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11/30/2014 Thanks for the responses to my questions, I have purchased four Zager Guitars in the last year and a half. You guys provide the best quality and playability at any price. Thanks,
Roger Mclean
Naples, Florida

11/29/2014 Hello Mr. Zager, I would like to start by thanking you for putting together a system that is easy for beginners like myself to use, but also allows me to learn complete arrangements. The ZAD-20c/e om that I purchased from you is great in that I don't have to struggle when forming chords, even barres and other complicated forms. Thanks again for all of you help,
Josh Tucker
Roswell, Georgia

11/27/2014 Denny, Thank you so much for the extension of my guitar online lessons! As I listen to all the testimonials on your site, I am amazed at how you folks do business! It is trully a pleasure to be working with you, and I am really looking forward to the guitar getting here! Do I need to do anything to extend the lessons, or will it just be available as I log in? Thanks again,
Ray Skare
Parker, South Dakota

11/27/2014 Thanks Dennis, Your dad says "the proof is in the pudding", well I've never had a conventional guitar lesson, just online so let him know that the lessons are working for me and so is the guitar. I'm just doing what he says. Just so you know, I found your site through I was trying to learn a song and over to the side saw a picture of your dad playing it. I wasn't sure about ordering a guitar online, but YOU made the difference by answering all of my questions within 10 min's of my email. I ordered the guitar that day. I get a real sense of honesty and commitment from you guys. You have my support. I really love this guitar. You guys stand out from the crowd not only with your product but also by your support. Zager has the best support I have ever seen, and I have full confidence in you and the fact that you stand behind what you sell. Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving.
Mark Ripa

11/24/2014 I just received my ZAD20 CE Nov. 9. I guess "WOW!" has been used, but that was my feeling. I had laid my Gibson E330TD aside over 30 years ago, due to working extra for the kids education. I have been shopping for a flat top that I could use to exercise this 72 year old mind and body. I tripped over your web site in my search, and it became an almost daily, "stop and watch". When I "just checked", the discount guitars section, I found my dream. I guess it is supposed to have a cosmetic something, but I can't find it. It's the same with the case. (It is built like a battleship, (and I love it too!) The order over the phone was a pleasure. So to anyone dragging their foot like I was - "GET IT!"
Bob Ramsey
Marion, Illinois

11/21/2014 Greetings, I purchased a ZAD 20 about a year and a half ago. I had some trouble convincing my wife that my current collection of 10 guitars was not enough, but I was able to convince her that this was a necessary purchase. When the guitar arrived I took it out and played it; she immediately commented on how much better it sounded than my old acoustic. There is no doubt that the sound of this guitar is superior to my other 6 string acoustic guitar. I have recommended your guitar to several friends. I would have to say my guitar has been an excellent value and I expect to be playing it for several years. Thanks for a great instrument.
Jim Mehlhaff
Pierre, South Dakota

11/19/2014 Hi Denny, I received the ZAD20CE yesterday via UPS 3 business days after ordering it. This instrument is as awesome as your website testimonials claim, maybe even better! I was looking for damage on the guitar as this was a bargain model, and the only thing I can find is some pick marks on the pick guard, but only if you look really really close, in the right light! I cannot beleive the way this thing plays! I have been playing with my old Yamaha model for 23 years and always thought of it as a nice guitar, but not spectacular. I now have a spectacular guitar for far less than I ever thought I would be able to get one. The tone and the ease of play are truly remarkable for a guitar in this price range. You have definately figured out how to make the guitar user friendly, while not compormising on quality at all. I recently played a McPherson guitar, costing $6,000 plus, and my ZAD20CE guitar plays easier, and sounds as good, and the price is much better for a cost conscious financial advisor! I have been taking the online lessons for about two weeks using my old guitar and was having a hard time getting the songs to sound good. I used the ZAD20 on the first song "Love Me Tender" and within an hour I had the first half of the song down solid! Denny said on one of his lessons that the tone of the guitar makes all the difference when trying to learn songs, well he is absolutely right. I am really looking forward to playing this guitar and mastering it, for years to come! Thanks again for a wonderful guitar, online training, and the whole package. Your customer service has been superb! Keep it up, as I am telling everyone I know who plays guitar to check out your site, and get one of your guitars. God Bless,
Ray Skare
Parker, South Dakota

11/19/2014 Dennis, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the guitar arrived on time and in great condition. I drove it up this weekend to my cousin and he is absolutely thrilled with it. It is every thing he was looking for in an inexpensive guitar but with the adding playability factor that you incorporated. Thank you again for the outstanding service and the terrific product.
Vincent Asaro
Port Orange, Florida

