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09/20/2015 Got a ZAD 20 CE. I couldn\'t be happier. The guitar sounds great unplugged and ran through my amp. We got an amp and he plugged in my Zager and BINGO! He played it for 30 minutes and told me that it sounded as good as any of the guitars in the building. This guitar is not going to stay at this price for long, its just to nice. Crisp and clear with rich bass tones and top notch action. I will be getting a 12 string next. Thanks for a great product. You should be proud.
David Prater
Kodak, Tennessee

09/17/2015 The guitar is everything I expected, since this is my second Zager. After playing it for 5 days. I am very satisfied. Definitely a true ez play.
Doug T.
Chicago, Illinois

09/15/2015 The guitar got here intact not a flaw on it and was 99.5 % in tune. I am happy with it, only had a chance to touch it few minutes here and there, sweet sound, nice action, have a feeling it will grow on me, would do it again or recommend it to anyone interested.
Robert Duranleau
San Francisco, California

09/15/2015 Wow! super fast shipping! I guess it didn't go to Atlanta first! I love it! I love it! I love it! can't put it down! Did I tell you I have short fat fingers? Sometimes getting some of those chords to play is tough on my 65 year old stubbys! I can play a decent "C" chord on it too! :-) Now gotta work on some "bar" chords ....Thanks again, for going out of your way for superb service.
Vern Gruenke
New Orleans, Louisiana

09/15/2015 I received my Zager guitar today and it is in excellent condition. Thank you for the extra strings, picks, and t-shirt and it is wonderful that the guitar came with a certificate of authenticity. I love my Zager guitar.
Anna M. Ramirez
Detroit, Michigan

09/11/2015 Greetings Mr. Zager. I received my replacement guitar today and it is perfect. The pickup works perfectly and sounds great and the guitar is awesome. It plays so easily and all I had to do was a quick tune. This one is a lifetime keeper. Thanks for the excellent customer service.Greetings Mr. Zager. I received my replacement guitar today and it is perfect. The pickup works perfectly and sounds great and the guitar is awesome. It plays so easily and all I had to do was a quick tune. This one is a lifetime keeper. Thanks for the excellent customer service.
Jim Davis
Reno, Nevada

09/09/2015 ust wanted to let you know that I bought a guitar from you for Xmas for my husband. He loves it. All he says while playing it \"This is a bad A** guitar\". He owns a Guild and a Martin. this one he won\'t put down. Your guitar got him back into playing again. Now he plays every night. YOU HAVE HIS VOTE!! Oh, my sons B-day is in May, guess what he\'s getting?
Charlotte Hall, Maryland

09/08/2015 I received my ZAD80 on Friday evening. Had the chance to play with it this weekend & it is everything you said it would be. It is a beautiful instrument & the sound is great. Look forward to many years of playing this guitar.
Bill Boltz
Miami, Florida

09/05/2015 Hi Dennis I have just experienced Christmas in April!! What a beautiful guitar Dennis. I love the way the neck feels and plays although thicker than the masterbilt it feels better to hold and play. I have not really had a chance to sit down and inspect it thoroughly( I am at work) but I know Denny has done that. The first thing I did was chord a C major and a F and that sold me as I have been unable to fully fret a C or F major. Ran thru some barre chords as well, never could do those with accuracy either. Not anymore GEEEEEZ this guitar is easy to play. It seems slightly smaller than my masterbilt but that is a good thing as I am a short guy with small hands. Thank you so much for the new case (did not expect a new one), T shirt (how did you know I am a T shirt guy) strings and picks.
Larry Kelley
Atlanta, Georgia

09/05/2015 I just wanted to say thanks again for my outstanding guitar (zad 20) and all the valuable information in the guitar lesson area. My friends are amazed when they play my guitar. It stays in tune better than any instrument I've ever had and sounds better than any guitar I've owned. Also, the service you extend to customers is excellent. I really appreciate all you guys have done. The customer service is still there after these six Years. You can't buy anything nowdays with service like that! It is great to be part of the Zager family of customers.
Tracy Sweny
Davenport, Iowa

09/05/2015 Denny i just received my new ZAD 20CE the other day and couldn't have been more satisfied. The guitar was perfectly tuned and looked beautiful. Then I started playing it. All the testimonials were absolutely correct. This is the easiest guitar that I ever played. It is effortless to play the cords. I couldn't be happier.
Boise, Idaho

