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01/20/2015 Hi Dennis, Signed up for round two! I just can't believe that a year's gone by already! And this time last year I thought "Love me Tender" was a song I'd never get! Gezzz.....Now I'm playing that in cut time just for fun! I've such a long way to go, though. Playing level 2s and playing around with 3s. I'm looking forward to the time when I can arrange some songs from traditional music scores. If I had a dollar for every hotel I dragged my zager guitar into this last year I'd be rich. Sure passed the time away from home in a constructive way. I suppose I should break down and buy the the 80 soon. Happy New Year, and please tell Mr. Zager what a wonderful gift he's given me in his wonderful guitar, and his teaching method. Thank you so much, and bless you all.
Ron Striegel
Green Bay, Wisconsin

01/18/2015 Got the guitar late last week. It was exactly as described and I can't even see where the "blemish" is that saved me some bucks. Looks brand new! Love the sound and playability. Brought it to my lesson today and my instructor was impressed. He had never heard of Zager guitars but he was impressed by the sound and craftsmanship. Thanks!
John Rhee
Brookfield, Wisconsin

01/18/2015 Mr. Denny, I just received one of your ZAD-80's as a Christmas present from my parents and I just have to say that this is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen. Not only are the looks stunning but the sound and tone is amazing. I have yet to plug it up to an amp yet but im sure that it will be even better. This thing is so easy to play and I just cant keep my hands off of it. One of my good friends has a ZAD-20 and he showed it to me about a month ago and I just had to have one. They are truely the best guitars out there for the price, you can't beat it. Thank you very much.
Jeffery Lewis
Panacea, Florida

01/14/2015 Hi Denny I just wanted to send you a note to say how pleased I am with my new guitar. I'm just a beginner who played a borrowed guitar, but I could never play it for more than 20 minutes at a time because of the pain in my fingers. Now that I have the Zager, I can play for an hour or more at a time without much struggle. I've taken a few of your online lessons and have improved 100% in just a few weeks. Thanks for making a guitar that's such a joy to play! Oh I almost forgot, your customer service was beyond my expectations. What a breath of fresh air!
Joe D
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

01/12/2015 Dear Denny, Thanks very much for a good job on making your guitars. We got an acoustic and an acoustic electric. Both guitars play beautifully and are certainly a pleasure to work with. They play very easily. They have a beautiful tone. We sold our Martin D15 to come up with funds for your guitars, and it was well worth it. I'd go for the Zager any day, and I did love that D 15.
John Raucci
Germantown, New York

01/11/2015 Mr Zager, My wife just gave me a Zad 20 Sunburst for Christmas. It is a beautiful instrument. I am 44 years old, and have no musical training. This is my first instrument. I just signed up for a 1 year subscription to your on-line lessons. I have confidence that I can learn to play using your system. I wish you a merry Christmas.
Tony Pemerton
Oak View, California

01/08/2015 Dear Zager Guitar, You make us Nebraskans proud... Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your guitar. Bought mine a year and a half ago... My son came over picked it up and long story short, I am buying him one also. Your work and wisdom are much appreciated.
Bill Kackmeister
Lincoln, Nebraska

01/08/2015 Hi Dennis - Just got up early and restrung my ZAD80. Played a few Christmas carols. Thought I'd shoot you a quick email to wish you and Denny all the best of the holidays and a blessing-filled new year! Still loving my Zager guitar!!! Can't thank you enough for such a fine instrument - always a joy to play. With warmest regards,
Walt Klimek
LEXINGTON, South Carolina

01/08/2015 Mr. Zager, I purchased my ZAD20 from you earlier this fall and I must compliment you on the quality of your product. Certainly everything was as stated and even better. Thanks again for your quality product, it has really had a material effect on my playing. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes,
Mike Giacchino

01/05/2015 Hey Dennis, I received my guitar and "Wow!" this guitar looks better in person. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to play this guitar especially when it's been so carefully selected and professionally hand modified by your father. Also, thanks for the shirt, strings and great picture of your father. And he's actually holding the guitar I bought! I plan to try out your online lessons as I'm excited to quickly start playing this amazing guitar. Thanks again for the quick shipment and please send my kindest regards to your father. Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the new year! Best regards,
Sam Chang

01/02/2015 I must admit I was a bit skeptical about purchasing my Zager. After reading all of the testimonials and researching the guitar, I purchased one. I have not played since I was a kid and I am 43 now. My Zager plays like a dream! I put much time in to practicing and am amazed at the progress I have made! Money well spent! Thank you for making such a quality instrument at an affordable price. The Zager string science is amazing! Sincerely,
Mark Livengood

