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07/07/2014 Hello Denny, I received my new ZAD 20 acoustic-electric (black) guitar on Thursday 9/20/07. What a beautiful instrument! The high gloss black finish is absolutely gorgeous. I am almost afraid to pick it up and play it for fear of scratching the guitar. But obviously I did buy it to play and I must say that your String Science is everything you claim it to be. I have been playing guitar on and off since I was 15 years old (I am now 54) but really never got good at it. Looking back I now realize that part of the problem was the guitars that I was using. They were all solid body electrics (no name brands). I never realized the importance of string spacing and low actions. In all those years I was never able to play a B7 or A chord without having one or more strings buzzing from my fingers touching them. But guess what? With my new ZAD 20 I can now play those chords with a very clean sound, and also play barr chords that used to give me fits trying to get those to sound nice and clean. The resonance and clean sound of this guitar just rocks! I haven’t plugged it into my amp yet because I am having so much fun with it unplugged. I signed up for a years worth of your guitar lessons and my hope is to learn how to finger pick instead of just flat picking. I highly recommend to anyone looking to learn or improve their guitar playing to seriously consider one of the Zager guitars. I have my eye on one of your ZAD 80’s that I am sure will be added to my collection in the near future. But quite honestly I can’t see how the ZAD 80 can sound any better than my 20. Keep up the great work Denny and I look forward to your lessons and any new products you may come out with. Sincerely,
George Talia
Milford, Michigan

07/04/2014 Dear denny jr and senior i have part of love me tender down pat. wow i cant believe it, its easy i cant get over it. im overwhelmed, you are tops. i will be practicing until my fingers fall off. bye now
Todd Dean
Chicago, Illinois

07/03/2014 I followed your suggestion regarding moving/turning the truss clockwise (a quarter turn is what I did). That step made all the difference. You know I can't really express my happiness the way the guitar's action is right now. This will be the easiest action guitar I've ever played. I have an officemate who has a New Yorker electric guitar. Your Zad 80 CE is a lot easier to play compared to the said electric guitar. More power to you guys at Zager Guitars, you really know your stuff and understand very well the way guitars should be played from the guitarist point of view. Respectfully,
Leo Sendaydiego
Oakland, California

07/02/2014 I bought by ZAD-20 in '03 for Christmas. The guitar plays exceptionally. With a fresh set of strings, the sound is to die for. I think about buying a Gibson or Ovation but I'm always satisfied and refreshed after playing my Zager. Haven't even gotten to the store to try a different acoustic. You won't be sorry you bought one.
Ethan Ecord
Pueblo, Colorado

06/30/2014 Denny, I received my Zad-5oCE yesterday evening. It exceeds my expectations. I have been playing guitar for nearly 60 years and I can truthfully say this is the easiest playing guitar I have ever played. I am 75 years old, so the light weight is also important to me. I currently have a 1954 Martin acoustic, a 1964 Fender Jazzmaster, and a Washburn acoustic. . I play country, a little bluegrass, and lately I play and sing the blues.The Zager guitar meets all my needs. I have also found the instructions very helpful. Anyway, thank you very much.
Stanley Christian
Welch, West Virginia

06/30/2014 Dear Denny and Denny, Jr. - It's been almost two years since I began to study Zager Guitar and exactly one year since I became the proud owner of a ZAD-80. The guitar has begun to open up and it sounds better as the playing hours pile up. Even more important is the fact that my mind is opening up as well. I can do this. I am doing this. I played the same five songs on my acoustic guitar for thirty years before inspired me to get busy and move on. To anyone out there who wants to play guitar well, I say; nowhere in the world will you find a better value for a high-quality, smooth-playing guitar than you will at With regard to the quality of instruction and the sincere commitment to customer service, you can't do better anywhere at any price.
Bill Hubbard
Ridgeland, Mississippi

06/27/2014 Thank you very much for you instant response to my question. You guys have nothing to worry about when it comes to losing any sort of business. Your guitars are absolutly amazing, out playing every other 3000+ plus guitar I've ever picked up, and your business is with out question one of the kindest most dedicated I've ever dealt with. Thank you for your help. You have one more very satisfied customer under your belt.
Michael Viggiano
BURLINGTON, Massachusetts

06/24/2014 Hi Dennis, I received my ZAD 20 yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition and plays beautifully. I spent a lot of time with it yesterday, and am very pleased with the tone and playability. Thanks for your excellent service. I am looking forward to some on-line lessons in the near future. Your website is the best ever. I know you put a lot of work into it. Best Regards,
Mike Thompson

