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03/09/2015 I purchased the OM 20CE a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to write a testimonial now for a while, but finding the right words is proving difficult. Where do you start? Great looks, Great sound? Great Service? Also, it's a hard guitar to put down and hard to stop thinking about it when you are at work. Everything you read in other testimonials is true. I have read where some guys owned several guitars including Martin, Gibson and so on. I say save yourself the hassle and expense and just get a Zager in the first place. You will also save time if you are just learning. The chords just come easier and because the sound is so right on, your ear can pick up the lessons quicker. I have also had 6 months of lessons, and will go back for another 6 months soon. Without Denny's lessons, I would still would be struggling to play a song that people could reconize. I had to try a Martin for a comparison. Today I got the chance to play a Martin. It was nice, but the sound was no better and it was harder for me to play because the neck was not as wide and the strings were close together. Dennis Jr is great to work with. I must have sent him a couple of dozen emails over the past year before I bought. He was always prompt, polite and with good information. My guitar and case came over the great plains, the Rocky Moutains, the Cascade Mountains to the wet Pacfic Northwest and it arrive well boxed and IN TUNE. Thanks for putting out a great product Denny. I think you have more than just one hit here. Who knows how many young artist out there today will have gotten their start with your instrument.
Steve Ricci
Lynden, Washington

03/09/2015 Hi Dennis, I received my guitar today. What a pleasure to be able to play. I have rumatoid arthritis is my hands. I feel like i have another chance to see if I can play like i would like to. No complaints from me, I think I will sell my Martin.. Thank you again for your time until we e-mail again. THANK YOU
Mesa, Arizona

03/06/2015 Hello Denny & Denny, Jr. I would be a complete "schmuck" if I din't take a few minutes to thank you for great customer service. "Customer Service"...two words sadly lacking in today's society. I started playing again at the ripe old age of 55. Hadn't played since my early 20s. I've been back at it for about two years now. My how things have changed. So many different brands, mostly BAD! It seemed, in order to get a "playable" acoustic guitar, one had to spend $1,000 or more. WRONG! I had never ordered a guitar via the Internet before, and swore I never would. You got me. I don't know how many Emails I sent, only to get a VERY polite & timely response. (Minutes, not hours or days.) Being shipped in the winter did a few unkindly things to the guitar. Using your 'HELP' page, I changed the strings and did a slight 'tweak' on the truss rod; only about one-third of a turn. Ta-Da...back to perfect. What impresses me the most is the case. SOLID! Plus it includes a humidity & temperature gauge. I immediately ran out to buy a humidifier. One can not emphasize this point enough. Why spend hundreds...possibly thousands on a guitar, only to have humidity, or the lack of, ruin it. A humidifier only costs a few bucks. I used to play years ago in my teenage years, sometimes at college coffee houses. And, yes, I even played "In The Year 2525". That is how I stumbled across your web site...researching that song and the duo who performed it. Maybe you should thank Google! (LOL) Take care & God Bless.
Joseph A. Brown
Saint Louis, Missouri

03/03/2015 Thankyou very much for your good service and I love the guitar. My old guitar is a Tama that I bought about 37 years ago. The intonation on it is perfect and very easy to play. The Zager guitar is the first one I've played that is easier to play than my Tama and it has way more volume and a nicer sound. So this is the first time I've ever found a reason to replace my Tama. I'm a happy camper.
Fred Walsh
Mission, Texas

03/01/2015  Dennis, I expected to be pleased with my new Zager acoustic/electric guitar, but I'm even MORE pleased than I expected to be! The EZ play is all you represent it to be and more, and it is a really beautiful instrument! I imagine other players I know will also want one--in fact a good friend is already considering one of the reduced price black ones that Denny has played on camera. I'm also very pleased about having access to your instruction videos. Let me also commend you on your customer service. You were so prompt and informative when answering my emails that I actually had ordered my guitar within a couple of hours of discovering that you existed! I spent many years in sales, and I the service I received from you online was vastly superior to what most companies provide when shopping in person. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work----and thank you Denny for your work in providing superior instruments at affordable prices!
Happy McNeese
Plano, Texas

