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06/13/2015 Greetings from the expanse of North Dakota! Things have really changed for me since teaming with Zager in February '07! Simply put, I know I would never have started playing if I had not found you guys, and the ZAD20. I determined to learn, at age 52 (initially on an old Yamaha) and experienced nothing but frustration and sore fingers. Needless to say, the Zager guitar changed everything for the better. I even signed up for a year of instruction. Although I feel that fingerstyle isn't my forte ( that may change, still) The instruction proved valuable indeed. I am slowly building a repertoire of country, gospel and a few classics based mostly on basic chords, learned through the ease of playability of my guitar, practice and determination. As I learn more, I find that playing is a great stress reliever and can hardly wait to pick up my guitar at the end (or even prior to the beginning) of a long day. I've played at a few local jams, and just this morning, the Pastor of our church asked if I would play for our congregation. Never, even in my dreams, did I see that one coming! I plan on attending a week-long bluegrass and gospel camp, where players from all over share their skill and techniques with beginners like me. When comparing my guitar to others, I have played many $1000-$1200 guitars in the closest music store, and have found none that compare to the Zager in ease of playability and great sound. Thanks so much, Denny and Dennis, for a quality product that has truly broadened my horizons and changed my daily life. Congratulations on your retirement Denny! Even when we are doing something we love, time eventually brings us to the point where we just want to take it easy. I'm happy for you, and hope you have a long and enjoyable sunset. Best always,
Sidney Johnson
Hazen, North Dakota

06/11/2015 Hi Denny and Denny , I love my new Zager ZAD-80 acoustic guitar! I could almost feel a sigh of relief when I unwrapped it and set it in the light. Beautiful-just to look at ! Instantly it "felt right" and it rang out a C chord. Even though I wanted to play , I let the guitar "cool down " and "breathe" all day until the next morning-and it sounded even better. As I tuned it it began to resonate - and I was in love. It has been a month and I have played every day but 3 (gone fishin') . It still surprises me with its versatility and tone. Excellent. As advertised, the Zager String Science EZ-Play felt like it was custom fitted to my wide palms and short fingers. Honestly, it is even better than a player can believe -until you try one. I can truly say this guitar is warm ,bright,full and rich .Straight as a laser and true up and down the neck. The action is perfect.I sincerely wish to thank you both Father and Son , Mr. Zager Sr. and Jr. And yes, I have owned and played many a fine guitar- And yes, after playing over 40 years,my hands are not so limber and this is my daily player and enables me to enjoy the sweetness of a finely made musical instrument without having to stop because of pain/fatigue-that is a blessing . Respectfully,
Greg Sherman
Witchita, Kansas

06/10/2015 Hello Dennis, My new ZAD-20 Natural just arrived about an hour ago. It's absolutely great! I've gone through several acoustic guitars and was never truly happy with any of them. They looked and sounded great, but were never enjoyable to play. In the area I live, I have yet to find a "luthier" that I trust to work on any of my guitars. I knew in the first few minutes that this is a great playing guitar. The craftmanship is icing on the cake. This guitar is really nice to look at. I'm am very particular and have better than 20/20 vision. There is not a flaw to be found anywhere. The gloss finish isn't thick and feels nice to the touch. The weight of the guitar is suprisingly light. Overall, it's a fantastic guitar with the set-up I've always strived for. I wish I would have found your website years ago. I'd probably own one of everything by now. Thank You,
Daniel Calton
Moline, Illinois

06/07/2015 Denny, About your lessons I'm currently enrolled in; I loved the detailed explanations and the slow and steady method you used to help me get it just right. The different camera angles also helped me see where you were coming from, as well as you allowing and suggesting for me to go off and practice. You are a very encouraging man and I've learned guitar from zero experience thanks to you! Also, I love my ZAD 80 so much I won't let my friends play it. It's too special of a guitar to risk it! Best sound I've ever heard from an acoustic. Thanks again Zager Guitar.
Hal Stutesman
DUNSMUIR, California

06/07/2015 Hi Denny I have had my ZAD-20CE now for about a month, Just a short note to tell you how very pleased I am with this guitar. From the moment I pulled it from the box then out of the case I have loved everything about this guitar, the rich sound, the fit and finish and # 1 how easy it plays. I had this guitar just over a week when I plugged into a friends acoustic amp and was very pleased with how great it sounded. I put this guitar in two of my musican friends hands and both loved it with one friend stating that he had to have one of his own and the other saying that this guitar virtually plays itself. Denny I did what so many other folks on these testimonials said that they have done and gone to the big guitar stores and played guitars that were way more expensive but did not find a one that could touch my 20CE in a price range anywhere close The only way I see me ever parting with this guitar is to upgrade to the 80CE most likely not even then. Thanks for a great guitar at a great price
Jay Guengerich
Wichita, Kansas

