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08/04/2015 Hi Denny, I got the zager guitar today and it as you advertised and more. It reminds me of A martin D35 I used to own, the tone sounds almost identical, I think the Zager does play easier,and the looks are great. I have owned all kinds of accoustic guitars,and I still have an alverez and a takamine which are good guitars,but they aren't near as good as the Zager,once again I am very impressed.
Gene Williams
New York, New York

07/31/2015 Received my Zager guitar over a week ago and just a few comments: Arrived in perfect condition without so much as a scratch. (Not even a fingerprint!) Arrived perfectly in tune, to my surprise. If it can hold it's tune after being shipped halfway across the country I know the instrument is very stable and will hold it's tuning with what use I will give it. The guitar looks much better in person than it does on your website. I just LOVE the sound, warm booming lows and crisp clear highs. The resonance is excellent. I have short fingers, and this guitar is WAY EASIER to play. I sound much much better. The quality of the electronics are better than what I expected, and I love having an "on board" tuner. And last but not least, your communication and customer service was excellent. I would certainly recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase a guitar.
Alan Wallace
Minneapolis, Minnesota

07/29/2015 Hello again Dennis, I just wanted to let you know my new ZAD 20 got here today and I couldn't be any happier! This guitar has exceeded every one of my expectations, it's so light weight and has such a crisp full sound. It is absolutely gorgeous, I must have been looking at it for a solid 10 minutes before I even played the first chord. This truly is an awesome instrument, you can see the fine craftsmanship all the way down to the smallest detail. This is a guitar that I will cherish for a lifetime, I am truly grateful.
Justin Cutri
Kansas City, Missouri

07/28/2015 Denny, I have had my ZAD 20 for a little over a week, WOW, I cannot thank you enough!! This guitar is every thing your testimonials said it was and more just the beauty of it is stunning, and the sound and action is superb. Iím 61 years old and have been playing since I was sixteen and have played and owned many guitars my only regret is I didnít know about your guitars sooner. Thank you for the extra strings, picks, tee shirt, and your excellent service and most of all, the terrific guitar!! Thanks to Denny senior for the pictures and rest assured Iíll be ordering an 80 in the near future.
Rhonda And Ernie Tesch
Boston, Massachusetts

07/27/2015 I have never in my life been so happy with what I just received from UPS! I was so excited waiting on this guitar that I met the UPS guy at the truck today when I saw him in my neighborhood. Now, I am BLOWN away by this guitar, the photos, the signature in the guitar, the shirt you kindly sent me, the sound of this guitar, the feel, the look, the free lesson, the awesome case, even the Zager PICK! ... I am so very grateful. I was playing my ovation guitar when the UPS truck pulls up. Just by the first hold and strum of my new Zager guitar am I amazed. I will NOT pick up another brand of guitar to play again. A Zager has spoiled me and I cant go back now. I will use my old guitar as a decoration on my wall but WILL not be playing it ever again. I cherish this guitar with my life and Ive tried so many guitars in and never ever have I got a sound and the feel and the ease as I have with my Zager. Anyone who doesnt play a Zager guitar is missing it. It's made me a better player! The tuning is perfect! My other guitars dont sound like this when they are tuned! Just, wow. Anything I can do to help promote Zager guitars I will be doing so. Mr. Zager and D.Jr., youre both highly admired and what a great service you give your customers. Your customer service and the products you sale are of the most high quality and its a pleasure doing business with you guys. I cant believe how fast within like the 2nd day I recieved my guitar. wow. I could ramble on and on here but I guess all I can say to you both is a huge Thank YOU. Without your guitar I would have never been able to afford a sound like I can afford with your guitars. Thank you for sharing your talents by selling these guitars and be so personal to get to deal with. I have the photos which I cherish and am framing and will be bragging and showing off in my den of Mr. Zager and with my guitar. What an awesome photo! And love the kodak photo with my guitar. Thank you! My heart is truly grateful for everything youve done for me...
Charlotte Speakman
Nashville, Tennessee

07/25/2015 I received my new guitar today and am very pleased with the quality and ease of playing and the looks and style are as good as anything I have seen, I am a novice player at best but have two other guitars, a Takamine and a Sigma and the Zag 20 is by far a better sounding and easier playing instrument I am looking forward to getting to know the limits this guitar reach, Thanks, its been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.
Allan Hanscom
Atlanta , Georgia

