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05/17/2014 Hey guys, I rec the guitar yesterday. I am really excited about playing it out a bit. Today I will take it in the studio to lay some tracks and see how it works in there. Also Friday I will be at a Colgate Countrymusic Showdown and will use this guitar. I was very impressed with the presentation of the instrument. The case and the humidity tester.... the thing just jumped out and said im the real deal. Of course the playability is great, however I need to get it on the road over this next month and really get a feel for it. I have my buddy's Alverez. Side by side the instruments are both equally beautiful. The finish is great, the head stock is great, the inlay... there is one major difference i see though yours really does play better!!! Im an agressive player so I look forward to seeing if it withstands the playing style I have with the modifications you have made. I will get back with you in a month. I have showed the instrument to a dozen people since yesterday and I rec it about 2pm we had a outreach concert last night and I took it. Played and sounded equally beautifully!!! Ill be in touch, Mike Thanks for the shirt!!!!!!!!!!!! picks!!!!!!! Portrait!!!!!!!!
Mike Tetrick
Edinburgh, Indiana

05/16/2014 Zager builds a great guitar, but I was more impressed with their EXCELLENT customer service. I experienced their customer service several times during my guitar buying experience with Zager, and they were always quick in responding. They always did everything their website says they will. Zager's 100% money back guarantee is FOR REAL. Thanks for your excellent customer service.
Jason Falls
Dothan, Alabama

05/13/2014 Hi Dennis, I've been associated with the music industry as a concert promoter in South Florida for more than 40 years now. I've rubbed elbows and some of the biggest names in the industry In over 40 years in the industry I've amassed a collection of about 12 guitars from Ibanez and Fender to Carvin. I've had hundreds of guitars, but these 12 are my favorites, the ones I enjoyed playing the most. Six months ago I purchased a Zager ZAD-20 acoustic guitar from you. This guitar has become the one that I play each day. Every day a musician or two stops by my house for a few hours to chat about projects that I may have in the works. Inevitably, they reached down, picked up one of my guitars and start playing. Most of the time after a few moments they put the guitar down and pick up another one. This usually goes on until they played all 12 of the guitars including the Zager. They played the Ibanez, the Fenders and the Carvins but they always put those down and go back to the Zager. Not one of them has ever said why they always go back to the Zager and I've never really asked, but I know why. They go back to it because playing it is effortless and the tone quality is second to none. I just want to say thank you Denny for a great guitar.
Steve Levitt
Miami, Florida

05/13/2014 Hi Denny and Dennis Jr. I received my new ZAD-80 yesterday. Wow - what a beautiful piece of work. The guitar is flawless and looks absolutely gorgeous. And it sounds as good as it looks. When it arrived - I opened it and looked it all over with wide eyed amazement. It is truly a quality instrument. I had to do a little fine tuning as it had dropped slightly out of tune in transit. (I'm glad I purchased the case with it as the box was a little ruffed up - but the case and instrument came through unscathed). When I started playing the guitar - I couldn't put it down. I must have played it for several hours. I was able to play bar cords that I just could not get to happen with my current guitar. Your string science modification really does make a significant difference in playability. You are right - the cedar top on the ZAD-80 brings out a very sweet and mellow sound quality that is unmistakably clear and crisp at the upper end with mellow lows. The sustain is awesome. You say it will get better with time? - well I'm not sure how it can get any better - but if it can - I'll appreciate this fine instrument even more. Thank you for a fine product and an excellent company to do business with. I am thoroughly enjoying your on-line lessons - especially now that I'm not attempting to learn this style on my old (discouraging) guitar.
Roger Partipilo
Coos Bay, Oregon

05/13/2014 Thank you so much for the informative email. I love the guitar! The finish of the product far exceeded what was pictured on your site. I did go down to the guitar store today to compare. I played guitars in the $3000-$4000 range and you are exactly right. What's the difference? Tone, feel, look etc..are all on par. I have been playing guitar for 25 years and am very satisfied with the ZAD 80ce. The recorded sound is so punchy and clear. I was initially skeptical about the testimonials but I am a true believer now. And I especially wanted to thank you for YOUR time the last couple of days. I know you must be busy but you have found time to answer ALL of my questions in a prompt manner. I am a very satisfied customer not only with the product but also with your excellent customer service...It is very much appreciated Dennis!
Andrew Gurney
Phoenix, Arizona