09/02/2015 The guitar arrived safely! Oh My Gosh!! It is a Real beauty! I can't believe how nice it sounds and my fingers don't hurt playing it! Very Much Appreciated
Nadine Murphy
Los Angelos, California

08/30/2015 Denny: I got my ZAD 20 yesterday. I can assure you that I will not be taking advantage of the money back guarantee. So many of your reviews contain the same high praise that I don’t think I could begin to add anything original, which I suppose has to be about as good a compliment as you could expect. First, it’s a beautiful instrument, more like a piece of wooden sculpture than a guitar. Fit and finish are outstanding and flawless. The action is amazingly low and easy, but there is absolutely zero fret buzz. I’ve only been seriously studying for a couple of months, but the difference between this guitar and my “starter” model from another manufacturer is astounding. I’m able to play barre chords with ease. The tone is sweet and clean and the solid spruce top has a resonance that is already excellent; I look forward to it sounding better as it breaks in. I have played many other far more expensive guitars in music shops lately and this one is easily as good and a far better value. I also was impressed with your note as to your decision not to ship the case given your quality concerns. Given the attention to detail you pay to the guitars, I am confident that your judgment with respect to the case was “sound” (no pun intended). I’ll look forward the arrival of the case when it is available. While I hesitate to sound like an old guy, I often bemoan the lack of concern so many people show with respect to practicing their craft. Clearly, your product shows that for you, your profession is your passion. If my reaction is any indication, you should take sincere and well-earned pride that your efforts will enrich the lives of many people by making music more accessible to them. And not just any music, but beautiful music, made by their own hands on a Zager Guitar.
William Conard
New Orleans, Louisiana

08/28/2015 Yesterday I was surprised when the UPS truck pulled up at the house and delivered my new, Black ZAD-20CE. I don't know how you did it, but I'm really happy you did. I was even happier after I opened it up and started playing it. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, with Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings. It is the easiest playing guitar I've ever had. I also have a Gibson SG Raw Power with Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings. It is a beautiful guitar and is great for hard rock. The ZAD20CE is the best sounding guitar I've ever played. And it is surprisingly easy to play considering the string thickness it came to me with. In order to get this amazing sound, I know a thicker string is needed. I love the way it plays. The sound is incredible. I have an Alvarez 12 string and this guitar is almost as loud. The tones are pure and sweet. I don't believe I'll be using the 100% satisfaction free shipping offer to send it back.
Mike Lynch
Sacramento, California

08/27/2015 i Dennis The Guitar arrived yesterday - and I have been playing it a lot. I played it side by side with a Guild F20 all Mahogany and the SS Zager was deeper and richer with unmatched playability. Don't get me wrong The Guild is a very fine instrument and the Zager has a unique tonal character and is more than comparable in sound and quality.
Larry Loebig
Nashville, Kentucky

08/26/2015 The guitar is incredible! I have purchased over 200 guitars online over the last few years, and not one of them comes close to this one. Y'all have a first class company to say the least, and I can assure you that I am a Zager fan for life. Anyone looking for a superior guitar at a great price, along with unmatched customer service, should look no further than Zager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
St. Paul, Minnesota

08/24/2015 I can honestly say that this is the finest instrument iI have ever owned. It re-ignited my desire to play hours a day, like I did thirty years ago. The action is absolutely perfect, the sound of the cedar top is warm and well rounded, the guitar is freakin\' beautiful and Mr Zager backs his guitars up.
Steve Reel
Chesapeake, Virginia

08/24/2015 Hello! I just first want to say that I truly, utterly love this guitar more than any guitar I have ever played
Stephen Kelly
New york City, New York

08/21/2015 Dennis, I received my new guitar on Friday. I cannot express how pleased I am with it. It is beautifull and plays like a dream. I have been playing a Fender for the last 20 years and I cannot believe how much easier this one is to play. Sounds great! I only wish I had gotten one from you years ago! Your customer service has been amazing and I love the new case. Santa has made for a great early Christmas. Thank You so much
John Gird
Denver, Colorado