06/07/2015 Hi Denny, I received my sunburst ZAD-20CE last month. My dad bought two Zager acoustic/electrics within the last year, and I was so impressed by how easy they are to play, that I finally decided to get one. When I received the package and opened the case, I was in awe by the quaility and beauty of the guitar. It looked even better than the picture on you site. It is the easiest playing guitar I've owned. I can play for hours after hours. I brought it into work several times. People were impressed the rich quality sound it has. I told them to go to your site. I would recommend your guitars to anyone. Thank Again! God Bless you.
Phillip Brown
Hagerstown, Maryland

06/04/2015 I AM IMPRESSED!!! I have about 18 guitars. Six of them hi end Martins and three of them hi end Guilds. I ran across Zager guitars while surfing E-Bay. After reading his promo I decided I would try one. I have been playing for the last forty eight years. When the time came in life that I could afford better guitars I started having problems with arthritis in my fingers. I could only play for an hour or so after taking Aleve. After reading about Denny's string since and the testimonials I decided to see if one of his guitar set ups would help ease the pain in my hands while I played. I received the Zad-80 yesterday 5/22/08. I was impressed with the appearance from the start when I took it out of the case. I gave it a good once over before I started to play. I started to tune the guitar and found it in perfect tune except for the second string. I played till the tips of my fingers were so sour I could play no more but my hands did not hurt and no Aleve. The sound quality is right up there with the best sounding guitar I have, right out of the box. You can not beat the quality and set up for the money. It was a beautiful day here in North Carolina yesterday and I set out side and played for hours till dark. I have worked in quality control for 30 years and the quality is in this guitar is outstanding!! A man that will take the responsibility and put his name on his work as Denny dose and even provide pictures has my respect. If he would set up the other guitars I have I would send him all eighteen. I have a D-18V and a D-28V that have good set up on them but Denny’s work is far better. I have a fondness for mahogany guitars and will buy a Zad-20 before the year is over. Denny thanks for your work and making a guitar an old man with bad hands can play and enjoy!! What a joy!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
L.T. Pierce
Raleigh, North Carolina

06/01/2015 Dear Denny, The minute I saw the site and the price that you charge for the lessons I immediately saw a helping hand there, cause there is not another place that I can think of getting that much musical knowledge for that bit of money actually I really consider that as a gift to the world. the course is great the knowledge is awsome, the patience, the caring and the information are imperative. i tell you what just like someone else on the site mentioned you do not want to put that guitar down when you're playing it. No more fingers' pain, blisters and or cramps and the sound is perfect. You give it a perfect title EZ-Play and it is. Thanks for help.
Jacques Lochard
Brentwood, New York

05/30/2015 Hi Dennis I had a friend play the guitar and he said it played like a cloud. He could play it for hours and not have sore fingers. He said it sounded good and looked good. He thought it was an expensive guitar somewhere above $1200. He is a Martin fan. So all in all, I do appreciate the new guitar and I am happy with it. Would I suggest Zager to friends, yes. Thanks
Brad Wiebelhaus
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

05/29/2015 Hi, Denny. I have been playing a Zager ZAD80CE for a couple of years now, and I have to tell you what a fine intrument it is. I have been playing for 45 years, have owned Gibsons (J-20, L-5, Songbird, ES335-12, EBO bass), Epiphones (Joe Pass II, Les Paul 100), Martin D-12-20, Takamine EF261SBL, Regal roundneck steel, Yamaha SGL100N, and a couple of no-name specials. Your guitar is the one that I pick up to play most often of the 9 instruments that I have around the house now. On top of that, there is no way to beat this instrument for value when you consider the very reasonable price for so much fine tone and easy playability. Thanks very much for making such a fine instrument available (which may still be making good music in the year 2525!)
Tom Manning
Lakewood, Colorado

05/28/2015 Denny, your knowledge of the guitar is amazing. You have taken me from having an interest in playing the guitar, and instilled the desire to become a true musician. For this, I owe you everything. As an instructor, you provide me with musical pieces of progressing difficulty, without any unreal expectations. In one summer, I accomplished more than I thought I would in a few years, which can definitely be attributed to your talent as a teacher and a musician. Your way of playing guitar is unlike anything I ever thought I'd learn. I'll probably be teaching my son when he gets a little older. How sweet will that be!
Donny Habler
MESA, Arizona

