I really like the guitar, and find that I can finger the cords much easier than with the Yamaha that I have. I do appreciate all your help and more than timely responses. Give your father my best, and I appreciate the photo of him with my guitar.
Hal Arnette
Mooresville, North Carolina

02/02/2016 Thank you and your Dad for the smoothest guitar I've ever owned!
James Leslie
Reno, Nevada

01/30/2016 Thank you Denny, I appreciate all you do!!
Rick Peabody
Peoria, Illinois

01/27/2016 Denny...I have had my ZAD 20 for a week now and can honestly say I have played more in the last week than I probably did in the previous 6 months. There are several reasons why... first... like any new "toy" the excitement level has been very high (and I am in no way insinuating the guitar is a toy)... second...I have really wanted to satisfy in my own mind that I made the right decision in the purchase. thirdl... I have spent quite a bit of time playing the ZAD 20 and then going to local stores to try out the competition... fourth... I have been able to play a lot longer due to less hand fatigue and irritation to my arthritic hand and thumb fifth...I just really enjoy how the guitar sounds and plays.
Donald White
Austin, Texas

01/25/2016 Thank you so much, Dennis. I was able to tweak the guitar to be all you guys say it can be. You should be very proud of what you do. I really appreciate the service, as well.
Jim Knox
Little Rock, Arkansas

01/24/2016 Hi Denny, You guys are terrific!
David Wladaver
Palm Harbor, Florida

01/23/2016 wanted to let you know i recieved my zad 80 and am very happy with it. over the last 40 years i have picked up and played hundreds of peoples guitars this one may be the nicest of all of them"
Jim Balushi
Chicago, Illinois

01/21/2016 I'm sure you can expect referrals from me. I've been so pleased w. what I've heard, read and listened to, and your quick responses -- obviously a well-run family business. What a joy it is to do something that you love, and do it well, building instruments that bear your name and reputation, works of art more than mere products. So, yes to referrals, and I probably haven't bought my last Zager guitar either, lol.
Loy Mershimer
Austin, Texas

01/21/2016 I currently own 3 Zager guitars they are wonderful.
Kurt Harmon
Atlanta, Georgia

01/18/2016 Hi Denny, I purchased my beautiful black ZAD20CE some time ago and wanted to send a big thanks for such a great instrument. It has stood up to hundreds of hours of practices and gigs since then. When playing out I get compliments on the incredible tone and questions about where to get one. I naturally give them the online info so they can check it out.
Joe Fortunato
Allentown, Pennsylvania

01/15/2016 Dennis....I am holding, in my sweaty little palms, my brand new ZAD 20 Sunburst. UPS dropped it off about 30 minutes ago and I haven't put it down (except to look at it) since. It is a beauty and the sound is excellent. I must admit that I was afraid of a little let down because I had built this up so far in my head but I have had no such feeling, and I know the sound will just keep improving. One very cool thing that I noticed on the inspection sticker inside the guitar is that the guitar was finished on my birthday. I guess we were meant to be soul mates. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it arrived and to thank you for all your help from my first inquisition through the delivery. I will update as I play more and keep you posted. Thanks to you and to Denny for top notch customer service and above all, an excellent end product.
Donald White
Austin, Texas

01/13/2016 WOW! Got my guitar just 24 hours later after you sent it. I was so surprised to receive it that quickly. I unpacked it and took it out but it was hot from transit, so I let it set for a bit. Thank you so much for the pictures and the T-shirt, the picks and the strap. After the guitar didn't feel so hot, I played it and it has the most awesome sound. I love it!!! It is a beautiful guitar and I will always treasure it. And I will definitely practice more now that I have this awesome guitar. I am so glad that I got the case, I know my guitar will be very well protected! Thank you so much!
Sally Hanas
Kansas City, Missouri

