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10/14/2014  Denny, I received my guitar right on schedule. It arrived in perfect condition and as would be expected I just had to play it. I was surprised how much my finger tips hurt when I put it down. Surprised because it was two hours later and I could not play my old guitar much more than thirty minutes before my hand was aching so much I had to stop. I'm 53, and have only been playing for 3 years and was ready to throw in the towel before I came across your web site. I wasn't sure I wanted to invest nearly seven hundred dollars into what may be a losing effort, but took a chance and had to thank you.
Jack Maskell
Grand Rapids, Michigan

10/10/2014 I cant believe it but I guess I didnt need the tracking number, the guitar is already here! I cant believe it! Its everything I read about it, beautiful craftmanship, extremely easy to play and sounds better than my high-end guitars (I have about 34 guitars). Someday these guitars will be worth a fortune. You have been more than kind and I cant wait for my friends to see this instrument. If you come out with another lefty model,please,please let me know! I cant thank you enough..
Warren Morris
Santa Barbara, California

10/10/2014 I bought a Zager ZAD-20CE a couple of years ago because I was intrigued by the testimonials. Loved it and found it was the only one I played. My son moved out and took it with him. His reasoning being that it was his favorite also and that I owned several big name, high end guitars. Long story short, I sold all my other guitars and purchased the Zager ZAD-80CE OM. Received it yesterday and am again in guitar heaven. Trust me, there is no comparison. The Zager is so much easier to play it's ridiculous and the tone and craftmanship match or exceed all the others at a fraction of the price. If you're a beginner don't waste your time and money buying anything else. If you're a seasoned pro I would recommend you try a Zager. You will be pleasantly surprised. Easily the best guitar value on the market. Personally, I think it is the best GUITAR on the market, hands down. Buy one or more. You won't be disappointed.
Hal Holder
Lubbock, Texas

10/10/2014 Hi Denny I just wanted to let you know that my ZAD20 arrived yesterday and I absolutely LOVE IT! It looks great, plays wonderfully and the sound is fantastic! My buddy came over today and after playing it, he said that it played as easy as his electric guitar. I've been thinking about purchasing one for the last few months and I am so glad that I made the decision to go ahead and buy one. I also signed up for the online lessons. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that my guitar had arrived and I really appreciate all of the support and help that you guys offer. Thanks alot and have a good weekend.
Rickey Southern
Perry, Florida

10/07/2014 Dear Denny, Thanks for your craftmanship and superior customer relations. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. Dennis Jr.. does a terrific job with e-mails and the girl who took my order was very pleasant. Thanks for the extras (strings, battery, tee-shirt-alas summer is passed, and the hardware for the strap if I choose to have it done.) I purchased the one that was discounted with the invisible scratch near the lettering near the tuning pegs. What a deal. The savings were good for my limited budget. I pastor a small church in Buffalo NY It arrived yesterday on schedule. The guitar is absoutely beautiful. My wife said the same thing as did my son when she saw it. I was truly surprised at the sound as I played it in different parts of the house with different acoustics. Looking forward to testing the electronics. I would not consider myself more than a fair guitarist but I sounded better than ever. I am probably a better composer than a musician. I do have some minor arthriitis and the lack of stress on my left hand bears testimony to the E-Z Play name. Especially since I do like finger picking, the wider spacing has made a great improvement for me. I have been studying classical guitar for about a year. I have always wanted to learn the discipline and the style. I have played guitar since I was 18, I am 57. I have had three guitars in those years. One a late 60's Gibson Sunburst, which was lost in a fire, then an Imitation Ovation which I sold and then purchased a 1982 model Guild d-25 which I still have but has had some bridge reworking and is pretty banged up, but sounds good. My Zager is replacing it and is the best ever. (My classical is a Bellucci hand made in Paraguay) I'm sure I'll do some on line lessons to share in some of your expertise and to grow more in musicianship concerinng this instrument.. God has given you a wonderful gift and talent. I'll also leave a voice mail. Thanks again. A more than satisfied customer.
Joseph Krygier
Buffalo, New York

10/04/2014 I just purchased my second guitar today, but I just wanted to give a special thank you to Dennis Jr. I called yesterday and was looking for some guidance with my purchase and Dennis called me back within 15 minutes. We had a lengthy conversation , and it was very helpful. I appreciate it, its also one of the reasons why I am purchasing a second guitar from you. Thanks
Vincent Asaro
Port Orange, Florida