11/19/2014 Dennis, Hello. I want to tell you and your team that the guitar arrived safely yesterday (packed substantially - Thank you) and it sounds and looks absolutely terrific. Even the case is impressive! My son is thrilled and putting real quality time into getting comfortable playing it and is already extending himself to more complex and difficult music. WOW!! Thanks again for your care and expertise in building such a beautiful instrument. Best Regards
Robert Judelson
Santa Monica, California

11/15/2014 Hi, Just received my new 80CE OM, and I love it. Thanks for everything,
Keith Kimble
Boulder, Colorado

11/13/2014 Hi DZ, I received my picks you sent me for free, thank you. Your customer service rates on top, just like the quality of your guitars. Rare these days to find a company that is truly concerned in customer service.
Howard Martin
Tucson, Arizona

11/12/2014 Hi Dennis, I didn’t expect the guitar to arrive so quickly! It was waiting for me Thursday evening when I got home. Thanks so much for all of your help! I’ve just signed up for the video lessons and look forward to a long relationship with Zager Guitar and rounding up a few new customers for you in the process!
George Fisher
Bloomington, Minnesota

11/09/2014 Hi Denny, I received my sunburst ZAD-20 over a week ago, & wanted to take a few days to try it out before I made any decisions. This guitar is GREAT!, it is as advertised, very easy to play, beautiful to look at & comfortable to wear at a gig. I am sure this will be my primary gigging guitar for years to come. I let several of my friends play it last Saturday, & I think you can count on a few more orders coming your way. Keep up the great work,
Walter Killam
Omaha, Nebraska

11/09/2014 Dennis, I really enjoy Zagerguitar and have learned a lot from Denny. Hats off to you guys for such a great product and teaching system that has taught me more than I thought I could ever learn from an internet site. Thanks,
William Spadie
San Francisco, California

11/09/2014 Denny, The guitar arrived this morning. Thanks so much for your prompt attention and concern. Well, it's everything you said it was and more. I know you advertised a "mark" on the back and so the reduced price, but honestly, I couldn't find a mark anywhere on this instument with a microscope and I challenge anyone else to find one. More importantly, the set up is so comfortable and easy to play. No buzzing. Fingering seems almost effortless. I am at my law office right now so I could only manage a quick version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", but man, I could play that thing all day. Thanks also for the generous gifts. T-Shirt, strings, guitar stand, picks. I don't know how you stay in business giving this stuff away. I represent mostly for Fortune 200 Companies and I'll bet you could make a fortune teaching these guys about customer service. By far and away the best service I've ever received. I am looking forward to the online lessons and intend to tell anyone I encounter that there is really no place else to buy a guitar, by mail or in person. And best of all, this is a birthday gift to me from my wife. And it's the best present I've gotten in 40 years! Seriously. I will drop you a line by telephone after I have played with it for a few days and let you know how it's going. Thank you so much and God bless. Very truly yours,
David Lisi
East Palo Alto, California

11/06/2014 Denny and Zager Guitar, You guys are great and as I have been told be others, your word is as good as gold. Thanks!
John Hirsch
New york, New York

11/03/2014 well i have had my zad20 about 3 weeks now and i thought it was time to drop you a line. i simply love the guitar ! i am 55 years old and i haven't played in 30 years. i wanted to start playing again but the gibson dread that i have is a killer. i am praticing my new zad20 up to 3 hours daily with no problems. the self turner is great too! p.s., my wife says the sound of my zad blows the gibson away.
Paul Berlin
Oswego, New York

11/01/2014 Denny & Dennis... I wanted to follow up again, for a reason. I had not played guitar much at all since 1977. I don't think I played as much in the last 30 years aggregate as I did in a normal afternoon in the years before. Since I got my Zager guitar, I have plucked here and there, but I was recovering from surgery, and just wanted to get my feel back at holding a little piece of heaven in my hands. Tonight, I decided to take the plunge. There's a song I've been hearing and I like, so I searched out the chords and lyrics; Dierks Bentley's "Long Trip Alone." I played. I played again. And again. I was myself again for the first time in many years. I had a friend back. Denny, I'm no talent. I have short, stubby fingers, and short arms. But I never lost the dream, even if it is one that will never fully come to fruition. My new, beautiful ZAD 20CE gave me back a piece of myself I had lost so long ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such wonderful instruments at a price that a guy like me can justify when his talent says "Gibson? Martin? Don't waste such money!" My landlord has an expensive Takimine (I know, I misspelled it) and when I showed him mine, he played for a moment, and said "this sounds better than my expensive guitar!" I feel alive again.
David Blair
Phoenix, Arizona

10/31/2014 I just wanted to say thanks allot. Your guitar is everything and more of what you say it is. I have played allot of guitars and I am always looking for the ones that virtually play themselves and this is definitely one that does. The first time I played it I felt like I had become a better player in an instant. It is also a beautiful guitar. Thanks again and I am sure you will have continued success because of your great guitar and customer service.
Gregory Sinclear
DYERSBURG, Tennessee

