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04/26/2015 Denny Zager is a brilliant, results-orientated guitar teacher and a talented musician. Having subscribed to lessons with him has changed my life and inspired me to become the best guitar player that I can be. I used to teach myself guitar but having seen the dramatic improvement in my guitar playing since my lessons started, I have not looked back. An inspiration to all guitar teachers.
Bradley Muir

04/26/2015 Dear Denny, Just received my new guitar today as scheduled and I have only one word to describe it. Fabulous! The guitar is everything you say it should be and more. The tone is incredible, The finish is superb and it plays like a dream. I am so happy I waited and did the research on many different guitars before deciding to buy yours. I know I made the right decision. Thanks again for a "fabulous" instrument. I look forward to getting old with it.
Paul Cambio
Johnston, Rhode Island

04/23/2015 Hello Denny, Dennis & Brian I received my ZAD-20 Zager Guitar and I really do like it. It is easier to play and sounds great just like all the folks said in their testimonials. I do like the wider spacing of the strings; it allows me to play better without buzz and dead tone strings because of my short stubby Cherokee Indian fingers. One thing I haven’t noticed in the testimonials. The company, your people. I go out of my way, and in many cases pay a higher price, for a product when the people I talk with / deal with Bubble / play / make you feel welcome. I emailed you and informed you of my problems and needs. Dennis responded by email with what he believed to be my best choice and explained why. When I called to order my new Guitar, Brian answered and immediately made me feel happy that I called and it’s apparent that Brian is a people person. I have either hung up or walked out on a place of business because of the personality of the people handling my business. Thank You for a great guitar and a pleasant buying experience.
Danny Locke

04/20/2015 Mr. Zager, Just wanted to let you know that I received my ZAD 20-CE today. I wasn't expecting the guitar to get to Lexington so soon but was pleasantly pleased. To my surprise when I opened up the box there was a t-shirt, guitar pics and a box of Martin strings. Plus an autographed picture of Denny. But my biggest surprise was when I opened up the case and saw the new guitar and a polaroid picture tsken of Denny working on my guitar. Not a copy or print of a picture but a real polaroid. You talk about service. Well, I was floored because I've purchased many guitars from different sellers and have never had service like this!!!!! You gentlemen are true lovers of your craft and business and are true to your word about having satisfied customers. The guitar is beautiful and once I tuned a couple of strings that had gotten out of tune in shipment, I played it and it sounds sound full and sweet. Thank you for your quick response and service to me. You are true to your 100% guarantee. May God bless your business to its fullest. Thank you for making my Tuesday, March 25, 2008.
Ronnie Chaffins
Lexingon, Kentucky

04/18/2015 Dennis, I've had a couple of weeks now to play the Zager and I really like the guitar. It plays so easy!..It's like your hands and fingers got nothin to do...some guitar, doing that for you. :) Bad joke, but great guitar. I've sold two of them for you to friends already and one more on the way. Thanks, I play it all the time and my hands don't hurt!
Wes Aasness

04/18/2015 Hello Zager Folks, I received my new Acoustic/Electric today and must say it is fantastic. I could not be more thrilled. This guitar makes a bad guitarist like myself sound good. Although I have played guitar for 35 years I have only played a few times on someone else's for the past 7 or 8 years, having sold mine long ago. A couple weeks ago I picked up my brother's Ovation which lead me to catch the bug again and decide to purchase one. I was hesitant over what guitar to choose as I really didn't want to spend a couple thousand to get an easy player with good sound. I also knew I would be frustrated and unhappy trying to basically re-learn guitar unless I bought a quality instrument. A friend suggested I get myself a Zager and so I did. Having not played over an hour total in years I was amazed how easily I can chord, pick and play this thing. It is the easiest guitar to play I have used. It sounds excellent, it sounds wonderful. I only wish every beginner learning to play had a Zager. If they did I am certain we would have not only many more old guitar players, but also many more old good guitar players. As to the experienced guitarist of the world, I suggest they sell their multi-thousand dollar guitars, buy a Zager and take a nice island vacation on the money left. My hat goes off to the folks at Zager,
Bryan Hurst
RAWLINS, Wyoming