10/02/2014 Denny, Thanks for everything! I'm really enjoying the ZAD80-CE. It's a beauty, great sounding,and fun to play. I'm glad I read about your guitars before buying an acoustic electric. I'm 55 years old and had it not been for the internet , I would not have known about your guitars. I'll put in a good word for your company and outstanding customer support every chance I get. Of course the guitar will speak for itself. Sincerely,
Scotty Winstead
Tulsa, Oklahoma

10/01/2014  It is a Keeper. I am totally satisfied. Not only with the guitar, but with the friendly service, guarantee, and the understaning I received from you people. Regards.........Happy Customer,
Stevie Ventura
Boise, Idaho

09/30/2014 Received guitar today and had good expectations about product; Not too high, as some things I have bought on line were not as expected. Opened the package and checked to see if it was in tune. Started off strumming a few chords and a couple of runs and was extremely pleased. I picked up a pick and was blown away... Tone projection and ease of play. I own some "high end guitars" ...gibson, fender, ect but I know what will be number 1 now. Thank you for surpassing my expectations with a beauty of a guitar.
Ray Fussell
Moultrie, Georgia

09/28/2014 First of all I would like to tell you how much I love the quality and playability of the sunburst guitar I purchased from you. When I complete Estaban's 5 DVD lessons I 'am really looking forward to your on line lessons because those are the older songs that I absolutley would love to learn to play. This guitar makes Estaban's look like a toy, but it got my son and me started learning to play the guitar. I 'm happy with what I have.
Mic Daulton
Raleigh, North Carolina

09/28/2014 Hi. I bought a guitar and then a case from you for my husband over a year or so ago. He is now interested in an electric acoustic. He has been so happy with the guitar that I got for him that I can't think of any reason to go anywhere else to buy one. I see one I would love to get for him. Thanks!
Kathy Adams
Glen St. Mary, Florida

09/25/2014 Hello Denny Tried one of your modified Sigma DR41 guitars and was truly impressed. I commend you for what you're doing for the music industry. Fantastic products, great prices and unbeatable service! Can't ask for more than that. Having been in business before, I learned that service AFTER the sale and treating your customers like somebody will keep them coming back again and again. Thanks and Have a Great day!
Rickey Southern
Perry, Florida

09/22/2014 Denny, Got the guiter and it was a giant HIT!! Thanks for working with me again. Thanks for everything, you guys are the best and are recommended by me to whoever will listen.
Bob Alexander
LYNNWOOD, Washington

09/20/2014 Wow! I'm very impressed! Recieved the Zad-20ce the other day. Took it up to my brother inlaws house. His dad use to work for Kaman that makes high end Ovation guitars. He has a rare hollow body that is priced around 4000. Mainly due to all the frilly things sculptured on it . When I let him play the zad-20 his jaw dropped. He was amazed at the sound the Zager had! The sound quality was pretty close which we both were surprised. All I have to say is, I would recommend this guitar to anyone. Beginners, Experts, and Pros. Thankyou Denny & Dennis Jr.
Marc Danielson
Cleveland, Ohio

09/20/2014 Hello, Denny. I recently bought a ZAD-20, and I love it. I was definitely a heavy handed player and couldn't play for more than 20 minutes on my Martin. I can now play as long as I like, and I am two weeks into your online lessons. I am retired and decided to take up the guitar. I have been playing accompaniment / chords along with songs from my favorite groups. I never thought I would be able to finger-pick a song, but I have almost mastered "Love Me Tender". I can't wait to play everyday. I am also selling all my other guitars. I will soon be purchasing one of your acoustic electric guitars. Your devoted e-student,
Sandy Flutie
Austin, Texas

09/20/2014 Dennis- I got my ZAD-20 CE last Friday. I haven't had time to do much with it other then unpack it an strum it. I love how light it is and how easy it is to move my fingers through the cords. I do not know much about guitars. I always wanted to learn and I wanted a good sounding high quality start. I can tell this will work for me. It is exciting! I believe I will take lessons on line from you when things slow down for me. Thanks for everything. I know I am going to love playing this guitar. I enjoy supporting what you are doing to expand our musical horizons. All the best!
David Roquet
San Francisco, California

