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05/26/2018 Hi Denny and Denny Jr., It's been about two months since I've received my new ZAD-80 OM. I am writing to say thanks for a beautiful looking and wonderful sounding guitar. It arrived very well packaged and prompty as promised. Upon opening the case I studied it very closely for any flaws , hoping I would not be dissappointed...I was not. The sweet smell of the wood also was a nice extra. I appreciate the help Denny Jr. gave me on my pre-purchase inquiries. Music can be such a great gift to help us all cope with our daily struggles. I'm sure this guitars great sound and ease of playing will help prompt me to keep playing and enjoying that time. Thank you! All the best,
Pete Schelitzche
Waconia, Minnesota

05/25/2018 Hey! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! My brothers and I all have Zager guitars. They are well built and hold together well in the cold dry climate here. It is -40 here, this morning I walked 1/2 mile with my ZAD 20, to play at a gathering. When I got there the guitar was still in perfect tune! These guitars are truly works of art, and they play so well I can't help but want another Zager. Thanks again Dennis, this has been a pleasurable buying experience Thanks for the help from my brothers and I,
Daniel Helmer
Eagle, Alaska

05/22/2018 Dennis, I am interested in another ZAD-80CE. I have purchased several from you. Primarily I have purchased the 20 model and given them to my nephews to encourage them to learn to play. I have enjoyed looking, showing, and playing your families guitars and would like to continue. Tell your father that I have watched most of his training videos and learned more from him then I learned from my mother who was a school music teacher most of her life. The first enjoyment I got when I got home from my trip was getting to play my Zager Guitars. I hope I can get another Zager guitar so I can personally use it to encourage another person close to me to play guitar. Thank you,
Danny Linn
Charlotte, North Carolina

05/22/2018 Hi, I bought my ZAD-20 in October of 05. Love it! Am now ready to hang it over my shoulder and am learning to sing at the same time. Thanks so much. By the way, I owned a decent Martin when I bought my Zager and conducted a serious side-by-side sound quality test. The Zager wins hands down – a deeper, longer lasting and brighter sound for sure. Thanks again!
Dick Meloy
Phoenix, Arizona

05/22/2018 Hi Denny- Just got my Zager 20E on Wednesday. First off, photos do not do justice to the fit, finish quality of this instrument. It was flawless. I didn't get a chance to really play it the first night, as much as I wanted to; letting it settle. So today I played right after lunch and couldn't believe how much I instantly loved this guitar. I was so happy that it turned out this well because I wasn't sure without getting to play it before I bought. But there's no way this guitar is being returned, Dennis. I absolutely love it. Thanks again for everything. Best,
Ryan Renz
Burlington, Vermont

05/19/2018 Dennis - Well, still loving my Zager Guitar more and more...I secretly think my shows have been easier to play with this beauty. Have an Ovation and a Les Paul that are very jealous and gathering a lot of dust. My brothers wife loves to play my Zager guitar. She has a Martin, but said she needs a Zager now! I applaud you to all my other guitar friends too... you guys are good at what you do. Keep it up!
Don Lett
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

05/16/2018 Denny and Dennis Jr, I am writing to tell you how much i have been enjoying my guitar since this summer when i ordered it from your website. I received my new Zager back in june, and i have been meaning to email you ever since to tell you how much in love i am with the guitar. really, it is a joy - both to look at, to listen to, and to play. so it was definitely well worth the price. i am especially happy because i waited a long time to get a decent guitar now that i've been playing a while. so happy i went with Zager. now i lose track of time because i can play for so long with denny's string science. very many and very belated thanks, warmest regards.
Soo Rust
New York, New York

05/14/2018 I cannot say enough of not only of your GREAT customer service, but the fantastic guitars that you offer. I have had several Martins and there is only one that would come close to being easy to play and have that sound quality. I also want to thank you for the extra goodies that you included with my order. You guys are the best. I love the guitar! I highly recommend you to anyone. ( I will be back) Thanks again!
Fargo, North Dakota

