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04/10/2018 Jill, wanted to let you know the guitar arrived as scheduled and all is well. Very satisfied! It was discounted for a minor flaw but I have yet to find any flaws at all. The case is excellent quality too. Thanks to everyone at Zager. Excellent company! HH
Harold Hensley
Siloam Springs , Arizona

04/07/2018 Hi Dennis, Guitar is here, safe and sounds beautiful :-) Thank you kindly for careful packaging, Didn't play much yet (weekend's coming) It is really e-z play, tuner works good, it holds the tune and tune is very precise, I'm very pleased with quality-price-&-care you giving, Many thanks to you and your father Amazing Job you've done guys sincerely warm regards, Sergei Rozin-Gurevich
Sergei Rozin-Gurevich

04/04/2018 DENNIS, The guitar just arrived, HOLY CRAP!!!! This guitar is unbelievable!!!!! It's beautiful, it's got a biting sound to it,, I'm gonna bring down to the studio here in Virginia tonight and see how it records, BUT MAN WHAT A PIECE OF WORK, I can see it all now me having to bring this bad boy back and forth from Nashville to Virginia, so these nit wits can use it. Man you guys really made a killer here this sucker will sell like hot cakes once people see and hear it!! I really thank you guys alot, I owe ya a big one!!!!!
Doc Holiday
Newport News, Virginia

04/02/2018 Dennis I received my guitar ZAD 20 CE it is a nice guitar and easy to play sounds great. I thank you for being prompt and on time and also that every thing was as it should be, I am well please with all things. I just need to get to mastering the lesson you have on your web site. Thanks, Joe Fountain Center,Texas
Joe Fountain
Center, Texas

04/02/2018 Good afternoon Dennis, just wanted to let you know the guitar came in a few minutes ago, it arrived in perfect shape and looks absolutely beautiful, the sound is rich and extremely vibrant, seems deeper than my ZAD80. You sure build an amazing piece of art, I will get a review in for you later this week, I will treasure this as my other Zager Thank you Thomas Michael Condon Mt.
Thomas Michael
Condon , Montana

04/02/2018 Hello Dennis, I just wanted to let you know that I did receive it in todays mail. I haven't had a chance to open it yet but I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and following through with everything. It really is a great plesure to do business with a company with so much integrity. Again, many many thanks and I will keep in touch and hopefully some of my friends will buy a Zager guitar. Take care, Bill
William McKenney
Reno, Nevada

03/29/2018 Dennis, Thank you for the quick response. Also, I finally had a chance to inspect my new Zager guitar last night at 11:30PM when I got home from work. She is a beauty!! Everything seems in order and the sound of the few simple strums of the strings was amazing. Thanks Paul
Paul Graziano
South Mills, North Carolina

03/27/2018 Hi Dennis, I recently received my guitar. I want to compliment you for your fine work. Everything was well done: the packaging, the service, etc. As I started playing the guitar, it took some getting used to. I must say that the action is nice an low. I am astonished that you are able to do this. Thank you so much Bob Mark
Bob Mark
Brooksville, Florida

03/26/2018 Dennis, Thanks so much for the great service and to your dad for making a quality instrument. Being a musician and singer/songwriter I've used and tried several acoustic guitars through the years. I'm happy to say none of them play as easily as my new Zager. The quality of the instrument is far beyond what I expected for the price and the sound is simply great. I also was impressed with the case, most people don't think of a case as much as the instrument but it's extremely important especially if you travel and play live. The case is such a great value to protect the investment and you guys have a winner with the one you offer. From the great service to the great playing and sounding guitar I'm glad I found Zager Guitars. I'm proud to be a new Zager customer and look forward to buying more in the future. Sincerely, Travis Koester
Travis Koester
Eureka Springs , Arkansas

03/23/2018 Hello Dennis, I just got the guitar and it's gorgeous. I played it and it's sooooooo sweet. thank you and your Dad from the bottom of my heart and I will tell everyone about the wonderful way Zager Guitars treat their customers. Have the best day ever my friend, you have made mine one I won't forget. Take care Dennis, and God bless you. Bill
William McKenney
Reno, Nevada

03/23/2018  Received my guitar about 2 months ago and I really love playing it. It is such an improvement over the 35 year model I have been using that It is almost unfair to compare it. I have been playing now over 60 years and am not a pro but play for my friends and teach a little, Thank you for making such a good instrument at a reasonable price.
Don Bahl
Camarillo, California

03/23/2018 wow, this guitar is beautiful! and the tone is awsome! so glad I found yall...I was reading abook, of all people, It was about Robby Benson, He mention that he needed to play a ez playin found glad...THANKS!!!
Andy Adams
Montgomery, Alabama

03/20/2018 Dear Sirs, Got my guitar a little over a week ago and I have been playing it daily to see how I like it. I must say that I love it. Best Regards, James McCarroll
James McCarroll
Midland, Texas

03/17/2018 Hello Dennis. The guitar arrived here-thanks for the fast service. I like it alot. I've read alot about your company and I own several guitars from Martin D-28 to Kenny Hill to Guild. You guys exceeded my expectations in all areas. Thanks again, Brad Harrold
Brad Harrold
Norwalk, Ohio

03/15/2018 hiya dennis, i finally got a chance to let you know that i received my guitar. as you stated, the guitar is in perfect condition and a pleasure to play. i'm still getting used to far so good....thank you and your dad for all of your help and all the extras sent with my new beauty..........again thanks for your patience and professionalism, your team is a class act. best regards bob bosco
Robert Bosco
Ringwood, New Jersey