04/18/2015 Dear Zager Guitar, As a complete novice guitar player, having no idea where to begin, Denny has provided me with an excellent start, facilitating direction and guidance with the perfect pace of delivery. He shares his knowledge, ability and passion for guitar playing and teaching and I will definitely be continuing my lessons with him to build on the skills, methods and theory of his that he has taught me so far. His lessons are so easy to watch and make me want to practice so I'll be able to get to the next level of his method.
Mickey Sofead

04/14/2015 Dear Mr. Zager, I just received the ZAD 80-CE as an anniversary gift from my husband. I am now 63 years old, and started my guitar playing career when I was 7---taking lessons from Nick Maniloff on my old "Stella." I quit after 12 lessons because all he taught me was scales and notes, and as an impatient kid, I wanted to play songs. So I taught myself chords and songs, but could not play melodies. When I was 17, my Mother and Father bought me a Martin 00-18 as a high school graduation present. I played for a while, but my fingers got so sore I eventually gave up the guitar. Then I inherited a Gibson LG-2 from my great uncle. I played that for many years because it was somewhat easier to play, but still didn't have the rich, mellow tone I wanted to play folk music. I stumbled on your very informative and friendly website by accident, and was intrigued by the beauty and variety of the guitars and the E-Z play setup you advertised on the Zagers. I visited the website daily for about a week just browsing. My husband has always wanted me to resume playing, so he surprised me with the ZAD 80-CE for our 36th anniversary. When I took it out of the box I was absolutely blown away! It is everything AND MORE that your other customers have said about it. The tone is bright, rich and mellow, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The extra touches---the stand, T-shirt, picks, and photo of Denny holding the guitar---seem to reinforce what others have said about your customer service and customer care. I dug out my old collection of songs and played for two hours---absolutely without pain! My husband was amazed. I will be selling both the Martin and the Gibson, because I probably won't be playing them anymore. I am excited about trying the on-line instruction and will sign up within the week. Maybe 56 years after first starting to play I will be able to play both songs and melodies on a beautiful, top-notch, sweet-sounding instrument. I won't even be self-conscious about playing with an amplifier because I can no! w play c hords that are crisp and "buzz" free! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for the opportunity to start again! What a great way to spend retirement!
Sandy Rehfeldt
Hayward, Wisconsin

04/12/2015 I am 48. Always wanted to play the guitar. I was shopping one day on Ebay for a acoustic guitar and came across a Zager guitar. Not knowing anything about a Zager, I googled it and came upon the Zager web-site. With all the great reviews I decided to purchase a Zager guitar. My choice was a ZAD 20 CE. WOW. Easy to play is a understatement. It has a rich warm sound. Love the onboard tuner and electronics. The fit and finish of this guitar is great. How well do these guitars play, EASY! Just like Dennis says. I even took back a $1200.00 Breedlove acoustic I purchased at Guitar Center because this played and sounded better! Buy one now! Buy 2! Thanks
Greg/Cheryl Reed
Maple Plain, Minnesota

04/11/2015 Just a quick note, I spoke with a customer service rep named Jill & she was so professional & patient. When you are in the process of buying something a lot of companies want your $$$ so they will say the customer service they provide is really important to them. Like the national chain that a lot of Guitar players like myself have been to only to find out the hard way. Jill, I would like to thank you for your patience and AAA+++ customer service, you were polite and very consistent on what was advertised @ the Zager web site. In closing thank you for the wonderful expierence & thanks again, I will be back soon to make another purchase
Gary P Silvestri
Lexington, North Carolina