09/16/2014 Hi Dennis - I'm sure you've been told this many times, but your customer support absolutely rocks! Everything about your company is first class. Your guitar is an excellent product that sounds fantastic. Keep up the great work and perhaps I can send future business your way. I wouldn't hesitate to. Thanks.
Rick Klimek
Miami, Florida

09/14/2014 Hello, I just wanted to send a note telling you that I sure appreciated you being so quick and courteous in regards to answering my questions about the guitar cable. I have dealt with A LOT of people on EBay, both buyers and sellers...and I have to tell you, you are by far at the top of the list for Courteous Correspondence, Professional Behavior, and Prompt Delivery. We are just waiting for an amplifier we bought, and hopefully my son will be on his way to learning the Electric Guitar! Who knows, perhaps I may be in the market for a guitar someday...and I will know just where to look for one! Thank you again and have a great weekend! Very Sincerely,
Karla H.
Denver, Colorado

09/13/2014 I'm not much for buying something that I’m not able to physically touch, see, feel, and play. I am skeptic about a lot things via Internet. I WAS fearful to take a leap of faith went I bought the ZAger Zad 80 CE. Let me be the first to tell you, this thing redeemed and restored my faith when it comes too not shelling out 5,000 on a six string, but getting the quality, set up, and playability of a 5,000 guitar. This is the most amazing instrument I have ever had the privileged of owning. The thing came in near perfect tuning. When I strummed the first chord, I couldn’t believe the monster tones you get with using such light gauged strings. It was unreal; the Zager family redeemed my guitar playing needs for life. The ole saying you get what you pay for was transcended by the exceptional product and customer service the Zager crew displays. These guys are practically letting you rob them on price point for this instrument. I am a born again believer for putting my guitar needs in the Zager hands. If you’re looking for a high-end instrument for a next to nothing price order you one of these bad boys. You won’t be disappointed that you did. Those without this instrument or lacking!!!!!!!!!
Chris W.
Boyd, Texas

09/10/2014 Hi Dennis Jr., I just got the guitar today that I ordered for a disabled person. It is absolutely a work of art!! I can't wait to present it on Friday night. I am sure his family will be so grateful for their son. BUT as a result, I have to tell you that this 58 year old has always wanted to play so I am going to order another guitar , check out lessons and begin to play myself.!!! You have been exceptionally patient with me and have given me the desire to move forward. I wish you and your company continued success and if this transaction is typical of your committment to the public you will positively gain prestige and honor. Thank you again. Sincerely,
Tom Durst
Pasadena, California

09/10/2014 Hello, I just received my ZAD-15 Zager guitar today... which is amazing, because I ordered it on Sunday... this is Wednesday. What a beautiful guitar.. I am stunned at how gorgeous it is. Plus, the sound is exceptional. Add to that.. all the goodies you receive, t-shirt, picks, strings.. and absolutely wonderful customer service. More about the guitar...the tone is so rich and beautiful... plus the strings are easy on sore finger tips. It is so easy to play.. or should I say EZ. Thank you so much for offering a wonderful instrument at such a reasonable price. The extras, the customer service... I will recommend your company to anyone who might be interested in purchasing a guitar. Thank you so much.....
Mary E. Baker
Englewood, Colorado

09/10/2014 Hi Dennis, I got your guitar last week. It really is everything you promised and more. I found your website by accident trying to get info on a martin model for sale locally. I never heard of Zager so I was anxious about ordering one having never seen or heard one. I've played the guitar on and off for about 25yrs and never made the investment in a higher end instrument. I don't know what took me so long, but I'm really glad I decided to take the plunge. The best part is, for the price, there is no way anybody else comes close. The playability has increased my confidence tremendously, the sound is awesome as well. The beauty is undeniable, you really come through with a great product. I couldn't wait to show it off so i took it to an open mic to show it to some friends. I ended up playing a few songs solo and it went really well because I didn't have to labor over hitting chords or notes. Thank you for providing a huge boost to my playing and my enthusiasm. This is a great instrument.
Bob Graeff
Reading, Pennsylvania

09/07/2014  I just wanted to say thanks for the system you developed. I was trying to learn again after many years of trying, and found your lessons to be just what I needed to get going. I find playing a wonderful way to unwind in today's society; whether it's just alone with some favorites or with a couple of friends in the garage on a Friday night. Thanks again.
Russ Foust
Blair, Nebraska