03/14/2018 Dennis, Last month you were very helpful in answering my questions and expediting shipping for my ZAD80CE so my friends could bring it to me in the Middle East. I am thoroughly enjoying it! much so that I just bought another Zager guitar for my dad for his birthday. Thanks again for your help and EXCELLENT customer service. Blessings, James Hahn
James Hahn
Lockhart, Texas

03/13/2018 Folks this is the best guitar for me!
Doug Kershaw
Las Vegas, Nevada

03/11/2018 Denny, I thank you very much. The guitar sounds great. Steve McClallen Milford, NH
Steve McClallen
Milford, New Hampshire

03/11/2018 Just ordered my second Zager...a travel size for my office. Keep up the great work,love the communication and support!
David Zamler
Beverly Hills, Michigan

03/08/2018 Hello. I just pulled out my Zager guitar after a 5 year hiatus from playing it. My teacher thought the sound was do I. I love my guitar even with old strings it holds its pitch and sounds I have to learn to play it again! thank you!! Karen
Karen Brenner
San Antonio, Texas

03/05/2018 Hello Denny, I received my Zager guitar and I absolutely love it. I have many acoustic guitars including Gibsons, Fenders, Larrivee's, and Seagull's, and I have to say, my new Zager is now my number one acoustic. The action is incredible, and the sound is so warm, yet with very strong presence. My producer Doc Holiday told me about the Zager guitars, and I know he had used them on Nashville sessions on my recordings, but I had never used them until now. The sessions of mine that the Zager guitar was used on were without doubt, the best recorded acoustic sounds I've ever had, and with very little eq or effects necessary. My zager is such a versatile instrument it adapts to any genre I'm playing at the time. Thanks so much Denny, Jim Boyd Singer/Songwriter Spokane, Washington
Jim Boyd
Spokane, Washington

03/03/2018 Dennis: All is well-and thankyou very much for a great guitar! Steve
Stephen Gill
Buffalo, New York

03/03/2018 Hi, Dennis Jr. I got the guitar Monday night at 4 pm. Awesome! I couldn't be more pleased.So much quality - it really was the experience of a lifetime, buying a guitar from you guys. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has quality like this anymore. Please keep up the excellent work. Thank you again, - Mike Johnson -
Mike Johnson

03/03/2018 Hi Denny, Received my guitar last week and everything was intact. I bought it with a scratch in the neck and was slightly concerned about what it would look like since I couldn't really see a scratch in the online photos. But I can barely see the scratch at all and consider it a non-issue. Like most people, my first few guitar purchases were mid-grade. But, I always knew something was missing. I have tuned and tweaked these guitars constantly trying to make them sound better. Nothing worked. Last month, I decided I must purchase a higher-end guitar and I scoured the Internet for options and visited my local guitar store. I was close to settling upon a Gibson or Martin guitar. But then by chance, I found your web site. I never heard about Zager and then started to ask some guitar players about the Zager name and they didn't know it. After reading all the testimonies and seeing all the satisfied customer videos, I was not totally sure but decided to do some more research. A variety of blogs talked about Zagers. Some comments were not so positive, but I realized these remarks were made by people who never had a Zager. So I went back to your web site's testimonials and decided to give Zager a try. I echo all the positive comments in your customers' testimonials - Zager is a truly great guitar! It sounds and plays better or equal to the higher end commercial guitars. It is so beautiful and well crafted. I'm going to keep this guitar for life. Thanks to you and your father for all your work, efforts, craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. The next guitar I purchase or recommend will be a Zager. Tony Branco Wake Forest, NC
Tony Branco
Wake Forest, North Carolina

02/27/2018 Hey Dennis, I didn't think anything could top my ZAD 20 OM but I received my ZAD 20 yesterday and the sound is simply amazing. I used to own aMartin that sounded real nice but this baby blows it away. And for playability you can't beat a Zager! Thanks for the extras as well. Dave Addlesberger (2x happy customer)
Dave Addlesberger
Lowell, Indiana

02/25/2018 Hi Dennis & Team, Ya'l do an excellent job on your instruments..... i am happy to say i received my zad80ce the other day and it sounds, feels and plays AMAZING !!!! Its just a WOW sound !!!!! the t-shirt fits good as well sooo YES another SATISFIED customer Thank You, Larry Beachy
Larry Beachy
Auburn, Kentucky

02/24/2018 Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.....The Zager Parlor is absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for your understanding and great service, again!!!! David
David Zamler
Beverly Hills, Michigan

02/21/2018 Hi Dennis, I have been wanting one of your ZAD900CE models for some time now. Let me just say that I am a huge fan of these guitars and truly believe you have the greatest sound and play ability out there.
Jason Werner
Twin Falls, Idaho

02/21/2018 Dennis, Thank you for your outstanding assistance. However, something ‘magical’ happened when playing yesterday and I wouldn’t trade this guitar for anything. I still might get an OM in the future, but am very, very happy with the ZAD 20E. Have a great day. Very Best, Tom
Thomas Downey
Carbondale, Illinois

02/21/2018 "Hey Dennis! My guitar arrived on Friday morning and I couldn't be happier! The guitar sounds and plays better than any guitar I've ever played! I have played many a big name instrument and anything that ever came close to my ZAD20E are all upwards of 1200 dollars. Thanks again for the great service and I plan on doing business with you in the future- and once a few of my friends and family members get ahold of this guitar, i'm sure they would also love to do business with you. Thanks again for always being quick to answer all my emails leading up to the buying process" -Will Foote
William Foote
Acworth, Georgia

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