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08/23/2014 Fun Fun Fun, just received my modified ZAD 20 black. After yrs of not playing, I'm happy to say "I'M BACK". This guitar is everything that Denny says it will be and more. I got up early the day i received the guitar, pure excitement, 5:00 am. Guitar arrived around 1:30pm, well packed and in Tune, next thing i know its 9pm. I don't think i have ever played around for such a long time. And best of all, my fingers were in great shape, and i could have played for hours more. Thanks so much you have brought excitement back to my guitar playing.
Barry Livingston
Austin, Texas

08/21/2014 On Monday, I went to the local music store and sat and played a $2,000 Martin...just to get used to the feel, the tone, and the action of such a fine, but expensive instrument. On Tuesday, my Zager 20 OM arrived and I was stunned to see how closely this guitar felt and sounded like the Martin I had just played! Prior to playing the Zager, I was able to practice my Takamine about 30 minutes a day before my hands and fingers became too sore. Day 1 on the Zager stretched to almost 3 hours! This is a very high quality instrument at a most reasonable price. The family owned business gives me confidence that they stand behind the product that bears their name. After playing for 3 decades, I have jumped into Denny's lessons and am hooked. It has given my playing real direction and much needed discipline, which can be lacking when on your own. Many thanks to the Zagers for an excellent product, and for the excellence displayed in customer service. As the weeks have gone by, and my practice has become steady, my improvement is evident. Lessons over the next 12 months should be a lot of fun, just as Denny says they should be.
Peter Hyatt
Orrington, Maine

08/21/2014 Good morning Dennis, Just a quick note to let you know all three of my family who bought the ZAD 80 guitars are still extremely happy with them. None of us have seen or played an instrument less than $2,000 that can even be considered in their category, and very few above that price that could equal or exceed ours. Needless to say, we are all very happy. Believe me, we tell every one we see the same thing.. Best wishes and continued success,
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

08/21/2014  This guitar is absolutely the best. The craftsmanship for fit and finish is outstanding. It is exactly as advertised...EZ-Play. I could not believe how close the strings are to the neck. No more numbing fingers! The sound quality is unbelievable for a guitar in this price range. When I first received it, I played it for two hours straight. I watched your videos on the web before the purchase and already knew how to use the built-in tuner. I don't think I could own another guitar without one. Very easy to use. I really appreciate the fact that you personally sign your guitars. Having your name as a brand of guitar is one thing, but signing your signature on the back tells me how proud you are of your guitars. Thanks again for an affordable, high quality guitar.
J.R. Hoff

08/17/2014 I have had my Zager ZAD-20 Sunburst for about a month now, and from day one this guitar has been totally awesome. The tonal quality is superb, and the ease of playing is unsurpassed by any guitar I have played, and I have owned a couple of high dollar acoustics. I got my very first guitar when I was 12 years old and have had numerous guitars since. I'm 57 now and am wishing I had the ZAD-20 40 years ago. The workmanship of this guitar is beautiful. I think it would be safe to say that this will be the last guitar I will ever need to buy, although I do like the looks of the Zager-80. Thank you Denny
John Hinthorn
PEORIA, Arizona

08/15/2014 Dennis, It is definitely a keeper! I have been playing it today and it sounds great and certainly plays easy. The finish on the back and sides is beautiful. Those extra lights make a big difference on the fingers - 3 hours of playing is no problem. I do like my Elixir strings so I will probably put a set of extra lights on the zad-20ce. later on. I am also enjoying the online lessons and look forward to more song arrangements. I appreciate your quick responses to all of my questions. You guys have excellent service! Thanks again.
Chuck Boschen
MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina

08/14/2014 Hi Denny. I received my guitar on Friday and was thoroughly pleased. The guitar plays easily, sounds great and looks great also. I was skeptical that a guitar could live up to the claims you made for only $600.00. I played guitars in stores that cost 5 times more and can say that your product is exceptional for the price. I am a beginning guitar player, or sorts and would like to tell you this story. I started playing about 15 years ago. I bought a guitar at a pawn shop for about $100.00, it was in great shape and I thought I was on my way to learning the guitar. I bought books and started playing. It didn't take long for me to give it up. I learned a few cords but choked on the fact that it simply hurt too much to do bar cords, etc. I would pick the guitar up every few months, then every few years, hoping I could make some progress. Needless to say, I didn't get too far. Then I met a friend who has been playing for years, and I played his guitar. It has a modified action and is so easy to play that I could play cords I could never play on my old-------guitar. I started shopping around and decided to give your guitar a try. I couldn't lose. If I didn't like it, I could send it back, no loss to me. I must say that it was not a gamble at all. This guitar exceeded my expectations and I'm sure I'll be enjoying it for many years to come. Thanks so much for making a beautiful, playable, affordable guitar available to "beginners" such as myself. Sincerely,
Steve Davis