06/22/2014  Zager Guitars are some of the finest guitars I have played, the tone, the harmonics, intonation were 110%. The playability of Zager guitars will completely exceed your expectations. I have played guitars that are 3-4 times more in price, and their quality was less. I being the guitar player, bandleader for Newgrass Review and a nashville Recording Artist give my full 110% Endorsement to the Zager EZ-Play guitars The ZAD 80 and the ZAD 80CE will be my main guitars, my other Acoustics will be up for sale shortly. If you want a great guitar in the Studio or on Stage Zager has them. Sincerely,
KC Cozart

06/22/2014 Dear Denny, I recently bought my wife a OM Zad 80, which she loves. She never played a guitar before, but is learning very fast. I am 63 years old and have never played a guitar before, but my wife has inspired me to start learning. I am a builder, and I appreciate good workmanship. I am excited about starting to learn to play. Thank you! Sincerely
Ron Torp
Santa Barbara, California

06/22/2014 Hello Dennis: With all the great testimonials it’s hard to add much more, they are all true. As a beginning guitarist I was told to start out on nylon strings. With the easy-play system a beginning student is able to play the upper steel strings. I studied music at college and play the piano and other keyboards. With my own experience I understand some of the problems a beginning guitarist is up against. The C Major chord, very easy to play on the piano, not so easy on the guitar. I was told that I needed to practice for about six months, before I could learn to play some of the chords. The music store’s are full of guitars, most of them just junk. If you are serious about learning the guitar and can afford to, buy a zager guitar, or at least try one. My old amplifier came to life when I connected my Zager guitar, played good and loud like an electric one. The only problem is, how do I keep my finger prints off this pretty guitar? Thank you,
Charles Krusp
Bloomington, Illinois

06/18/2014 Hey Denny, Keep doin what you do, I know I won't buy another acoustic unless its from yall. Thanks again for your integrity to your product. Have a great one!
Nathanael Peetz
Concord, New Hampshire

06/16/2014 Denny and Dennis thank you for the Guitar I got it from you guys while I was in afghanistan. Its easy to play and it really passed the time.
Steven Wakefield
Kileen, Texas

06/15/2014 What can I say that so many haven't already said before me. I love my new ZAD 20 OM. It is everything that everyone has said. Easy to play. Not hard on your fingers. I don't want to put it down. I went to bed after playing over an hour, then couldn't sleep and here I am at midnight after playing another hour. The tone on the guitar is really sweet. I have also been able to play chords that as novice I was unable to play on my other guitar. Thank you. Oh, the instructional videos are great and answered many questions. Now I can't wait to try your lessons.
Bonnie Barton
Barre, Vermont

06/12/2014 Dennis, You did it again! For the third time!!!!!. The Zager zad 80-om arrived and it is stunning. Even though I own two other zagers, this one surpassed my imagination. The guitar fits like a glove and sounds like a dream. I cannot imagine ever playing anything else. I have a Martin that sits sadly in the corner, totally ignored. I guess I'll have to sell that one on ebay if I ever want a 4th zager guitar. The guitar is so flawless, so beautiful and the sound is beyond description. You cannot know how much enjoyment I'm going to get with instrument. If that were not enough your company is such a blessing admist all the music stores out there. You have a 100% guarentee which you back-up with no hassles. You answer every question put to you quickly, and your one of the most decent, ethical people I have ever dealt with. No wonder your selling so many guitars. I am so happy I found out about your company and your guitars. I hope they put every other guitar out their to the test. You, your Dad, your cousin Tony and all the rest who work with you deserve the highest praise. Excellence is tough to beat!!! Hope to do business with you again. Regards
Maureen Crotty
cincinnati, Ohio

06/12/2014 Hey Denny, I went to Sam Ash today and i want to say that... I take back EVERYTHING bad i said haha, I played a Martin HD-15, a $2700 guitar and the strings felt hard and the sound was soft and the tone was dead sounding compared to the Zager. Thanks for the great guitar i love it
Lawrence Chen
Peoria, Illinois