07/25/2015 Thanks so much for your quick and helpful reply. I have been playing a ZAD 80 for about two years now and I enjoy it above all the others Iíve owned; Martin HD28, a Guild starburst (donít remember the model) a custom 6 string and a classical ďgut stringĒ guitar. I should also note that Iíve been playing for over 20 years now and have the pleasure of playing some wonderful guitars and my ZAD 80 compares favorably with all of them in sound and better than all re: playability.
Cory Weinberg
Las Vegas, Nevada

07/22/2015 Hi Denny! Im awe struck! From the moment I opened the box. I was impressed with the speed of shipping! It got here very fast! Packing was quality, your team is very responcible-in regards to packing-like it was for thier family! 5 stars+!!! But when i unpacked my order-that was it!!! I played for hours....and LOVED IT! The next few days i couldnt bare to play my other treasures...all those other guitars paled in comparison in playability, sound and feel! Ive been playing 35 years and never had an easier time playing! I look forward to a very long relationship with your company! thank you so much!
David Marion
Birmingham, Alabama

07/19/2015 i've had my new zag 80 for a couple of weeks now and i can't tell you how pleased i am with it. it looks good, plays good and probably tastes good. thanks for making such a quality instrument at a very reasonable price. had been playing a kit-made martin d-28 for several years and thought that played and sounded good. however my new zag 80 beats it in every category. plus, the quality customer service you provide is all too rare in todays retail industry. i'm sold!
Ron Chatfield
Nashville, Tennessee

07/17/2015 Greetings from Central Florida, I received my ZAD20CE, and I have to say it "is" everything everyone raves about. The action is a pleasurable experience, light and easy, the sound is outstanding, as is the projection of sound from the instrument. Like others state, I have tried guitars of top quality in time, but nothing is near the pleasant, pleasing attributes of this guitar. The Zager guitar is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks to all who brought it into being what it is. I love it! Peter Fitschen
Pete Fitschen
Des Moines, Iowa

07/17/2015 Hi Dennis I have been playing the ZAD80CE for about a week now and find it VERY easy to play, but I am just a student [at 62] so I invited my music teacher to come and play it so I could hear what it sounds like in the hands of a talented musician and I was not disappointed.My teacher teaches in the most recognized school of music in out area and they also have one of the best music stores that sells only the high end instruments [which I could not afford] My teacher said you guys got it right --big sound-beautiful bass-mid range and high end--and the electronics were as good as he has ever heard-he said the finish was absolutely flawless and that it played as good if not better than most of their high end guitars So I am quite sure that I made the right purchase
Dwight And Wanda Whitaker

07/17/2015 I received my ZAD80 CE in perfect condition! I was amazed by how wonderful the finish looked, how well it was polished, and the perfect condition I found EVERY element of the guitar and case in. Thank you so much for the extra set of strings and picks, and for the Tee-shirt. I especially appreciated the photo of your father doing a final inspection of this fine instrument--I showed it to my wife, and we both treasure it, and will keep it with our most cherished photos. As I mentioned before, I'm not a musician, but have always loved the guitar. In my over 40 years service with the US Air Force, I found many guitar-playing buddies, and bought several inexpensive guitars (and one imitation of a jazz master I found overseas which wouldn't stay in tune), and taught myself (with buddies' help) a few chords and a few melodies I could follow. However, I eventually gave it up when my career became more demanding. I've "handled" a lot of different guitars during those years, even a middle-priced Martin, but none of them come close to the fine craftsmanship, the looks and the outstanding SOUND of this wonderful ZAD80CE--and I haven't even tried it yet with an amplifier! This guitar is truly a masterpiece, and I will treasure it the rest of my life. The care and personal attention of the Zager family in producing this fine instrument is priceless, and is evident throughout--and I include the guitar case in this compliment. Many thanks to you and your Dad, for all you have done to put such a fine instrument into my life! I've enthusiastically signed up for lessons on your web site, and I look forward to many months and years of musical happiness, despite the hard work I know these practice sessions will entail. The Zager family's dedication and professionalism are qualities not often found these days. I can't express enough my thanks for all you have done in this regard.
Jake And Norma Kessel
Henderson, Nevada