08/11/2014 Thanks Dennis, I just want you to know...if you ever need a good reference for your product. My Girlfriend and I are sooooooo impressed with your guitars. Can't wait to get the new one. Everytime I take my Zager out, and strum it...heads turn! Then I hear.....Man...does that guitar have beautiful sound! Thanks for producing a great product at a fair price.
Ric Hoff
Hines, Minnesota

08/11/2014 Hi Dennis, I have had my new Zager now for about four weeks now and I really love it. Being new at this guitar thing, been wanting to play for years and now I am. I'm 66 years of age and just want to say its never to late. Really like the self built-in tuner, a real life saver for a new guy. Thanks again for all you have done. Sincerely,
Rodger Moore
Belding, Michigan

08/11/2014 Denny, I received my new, black, ZAD-20CE yesterday. I am very pleased with sound and playability of the instrument. It has a beautiful, bright tone, which I just love. Additionally, since I bought one of the discount guitars, I was concerned that when I received it, it would be unacceptably flawed and I was quite prepared to return it if that was the case. In reality, the flaws are very minor cosmetic mars and nothing more than I would expect a pristine guitar to look like after a week of use. I am a worship leader at my local church and only recently began leading using a guitar which had an after-market pick-up that our sound team found challenging to blend with the rest of the band. I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning when I get to plug in with an instrument of this quality. I will certainly share my enthusiasm for you guitars with my fellow players.
Gil Hooper
Canton, Mississippi

08/08/2014 I LOVE the EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20CE Acoustic Electric guitar. I LOVE the matching case. The latches on the case open and close freely. The humidity gauge is a nice attribute and it reads 79 degrees with 60% humidity--that is with my air conditioner set to 77 degrees in the apartment. Both the guitar and case are extremely light weight. I just spent the past 45 minutes messing around with the guitar and it is hard to put it down. I play bluegrass music, so the EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20CE Acoustic Electric clearly holds its own against my 1989 Martin D16A made of ash wood. I better watch out, as I might end up owning one of each model you sell! As a former corporate banking business support employee, I know customer service relations is as important as the product you sell. So I sincerely wish to thank you so much for the recent excellent customer service correspondences and personal support you provided me,
Al Black

08/05/2014 Hello Denny, I just got back in town this afternoon. What a trip and am I tired, but my new guitar from you was waiting for me and there was no way I was going to wait until tomorrow to unwrap and play it. I just spent 2 hours with it and I going back in the studio to play it some more. Man, it is really nice. Thanks for the shirt too. I am out tomorrow night at a club and will use this along side my Larrivees. (OMV-10E & DO3E) Great projection, great tone and harmonics sound excellent! Fingerpicking is phenominal with the spacing and flat picking is a joy. Fast, clean, and slick. Love the setup! By the way, it looks beautiful too! Can't wait to show the boys. They're gonna want to take it home, but no way, this is mine. They'll have to get their own!! Looks great, plays great, and sounds even better!! Oh, and by the way, I looked at a Yiari while I was out this week and guess what. Your guitar, (now mine), plays better and sounds as good, if not better! I am extremely impressed and will show everyone I can this wonderful instrument. I feel like I've made a new friend in you and you company. The guitar will be used when recording and I can't wait to hear it and how good it makes me sound! Thanks again and best regards,
Donald Treckler

08/03/2014 I have a Zad 20 and love it. I took it to the music store the other day and they went nuts over it. I want to buy a Zad 80 acoustic electric soon to add to my collection. Thanks again!
Garry H.
McCallen, Texas