02/28/2015 I received my new guitar today and it is absolutely beautiful! More than I ever expected for the $$$. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so that I could stay home and start playing it! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly and needless to say, I admire your work immensely! I appreciated the personal touch with the picture attached to the strings...that was way cool!
Cindy Johnson
Glendale, Arizona

02/27/2015 the guitar arrived today. I was in the middle of a jam session with some friends. Everybody came over and tried it out. It was a big hit. Now Jewell Beard and I both have Zager guitars. I am truly impressed with your service. Your quick and positive responses are very refreshing in this world of big box stores and lousy service. Thank you so much.
Gary Martins
Mission, Texas

02/25/2015 Mr. Zager … I purchased a ZAD20-CE a year ago (Jan ’07). After I received the instrument, I emailed you with a question regarding string height. I received a quick response from Denny Jr. which answered my questions and actually provided me with even more information than I had initially asked for. As I’m sure you hear everyday, you have a great product and great customer service.. After a year of some pretty hard practice/play, the ZAD20-CE continues to looks, sound, and play every bit as good as it did when it was new … actually, it’s probably better. One thing for certain, the ease of playing this guitar has been the a major factor in being able to complete 1-2 hour pretty consistent daily practice sessions. In any event, you can count me among your many satisfied customers. Shortly after I purchased the guitar, I also purchased your online instructions, and will be renewing my membership soon. Thanks for all you have done to help me!
August Fons
Hobbs, New Mexico

02/25/2015 Dear Dennis; I purchased a Zad 20 CE OM approximately 2 months ago and it has become my primary guitar just as you had mentioned. The sound is incredible and by far superior to the Ovations I had been playing. I am now interested in purchasing another Zager! Thanks for such an excellent guitar,
Joe Joe Krodel
Plainfield, Connecticut

02/22/2015  Hi Denny, Nice surprise... my new Zager Guitar arrived today, a day earlier than expected. It's a very cold day here so, after opening the box for a quick peek, I decided to leave it in it's case to warm up. My new guitar looks every bit as handsome as the pictures on your web site and I can't wait for it to warm up so I can start pickin' and grinnin'. Thanks for the good service. Best regards,
Bill Georgas
Scottsville, Kentucky

02/19/2015 The Zad 80ce was opened this morning and my 12 year old daughter is in love with it. Thanks for everything. I did look at the free lesson site and I think we are going to sign up. Thank you for all your help, Dennis!
Pat Shryock
Naknek, Alaska

02/17/2015 Hi Denny, I just received my ZAD-20 here at work and when I opened the case all I could say was OH MY GOD. The pictures on your web-site don’t do this beautiful guitar any justice, it is stunning. I took it out of the case and showed it off to my co-workers and they all said the same thing. Our Accounting Manager use to work for Gibson guitars where they are manufactured and she said the craftsmanship and finish is outstanding. I can’t remember how I came upon your web-site because I had done so much research before I bought, it must have been destiny. I did strum a few notes and let me tell you this, the sound exceeded my expectations and the highs and lows are in perfect balance. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks, P.S. Thanks for the Polaroid.
Rich Brown
Los Angeles, California

02/17/2015 Hello Denny, I received my guitar today and it arrived in perfect condition. The guitar looks great and it is very easy to play. I love the neck and the string spacing. I have an older Gibson that is also easy to play, but I think yours is even better. Thanks for a well made instrument at a great price.
Ken Clevenger

02/17/2015 Denny, You have won me over. Most of my musician friends where amazed when I showed them the ZAGER guitar and the price that I paid. The sound quality is great and the guitar itself is simply beautiful. I'm a quality manager and I have to say this guitar is amazing, the attention to detail isn't just great, its phenomenal. It's close to prefect. I still went shopping for a guitar at the music stores after I got the ZAD because I knew I had 60 days to return it. I just wanted to confirm that I made the right choice. I can tell you now, that you are not getting this one back. I will be buying another one in the near future for my Son. Thanks for making a Great Quality product.
Clem A Hoelsche
Lees Summit, Missouri