07/13/2015  just recieved my guitar from you guys...All I have to say is..........HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS GUITAR is (F'n) AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SURE YOU DONT WANT MORE MONEY FOR THIS GUITAR!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS! ARE YOU SERIOUS! HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU MAKE A GUITAR SOUND LIKE THIS? ITS A DAMN CANNON! I CANT BELIEVE MY EARS...IM STUTTERING AS I WRITE THIS EMAIL! WORDS CANT DESCRIBE THE WAY THIS GUITAR SOUNDS! I Own a business myself, and I have to compliment you guys on a VERY well run business. Not only do your guitars sound great but your customer service is IMPECCIBLE!...I read all your reviews prior to purchasing a Zager guitar but i had ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA THAT THEYD SOUND LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Denny, Denny Jr, You guys are the best...My only regret is that I one sooner! God Bless and Rock On Gentleman! .........a customer for life, Vito Russo
Vito Russo
Denver, Colorado

07/11/2015 I'm a veteran guitar player for over 35 years and I've never had an experience like this with a new guitar ease of playability right out of the box. It was even already tuned and kept its tune in transit! I own over 100 guitars in my collection, most of the acoustics are high-end Martins, Ovations, Yamahas, Takamines, etc. Some have been reworked at a high cost to fit my personal style for best action by highly respected luthiers in our area. I've just received my new Zager ZAD-20CE and have directly compared action with the best guitars I have, and I'm pleased to report the Zager is a hands-down winner! This guitar wasn't even personally fit to me. I'm amazed at the difference! Fast chord progressions are a snap, proving the spacing of the strings are ergonomically balanced to be complementary with human hand anatomy. Makes me wonder why other guitar manufacturers have missed the importance of ease of play for out of the box. The fit and finish is second to none. Its a truly a beautiful guitar to look at from any angle as well as very close up. No flaws anywhere and even the wood grain is perfect. The well-placed subdued abalone inlays are special touch, providing a distinctive appearance over other guitars The sound, whether you're plugged in or not, is also incredible and compares with my high-end Martins that cost me thousands more. The accurately balanced treble and bass assist with strumming or finger-picking to allow the player the ease of flexibility needed for the performance level-intended accents. I splurged and also got the hardcase with the humidifier - turns out to also be a good investment and one I would definitely recommend with the purchase of a Zager guitar. I'm very pleased with my investment in my Zager and am convinced this is really a first class company offering guitars that compare with the very best in the industry.
Gary Wierman
Cleveland , Ohio

07/10/2015 I received my Zager guitar, the Sunburst, tuned it a bit, and played it for 3 hours. I experienced no pain whatsoever. Thank you. The action and the feel and width of the neck is beautiful. Problem chords like Dm7 are easy to play again. The design of the instrument is perfection. It is a beautiful guitar to look at. I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating this guitar. I am, of course, pleased by the sound and will play the Zager exclusively from now on. And compared to my full-bowl Ovation, the Zager is incredibly light. But most of all, I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the pure pleasure of playing your guitar without the pain. I have looked at my hand feeling the pain to the bones and joints of my fingers and wonder what was I to do about this. So, thank you again for caring and doing what you do.
John Cain
Honolulu, Hawaii

07/07/2015 Well, my guitar arrived yesterday afternoon just before I had to go out so I put off opening the box. It wasn't easy I'll tell you. I got home about 6 hours later and whenever I opened the box and looked at the guitar.......... I was almost speechless! I can only describe it as spectacular....and it sounds every bit as good as it looks. It is very comfortable in my hands and the neck is just perfect. Yes it is a bit easier to play too than other guitars that I have owned. The workmanship is outstanding and I just love everything about it. I am so happy that I came across your website and if ever I know anyone looking for a guitar, I WILL point them to Thank you so very much for your professionalism in answering all my emails and that shows how it carries over in your very work(s) of art that you display in your craftsmanship. I am really impressed! The Sunburst guitar is much more beautiful than what the pictures on the website can show ( as good as the pictures are ). I think of mine as "Sunburst Autumn" as it looks much like the trees here in the North East this time of year. Very cheerful and bright. I am going to very much enjoy getting back into playing and I will also be taking the lessons from Denny starting in November. You guys are great! I couldn't be happier!
Miami, Florida

07/07/2015 have owned my guitar for about 5 or 6 years now, it is a beautiful black ZAD20CE Acoustic Electric. I bought this guitar, as I was drawn in by the promise of an EZ-Play guitar, and so far, it has not let me down. The action is perfect, the sound is on par with more expensive guitars, and the customer service is second to none. I can pick this guitar up, play it for hours, and I don't feel a bit tired or sore from playing it. I have had my guitar playing friend come over, and they are all just as impressed as I am with the sound, and ease of playing. If you are a beginner, or have been playing for years, this guitar is a great addition to your collection. If you are anything like me, you will find your other guitars will start to collect dust, as you go for the Zager each and every time you want to play. This is the best guitar I have ever owned, and highly recomend it to anyone looking for a new guitar.
New York, New York