09/04/2014 Denny I just want to tell you again how much that I like my guitar. Every time I play it it feels better and better. You know I've been playing for over 40 yrs and have had just about every make of guitar there is made but this one is one of my all time best. In the last few years I havnt had a lot of time to play as much as i wanted, and my martin felt hard and the neck was never a good fit. But the new Zager brings it all back! It's hard to put down. I just had to tell you again how much I love playing it... I just wish I had found it a long time ago and I will tell anyone how good your product it. Thanks again. Keep up the good work, Thanks again
AJ Muha
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

09/02/2014 Zagers, Just wanted to let you know that I just changed strings using your video and it works great. I appreciate the time you spend showing how to do it right. I have enjoyed my zager guitar since i have recieved it and it really made a difference in the sound of the songs that I recorded for my cd. Thanks for the great job!
Dave K.
Mankato, Minnesota

09/01/2014 Hi Denny, I just received my new ZAD-20CE yesterday and I can't believe how nice it looks and sounds..I played it or 3 hours after I got it out of the box and didn't want to put it down...what a GREAT guitar..a real player in my book...thank you, thank you, thank you... I love it...
Paul Stevens
Brentwood, Tennessee

08/31/2014 Hello, My Name is Todd from Lima Ohio, I have been playing around with the guitar for at least have of my life in which I am 45 now. I have not purchased any items from your site as of today although I intend to purchase a guitar with part of my bonus check this year. I just had to write and tell you what your site has already done for my guitar playing. I have been practicing guitar fingerstyle Christmas music from a book I purchase about a month ago. And I thought guitar playing was getting pretty good I just never had the right flow with the music. Then last night I signed on your site to dream some more about your guitars when I found the free video demos of Denny playing. And just watching him play the songs with conservative finger motion of the left hand on the strings has helped me more than practicing the last month. After watching the videos for about a hour I immediately had to go practice (In which it was at that time about 12:00am with work day in the morning) and with a little practice of conserving my left hand finger motion on the strings... WOW!!! what a difference. In fact I could never get the right motion of playing Blue Christmas but within 15 minutes I could play 90% better. I would recommend your teaching method to anyone that is interested in playing the guitar and this is coming from someone who has not bought a single lesson or guitar from your site. I can't wait to order a Zager guitar and sign up for lessons. I know my song library will be building fast in which now I have no fear of tackling any songs. Thanks for all your free help as you will be paid back soon.
Todd Boughan
Lima, Ohio

08/29/2014 Hi Denny, I just ordered and received a ZAD 20. It looks great, feels great, and sounds great. I've only been playing for a year, but hope to have a success story for you soon. Thanks...
Greg Price
Chicago, Illinois

08/29/2014 Denny , Jim was looking for guitars on the net and really found your site purely by accident. This was probably one of the nicest accidents that could have happened. The guitar Gods truly smiled down that day. After many hours of browsing your site, listening to you play and reading testimonials, we decided we just had to order a guitar. Jim wanted one but he wasn't going to get one without me - so we ordered two. The Zad20 CE for Jim and the 20CE OM for me. They are beautiful guitars, to look at and very nice to play. The tone and the resonance of both guitars is amazing . We had 4 other guitars prior - ended up giving one away and haven't picked up any of the others since. Jim plays hisZager guitar every day and I try to squeeze time in as much as I can. We were so excited we ordered the lessons before we received the guitars. Your lessons open the door to a very unique style of playing Jim says he has played for many years but not really played ( I thought he was playing well ) but he always wanted more from his playing- this is an opportunity to learn a finger picking style far beyond any hopes he had. My skills are minimal and this will give me a chance to learn too. Thanks to your Zager modified guitars and the lessons we think this will be a long and enjoyable relationship that we will share and treasure.
James Morris and Carol Goodmur

08/26/2014 Denny, I have been enjoying my guitar daily since it arrived. I must admit I was surprised to find it in perfect tune, and ready to play. I have literally had to re-learn, because I no longer have to squeeze my fingers to the fretboard like I had been doing with my poor old warped Goya. I am glad that I found your instruments on e-BAY, and glad that I called to buy one instead of bidding..etc. Thanks Zagers for the awesome instrument!
Joe Dorsey
Reno, Nevada

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