04/08/2015 Hey Denny & Dennis, I I have only owned factory guitars like Yamaha and Takamini. As soon as I ordered the guitar from you I started practicing Love Me Tender on my Tak.... I got half way through the song...ok, for me. I think my fingers were about to bleed. I could not wait for the new guitar to arrive. I sat down with the ZAD for awhile and felt comfortable. No finger fatigue at all. The Zad is very light compared to other brand guitars. I have to say that Denny gives me hope. After a friend told me about the learning program I immediately got excited and dug my guitar out of the closet. I had given up years ago. I took those music store lessons for almost 2 years. Those lessons cost $20 a half hour eleven years ago. I'm 45 years old now and look forward to playing guitar for the years ahead. Thank you for the inspiration.
SWANSBORO, North Carolina

04/08/2015 Dennis, My guitar was delivered yesterday afternoon and I love it. It is a beautiful instrument, it sounds great and it is the easiest to play of any guitar I have ever picked up. Thanks Again!
Bret Collins

04/08/2015 Denny, thanks so much for my new case!! I received it today in Florida, as you might remember my new Zager ZAD 20 came to me last week. I was stunned with the beauty of this wonderful instrument and that was before I even got the courage to strum it. The sound is so full and rich with a deep resonant bass and bright ringing high notes. I played quite a bit as a young man but I didnn't learn alot of songs so my goal now is to learn songs. I know alot of chords but now I am learning my right hand work. I used to have an Augustino Guitar made by Augie Luprenzi who lived near me when I lived in New Hope Pa. My brother worked for him and was paid in instruments and it was beautiful but the sound does'nt compare with yours and the playability of yours is also incomparable. I looked at the high priced instruments but didn't purchase one as I thought they were overpriced and frankly a bit snobbish about the whole thing. When I came across your instruments and the testimonials for them and for you as a company and then realized the value of the money back guarantee I thought "this is definitely worth a try". I didn't want a Martin reworked simply for the Martin name. I wanted a Zager because of your Dad and you and your attention to detail. I heard that your Dad was going to retire which made me want your guitar even more. Keep up the good work. I sing your praises to everyone I talk to. I'll be in touch again soon. I Love It!! I am a woodworker and I enclosed a small heart box for you because you always enclose something from your end. I hope it reminds you that we (your customers) are very appreciative of your efforts and care as much for you as you do for us! God Bless You and Your Family! I will be signing up for your lessons very soon. Thanks Again!!
Kevin Smith

04/05/2015 Hi Denny, First off let me say that I love the guitar! The action is fantastic! It allows me to hit every note on some bar chords that I couldn't hit with my other acoustic. The sound is also great. It sounds so crisp. Thanks for making a great guitar!
Kalen Houck

04/02/2015 Dennis, I just wanted to drop you a note stating I have received my guitar. I was very pleasantly surprised with all of the additional items included with my purchase. The picture of Denny playing my guitar was a nice touch. What surprised me even more was the fact that you included a Zager t-shirt and what surprised me the most was the guitar stand that was included! That was a shock but very much appreciated. I'm trying to think of the last time a company went above and beyond the purchase of an item the way you have and I am drawing a blank. Just amazing. As you are well aware, I purchased an E-Z Play Zager ZAD20 black acoustic that was discounted because Denny had used it for a video or something and it was supposedly in "less than perfect" condition. I almost wonder if you have sent me the wrong guitar because I have examined this instrument very closely top to bottom and front to back and side to side and can find no flaws what-so-ever. Fortuneately, possession is 9/10 of the law so I am keeping this very fine guitar. Your communication was outstanding and our transaction was a breeze. What a great company to do business with. Obviously, I will be recommending your company and products to my friends. Thanks again.
Mark Niles
Tipton, Iowa

03/31/2015 Hi Denny, I have been trying to do this a week ago but I have been having too much fun playing my ZAD-20 CE guitar. This is such amazing looking and playing guitar. It was great working with you. The guitar was still in tune when it got here. The guitar case I got from you was nice and fits my guitar like a glove. Thanks alot.
Terry Sumption
Homer, Alaska