08/02/2014  Wow what can I say. I am now the proud owner of both a 20ce and 80ce. These instruments are outstanding. Each has there own individual qualitys about them. The sound quality is beautiful on both but the 80 has a deeper more mellow sound and the cedar top and rosewood sides make this a beautiful instrument. The molded Zager cases are also top quality and I would reccomend these also. I also have taken the Zager lessons for about 7 months now and I have never, ever enjoyed playing as much as I do now. It is instant gratification to be able to sit down and play a song in its completion with all of the parts and the way Denny puts them together is amazing. I can sit down and play these guitars for an entire day which I do often and no sore fingers what so ever. And what can I say about the customer service. I have delt with Denny Jr. via email quite often and he is a total pleasure. I am 52 and have never delt with a company like this, I have never waited more then an hour or so before i get a quick and very understanding email back. No one would be sorry for buying a Zager instrument or taking the lessons. What a total joy this entire experience has been for me. > > These guys are the best!
Rick Brown
Frederick, Maryland

08/01/2014 Hi Dennis, I LOVE MY GUITAR (BLACK 20CE) - the more I play it the more I LOVE it! I am learning songs from the radio by ear and I can't tell the difference between the sound of the artists guitars and my Zager! Thank you for the shirt you sent with the guitar - I wear it proudly! Thanks again for an awesome product!
John Weitzel
Richmond, Virginia

07/30/2014 Just an update on a love affair. I have had the ZAD 20 for several months now and my other guitars sit around unplayed. I actually gave away 2. This is the most awesome guitar I have ever owned and it just gets better each day. I am still amazed that something of this quality is sold at the price it is. My son will be ordering the ZAD 20 as soon as he sells the two guitars I gave him. He is in love with mine. I suspect some of his friends will be doing the same as soon as they play his. Thanks Denny for making my guitar playing such a pleasure.
Dave Lack
KINGSTON, Oklahoma

07/30/2014 Mr. Zager, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about the online guitar lessons. I had never touched a guitar to play, attempt to play, or ever owned one until the day yours arrived at my home. I have been studying your online instruction for only a few days, following step by step and I am amazed at how easy it has been to pick up. I give you the credit for being such a good instructor. I do have 16 years of piano, classically trained, and never thought I would be able to learn the guitar for some reason. For years I have wanted to play but just never thought I could make the transition from piano. Well, I am learning and I will be playing it for years to come now. A side note, I am just recently disabled with a spinal cord injury affecting my legs and at times I have to make myself stop studying your lessons (haha) so I can rest and relieve the pain from sitting. That is a good thing I am going to say. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for putting it out there for us, along with a fine instrument (that truly is easy to play), the best customer service I have experienced and your knowledge and instruction, you cannot ask for more. Thank you again.
Paul Ailey
Shawnee, Oklahoma

07/27/2014 I just received my ZAD -80, what a beautiful guitar it is and sounds as mellow as it looks. This is my third Zager, I own a ZAD- 20CE and a Martin DM1. Each one is a very good guitar, but the ZAD-80, I truly love. As always Dennis Jr has answered all my questions and has been a pleasure to do business with. Zager guitar is a company that you do not find to often these days, they want their customers to be satisfied completely. They have the best customer service I have seen of any company that I have purchased products from.. Before I bought my First Zager I was a little concerned about buying a guitar that I could not see or hold in my hand. But since They have a money back guarantee , including shipping back, what did I have to loose? I guess I do not have to say how I felt once I received it beacuse I just purchased my third Zager. As I have said before it is a pleasure to do business with your company. My freinds like playing my guitars and I always tell them your company is a first class company with wonderfull people behind it. I hope my recommendations about Zager Guitars and lessons bring you many new customers. Thank you
Norm Winters
Ringwood, New Jersey

07/24/2014 Hi Dennis – you can officially count me as a happy customer! I’ve been working with my ZAD20CE for the last few days, and I have concluded that it is the most extraordinary guitar you can buy for less than $200. The sound is quality, and I can tell that as the wood seasons, it will grow in depth and beauty. The quality of the neck setup is outstanding. I’m pleased with how the guitar plays, and am especially impressed by the string spacing across the neck. Please say thanks to Denny for getting such a great instrument out and available. I will be sure to recommend this guitar to others, especially newer players – in fact, I already have. Best regards, (lead guitar for CCM artist Don Francisco)
Mike Banta
Aurora, Colorado

07/22/2014 My cubicle mate Paul Stevens (and performing partner) just received his new ZAD-20CE, and after passing it around a bit so we could all play it, only one word would suffice: WOW! I don't think I have ever played an acoustic guitar that was set up to play so effortlessly! I was really impressed with both the action and the sound. Being in the office, we didn't have any amp to try it with, but from Paul's description, it sounds like the electronics are good as well. The built-in tuner is a nice little feature as well. I can definitely see us adding an acoustic set to our performance package now that we will be able to play as effortlessly as with our strats. I never thought that would be possible! Bottom line: expect an order from me at the end of next week... I've earmarked part of my annual bonus to go towards one of your fine guitars!
Cliff Demczuk
WEST HARTFORD, Connecticut