05/10/2014 Denny and Denis Jr., Well it's been 8 months since I purchased my ZAD20 and the neck hasn't warped, fallen off or the body separated and cracked as some skeptics on other web sites would have you believe. My guitar still plays sweet, in fact ,gets better the more I paly it. It's the 1st guitar I pick up out of the 7 that I currently own. Great product guys and excellent customer service from Dennis Jr. You just can't get customer service like this from one of the retail stores. Look forward to my second purchase this Christmas. Warmest Regards,
Steve Snelson
Plano, Texas

05/07/2014 Dennis, The guitar arrived safe and sound. Now for the best part! I'm at work, & it didn't take long to draw a crowd! Although I don't think it's appropriate for me to "cut loose" here in the work place, I can tell you that after a few short chords & a little ditty or two, Zager guitar has another goodwill ambassadore in me! I can't wait to get it home this evening and REALLY get to play it! Many thanks for such a great product and such great customer service!
John Moore
Richmond, Virginia

05/05/2014 Hey Denny, My name is Ryan Johnston and I purchased your lessons online about a year ago and I truely love them. My fingerpicking skills have become very fast and clean thanks to you. Thanks Again,
Ryan Johnston

05/04/2014 I love the guitar! The finish of the product far exceeded what was pictured on your site. I did go down to the guitar store today to compare. I played guitars in the $3000-$4000 range and you are exactly right. What's the difference? Tone, feel, look etc..are all on par. I have been playing guitar for 25 years and am very satisfied with the ZAD 80ce. The recorded sound is so punchy and clear. I was initially skeptical about the testimonials but I am a true believer now. And I especially wanted to thank you for YOUR time the last couple of days. I know you must be busy but you have found time to answer ALL of my questions in a prompt manner. I am a very satisfied customer not only with the product but also with your excellent customer service...It is very much appreciated Dennis!
Andrew Gurney
Phoenix, Arizona

05/03/2014 Hi Dennis: Just wanted to let you know that I received my ZAD-20 CE last night when I got home from work. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! It plays great and the sound is fantastic! You worked so well with me after I made a mistake and ordered the wronge guitar, YOU MADE IT RIGHT, and at your expense. Who could ask for any more. You have a customer for life! I 'm just a beginner at the guitar and plan to start you lesson system this fall. I look forward to working with you and playing a song by Christmas. Thanks for all your help with my new gutiar, You guys are the BEST! Best Regards,
Robert Rhode
Morgantown, Pennsylvania

05/01/2014 Dennis Jr., I received the 20CE OM yesterday, and it is definitely the ONE! Just what I wanted. By the way, I was showing your response to one of my emails to a co-workers last week, and he was so impressed with your customer service and guarantee, he ordered a ZAD20CE. He is eagerly anticipating receiving it tomorrow. You have won a customer for life... I'm spreading the word! Thanks,
David Gatch
Ocala, Florida

05/01/2014 Dennis, I'd just like to let you know that I got the guitar and it's just AWESOME!! I was so impressed with the delivery and the packaging and everything that although I didn't but it for myself, I have found myself thoroughly interested in learning to play the guitar. It's only a good thing that I am not delivering this guitar until the end of the year. This gives me some time to consider lessons and then maybe come Christmas time, I will reward myself with my own guitar!! I hope you won't mind my asking questions about the lessons and the guitars as I go through the process. I find that I've developed great confidence in your expertise and value that a lot. Thanks again for your assistance in helping me out with this guitar purchase.
Joey K
Hayward, California