05/26/2015 Hi guys, I received my new Zager guitar from you early last week. I had read many testimonials before I decided to buy, because anything coming mail order is suspect to me unless it is from a known source. Sometimes things just don't go as expected. You know what I'm saying, we've all been there. That was absolutely NOT the case here. I must say that your guitar was everything it was advertised to be and more. For the low price I paid, I expected some unexpected surprises in the form of poor quality or workmanship. Not so! Dollar for dollar I doubt you could match the quality and playability anywhere else. I have played different guitars off and on for quite some time, but never considered myself very good at it. Within the first hour, I knew things had changed for the better. It is hard to believe just how much better my timing became, simply because this guitar is so smooth and easy to play. It is so much more fun playing now than ever before. I sincerely thank you.
James Hall
North Ogden, Utah

05/26/2015 I have purchased two Zager guitars from Denny. A 3/4 and a full size. They are both excellent in quality and in sound. Also, Denny is so easy to work with. It is a pleasure and I am sure we will be doing business again. Thank you.
Paul Hackett
Brazil, Indiana

05/23/2015 Hi Dennis. I just received my new guitar on Wednesday and I love it! I ordered the black finish ZAD20 Acoustic and I was amazed by the quality. Of course the sound is fantastic. I really enjoy the playability also. I'm parked in an RV park in Mission, Texas and can hardly wait to play my first jam with it. I may have problems getting it out of the hands of my friends. A friend of mine, Gary, liked the guitar so much that he has placed an order also. Thanks for a quality product!
Jewell Beard
Mission, Texas

05/20/2015 HI Denny, The guitar arrived in perfect condition. I had to wait a couple of hours to open the case due to the cold weather (learned that from watching one of your dad’s videos). I have been playing it for a few hours now and I am very pleased. It looks so much better in “real life” than what the pictures depict! The sound is terrific and I really enjoy playing it. I have watched 5 or 6 of the videos and have found them to be very useful. You guys did a great job in producing them. Your dad really is a likable guy- You fellows run a class act. Best regards.
Frank Zaborowski

05/18/2015 Dennis, Thanks for the Strap Peg. I did install it yesterday and used the directions Denny showed on the video. It worked great and I am a happy camper. What a great guitar. It is my favorite now and I will treasure it for a long time.
Jerry Gilomore
Salt Lake City, Utah

05/18/2015 Mr. Zager, I received my new guitar yesterday and am glad to report that it exceeded my expectations. It is by far the easiest playing instrument that I have ever owned. It is far better than one might expect from a guitar in this price range. Also, the case is fantastic. I’m sure I will enjoy it for many years. Thanks again,
Dan Benjamin
Garnett, Kansas

05/18/2015 It was so frustrating trying the find the right professional guitar teacher in my area - I was new to town and I didn’t know anyone. I decided to go a different route with guitar lessons. When I randomly landed on Zager's site, took a look at Denny's lessons, signed up for just a month to see what happens, and after the first two videos, I noticed the difference in my guitar skills. It’s now been 3 months (I emailed Dennis Jr to have him upgrade my membership) and I look forward to my weekly instruction time that I set aside for Denny. Thanks for your help! My boyfriend loves that I can really play guitar now.
Trish Dilmore
MACON, Georgia

05/14/2015 Hey Dennis, I just picked my friend and my new guitar from the airport in Singapore. Thanks for making all the arrangements to send the guitar to his hotel in Miami. We got the guitar (in one piece). It sounds and looks great! Once again, many thanks. I'm glad we got the hard case as well, as the airlines weren't very gentle with it, but I'm glad the trip did not affect the guitar at all. I will certainly refer my friends to Zager. Regards,
Glen Lim

05/12/2015 Hello Mr. Zager. I bought a 80CE OM Acoustic/Electric from you a while back. I see that they are now sold out so I’m glad I got my hands on one at the right time. After a long frustrating period, I am finally starting to notice a lot of improvement in my playing and there is not one day I don’t come home from work and think to myself that I am lucky to own such a beautiful guitar. It sounds amazing and I am completely satisfied with it. It is the best investment I have made and look forward to many years of playing.
Ricardo Guzman
SAN JOSE, California

05/11/2015  Hi, Got my guitar yesterday, but couldnt quit playing it long enough to write and tell you how wonderful it is! Thanks
Sharon Balkom
MADISON, Wisconsin

05/08/2015 Denny, I have played guitar on & off for 30 years and am not all that good. I have played a Goya for the entire time. I get attached to stuff and have a hard time with change. I have always wanted a better guitar and several times looked at some. The term “better guitar” means something different to everyone you talk to. After visiting numerous guitar stores and realizing a better guitar will cost me from $720.00 to $2200.00 depending on who says what is good, I chose to continue to play my Goya. Then I noticed on E Bay several guitars that said “Zager modified” and researched what that meant. What I found was many, many testimonials about your quality and price. So after much thinking I decided to buy a Zager. It takes me awhile to save that much money so it was a hard decision. I have now been playing it everyday for three weeks and know how much better it sounds and plays than my Goya. I have become very attached to it. And when asked ,What kind of guitar did you buy? I proudly answer, I bought a Zager!
Jeff Ramsey
Huntsville, Ohio