05/13/2018 Hi Denny, I just wanted to thank you for my two Zager guitars. I have owned my Zager ZAD20 for one year and still love its bright tone, it really sings when I play up beat songs. I have owned my Zager 80 acoustic for over six months and it has really opened up and has the most beautiful deep, rich tone. I’m so glad that I own both of them. My father in law has owned a Gibson acoustic for over thirty years. When I let him try out my Zager 80 acoustic he said that in thirty years he has never found a guitar that even came close to his Gibson in tone and playability until now. He couldn’t believe how rich its tone was and he said the action was perfect. When I told him what I paid for it he couldn’t believe it. He said my guitar was far better than any guitar in the $2000 to $4000 price range. I just wanted to thank you again for making and selling such a fantastic product for such a reasonable price. I couldn’t be happier with both my Zager Guitars.
Luke Schmidt
Minneapolis, Minnesota

05/12/2018 Hi Dennis, I want you to know how absolutely thrilled I am with the Zager Guitar I purchased from you. The moment I took it out of the box, I immediately knew that it was a very high-end guitar. The finish is so beautiful, with a brilliant shine. I've been playing the guitar every chance I get. To my surprise, I remember many of the basic chords that I used when I played the guitar several years ago. My tender fingertips (left hand) do not get sore from playing because the action on the guitar is so unbelievably low. The guitar has such a rich, full sound, with sparkling highs and deep, luxurious lows! It stays in tune and none of the frets or strings buzz at all. In short, this Zager guitar is the best guitar I've ever played or owned. I have already derived many hours of pleasure from playing it, and that means that I'll love it even more as my skills improve. Kudos to your dad and yourself for making the greatest guitars. Thanks again! Sincerely,
Marlene Schwartz
Houston, Texas

05/10/2018 Dennis - I received my Zager 20 model acoustic guitar a couple of months ago and it is beautiful. Even the case looks top notch. This guitar is much, much nicer than the one we got at the local guitar shop a couple of years ago which was so hard to play that I gave up and sold the thing. Let me tell you it feels so cool to really be playing now... and I contribute that to you! Like I said, I gave up guitar before because I thought it was just too hard for me. Little did I know there's people out there like you helping people like me. You make me feel great. I love my Zager guitar and will tell everybody about you guys. Thanks again, and thanks also for your help pre-purchase.
Ed Houghlet
Hartford, Connecticut

05/10/2018 Hi Dennis This is Pete Vieira from RI. I still own & play my Zager ZAD 20 every day. I did buy a knock around decent guitar and it has showed me the real value of your guitar. I can play the ZAD 20 5 times longer with less mistakes (still a beginner). I don't usually write "testimonials" but I wanted you to know I appreciate your support and products very much.
Pete Vieira
New Bedford, Rhode Island

05/07/2018 I have a ZAD 20 that I purchased three or so years ago. Back in October I was in a local Bluegrass Jam in Carrollton , Texas and was asked by one member player if he could try the ZAD. He has a 1960’s vintage Martin D-28. He’s commented several times that he likes the sound of my guitar; he plays mostly banjo and bass. After playing three songs on my ZAD he commented he’d never played a more “friendly” set up or easier fingering guitar. He really had a complete epiphany, I think. He’d played with me several times, but had never played my guitar. Just want to reaffirm the legacy you have left. Thanks for your time.
Steve Yaeger
Dallas, Texas

05/04/2018 Hi Denny, It's been about 3 years since I bought my ZAD-80 and it's about time I wrote a review. This is easily the best guitar I've ever owned. Granted, my collection consists of only 4 guitars, but with good reason; I would never feel the need to buy another acoustic guitar. Everywhere I go people compliment me on the sound of my ZAD-80, and when they play it they're even more impressed. This guitar stays in tune for weeks, sounds great, and is just an all around amazing piece of craftsmanship. I always tell my friends that my Zager is my one prized possession. If my house were burning down, this guitar would be what I would grab.
Michael Skiles
Manhattan, Kansas

