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11/09/2015 I have to say that you people are great to do business with and knowing that there really is someone out there on the other end that cares about the buyers satisfaction makes this a great experience, just so you know I picked up my ZAD-20 after talking to you and it plays better already, even with the thumb pick I don't have any buzzing, and it truly is the best sounding guitar I have ever heard,
Allan Hanscom
Annapolis, Maryland

11/07/2015 Dennis, thank you for the strings. The guitar is great. Enjoying it much. Thanks.
Dick KoleKamp
Seattle, Washington

11/04/2015 I received my ZAD20CE late yesterday. Gorgeous guitar and setup perfectly. I have been playing it all morning in various modes. The action is incredible, but the thing I really like best is the extra width of the neck. I originally learned on nylon string guitars and I play dead on finger tips with a light right hand. The makes changing fingerpicking modes from open to barre so easy without any of the dull sound or fingernail buzz.
JB Maddox
Fredericksburg, Virginia

11/04/2015 Hi Mr Zager and Co., Received my guitar today and I never thought I would fall in love again. It's so beautiful I flip a coin to see if I just look at it or play it. A real JEM. Much thanks
St. Paul, Minnesota

11/04/2015 For anyone even considering a Zager Guitar, all I can say is "Go For It!" You won't be disppointed. I have had my Zager for a few years now. I have shown it to other musicians who play in bands and that have been around for awhile and they were blown away.
Mike H.
Anaurbur, Michigan

11/01/2015 Love love love the guitar it is so beautiful sound magical and much easier to play. thank you
Cheri Frady
Manhattan, New York

10/29/2015 I opened up my guitar this evening and everything looks and sounds great. Thanks so much for everything that you included with the guitar and the wonderful customer service you have provided.
Joshua Jones
Augusta, Maine

10/27/2015 I received my new Zager a little over two weeks ago. I LOVE it. I am a brand new guitar player (at 39 hahaha) and the first thing i noticed is that I can practice for an hour EASILY without wearing my fingertips raw. My instructor (a very avid guitarist, and also my cousin) also LOVED it.
Chris Lillis
Boston, Massachusetts

10/26/2015 Wow What a great guitar to start my journey with looks and sounds fantastic I am very pleased.
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

10/25/2015  I gave the guitar to my husband for Father's day. He was so thrilled and hasn't stopped playing it since. He said it felt good to play and he has never seen anything like it. He thinks it's an amazing guitar. So thank you so much!
Peoria, Illinois

10/23/2015 Thank you gentlemen! This is a fine musical instrument. I am very happy with my new guitar.
Bob Goldenberg
Portland, Oregon

10/23/2015 I got my new guitar yesterday evening, we got together last noght and had a good session, it really does sound good and amazingly is alot easier to play. I can now play some faster changes and slides that I have never been able to do on my yamaha. I am really quite pleased. thanks again.
David Morris
Miami, Florida

10/20/2015 Got my ZAD20 about a week ago, light weight, beautiful finish and you can tell why they call it an "EZ TO PLAY" because it is just that. Couple of friends have played it and are they impressed, word of mouth will sell a lot of these guitars. Dennis was a pleasure to deal with, fast bet, plus a guarantee you can't complain anything about. Great company, great product, you have my vote.
Steven Sassman
Crystal Lake, Illinois

10/17/2015 Dennis...I can't find enough words to say how well I like my new Zager built should be proud of your product and your staff...all purchase questions were handled by a prompt efficient Zager family member, thanks again, I will tell all my buddies.
Robert Lee
Redding, California

10/15/2015 i Denny, I received the ZAD20CE guitar,it is beautiful. It has a great sound. I have started the lessons and my fingers are feeling better everyday. It is so easy to play, after 20 years of trying to learn and walking away,your guitar is a gift. Thank you so much.
Gary Larsen
Brandon, Minnesota

10/15/2015 There are a lot of testimonials about how great Zager guitars are (and that is true) but not so many about their incredible customer service.Years after I bought my Zager, a repairman knocked it off the stand and broke the nut. I emailed them to ask what to do. They responded in minutes and said to send it in and they would make a new custom one and it would be covered under warranty! The damage wasn\'t their fault but they still made a new one for free. On top of that they patiently responded to my emails asking how to remove it and had the new one back to me in a matter of days. I mean come on, no one offers customer support like that any more. And throughout, I was dealing with Dennis Jr., not some unknown voice on the phone. Truly incredible!
J. Scott Mclain
McAllen, Texas