03/30/2015 Hi Dennis, I had a friend over last evening for dinner and showed him my new Zad 80Ce and the lessons program. He was so impressed he went home and ordered a Zad 20 from you and will sign up for lessons once he has received his guitar. We were on your web site all night long looking and learning. He had taken lessons at a music store for two years at 40.00 a half hour and wound up as Denny says. He knows a few chords which is a little start but hardly worth the time and money he spent. The Denny Zager package can't be beat, the guitar, the service, and the wonderful lessons. I can't say enough about you folks--you're the best!!!
Rich Fitzgerald
SWANSBORO, North Carolina

03/29/2015 Denny, I purchased the Zad80 acoustic about 2 years ago. I still love it. I have 4 other guitars, including a very expensive Ovation. Every time I try to play one of them, it hurts too much so I don't get them out anymore. I finally sold my business so I am offically "retired." Now I will have the time to devote to your lessons. I will be signing up soon. I really want to learn your style. 61 shouldn't be to old to learn something new. Keep up the good work,
Floyd Shatto

03/27/2015 I have had my guitar for close to a month, and It is every thing you said it would be. It is cool to go somewhere and everyone is playing, and bragging on thier guitars, and they ask what kind is it that I have, cause they haven't heard of it, and when they play it, they are blown away. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugh Lawrence

03/27/2015  I was very excited to get my ZAD 20. I was even more pleased after taking it out of the box. This is without a doubt, the best guitar I have ever owned. The guitar plays very easy. My fingers are out of shape, but I played for at least a hour and a half. NO PAIN ! The strings are very easy to push down, and the action is great. It has a great sound and I can only expect that it will continue to get even better. My wife commented on how good it sounds compared to my other guitars. This guitar is absolutely great looking ! It is everything you advertise, and even more. I have already recommended that my brother get a Zager Guitar. By the way, the Zager web site is one of the best. It was easy to navigate, the information was understandable, and to the point. I was on a lot of other sites and found them hard to use and even harder to get any real guitar information. In all honesty, part of the reason I purchased one of your guitars, is because of your site. I know you are running a business, but you come across like you really care about your customers. The other reason is because you just plain convinced me to take a chance on your product. Its a great product for a great price. I don’t mind spending the money for a product as good as yours ! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!
Dan Bonnichsen

03/24/2015 Hi Denny/Denny Jr., I just received my new black Zad20 CE a couple of hours ago! It is a beautiful instrument, and I am loving the sound. Its nice to play. I started to play last year for the first time at age 56.( I always wanted to play, but never made time) I own an Applause AE32 and an Ovation Celebrity CK-047,but this really sounds great! Also thanks for the guitar stand, strings,T-shirt and picks. I'm going to check out my free lesson, and sign up for the lessons (I've never had formal ones) after I get my buzzing corrected. Once again, thanks, I am happy to be part of the Zager 'family'.
Frank Waters Jr.
NEW BRITAIN, Connecticut

03/21/2015 Thanks once again for your commitment to quality and customer service. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone looking for a quality instrument. I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite between my 20-OM and my 80-CE. Even my new 15 has the same quality tone and just as easy to play. My granddaughter is going to love learning how to play with that one. Thanks Again.
Gilbert, Arizona

03/19/2015 Hi Denny, WOW!!! What more can I say that everyone else who purchased a Zager guitar hasn't already said! This is hands down the easiest guitar I have ever played! It not only looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful! This guitar doesn't just play notes and chords, it literally sings! That is about the best way I can explain the sound the comes from it, IT SINGS!! Amazing, this is the 4th acoustic guitar I have purchased and I may as well sell the other 3 since I won't be playing them anymore! Thanks again for all your help!
Brian L. Wells
Wilmington, Delaware