02/13/2015 Hi Dennis, This is Gary & Joann in Dodge City. Was pleasantly surprised when my new 80-CE arrived so quickly. It took less than two days from when you received the order. The guitar is beautiful. Would also like to thank you guys for the pictures. The autographed one will be put into a frame and hung proudly in our small studio. Getting ready, at this moment, to put the guitar through it's paces!! Thank you again for the pictures, picks and strings!! Sincerely,
Gary Roth
Dodge City, Kansas

02/11/2015 Hi Denny, I received my ZAD-80CE today and it is flawless. I have been playing the guitar for over 40 years and this is the nicest and easiest to play guitar I have ever owned or played in a music store. This beats the Martin I have been playing for years hands down. The sound is unbelievable. I also want to complement you on your customer service. You guys rock! Thanks!
David Gravelle

02/10/2015 Received my Zad 80 and absolutly love it!! You nailed it with this guitar. Sound is so good and loud! ! I really appreciate the great service! The T-shirts pretty cool too:) You have earned a lifelong customer. Thank you.
Fargo, North Dakota

02/07/2015 Hi, Love the new guitar. Buying it sight unseen was a little scary, but it's even better than I could have imagined.
Keith Kimble
Boulder, Colorado

02/07/2015 Dear Mr. Zager: I received a ZAD 20 CE Sunburst guitar for Christmas from my wife (Evelyn). Boy what a treat that was for me. I've always wanted a guitar and this one is a dandy. I've tried to teach myself to play a guitar years ago but once I got married and the children came along I seem to have no time for it. Now that the children are grown and out of the house I'll have time to spend on playing the guitar. It is so nice I just can't find words to describe how easy it is to do things with it (ie forming chords). I plan on taking lessons and hope to be able to play for my wife some day.
Frederick R. Komorowski
RIO RANCHO, New Mexico

02/07/2015 Thanks, Dennis. I just ordered the 80CE. I am not even in the market for another acoustic but one of my work colleagues ordered an 80CE that arrived in the office yesterday. He's on business so I'm holding it for him in the meantime, which means I was able to play it and test it out. It is truly a stunning guitar - top quality woods and workmanship in every way. I've been playing guitar for about 15 years and the 80CE holds up to the best workmanship I've seen from anyone. So I had to have one myself. Many thanks,
Chris La Jaunie
Darien, Connecticut

02/04/2015 Dennis, Tell your Dad I got my guitar today and I love it. The guitar sounds great. It is really easy to play. I didn't know what to expect, but all the reviews are right on. The case is super sharp. I didn't expect the case to be that nice. Thanks for the extra strings, shirt, atutograph,etc. Thanks again,
Doug Barrett
Bruno, West Virginia

02/01/2015 I discovered quite by accident and am happy I did. I got my ZAD-20 two days ago and have never been more pleased with an intrument. I play primarily folk music and have been playing a very heavy Guild 12-string for a number of years. Imagine my delight at being able to play actually standing straight up. Denny, your guitar is just tops. It's so easy to play. Hey, EZ Play, a perfect description. The sound is phenomenal too. If it sounds this good brand new, I can't wait for some seasoning to occur. The workmanship is beyond compare, with a beautiful finish on a truly quality guitar. I'll always treasure it. I'm just as happy as I can be with my guitar and the transaction. You folks are the epitome of small business America and I wish there were more like you. Thank you again.
Roy Olson
Tucson, Arizona

01/30/2015 Hello Mr. Zager, I received my guitar (ZAD 80 CE/OM) last week and it is amazing. I did my research before I decided to purchase it and every review seems to be right on! The customer service was right on as well, my questions were always answered very quickly and full of helpful information. Thanks again for making such a beautiful piece of art. My guitar is beautiful and it sounds amazing. Even my guitar teacher was jealous. He wants one now! Thanks
Ricardo Guzman
Scottsdale, Arizona