05/02/2018 Denny, Through a series of good turns I received a brand new Zager ZAD20CE. WOW what a beautiful guitar!! In tune right out of the box from it's trip from Nebraska to Washington. We had a large family gathering and everyone who played it thought it was great...the other guitar players at our church also think that it looks and sounds awesome. I love to play my Zager. After two weeks I finally got to plug it in to a acoustic amp and that is what really impressed me....the tone is beautiful...then we connected it to the sound system at the church and that was even better......I can go on and on but you have heard it all before. The customer service before buying was awesome and the guitar is awesome and the student library is awesome......thank you so much for being the best at what you do and providing such a great product.
Bill Daigle
Seattle, Washington

05/02/2018 Dennis, Wow! Wow! Wow!!! What an instrument. I just took it out of the box and case and as soon as I saw how close the strings were to the frets the whole length of the neck I knew this was going to be something special. The sound and the ease of playability is unbelievable. You are better than advertised. I am looking forward to increasing my skills and I know this guitar is only going to enhance my excitement and confidence. I am so pleased I came across the Zager Guitar as I was surfing the web. I will continue to provide you feedback as I move along in my journey. Thanks again for the wonderful instrument. It was worth the wait.
Daniel Dwyer
Chino Hills , California

05/02/2018 Denny, Thanks for accommodating my request and I really love the Guitar, I have Martin for $7000 and a Gibson for $2000 but I still like playing my Zager best.
John Barszcz
NYC, New York

04/28/2018 Hello, I have owned and played a Zager Zad - 20 for about a year now. I absolutely love it. I have a Martin guitar that doesn't compare but of course cost more. I have several buddies that own Martin guitars also. They ask to play my guitar whenever they're over. I can't wait to learn so many more songs with it and take my playing to a new level. Thanks Again.
David Patterson
Jacksonville, Florida

04/26/2018 Dear Mr. Zager, I'll keep it short & sweet. I love the new guitar. It plays easier and it sounds incredible, and I couldn't be happier. I can't remember how I came across your website,and I don't often buy anything over the internet, but something about the sincerity & passion you have for your guitars and guitars in general hooked me. Thanks again to you and your son. I'm looking forward to trying the online lessons soon.
Hugh Trenhale
Columbus, Ohio

04/25/2018 Dear Dennis, I'm really enjoying my OM80. Today I put fresh strings on and I must tell you there is a HUGE difference just as Denny mentioned in his videos. Since I've been playing more I guess I have to remember to change them more! It really brought this guitar alive. Just when I thought that the best could not get better. This guitar has been treating me very well, Dennis. Too bad for my old Breedlove that used to abuse my fingers...not the Zager. Thank you for it!
Ed Caz
Seattle, Washington

04/22/2018 Received my new Zager Zad 20 last night and just wanted to let you know it arrived in excellent condition. After some minor tuning I treated myself to a nice long get acquainted session. This guitar is everything and more as what you advertised it would be. I have a Takamine F395MS 12 string that was built in 1976 that has awesome tone and playability. I have to say the Zager plays as easy or better than my Takamine. I have no doubt it will have as good or better tone given some time to age. I want to thank Dennis as well for his excellent customer service and help during the buying process. He is a true professional at his trade. Thank you for the extra strings, pick's and the cool autographed photo of Zager & Evans. I can not wait to show the new Zager off with my other musically inclined friends. They will be impressed! Thanks again guys!!
Rob Klein
Columbia, South Carolina

04/22/2018 Hi Dennis, I am SO glad I didn't get the Alvarez MSD and ordered a Travel size Zager instead. This is the finest 3/4 sized guitar I have ever seen. I feel like I am beginning a new love affair. I expect to play this more than any other guitar as my daily practice guitar because it is so comfortable. My right shoulder remains low and relaxed and the string set-up eliminates any left hand pain. I intuitively know that practice with this guitar will make me a better player on my other guitars, like my wonderful ZAD80CE OM.
Ronnie McToud
Texas City, Texas