01/13/2016 Greetings Denny and Dennis, I just wanted to send a note to tell you of my satisfaction with my now four year old ZAD20CE. To put it mildly, it changed my life. I had tried to learn to play, about twenty-five years ago, on a Yamaha that my lovely wife bought for me one Christmas. After enduring sore fingers, and little progress for about six months, I gave up trying. In December '06, I decided that I needed music in my life, and started to try and play again, with the same guitar. Same results. I began to think about what I could do to improve my chances, so began to do some research on the internet. I came across a testimonial about Zager Guitar somewhere in my search, and pulled up your website. After reading everything on the site, including your no BS 100% guarantee, I called and ordered the ZAD20CE from Dennis at the end of January, 2007. Since that wonderful day when I recieved my guitar, I have had nothing but positive experiences. While I haven't become a guitar virtuoso, i've learned to play, comfortably, and enjoy every minute I spend with guitar in hand. Although I play a bit of everything, gospel and praise music is what really touches my heart. I play and sing regularly at local churches and love to share music with shut-ins and residents of care facilities in my community. It was a great gift for me to be able to share music with a large group of family members at a reunion last Summer. Very few had the slightest inkling that I was able to play or sing at all. In addition to being suprised and impressed with my recently gained skills, many commented on the lovely, and wonderful sounding guitar I played.
Sidney Johnson
Hazen, North Dakota

01/13/2016  I absolutely LOVE the sound, very rich and yet very deep, especially amplified. Thank you so much Dennis Jr. & Jill. I really appreciate all your help.
Amy Fallis
Detroit, Michigan

01/09/2016 The Zad 20 arrived today. Wow what a beautiful guitar. Thank you for the extra items that came with the guitar. I also appreciate the the picture of Denny SR tuning it. I'm just beginning to learn to play and think I have the best instrument to do that.
Kirk Schureman
Las Vegas, Nevada

01/07/2016 I wanted a good easy playing, great sounding, acoustic/ electric guitar at a great price. And that is exactly what I received. I play it every day, and I love it more every day. And it has a crisp pure sound. I have mastered the Clear Wave 10 tuner, thanks to my friend George. And am getting my skills back. I am happy with the Grovers too. The Zad20CE is a very fine acoustic/electric guitar, and for me, It's a keeper.
Robin Scheines
Jacksonville, Florida

01/06/2016 just wanted to say that I bought my zad 20 about 2 years ago and the longer I play it the more I love it. Thanks for such an enjoyable instrument.
David Shilling
Austin, Texas

01/03/2016 just wanted to say that I bought my zad 20 about 2 years ago and the longer I play it the more I love it. Thanks for such an enjoyable instrument.
David Shilling
Austin, Texas

01/03/2016 The guiter came and would have to say it is everything that I expected. The testimonials about your guiters and service is spot on. Thank you,
Greg Bowman
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

01/03/2016  I have to tell you that from the moment I took the guitar out of the box until I put it down, 6 hours passed and it was about 2AM. I never played so long, I could not put it down!
Steven Greene
Indianapolis, Indiana

12/31/2015 I have always loved my Yamaha FG300 red label ; bought it new in December 1971 ; was told Denny still had his that he used for " In the year 2525 ". It's rich loud base equaled my Martin, but I have to admit that my ZAD80 with it's full scale precision, light weight, and superb neck, has become my favorite guitar. My Martin, Guild, and Gibson, have long been sold, but will never part with my FG300 and ZAD80. The Yamaha will be kept, since it was my first new guitar, but has been retired. My Zager too will always be kept, as it was my first new Zager, but will continue to be played until I start seeing wear. While I know it has a lifetime warranty, want to keep it original, and will just buy another new one. Yes ....... I'm that impressed and sold on "Zager".
Michael Offenhauser
Witchita, Kansas

12/28/2015 I've been playing a very long time and still not pleased with my self but after many years of suffering with mediocre acoustic guitars, I finally took the time to read all I could on 'the best guitar'. Sure, it's a matter of opinion in many ways but the first time I picked up this guitar (within seconds of having it arrive) I immediately felt the difference. I had no doubt of the sound quality as soooooo many people couldn't be wrong but the feeling of ease in playing is what I really couldn't get over.
Metaine, Louisiana

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