10/30/2014 Hi Dennis, We received the guitar this week. I can't tell you how pleased I /we are with it! I have been playing a lovely, Koa, anniversary model Martin....which, though beautiful, has difficult action, and speaks only if I coax with a strong stroke. Your instrument in contrast, is ready, willing and almost plays for me. I debated between your model and the Martins you set up with your "easy play ", and thought I'd take a chance on a newer product. I'm delighted with my choice! What a gift you have given to those of us Martin loyalists, thank you. I'm a believer! Sincerely,
Coty Catlin

10/28/2014 Dennis This is John from my zad-80 this afternoon. Very sweet Guitar and sounds really really nice. Now if I could just learn to play as good as you all then it would really be Great. Thank you and your Dad .. Jill and everyone up there for there hard work in getting this out so quickly. Thanks!
John Mountain
Atlanta, Georgia

10/28/2014 Hi Denny: Last week I received my ZAD-20 sunburst guitar and absolutely love it. I actually bought the "discounted" version thinking I could use it as a "Knock around". Make no mistake....This is not a second and it actually plays as nice as my ZAD-80CE. Well, I wanted to share my thoughts. Keep up the nice work. Thanks again.
Joe Cavey
Baltimore, Maryland

10/25/2014 Dear Mr. Zager, I received my Zager guitar today in good condition. I really like the sound quality of your guitar and it is much easier to play than my previous one. Your online help video is very helpful. Thanks.
Waiman Leung
Los Angeles, California

10/22/2014 Hi Dennis, I played around with the levels on my amp and guitar. Sounds much better. Thank you for all of your help. You guys have an outstanding product and customer service. I've told a bunch of people about how impressed I am with you guys and the guitar. I have two other guitar players in my band and now they wish they would have bought one of yours before spending so much on their guitars and not having the quality of Zager/Martin. You guys really understand what it takes to make and keep a customer happy. If only the rest of the businesses out there were only half as good as you guys the world would be a much better place. Thank you again. I will continue to spread the good word and hopefully throw some more business your way. Thank you,
Jesse Langer
Random Lake, Wisconsin

10/20/2014 Hi Denny, Sorry it took me so long to write you. I bought my Zager guitar about 2 years ago. I've been playing guitar for 40 years, and just started playing at pubs and vineyards with an old friend recently. I must tell you that I prefer playing the Zager over my $2000 Gibson. It's easier on the fingers, it stays in tune, and the sound is fantastic. One of these days, I hope to buy a ZAD-80.... Thank you,
Rick Hall
Southold, New York

10/20/2014 Mr. Zager Jr. A couple of years back a purchased one of your EZ-PLAY guitars. Let me say that it is the finest guitar that I have ever had the pleasure to play and for the price...the purchase was the biggest no-brainer in the history of Earth. Upon receiving shipment of my guitar I was given a proto-type guitar capo that turned out to be another one of my favorites.
Kenneth Cromwell
Saint Charles, Illinois

10/20/2014 Dear Mr. Zager, I received my Zager guitar today in good condition. I really like the sound quality of your guitar and it is much easier to play than my previous one. Your online help video is very helpful. Thanks.
Waiman Leung
Los Angeles, California

10/16/2014 Mr. Denny Zager and Zager Jr. : I received my guitar today. I had the pleasure of playing the EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20CE Acoustic/Electric Black as soon as I opened the box. I just want to say everything that was stated about the Zager company is absolutely true to the fullest and more. From your customer service to your product, it has been a pleasure to play a Pure Zager guitar. Moreover, I would like to thank you from the my family to your family. You're family business is extremely rare. I have never in my life experienced such satisfying customer service. Not once was I told no that you can't help me. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I definitely look forward to doing business with you in the near future and I will definitely share my experience with your company. Thank you so much. Note: To all customers who are unsure about all the comments posted about Zager and Zager guitars, please "Don't waste money and time". Zager has the BEST customer service by far and the best guitars for an affordable price that are comparable or better than 3 thousand dollar guitars that you can find at the store. Sincerely,
Jesse Zamora
Norfolk, Virginia

10/14/2014 Had my Zager about a month now and I'm just getting around to tell you how much I like it. My Zager is everything I expected and more. It looks great, sounds great, the case is great, this is truly a guitar you can buy mail order and not be disapointed. I know a fellow who's looking for an acoustic who wants to play mine. So thanks for everything.
Jerry Fricke
North Branc, Michigan

10/13/2014 Thanks again Dennis!! Your level of support is fantastic. I really love the guitar and am sure it will age beautifully. Kind regards
Pedro Campiao
Hampton, Virginia

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