04/28/2014 My new ZAD 20 arrived this afternoon, a day earlier than expected. Since my daughter and her husband (who plays a Fender) were due to visit, I decided to delay the "unveiling" until they arrived. Their reaction...and mine...was a minute of silent wonder. The case (wonderful quality and super good looks) was a tip-off that it contained something special, and we weren't disappointed! My son-in-law and I had a little stand-off to see who'd be the first to tune it up and play. Being a good host, I let him win---for now. Everything we saw, felt and heard was as good, or better, than I'd expected. Hours of shopping different brands didn't show me anything to compare with the ZAD 20, even at twice the price. The careful and talented workmanship that went into making this beauty is apparent in every detail. And the ease with which it plays is phenomenal! I'm 63 and have a bit of arthritis in my fingers, so I had wondered if relearning guitar after many years was going to be a painful and frustrating experience. I'm happy to say that isn't a concern any longer, because the action and neck are so user-friendly. My son-in-law could only keep saying: "I can't believe this!" He wants to take one along when he's deployed to Iraq, but I convinced him to leave the Zager at home and take his "crummy old Fender" (his words) instead. Incidentally, I emailed your web address to my son shortly after I completed my order. Apparently he spent some time on the site because, the next day, he wrote and told me he'd ordered a sunburst ZAD 20! He's just beginning his guitar adventures, and I can't think of a better way for him to start because, like I might have done years ago, he'll avoid endless hours of painful fingers and inferior sound trying to play a lesser instrument. If it sounds like I'm pleased and excited, I am! Thanks for delivering on every promise...and more!
Bill Byford
Harriman, Tennessee

04/25/2014 Dear Mr. Zager, I got to know you and your guitar learning system as soon as I watched your video of "You're beautiful" on YouTube. I admit that I doubted your system for sometime as I always did to new things. I was convinced gradually by looking at your videos and customs' testimonials. On July 18th, I finally made up my mind to try your program and see how it will go. I am a quitter in guitar learning. My interests in playing guitar emerged in 1997, when I was still in China. That year, I bought a acoustic guitar and start to self-learn and take some lessons. Unfortunately, I didn't make much progress and quit after 2 years. During last ten years, I did many loops of picking up the guitar and then quitting after all. I could only play some chords and some simple parts of simple songs. I never played a song completely. In that sense, I was a looser. After I enrolled in your program, and practiced for several days the song "Love me tender", I could finish the song fairly smooth. I have never been so pleased about the way I play. I record a video and sent it to my girlfriend. She was really amazed. Mr. Zager, I have to say your system is the best I have ever seen. And I feel so fortunate that I came across you. I want to express my most sincere appreciation to you for providing such an excellent guitar learning system for us with such a low price. I will keep on going and going. I am also looking forward to the release of the tab and instruction video of "You're beautiful" someday. Best regards,
Xuefeng Zhao
Iowa City, Iowa

04/23/2014 Hello Denny! Just wanted to let you know that your guitar has continued to be such a blessing to me. Just today I used it to play at a local concert in the park and it went really well. I was wondering if I could purchase a pack of maybe 10 or so of the picks you sent with the guitar. I have tried other styles, but those have worked the best for this guitar. Thanks and blessings to you,
Jason Fawks
Wilmont, Ohio

04/23/2014 Hi Denny, My new Zager guitar is awesome. In my honest opinion there is no better guitar value for the money. The set up is phenomenal and the sound is spectacular. I showed my new Zager to some friends who are pretty serious about the instruments they choose and all were duly impressed. I'm a convert now as well as one of many satisfied customers. No wonder you can offer such a great guarantee. I love showing my guitar to folks who've never heard of the name Zager (except, of course in reference to 2525) and then directing them to your web site. Keep up the exceptional work. Regards,
Jim Finn
Prescott, Arizona

04/23/2014 Thanks for your quick response. I had new strings on and tuned properly. I only use light gauge. I watched the video on adjusting the neck just to make sure I knew how, and that fixed the problem. I store my guitar in a zager hard case with a humidity and temp gauge inside. Again, thanks for your quick response and help, that is why two of my close friends have also purchased a Zager. :) Regards,
Terry Dannelley
Houston, Texas