04/22/2018  Hi Dennis, We received our Zad-20 on time & in perfect condition. I am not an expert on guitars but do know about craftsman ship & this guitar is beautiful in every way. My Daughter and I share the guitar and it gets played every day (we both are beginners ). I feel that by finding your web site and buying your guitar I have avoided many of the pitfalls beginners face. I would like to sign up for your lessons for her and I. I look forward to my next purchase from you... Thank you for the great service and wonderful product.
Pete Vieira
New Bedford, Rhode Island

04/19/2018 Hey again, and for the record....I went to Rockville, MD yesterday to Chuck Levin's Music Emporium, or and Guitar Center. Chucks has been around forever and is a really widely known music center, people from all over the world have gone there. Anyway, I played every acoustic they had and nothing touched the Zager I friend's. It is amazing how $4200 Martins just don't touch the playability of your guitars. After that jaunt to the city I was absolutely positive that your guitar was the way to go. I'm very grateful you just happened to have one in stock at a discount that matched the exact one I wanted. I think it was a sign from the Lord!! And who am I to question divine intervention? Thank you again, just wanted to share. John Wilson Keyser, WV
John Wilson
Keyser, West Virginia

04/16/2018 Hi Denny Received my ZAD 20 CE- very reasonable price. I absolutely love it. It is beautiful. Friends who have been playing for 40 years reckon it is exceptional value and sounds great. Certainly is easier to play than two others I have been learning on. What a great accident discovering Zager guitars and getting one here completely unscathed. Great guitar, packaging and service. Thank You
Douglas McDonald
Jackson, Mississippi

04/14/2018 I bought a Zager guitar about a year ago and after owning an Ibanez and an old Conn this guitar beats them hands down. I like playing it for hours and it never seems to make my fingers sore. I'm learning so much more and getting better then I ever thought I would in this little of time. A fun new thing in my life! Thanx Denny!!!
Denver, Colorado

04/13/2018 Dennis, I got my guitar yesterday. My dad played it till 11:00 PM last night and did not have anything but good things to say about it. He has a Martin D28 that he loves. He has been playing guitar for 60 years. He said it sounded better than his Martin, that is something I never thought I would here him say. I bought an Estaban a year ago and promptly sent it back and got my money back. Since then I have been leery of buying things over the internet or TV. The Guitar appears to be everything your reviews and website say it is. I am giving you my Fathers opinion because he has more experience (60 years) and plays much better than I do. Thanks
Morris Moore
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

04/12/2018 Hi Dennis, I received my guitar and I'm so very thrilled! It is exactly as we had talked about, and it plays so wonderfully. I feel sorry for my Ibanez that was put in the closet upon the Zager's arrival. The sound is awesome.... just nothing like it. The electronics are wonderful, too, and I'm enjoying trying out the options and the different sounds it creates. Thank you so very much for this incredible instrument that I'll play in many places. Also, the finish is beautiful. And, I could not believe that it was in tune when it arrived........ now that is amazing! Thank you so very much,
DeeDee Ogden
Salem, Oregon

04/10/2018 Dear Denny, Your website got it right. This guitar really is 20% easier to play (at least!). I'd love to have a real musician come over and play it since I'm a beginner, so I could sit back and enjoy the tone coming from the front of it. Love the way the tone sustains and the harmonies ring. What a great guitar to have for many years t come. I couldn't complain about anything if I tried. I'm so happy. Thanks again Denny.
Mary McAtee
Topeka, Kansas

04/10/2018 Howdy, Denny; I just wanted to give you an update since I purchased my ZAD 80CE a couple of years ago. Three of my siblings; sisters Susie and Della and brother Robert, are also proud owners of your guitars. Played unplugged, they still project over 3 and 4 part harmonies. When plugged in, they deliver what every guitar player seeks - nuanced tone for days. We play during family get togethers and are absolutely convinced your instruments are the best value for the dollar period. Robert accidentally damaged the jack on his guitar, and you immediately sent an entire replacement unit. Customer service isn\'t just a sales ploy for you, but an unheard of commitment. I have only ever sent in testimonials for a product twice in my lifetime - both to Zager. I remain your enthusiastic supporter and will continue to spread the word.
Rod Ramon
Marina, California

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