06/12/2014 Hi Dennis, My ZAD 20 CE arrived yesterday evening. I know that I broke the first commandment of guitar buying. “Thou shall not buy a guitar without first playing it several times”. However, I am glad that I broke that rule. My Zager is absolutely a work of art, there is no other way of describing it. The sound is likened to the very expensive guitars that hang in the music stores and I’m afraid to touch. I have played guitars for many years, and it is the by far the easiest box guitar I have ever played. The action is so easy that it takes only the slightest touch to make chords, runs,etc.. The harmonics on my guitar are perfect, not near, or close too, but perfect. I have never seen or heard a guitar that has this quality. My old Gibson is close but not perfect. I plugged it into my amp, adjusted the equalizer and played songs that I haven’t played in years. It is just a pleasure to play plugged or unplugged. Selling guitars, it seems, is secondary to the Zagers. Customer satisfaction and service to the customer is their number 1 goal. I had some concerns about the shipping due to a mix up by no fault of the Zagers and Dennis emailed me all weekend assuring me, and he made my concern his problem and he was doing everything in his power to insure that I had guitar by today, but I received it yesterday. I have never had such service and concern from any merchant. Thank You Dennis and Dennie for great service and a wonderful guitar. If you have any doubts buying a guitar, I hope this will put them to rest. I truly believe if Dennie or Dennis tells you something, it is carved in stone. I almost forgot neat Tshirt. Thank you.
Thomas Adams
Southeastern, Kentucky

06/09/2014 I recieved my ZAD 20CE Sunburst today. This guitar isn't good, it's great. The high notes sound crisp and clean, while at the same time the low sounds don't buzz and sound dull. The tuner works as good as I had hoped and actually it was in perfect tune when I recieved it. Now this is only the third guitar I've ever owned, but it sounds alot better than both of those. My friends have Martins and this Zager sounds every bit as good if not better. I can't wait to show all my jammin buddies this guitar because I think they're gonna love it. Matter of fact, I might not be able to get them to give it back. The customer service is fantastic because when I recieved it the pickguard was peeling a little bit due to the temperature and humidty changes during its shipping, but I emailed Denny Zager Jr. and he is shipping me out a new pickguard for no charge. I'm only 18 years old and just been playing for a short time, but this guitar is definitely worth the money and if I were you I would jump on these guitars quickly. I think the value and reputation of these guitars will only get better in the future as well as the sound of the guitar. Thanks Denny Zager Jr. and Sr. for your excellent work and I can't wait to make this guitar sing. Yeah!!!
Jordan DuVall
Tulsa, Oklahoma

06/06/2014 I discovered Zager Guitar a little over a year ago. Purchased a ZAD-20 and took your online lessons for 6 months. Since then, I have played almost daily trying to learn from the library of music you provided. My son recently wanted to upgrade his electric guitar and we went to a local Guitar Center. What a fantastic store with 100's of guitars. While he tried the electrics, I went to the acoustic room and picked up a number of guitars that they were asking anywhere from $400-$800 for. I never really shopped around before choosing the Zager, but I can't tell you how good it made me feel that my ZAD-20 is by far a better instrument than any I tried in the store. Most of them just didn't sound right. The tone of the Zager is definitely superior and the string science really does make a difference in the playability. I am no expert, but I could tell the difference immediately. I love my Zager! Thanks again and I'll be back soon for some more lessons.
Dale Tillis
St. Petersburg, Florida

06/04/2014 Hi Dennis - Well, I got my new ZAD80 yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition. Plus, my Zager case has the digital humidity meter, which is a definite advantage. What can I say? Beautiful instrument. Gorgeous. I can't stop playing it. The harmonic structure and tonal complexity of this guitar is phenomenal. Balance and uniform amplitude regardless of register or pitch is also striking. The term EZ Play is understatement. It should be called "Effortless Play". Seriously, I love it. Thanks for all your help and for a truly fine guitar that is every bit as good as everyone says it is. All the best to you. Sincerely,
Walt Klimek
LEXINGTON, South Carolina

06/03/2014 Hi, Dennis, I recently purchased one of your discounted guitars and case. The delivery was faster than expected, and the blemishes on both the guitar and case were hardly noticeable. I am very impressed with the quality of my Zager guitar, as well as the service I received dealing with your company. Thank you.
James Sopher
Julian, California