05/08/2015 Hi! Just ordered a Zager 80CE! Finally! I've been playing the 20CE for awhile now and your program is well, fantastic! You all have been so supportive in the last two years, providing me with extra instruction and support. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the Zager method, and of course the fantastic artwork in the Zager instruments.
Ron Striegel
Green Bay, Wisconsin

05/08/2015 Dennis, Thanks again. You guys do a wonderful job. Opening the case and pulling out that beautiful guitar is something I look forward to every evening. By the way, when my 23 year old son is home he heads right to my guitar. He likes it so much better than his own. He's a better player than I am, and has tried more guitars. He loves mine. If I can get playing well enough to "earn" a ZAD 80 I may have to "lend" him my ZAD 20. Thank you very much. You guys are the best.
James Donaghey
Mobile, Alabama

05/05/2015 I'm nearly 60 and wasn't sure I could learn an instrument, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Denny has really made it enjoyable since he's incredibly patient, informative and a likable guy. even though I'm older than the average student, I feel like I'm learning faster than a 17 year old because Denny is so thorough. Thanks again! PS- I bought a ZAD 20 acoustic six months in, when I realized my old Alvarez wasn't cutting it. That purchase helped me learn even faster because of Denny's pristine custom setup. Now my ol buddies are jealous because I took the leap and decided I wasn't too old to learn guitar. Thank you for that.
George Grayward

05/02/2015 Hi Denny, I purcahsed a Zad 20 in December 2007 and love the guitar. I also have signed up for lessons. Thanks again for you time and your help. PS. There are three guys at my work place that have played guitars for a long time and they could not believe the sound quality of the Zad 20.
Jeff Kilpela
HOWELL, Michigan

04/30/2015 Denny: I recieved my new Zager CE 20 OM last week and this is the first opportunity I've had to write you a note about how much I like this instrument. It is beautiful and everything you've said and what I've read about this guitar is true. I'm so thankful that I found your website and took the time to digest the information you provide. I have not played since the late 60's and it will take me a while to re-learn. I've purchased the online lessons and have started trying to build up my "soft" fingers with your lessons. I started looking for an inexpensive guitar and you convinced me to buy this beautiful and well crafted guitar. Now I feel as though I have invested in a guitar rather than just bought one. Thanks Denny, I look forward to enjoying this for a long time. I had a tough time deciding on the full size or the OM. I have found the OM very comfortable and since I won't be performing I think the OM is great. I just happened on your site through e-bay, thanks.
Doug Harding
Grand Island, New York

04/29/2015 Denny, I received my guitar last week and haven’t been able to put it down. It sounds great! I bought a ZAD 20 Natural from you 4 years ago and enjoyed that guitar also. I have a 14 year old son who plays and I would always find my guitar either in his room or in his hands. So I gave him my older one and bought me the new ZAD 20 Sunburst. We have different guitars lying around the house but these seem to be our favorite. I'll think twice before I go off and try another. We have 5 guitars at our home and now I am looking to sell the others. Thank you for this lovely guitar..........again. I can’t express enough how great this guitar is.
Michael K.
Houston, Texas

04/28/2015 Denny, I received my ZAD-80CE Saturday. I am 60 years old and have owned a few guitars over the years. I don't consider myself a musician although I have performed professionally, I just barely get by strumming to accompany myself. I was immediately in awe of the beauty of this fine instrument. It is a feast for the eyes and ears and my fingers are already finding runs I didn't know I could make on my own songs. I can only describe this finely crafted guitar as a "MASTERPIECE". A work of art. I find myself sometimes just opening the case just to admire it's beauty. I have had a few questions and was always answered within about a half hour by Denny Jr. I have signed up for your guitar instruction course so I can maximize my pleasure of this beauty. I have never been as pleased with anything in my life as much as your product and your customer assistance. In advance for the years of pleasure and satisfaction this purchase will provide me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless You and yours. Sincerely
Steve Bounds
Danville, Illinois

04/26/2015 Hi Dennis, I received my new guitar last week and am very pleased with it! It arrived in perfect condition. The sound is beautiful and it fits me better than my Fender. I think I will be able to progress further with this guitar in terms of bar chords, chord progressions, riffs, etc. Thank you for your quick responsiveness to my e-mail questions and the promptness of the delivery. I look forward to many years of enjoyment playing my Zager! I might even check out the online lessons when I get a chance. Regards,
Kathy McCann
Queenstown, Maryland

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