12/31/2014 My baby arived one week after ordering, and what a joy! I've been playing guitars for about 20 years and picked up my 2 current old friends in Brazil 40 years ago: A DelVecchio classical for which I built a new neck when it fretted out badly, and a DeGorgio 12 string, beautiful Brazilian Rosewood. Both hard to Barre, and I'm finally getting around to using the rest of the neck taking on a new guitar course. I think I just gave myself the best boost I could in advancing my technique by purchacing your guitar. Gave it a try out of the case and it was instant bonding! It was as gorgeous as everyone else described on your website: Plays like a dream and sounds heavenly. I'm going to have to relearn to play the guitar without the "death grip" I've always used! I bought an instrument which was discounted due to a "flaw" in the cedar top, which is apparently a little spot of heartwood, darker than the rest of the top. Just a beautiful little birthmark, marking it as my unique guitar. The Poloriod that was tucked in my guitar strings showing Dennis tuning it proved that he indeed did have my marked guitar in his hands! Nice touch! I'm totally impressed with your customer-centered approach to selling. Better make lots more of these things, because the word is getting out!
Don Merkley
Salt Lake City, Utah

12/30/2014 Hey guys! I purchased a Zager 20CE a few months ago and I love it! I am so happy with my purchase and I love playing my guitar. Now i'm looking to get a case.....Thanks for your help!
Ainsley L. Tufts
MOUNT AIRY, Maryland

12/29/2014 Goodmorning Dennis, I'm probably going to purchase lessons today, atleast one month to check it out. But if the lessons are anything like the quality of the rest of the Zager company, I'm sure I'll become a lifetime student.Thanks again, the guitar still gives me goosebumps everytime I take it out of the case. Enjoy your day
Fred Clemens
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12/27/2014 Hi Denny, You can see from your records that I bought a new ZAD -20 this past August. Love it. Sounds great and fits my body and hands just right. Thanks for the quick, and I mean quick, reply. You really do care! That's great! Like I said, I love it. Great feel, great finish, overall great look. I tell all of my friends who play or are interested in guitars about your site and your commitment. Keep up the great work! You're providing a wonderful product and service. Thanks again and have a great Holiday!
Ken Roberts
Mesa, Arizona

12/27/2014 Thank you very much. I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and was very im pressed with your zad 15. My daughter is 10 yeras old and I was looking for something that would hold her interest and Im sure that I have found it . The sound on this guitar is awesome and it plays so smooth. Im glad I came across your site. I will receommed this to all my friends.
Tony Bartosiewicz
Le Mars, Iowa

12/24/2014 Denny, The ZAD-20 arrived today in beautiful shape, it sounds and plays wonderful - better than my Seagull and Washburn acoustics that I've had for several years. It arrived at dinner time - and first words out of my kids' mouths were "Wow, Dad, that's gorgeous!". Too bad my wife doesn't share their enthusiasm. Thanks for all the extras as well, I especially like the stand, very compact and doesn't take up any space, it's practically invisible. I'll definitely recommend Zager to my guitar-playing friends.
Mike Robinson
Houston, Texas

12/21/2014 Greetings: Received my new zad20ce yesterday..This guitar is a piece of art..Once I learn to play I'll really like it!!!! Thanks!!
Gary Roark
Naples, Florida

12/19/2014 I thank you big time. The way you run your family business is the way it should be. All the best
Javier Ferro
Fairfax, Virginia

12/19/2014 Hi Dennis, I just wanted to let you know I received my Zager Guitar today and what a beauty it is!!! Thank you for all the goodies that came with it! The case is awesome as well. Thank you for a wonderful product. I can't wait to start playing. Thank you again,
Roberta Reese
Pearl River, New York

12/19/2014 Denny, The Zad 80 OMCE arrived yesterday. I let it sit and get used to the house temperature and humidity until today. All I can say at this point is Wow! It is everything you said it would be and more than meets my expectations. I have been playing for over fifty years and have played just about every brand of acoustic there is and own three great ones, a J-45 Gibson made about 1937, another Gibson an L-00 Blues King made about the same time and a 1958 Martin 00-18, all wonderful instruments. However my arthritus has gotten worse and I was searching for a guitar that was not only easier to play but would also approximate the tonal quality of the fine acoustic instruments that I own AND also allow me to play electronically. I did not have much hope of finding such an instrument and have been looking and trying out acoustic electrics for years. Thanks to you I have found the instrument I have been looking for. It is easy on the fingers and wrist, has a full,smooth and very pleasing voice both acoustically and electronically and the on board tuner and adjustments are a real plus. In addition it is a very attractive instrument and a welcome addition to my collection. Once again Denny, I thank you.
Nashville, Tennessee