01/29/2015 I received my Zager guitar about 3 weeks ago and am extremely happy with it. I am just a beginner to intermediate player and have not played a lot of guitars, but it sounds great to me. It has been a pleasure working with you guys on this. Thanks very much,
John Hoeler
PLANO, Texas

01/28/2015 Denny & staff, Just another note from a satisfied customer. I purchased a demo model 20CE with the black finish. I am just learning to play but have always had an interest in guitars, friends who played, etc. Once I had decided that I wanted an Acoustic/Electric I read everything I could find for a couple of months, then started seriously looking with the help of a good friend who has played for about 10 years. I tried out several $520-$600 models from Epiphone, Fender & Gretsch. A couple of these I didn't consider keeping because of the overall poor quality. I am very particular, but there were issues like the bridge wasn't totally stained (raw wood), inconsistencies in the finishes, glue drips, cracks filled with wood filler. I was basically so disgusted I went ahead and moved up a couple of price points to a Martin DC15E - almost $1200. It was perfect and sounded beautiful (nice and deep) except for the nice long hair in the finish someone left right on the face of the guitar. For that price, I couldn't look at that every time I opened my case. So thank you for delivering to me a instrument that I consider a very good value. It is everything your website said it would be, definitely the easiest to play that I have tried to date, looks great (excellent fit and finish) and most important it has a full warm tone with outstanding resonance. My guitar teacher and the owner of the shop where I take lessons tried it out and where both impressed and were then blown away when I told them what I paid for it. Keep up the great work. It is appreciated -
Roddy Dail
SHALLOTTE, North Carolina

01/26/2015 Dennis, Thank you for your prompt response. Tightening the truss rod solved the problem. I love the guitar!! I have played Gibsons, Yamahas, and Martins before and find that this one is my favorite. Thank you,
Jim Jenkins
LAKE FOREST, California

01/26/2015 Hell-o to everyone at Zager and Happy New Year to you all. I ordered a new Zager Acoustic from you all about four weeks ago.... I have been in a time warp ever since it has arrived. I only stop playing to eat and sleep. The instrument is beautiful and sounds fantastic. It has renewed my zeal for playing acoustic guitar. My belated Christmas present to my family and friends is a CD entitled "Songs I've Written and Songs I Wish I'd written". While I never realized my life long dream of being in a group called Crosby, Stills Nash and Kobet I am truly having the time of my life as a musician. All the best in 2008. Thanks for making the world a more harmonious place.
Bob Kobet
Miami, Florida

01/23/2015 Hi Dennis. Thanks for the suggestion with the pickguard. The guitar looks, plays, and sounds great. I am very pleased with it. After the excellent service you have provided, I decided to try your videos. This was not in my original plans. Happy New Year!
Mark Bolyard

01/20/2015 Hello, I just recently purchased a ZAD 80CE with the Hardshell case and want you to know I love the instrument. It is exremely easy to play and sounds awesome! I am so confident in your product that I have already referred several friends at least one of which has also purchased an instrument. I have also started studying the Zager fingerstyle and am progressing well. It has been awhile since I have seriously played any music and the Zager style as taught by Denny is just what 'the doctor ordered' to get me back into playing some good music quickly. It's great! Thanks so much for making such excellent instruments available at such reasonable prices. I easily see a ZAD 20 in my immediate future (sometime in 2008!). Actually, I want two, The Black one and the Sunburst. I just need to convince my wife! Best Regards,
Bob Ogden
Glendale, Arizona

01/18/2015 Hello Denny, The ZAD 20 CE arrived in Cambodia in pefect condition. Million thanks for working so diligently with Linda getting the right specs for the shipping box-not a scratch on it. The guitar is everything advertised and more. I am delighted with how easy it is to play and the sound quality. Licks and runs that I struggled with for many months are now within my reach and capability. It's a total joy to listen to and play! Also, the customer service you provided is superb and superior to most. This is unquestionably the finest instrument I have ever owned. Thank you so much for making such a quality product and providing an outstanding service.
Bruce Hinch

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