10/15/2015 I wanted to let you know I finally had a chance to inspect and play my new guitar and I am so pleased with it - thank you! I really appreciated the personal care and attention; your customer service promise was more than delivered to me. I played last evening for over an hour and really enjoy the sound and playability of the guitar. The OM works great for both me and my 12 year old - and it's easy to travel with.
David Robinson
Boise, Idaho

10/11/2015 First, what a fantastic guitar! The depth of the sound, the sustain, warm and still powerful. And increadably easy to play! Today a freind was here and went online straigt away to order one just like.
J. Scott Davidson
Phoenix, Arizona

10/09/2015 I have just got back from vacation and had a chance to play my new Zager guitar. 3 words, I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for sharing your passion for making guitars for people with small hands and fingers.
Van Fayard Jr.
Mobile, Alabama

10/08/2015 I promised I'd email and tell you what I h\think about my new Zager guitar. I love it! It's so much easier on the fingers, and barre chords are definitely not the work of the devil any more. I'd definitely recommend one to my friends
Roger Suchy
Seatlle, Washington

10/05/2015 You are not simply selling guitars with the reknown 'Zager' name on them! You are inspiring new generations of children and teenagers to discover their talents and put them into practice in their churches, schools, and their communities. My Zager guitar it's been a faithful a witness all these years that I've been bringing a message of faith, hope and love thru my music ministry. Our deepest appreciation thankfulness
Benny Calatayud
Salt Lake City, Utah

10/05/2015 My new Zager arrived tonight and I've already been playing the heck out of it. Fun guitar and sounds great! It is really beautiful and thanks for the extras, pictures and shirt!
John Strand
Wilmington, North Carolina

10/05/2015 I just got back from a trip and opened up the case of my new ZAD 900CE, tuned it up and gave her a run!! Fabulous!!
Roger Scullion
Cleveland, Ohio

10/02/2015 Since I saw that you are online I wanted to let you know that my new Zager 80-CE just arrived here in Germany today. It\'s an extremely beautiful guitar. I\'m currently getting aquainted it. Also, it arrived in perfect condition without so much as a string buzz. I couldn\'t be happier.
Chaplain Mark
Atlanta, Georgia

09/29/2015 Hi Dennis!! I just wanted to let you know that I have received the guitar and thankyou so very much for working so hard to get it here safely. Everything is o.k. It arrived safe and sound. All I need to do was tune it and away I went. Wow! What a beautiful guitar. I have never had the privilage before of owning such a wonderful mucical instrument. The first thing I wanted to check out (after making sure there was no more damage) was how much string pressure was need to play a note without buzz. Wow what a difference from my inexpensive Yamaha! I really have no way of measuring the pressure difference but to say somewhere between 20 to 20% less, I believe is not unrealistic. This is a very beautiful guitar both to look at and to play. You have put a big smile on my face and in my heart. I am a Christian and will be using this guitar to make as beautiful music as I am able for my Lord. I also believe that first it is a gift from Him.
Robert Shumborski
Los Angelos, California

09/27/2015 just wanted you to know that my wife bought me a ZAD80CE a few years ago. I was very suspicious about it, never really seeing one before. It plays better as it gets older, sounds deep and clear, and not a single problem with fit or electronics. I would not trade it for anything. Thank you very much, I appreciate your work every day.
Raymond Brungard
St. Paul, Minnesota

09/26/2015 I received the guitar in perfect condition (I haven’t found the blemish on the binding yet), nearly in tune and on the day you said it would arrive. I have played it a lot over the last few days and ‘so far’ it is as good as you said it was going to be. I also have a Martin D 28, that I have had for years and my 80ce sounds every bit as good even though it is new and hasn’t been played out yet. I am so please that I decided to take the chance with you guys. You have been cordial, informative and prompt in all of our communications and I am so thankful for that.
John Lewis
Houston, Texas

09/25/2015 I just received the guitar and was totally blown away! It's a gorgeous instrument that plays and sounds as good as it looks. I can't wait to show it off this weekend!
Guy Gawrych
Orlando, Florida

09/23/2015 I just unboxed my wifes new ZAD-20CE. I can say i'm definately pleased with how easy it is to play. even shipping through the freezing cold, it was still in almost perfect tune. the accoustic sound is amazing, and isn't hindered by the electronics at all, which is what i was looking for. I haven't had a chance to hook it up to the amp yet, because i was listening for my wife to pull in the driveway.
Robert Jones
Nashville, Tennessee

09/23/2015 The guitar plays and sounds so wonderful. You know I played probably 25 or 30 guitars from $600.00 to $3000.00 here in Las Vegas before I decided to buy an "internet" guitar. I bought this guitar on the great reviews that your customers gave you.
Omaha, Nebraska

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