12/15/2014 I feel that these guitars are a rarity and one day will be a collectors item. I just cant be any happier with the zad 80 ce I've had it for 7 months and it sounds better than when I got it. It opens up nicely. Thank you Mr.Zager for being an honest American that does not use deception to achieve success but has established integrity and respect as your foundation with these always you guys never fail to show the highest level of customer service that I have ever seen and I work primarily in customer service! What an example in this day and age! -GOD BLESS-
Christopher Williams
Boyd, Texas

12/13/2014 Hello To The Zager Family. I've been playing my new guitar for about 2 months now and enjoy it thoroughly. Thanks for producing such a fine instrument. I'm enjoying your help videos and learning a lot. It's amazing how many different "tips" I got about mounting a strap peg. You were right. All I had to do was hold and balance my guitar to see where the correct mounting position was. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.
Steve Davis

12/12/2014 Thanks Dennis, Could not be more pleased with my new ZAD 20 you sent me this week, it's everything you advertise, great tone and volume and so easy to fret, no more sore fingers, makes me want to pick it up and play all the time. I'll be sure to let all the pickers I know see and play this baby. Thanks again to you and your dad for this great guitar, I may even have to buy the ZAD 80 in the near future. Best to you and yours,
Randy McCuistion

12/09/2014 Hello Dennis, Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am really happy with the Zager guitar. I played it amplified for the first time at church the other day, and am all around impressed. It is a lot of fun to play! Thanks for you care and consideration and the little extras in the package! kind regards,
Katie Housek
West Chester, Ohio

12/09/2014 Hi Dennis, I have received and am delighted by your product. Any doubts about what to expect ordering online sight unseen can be dispelled right now. This is everything as promised. After playing the clarinet for five years, I got my first guitar at age 15. I am now 55. I was schooled by a great guitarist, now a working Nashville musician and producer. As music has progressed through the years, I moved right along with it and played in rock, country-rock, country, all-acoustic, trio and duet acts, and finally solo; at least in a semi-professional way. As you know, the late sixties/early seventies was musically incredible, if not chaotic! And like most guitar freaks, I have owned, borrowed, or at least plaued on virtually every guitar, electric, or acoustic, 12-string, bass, and even some of the weirder stuff, you know, just everything ever invented- and why mention names? ALL OF THEM! I lived down the road from a music shop, and when he got tired of me hanging out, I developed a knack for conning the owner into borrowing all sorts of things! Needless to say, the Zager Guitar is every bit as good, if not as well-known as any of 'em. It should be up there anyways, it's so good. Anyway, to the point. Certainly there are no faults here. A "retired" player like myself can expect many good years from this beauty. One more thing, when i compared the 20 to the 80, at this point in time, my decision was actually based on getting the black one! I've never owned a black guitar before. And it is incredible! It looks fantastic! Thanks,

12/09/2014 Hello Dennis, I'm writing to let you know what I think of the new ZAD-80 CE. It's been several days since I received it, but my schedule only permitted short periods to play it. I've now had it long enough to get to know it and I think that this guitar is a highly professional instrument. It sounds so outstanding! It projects its tone very well and when I'm playing it and listen really closely , it sounds as good as any guitar I've ever heard live or on any recording. To me, it's a beautiful guitar; a finely crafted work of art. You clearly know your craft and I appreciate your prompt responses and helpful attitude. I expect that this will be my last guitar. I feel that I made the right choice. You and your team's ethics and conduct make purchasing over the internet a good experience. Thanks for that,too. I remember, "back in the day", "In the Year 2525". Thank you again for making the guitar and for making it a pleasant experience to buy it.
Johnny Foreman
Raleigh, North Carolina

12/06/2014 Dennis also please tell your Dad I watched all the help video's and I was surprised at how much I really didn't know about guitars..they were very well done and very informative.Thanks for the info-instructions etc..Best rgds
John Mountain
Atlanta, Georgia

12/03/2014 Everyone who plays this is amazed. Friend of mine just bought a $3000 gibson and prefers mine. If he new about them before hand he would have bought one like mine. And he's been playing for over 30 years!
Dana MacDonald

12/01/2014 Yesterday, I was anxious because I knew it was in town and to be delivered. I loosened the strings and warmed it up to room temp. (It had had a long chilly trip to my house). I then tuned up and began to play. I fell in love with this guitar right away. I am so very thrilled with my 3/4 size. Honestly! It has a huge wonderful sound if I desire and a sweet gentle tone if I desire. It minds so well. This is what I was so begging for in a 3/4 size. I am 3/4 size myself and really was looking long and hard for the right guitar for me. Thank You for caring so much, Denny. This means so very much to me. This guitar is far and above at the get go than other nice small ones I've tried. It comes sounding like it's already been warmed up. It's just like you said, easy to play, gentle on the fingers and makes easy transitions from chord to chord as well as makes picking the strings easy. I love my new guitar and last but not least, It looks beautiful. Thank you from
Jill Morrow-Torrano
NEWMAN LAKE, Washington

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