04/19/2014 I ran across Zager Guitars online, and I was very impressed even by the tone from the website, as well as the beauty, and information, a lot of companies do not tell you the details Zager does. Zager guitar company isvery prompt more than any other guitar company I have ever dealt with, it's the least I could say their customer service and support is 120%. I am a professional musician and we will stand behind Zager and their guitars and reccomend them to all musicians professional or beginners
KC Cozart

04/17/2014 Mr. Zager Well, was i ever blown away, This guitar definitely lived up to the hype! Rarely, and i mean RARELY am i impressed with guarantees and usually you get what you pay for, but for such an incredible price, i got a truly incredible instrument. Wonderful action, NO BUZZING on bar chords further down the neck, the thing was even almost in perfect tune when it got here. I have found my guitar supplier and will be doing alot more business in the future with you all, thank you for your dedication to making high quality equipment at an incredible price! If you want to see someones passion in their work, buy one of these guitars! Thanks Again,
Nick Williams
El Paso, Texas

04/16/2014 Hello Dennis: With the easy-play system a beginning student is able to play the steel strings with ease. I studied music at college and play the piano and other keyboards. The music store’s are full of guitars, most of them just junk. If you are serious about learning the guitar and can afford too, buy a zager guitar, or at least try one. My old amplifier came to life when I connected my Zager guitar, played good and loud like an electric one. The only problem is, how do I keep my finger prints off this pretty guitar ? Thank you,
Charles Krusp
Bloomington, Illinois

04/13/2014 To be honest with you, I have been playing acoustic guitar for many years, and never thought that I would be able to afford a guitar that sounds and plays as good as the Zager. Yet by luck of my tax return, and the remarkably fair price of your 20CE, I got my wish. Every single person that has seen and played my new guitar has told me that Zager will be their next new guitar purchase.
Bill Jennings
Atascadero, California

04/13/2014 I received my ZAD- 20 CE in black on Friday, It is a great looking guitar, the tuner is so fast and easy to use. The guitar plays and sounds just like on the the video it is also so light weight compared to my Fender and my Guild. I am very happy with it. I have a Fender DG-31 w/ Mohogany b/s and spruce top that I used to play all the time and comparing the sounds the fender has a little deeper tone but maybe thats because it's 7 years old. The ZAD -20 is very bright sounding and crisp and it plays easier than the fender. Right Before I found your web site I purchased a Guild CO-1C that is mahogany B/S with ceder top that has a deeper tone also but doesn't play as easy as the ZAGER. I may try to sell the Guild and purchase a ZAD-80 CE. If I had only known about you sooner. I have a couple of questions , the ZAD- 20 ce is mahogany b/s with spruce top and the sides look like mahogany but the back doesn't, it looks like different wood compared to my fender and my Guild. Is there different looking kinds of mahogany? Also I wondered if you ever make one with a rosewood back and a spruce top in a cut away dreadnought, and also do you ever make a KOA wood guitar? Thank you for a quality sounding instrument at a very resonable price, I know I will be doing business with you in the future and so will my friends when they hear this guitar. Have a blessed day!
Carl Hibma
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

04/13/2014 I recently took delivery of an 80-CE. I have been playing for over 40 years and have had just about everything, electric and acoustic, in my hands over the years: Gibson Heritage, Custom Deluxe '69 SAG, ES-137, American HESS Start and more is what I have on hand now, all custom set up. So as an educated skeptic, here's what I say about my ZED 80-CE: great bang for the buck. The sound for that price is banging'. Nice tone for a cutaway and great volume. The finish is first cabin out of the case, and the bindings are nicely executed (we love abalone here in California) with a subtle touch that looks quality. I am extremely pleased with the electronics; a fine sound that stacks up pretty well with anything I've had my hands on. The tuner, after some experience, works great. It gets me really close. (this from a guy that can almost get physically ill when a musical instrument is out of step down from perfect pitch) I bought this because my sons have been 'borrowing' my other guitars. I'm happy, however, they are not. They want one now... A great web buying experience. I also enjoyed (though not always agreed with) Denny's tips. Even my friends who insist on campfire entertainment noticed. Of course, after a couple of tequilas, I'm not sure their judgment can be relied upon. So I am satisfied that my money was well spent and will recommended Zager guitars, especially to beginners.
Chuck Sukut
Bakersfield, California