06/02/2014 Hello Dennis, Thank you for the prompt response. I've read in testamonials and on your website that this is the case. That being my first email to you as a Zager owner, getting a response so soon was very comforting. Thank you for the humidifier recommendation, if that guage doesn't rise to 40-45, I will purchase one soon. Realize that this was no impulse buy on my part. I extensively researched your guitars for over 2 months. I even emailed you w/ a guestion about silk and steel strings about 3 weeks ago and expressed my intention to purchase upon my return from Wisconsin. I've read more testamonials on your site than probably anyone else! I've read feedback from your Ebay customers, reviews from links on your site and others. I've owned Sigmas and can appreciate the difference with one Dm chord. My Sigmas(one from the late seventies and the other from the early ninties) didn't resonate very well and seemed to be overly built and braced. Hey I'm not looking to pound in tent stakes w/ my guitar! Seems that I could've with either of those! I've a few friends waiting to get their hands on this baby as well. Hopefully you'll get another customer out of this and each guitar you sell. Nothing sells a guitar like a satisfied owner and a hands on session w/ a good guitar.
Chuck Austin
Glan Falls, New York

05/31/2014 Thank you for your customer service and product quality. I own 6 acoustic guitars and the only one I play now is the ZAD 20. My son played it once and is trying to sell one of his guitars so he can get one. They are nothing short of amazing!!
Dave Lack
KINGSTON, Oklahoma

05/31/2014 My guitar (ZAD 80 OMCE ) just arrived!!! I am so excited. I have been waiting all day for the UPS man to come.... There are so many great things about my new guitar. The sound is awesome... Just awesome. I cannot believe how easy it is on my fingers and I love the way it sits on my lap, right over my leg.... Like it was made for it. The sound is incredible. Perfect perfect perfect I am sure I am just beginning to see its merits.... It sure is a beauty too. It is stunning.... I know I am going to enjoy playing this one.. My husband is going to be jealous...haha he has your ZAD 20 CE! You have made my day and my birthday. I am not a professional player. I just started teaching myself August 2006. I started on a small Larrivee.. Love it, but wanted something with a deeper tone and something a little bigger. Thank you and God Bless..
Charlene A.
Lafayette, Louisiana

05/28/2014 Hi Zager Folks-- Just a line to let you know that I received my ZAD 20 OM today and am very pleased. She arrived in great shape and I have been playing this evening and really enjoying steel strings for the first time ever. Have been a classical/ nylon string player for 20 years and needed a very playable steel string for accompaniament purposes. Even bar chords are easy! I have very small hands (small person) and am not having any problems doing what I would normally do on my 640 mm scale length classical. Sounds sweet also. Thanks again and hope to deal with you all in the future. Appreciatively,
Amy Rice

05/25/2014 Dennis, Your Dad's lessons are great! I've been playing for nearly 40 years, and I really enjoy the lessons. I'm a finger style player and some of the songs your Dad teaches are songs I've messed with or wanted to learn for years. I subscribed for a month. My subscription is up now. That's OK though. It's a good product and I'm going to sign up for more. Thanks,
Randy Desgransges
Nashville, Tennessee

05/23/2014  I'm getting older and my fingers just hurt too much to play my old Guild any longer. On the advice of a friend, I purchased a ZAD-80 and can actually play again! This is the easiest guitar I've ever played in my 35 years of playing. I would write many more words of praise, but I gotta' go play now. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
Nutley, New Jersey

05/23/2014 Hi Denny, Received my new ZAD 80 CE. Beautiful finish and beautiful sound. I am also a student, returning to the guitar after more than 30 years...its a retirement thing. With your lessons and this beautiful instrument, how can I fail. My neighbor, a 20 year plus player with 6 guitars, came over to see my new ZAD and it blew him away. Better sound and action than his guitars costing many times more than mine. Thanks for the great service. Best,
Don McNabb
Imperial Beach, California

05/23/2014  Denny & Dennis Jr, I've been waiting two years to get the money together (two girls in college - guitars don't take high priority). I have not been so excited about anything while waiting for it to get here. When I opened the box, then the case, it was all I've been waiting for. On any previous guitar I've had or played, I've never been able to play an a flat without a problem. No problem any more. Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry - again very happy with what I have.
Dennis Roby
Watertown, South Dakota

05/19/2014 Hi Fellows Just a very quick note to say that I have received my ZAD 20CE OM Acoustic electric a week ago. My second Zager! It will join my ZAD 80 in a place of honor. It is absolutely fantastic and the sound is superior. I must now get busy to list my Gurian on ebay as I don't think I will be playing any other guitars but Zagers. Hmmmmmmm, should i consider listing my Gibson J200 Special Edition? will I ever play it again? i can't put the Zagers down. Thanks again.
Arthur Martello

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