07/22/2014 Mr. Zager, I currently own a ZAD 20CE and words could not describe how much I like this instrument. Whatever you have figured out on how to brace/build and work the miracle of your string science is nothing short of amazing. After playing your ZAD and then comparing it to guitars from the BIG manufacture's (with big price tags!) one must wonder how they've managed to be successful--building a beautiful wood instrument only to blow it by putting the strings on! I am currently saving up for a ZAD 80... bottom line is the sound, presence, sustain and playability of my ZAD beats anything else I've ever touched hands down! please keep an 80 in the "wings" for me. Lastly, is there any way for me to purchase a dozen of so of your Zager picks? I know I can get picks anywhere but they wouldn't say Zager on them. A proud ZAD owner,
Jim Squires
Morris, Illinois

07/22/2014 Denny. What a terrific guitar! I've already "spread" the word!
Bob Caldwell
Falls Church, Virginia

07/18/2014  Dennis, I received my guitar case today. I was impressed, I wanted to lay in it, it was so soft. Thank you for the goodies.
Darlene R. Mueller
Austin, Texas

07/16/2014 Good Morning, Mr. Zager, I just wanted to let you know that my new guitar arrived safely and is exactly as you promised...BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for answering all of my questions and helping with my choice. It was a pleasure dealing with a company who is so customer oriented. Thanks again.
Donna Bernadino
FAIRLESS HILLS, Pennsylvania

07/15/2014 BRAVO! Wow! How do I start? I just played my new Zager ZAD 20CE at worship this Sunday with a Marshall AS20D acoustic amp. It changed the dynamics of our whole worship team! (for the better). So many compliments afterward. Thank you Zager guitars! I am one satisfied customer and I'm spreading the word to my musician friends. Expect some more sales, they'll tell you Brent sent them.
Brent Gordon
Glendale, California

07/12/2014 Hi Dennis.........just got my new ZAD 80 out of the box.....WOW!!!! I must admit I was a little skeptical, but in less than a half hour, I am now a full endorsee of the Zager guitar line! I will spread the word to anybody looking for a high end guitar and tell them they don't have to spend $3,000.00. Again..........WOW!!!! Also, Thanks for the Martin case! I was not expecting that! I wish I could somehow leave you feedback on e-bay, but I purchased it via phone from your sales department. Thanks so much for a great buying experience!
Paul A. Richard
Lewistown, Pennsylvania

07/12/2014 WOW! WOW! WOW! If that could sum it up, then let it be! I puchased the Zad 80-CE This week and played it live last night in front of 300 people, they were more than pleased. Every guitar player in the club had to have a go at it! I have never been so impressed with a piece of woodwork, as much as i am with this one! I want to thank you for the lack of stress to my hands and for the ability to make me sound like a million dollars! GO ZAGER!!!!
Brett Cox
Detroit, The Home of Rock & R, Michigan

07/12/2014 Hi thanks for the great guitar (Zager Advanced Design-20 sunburst)..It is far the best acoustic guitar I have ever played! I have been playing an Atlas guitar for about 28 years? ever heard of those ? anyway this guitar is really a fine special instrument that I will be playing for a long time. Thanks again for the great customer support and an outstanding guitar!
Jim Leach
Felton, California

07/09/2014 Dear Denny and Denny, Jr. - It's been almost two years since I began to study Zager Guitar and exactly one year since I became the proud owner of a ZAD-80. The guitar has begun to open up and it sounds better as the playing hours pile up. Even more important is the fact that my mind is opening up as well. I can do this. I am doing this. I played the same five songs on my acoustic guitar for thirty years before inspired me to get busy and move on. To anyone out there who wants to play guitar well, I say; nowhere in the world will you find a better value for a high-quality, smooth-playing guitar than you will at With regard to the quality of instruction and the sincere commitment to customer service, you can't do better anywhere at any price.
Bill Hubbard
Ridgeland, Mississippi

07/06/2014 Denny, Thanks so much for all the "goodies" in the case. They are absolutely awesome and much appreciated. Zager Guitar is a first class company, and I appreciate the attention to detail and customer service. The ZAD-80CE sounds warm and wonderful unplugged, and can't wait to get it into an amp and strum away. Thanks again,
Sean Judge

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