04/10/2014 Denny: I recently purchased a ZAD 20-CE from you. I found you to be extremely professional, very courteous, and your product is all that you represented it to be. It's refreshing to see someone so committed to their reputation - clearly you've worked hard to establish it, and continue to work hard to protect it. I applaud your committment to excellence. I've enjoyed playing the new guitar, and can practice quite a bit longer because of the easy action. Thank you again for what you do! Blessings,
Tom Gallagher
St. Michael, Maryland

04/07/2014 Frankly, I purchased this guitar because of the outstanding reviews I read on places like Harmony Central. As far as I am concerned, the ZAD 80CE that I bought exceeded my expectations and was as good as any review I read prior to purchasing. I have played the Zager along side of a newer Martin D-45V and most people could not really tell them apart as far as sound quality. They sound different, but both have great sound! That Martin is a $7000 guitar, and most of the people that have compared the sounds have pretty good ears!! If that is not a testimonial, then I don't know what is. I want to play these two guitars side-by-side in about 10 years when they have both been aged properly! Thanks for a GREAT guitar! Tell Denny that I have loved the song since it first became a hit and it is a prominent sound in all my electronics, from my iPod to my old Wurlitzer Juke Box playing a 45! I don't let too many people actually play the 45 since I am not sure I can replace it when it wears out!! Regards,
Tom Marx
Austin, Texas

04/05/2014  Hello Denny, I purchased your Black zad 20 and can't put it down. It was my best investment. I absolutely love it. It's an honor to talk to you. In 1969 I loved your hit 2525 and to this day can remember the lyrics and melody. All the best,
Jimmy R.
Memphis, Tennessee

04/04/2014 Greetings from Indiana; I just visited Michigan and heard all our instruments. I wanted to tell you how happy Richard, Mark and I all are with our guitars! They exceed all our needs and expectations in every way. We all thank you for being there and making this all possible. I wouldn't trade guitars with anyone I know!! My sound is so very good. Thanks for your consideration and your continued success in your business. Best regards,
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

04/03/2014 Thanks Dennis, I just want you to know...if you ever need a good reference for your product. My Girlfriend and I are sooooooo impressed with your guitars. Can't wait to get the new one. Everytime I take my Zager out, and strum it...heads turn! Then I hear.....Man...does that guitar have beautiful sound! Thanks for producing a great product at a fair price.
Ric Hoff
Hines, Minnesota

04/01/2014  What can I say? It was exactly as described. Beautiful and flawless. The sound humbled me as I have personally never had a guitar of this quality: crisp,clean,clear and not a thundering bass but a clean deep tone. My son in law is a more advanced guitarist than me and said that it was so easy to play and beautiful sound. He has played 3k to 8k guitars that belongs to his grand father; and this one was as good in sound but played much better than the more expensive ones. Thanks again for such a quality guitar that is attainable for more folks.
Rick Harkins
Mineral Wells, Texas

04/01/2014 Greetings Denny; Happy Independence Day to you and yours. This to let you know I received the guitar. A veeery nice piece of work! The ease of fingering on the fret board & the clarity of the tones was, to say the least, surprising. Thank You kindly. I've already had opportunity to (and did) advertise & show the guitar to 3 of my colleagues & a stranger I met in a local music store. I may try some on-line lessons, as I am more self-taught from watching friends over the years. I'm sure I've developed more bad habits than a hobo in my playing :) I greatly enjoy the Zager guitar because it is a little smaller than my 1979 D-28 Martin (which causes the circulation in my right arm to be hindered), and the Zager has such nice sound! Again, please count me grateful for the wonderful 'work of art' and all your musical work, in general. Best Regards,
Paul Be Searles
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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