03/19/2015 Hi Denny, My ZAD80CE has arrived today!! I was impressed right out of the box as it only needed a slight adjustment to be in tune. I visited many music stores and played Martins & Guilds priced several thousand dollars more then your guitar and they didn't play any easier. This is by far the most perfect sounding guitar I have ever played in my entire life. Thank you Denny.
Steve Richer
LEBANON, Missouri

03/19/2015 I received my Zager guitar last month.I have been unable to open the shipping box until this past weekend.I was more than impressed by the looks and feel of the guitar. I had picked a discounted guitar because of the unusual blond streak on the face of the guitar.Wanted one that would stand out in a crowd.Once I opened the hardcase and viewed the guitar in person I knew my decision to purchase was correct.I had communicated with your son on many occasions. He answered all the questions and provided pictures as requested, sometimes within a couple of minutes. I had researched your guitars and reputation for several weeks before deciding to purchase.I must add the feel and finish of the guitar is all you claim.This week I'm bringing the guitar into work so a fellow employee can check it out. He put down a deposit on a D-28 Martin. I can't wait to see his reaction.I really liked the items that came along with the guitar.The picture of you holding the guitar was a nice touch.I'm glad I found your site before buying a new guitar.The guitar was actually in tune, after being shipped to Detroit in January. Thank you and your staff very much.
Robert Brace
Redford, Michigan

03/15/2015 Denny, It has been a couple of years now since I purchased an EZ Play Zager. This guitar just continues to improve with age. The sound is fantastic, and gets better as time goes by. The tone has become darker and more mellow. I would compare it to guitars costing many hundreds more than the purchase price of this guitar. The guitar has no problems staying in tune, even when stored for several weeks. The color of the wood has also improved over the years, not quite a vintage color, but rich and beautiful. The guitar is the easiest to play acoustic I have ever picked up. Everytime I go to a music store and try out the latest, or expensive wall hangers, I am amazed that they will not hold a candle to your setup on the Zager Guitars. All of my guitar playing friends always want to try the EZ Play. You can buy more expensive, but you can't buy better! Thank You for an honest to goodness great insturment.
Jack Nunnelee
Cedar Creek, Texas

03/13/2015 Dear Zager Family, I have received my newest addition to my acoustical family. I wasn't sure if I was going to be blown away seeing as I own a beautiful 12 string Alverz and a Jumbo Washburn Cumberlin series. After playing all three, Your 80CE is far superior. The sound that comes out of this guitar is amazing. I can't believe that the tips of my fingers haven't fallen off yet, for I have been playing non stop. At band practice last night I had a hard time getting it back, everyone loves it. We actually ran over a hour and a half and just played acoustics. I just want to thank you again, it's wonderful. And thank you for the Polaroid, it's hanging on the wall. Just a side note, I still have to keep my day job :) bummer
David B. Mages

03/12/2015 Thanks Dennis, You guys are the best..... I must say that I have rarely found businesses to be so darned responsive and stand behind their product with such fever as you folks. Really nice to see. By the way I do absolutely love the guitar.
Rich Melloni
Wareham, Massachusetts

03/09/2015 Denny I receive my ZAD20CE today. the sound that comes out of the guitar is superb and the appearance and the craftsmanship was like WOW!!!!!! and the price! well I was looking to spend upwards of $1200 but I got the Zager and a beautiful case and have change to spend on recording equipment and another amp. Once my friend saw the guitar at work he said "I want one!" so I called and put in a order for him and he keeps bugging on the phone asking me how is the guitar, even though he played it today at work for a few hours. he just cant wait to get his. we have played a few Martins, Ovations, Washburns and others and none of them was as good as the Zager. Thank you Mr. Zager for putting your personal touch on my Guitar.
Chik Gong
Brooklyn, New York

03/09/2015 Yes!!! I Received it today around 4:00 pm. I have already shipped it off to my Marine. Thank you so much for your help. This is the second guitar we've purchased from you and have been very pleased both times.
Angie Kelson
Logandale, Nevada

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