07/07/2015  received my Guitar last week and I love it. It is way more than I was expecting. The sound, the looks, absolutly everything about it is great and amazing. You nailed the color selction for me and I truly appreciate the help. I have a much easier time playing and even have been able to hold a few tough cords I was having trouble with on other guitars. This one is so much easier to hold. It is a perfect fit for my fingers which always seem to touch other guitar strings. but not this one. whether I am plugged in or not the sound is so beautiful and resonates so warmly. I have had two guys that are in a major band up here and they both have very expensive instruments. one has a $ 3200 Ovation and the other has a $3700 Gibson. They both could not believe the sound and ease of this guitar and like it better then their own. They want to try it out on one of their sessions and then may be going to your site to order. I am hoping they will give you a few more sales and I will keep demostrating your great product. I was also very impressed with your attention to the smaller details like the little extras and pictures you sent in the package. I am very much like this and truly appreciate these touches that most do not take the time to do. I will be playing and showing off this great guitar to anyone who will listen and will give you nothing but the utmost praise and will direct everyone that is impressed to your website. Again Thank you so much I am very very happy and love my new guitar.
Greg Fast

07/04/2015 It is such a pleasure to play my Zager. I have an older Takamine that I really enjoy as well, but the action is so much higher that I find myself almost exclusively playing my Zager. What a great guitar you designed! Thanks again! Ken
Ken Meeker
Chicago, Illinois

07/01/2015 Hello Denny, I purchased a ZAD20CE back in January and am just now getting around to writing. I am enjoying this guitar so much and excited to play and learn like never before. This guitar looks and sounds terrific and the easy play setup is exactly as you have advertised. Your shipment was very fast and well packed. The guitar case is top notch and I am so glad that I included it with my purchase. When I was comparing different brand guitars, I really did not know what to look for other than price and desired sound. After deciding on the ZAD20CE and then receiving it to try out, I immediately recognized a high quality instrument that sounded so sharp and clear. I would easily compare it to other name brand popular guitars twice the cost of what I paid. In closing, I am so happy and thank you for making a great product.
Mark Vaughan
Houston, Texas

06/29/2015 Well, let me start by saying I've played guitar for going on 46 years. I think during that time I have played just about every make and model. Back in February I decided to take Mr.Zager up on his 100 percent guarantee, thinking that I would find something I didnít like about it and send it back scott free. Oh well, now Iím the proud owner of a ZAD-20CE. This guitar makes all my friend guitars sound like something you would pick up at your local Target. It is amazing, the tone, volume, harmonics, the easy play system even make me sound better. Friends even said that I must be practicing more because I sound so much better. I now have seven guitars hanging on the wall that are getting very jealous. I would like to thank Denny and his son Dennis Jr. for giving me an instrument that I can take anywhere with pride. I now hate it when my guitar-playing buddyís come over to pick because I never get to play it. It just keeps going around the circle and passes by me every time. I just sit there playing Martinís and Gibsonís and wishing they would give my Zager back.
Benjamin Bowen
Knoxville, Tennessee

06/28/2015  Beautiful: To look at, to play, to hear. Thanks. And thank you for the extras, too. [picks, tee shirt, photo, strings] A generous gesture. I have been playing for about 12 years, and this guitar is looking to be a better fit than my other two cheapo guitars. It's about time as my wife says, for a quality guitar! I'm going to play now. Thank you again Zager.
Phil Embree
Kansas City, Missouri

06/27/2015 Dennis Jr: My Zad-80 arrived yesterday, and I love it. It's a truly beautiful instrument, a work of art, has a wonderful full sound and plays very easily. I was amazed at how easily it played. Even after I read all the testimonials, I was still skeptical about the easy playing. But it's true. I have to consciously avoid pressing the strings hard. It's so much of a habit. Thanks again for you help and patience while I was thinking about the purchase. Regards,
Edward F. Kickham
Royal Oak, Michigan

06/25/2015 Denny, I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new Zager 20 guitar. While relitively new to guitars I know wood working and quality when I see it. I ran a custom recurve and long bow making shop for years, handcrafting bows out of exotic woods, with very high tolerances, where perfect glue lines and finishes are a must. This guitar is a beauty. The finish was immaculate. And it just sings, the sustain and clarity is as great as my buddies 1973 high end Martin. It's all noticeably better than my quality Washburn. The tonality is very balanced. Pleasant, prompt, highly competent, no problems... have a great day and Thank You!
Tom Clough
Rochester, New Hampshire