08/18/2015  got my ZAD 80 last week and absolutely love it. Our band met and practiced last Friday night and my friends finally got a chance to see it and play it. Needless to say htere was a lot of comments on the fret ease and the beautiful workmanship but the sound and price was the most talked about. One of my buddies bought the big $3200 Gibson a year back and when he finally got his turn to play my guitar, he never gave it back until we finished playing around midnight.
James Stone
Dallas, Texas

08/16/2015 I want to tell you that last night I took my new Zager 80 to a gathering with 4 other guitar players. Everyone was amazed with the ease of play and the beauty of the sound. One guy couldn't get over it, he kept examining it trying too figure out the magic!
Steven Greene
Boston, Massachusetts

08/16/2015  received my new ZAD80CE yesterday and am more than pleased with it. This is truly a beautiful and precision crafted instrument. Thank you for the prompt service.I began playing it , but I had to keep reminding myself ,time and again, that I didn't have to press so hard on the strings like I have to do with my old Spanish guitar.I am somewhat of a beginner, but I can see that this guitar will make my learning much quicker and easier. Thanks for a great product that I will enjoy for years to come.
Anthony A. Dytko
Chicago, Illinois

08/16/2015 My new Zager guitar arrived about three hours ago. I was a bit apprehensive after I ordered the the Zag 20. Boy was I surprised when I opened the box. I\'m not the best guitarist in the world but I do minor repair work on guitars and violins so I understand workmanship. I was so thrilled at the look of the guitar, glue joints were perfect, the finish was great, in other words the construction is excellent. I didn\'t wait for the guitar to come up to room temp. I tuned it and checked it out. The intonation was spot on, played very well, the action was great. Being born and raise in the \"Show Me\" state I\'m a person that has to see to believe it , and you did for a fact show me! This is a great guitar with much better sound than my Seagull S-6 and I really like it.
Archie Weston
St. Louis, Missouri

08/12/2015 Hi Jill I received the 20 and have a new love in my life. So very sweet, this sound. Very impressive. I can't thank you and Denny enough.
Scott Fernandez
San Francisco, California

08/10/2015 just received the shipment of the ZAD80CE and am already in awe of the wonderful versatile sound coming out of this instrument. Thank you so much for taking the time to create such an exquisite instrument and making available to the world.
John Miaso
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

08/09/2015 I must say, I was taken back with the beauty of this guitar. It is absolutely exquisite, not a flaw anywhere! The acoustic sound that it produces must be heard to believe. I ran it through my Fender Acoustasonic amp and the sound just blew me away. I am very very pleased with you guys and your great guitar company. Thanks again for this beautiful guitar, and keep up your great work!
Rod Carmer
Stow, Ohio

08/06/2015  received my new ZAD20CE several days ago. It was in tune right out of the box! I'm extremely impressed that it is so easy to play. I've played off and on for the last 45 years, but haven't owned a guitar since 1975. It's almost like I never stopped with this guitar.
Bruce Vinson
Little Rock, Arkansas

08/06/2015  I bought my Zad20CE six weeks ago & absolutely love it. It is everything you said it would be. Wonderful sound, easy to play and comfortable in my hands. Would recommend it to anyone. Also, was pleased with how quickly I received it. Thank you so much
Rick Wolfe
Salt Lake City, Utah

08/06/2015 ear Denny, I love my ZAD80CE. I've never had a guitar with a better tone or one that was as easy as this one is to play.
Cindy Kessler
Indianapolis, Indiana

08/03/2015 Denny, Through a series of good turns I received a brand new Zad20CE guitar the day before Christmas.....of course the weather was cool so I didn't open up the case until several hours later...and WOW what a beautiful guitar!! In tune right out of the box after warming up from it's trip from Nebraska to Washington. We had a large family gathering at Christmas and everyone who played it thought it was great...the other guitar players at our church also think that it looks and sounds awesome. I love to play my Zager. After two weeks I finally got to plug it in to a acoustic amp and that is what really impressed me....the tone is beautiful...then we connected it to the sound system at the church and that was even better......I can go on and on but you have heard it all before. The customer service before buying was awesome and the guitar is awesome and the student library is awesome......thank you so much for being the best at what you do and providing such a great product.
Bill Diagle
Seattle, Washington

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