06/25/2015 I bought my ZAD 80 CE back in May. I lead worship music for my local church and at the time i started leading worship I was playing a beginner to intermediate Dean Acoustic De Performer which is in the $300-200 price range and has built in electronics but a real thin sound and not a whole lot of warmth. I shopped around was considering buying a Guild D55 which retails around 2400+ which was a big price range jump for me considering my Dean. I stumbled across the Zager website, read a few testimonials and thought with the 100% money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. The Zager team didn't use hardcore sales TATICS like musciansfriend, sameday music, ect... but answered every question of mine and was extremely helpful. When my axe arrived it was inarguably all that was advertised and the best sounding guitar i've had the priviledge of playing. It sounds great through the church PA. I think for the price range, quality, built in tuner, tips on maintaing the axe, ect the Zager is hard to beat when it comes to overall value for the price. If want something as close be prepared to fork out $2,000-$4,000+ a professional set up.
Chris Williams
Boyd, Texas

06/22/2015 Denny, My name is Billy Neagle from Elizabethtown, Ky and I just received one of your ZAD-20 Guitars and Pro Case. I am a 53 year old beginner and donít know a whole lot about Guitars but I can tell you that this thing is absolutely great. I have just started trying to play (2 weeks ago) and am just learning some very basic chords. I have been using a Fender (Alexxus) acoustical guitar that has a decent sound but, wow, the ZAD-20 is just awesome in every way! I am very pleased with everything about it. Your String Science brings some very refreshing technology to the table for a beginner. I have already let a couple of my (experienced) guitar friends play it and they had nothing but good things to say. It gets 2 thumbs up from this ole boy and my friends. I also want to thank you for a very high quality guitar case and the extras that were included with this purchase. Thanks for a great Guitar!!
Billy Neagle
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

06/19/2015 Dennis, I received my ZAD-20 2 months ago. What a wonderful, exquisite instrument this is! I truly enjoy the full range sound and the balance of the tune. The set-up is intricate too. I have been playing for many years now, sometimes for church groups and most of the time just for fun and for myself. The ZAD-20 is by far the best I have. I frequent some music stores around, and I agree that the sound quality is comparable to those $3K models. When I play fingerstyle, the melody flows and sounds beautiful. (I think even my Husky enjoys the music.) I love my ZAD-20.
David Wang
San Jose, California

06/17/2015 Your service and products are absolutely outstanding! I've used Musician's Friend & Music 123 and they can't touch Zager Guitar! It's good to know there's still a musical merchant that cares for its customers! I wrote to Dennis Jr. many times during the buying process this summer of my Zager ZAD 20 acoustic dreadnought. He answered all my questions thoroughly and sealed the deal for me. Members of Harmony Central recommend you guys. I read their reviews and I'm glad I did. Thanks again & have a great day. My beloved black ZAD 20 & I have some practice to do....
Jonathon Mearlwes

06/17/2015 Denny, I just wanted to let you know that I have been playing the new guitar and that it is no comparison to the one that I had been playing. The guitar has a great sound and the way that you have designed the strings to be so close to the fret, I don't have to press as hard to get a great sound. The guitar is also great looking. I have purchased your online guitar lessons and the way you teach is perfect. I did not know if I would ever learn how to finger pick a guitar. I have been playing a guitar for years, since 1965, and was in a band during my high school years. However, I never learned how to finger pick. I purchased your lessons just a week ago and I can now finger pick the first song (Love Me Tender). I am now starting on the second song, which is my favorite song for playing (chords). Now I can learn how to really play the song.
Jim Coleman
San Bernardino, California

06/17/2015 Hello Denny, I just wanted to thank you kindly for the wonderful guitar. I have worked as an instrument manufacturer for Yamaha in the past. They closed shop last year and moved to China. I am currently running my own instrument repair shop with my friend Tim Smith from Yamaha. While at Yamaha I was a woodwind tester and manufacturer. I play flute, clarinet and sax. I have a music ed degree and am in a masters program for education at the moment. With these things it mind, I know a quality instrument when I see one. This guitar is wonderful! I had given up on guitar in the past because it hurt my fingers so badly. I am now able to practice with no trouble! I also commend you as a great american businessmen. It is wonderful to see that someone out there will still stand behind their product, and also provide quality customer service. From start to finish this was a beautiful transaction. Your son was so kind to email me promptly and answer all of my questions. Thank you,
Jenni Pollmann
Middleville, Michigan

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