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04/01/2014 Hi Denny I received my Zag 80 OM yesterday and all I can say is............WOW! I have been playing gitar for the past 20 years and own or have owned Martin's, Guild, Gurian, Washburn and Gibson. My present guitar, a Gibson J200 Special Edition is worth more than $3000. It cannot compare to the sound and ease of playing that I have experienced with the Zag 80. I suffer from tendinitis and at times trigger finger which makes any fingering (especially bar chords) difficult. When I attempted this on my new Zager guitar, I was amazed at the ease of playing as well as the incredible quality of the sound. Crisp and clean without the hint of a buzz. I am saving the box it came in so that I can put one of my others up for sale on ebay. After playing this for one day, it is fairly clear that I will not want to waste time fooling around with guitars that can't compare. I have also signed up for your online course. The help section for new owners is more than fantastic. I am learning things I never realized in all these years of owning and playing guitars. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Arthur Martello

03/29/2014 Hi Denny A reply this time from my work address as I have a quiet moment. I have been waiting for opinions to collect my thoughts and impressions before writing a testimonial on your guitar and equally importantly service. Firstly The entire experience has been very pleasant, fast and and efficient. Whatever problems there were (some finishing issues you will recall), were very quickly and fairly dealt with. Customer service and satisfaction is clearly very high on your agenda, and it is a refreshing change to get such quick and helpful email responses. Response time was phenominal - usually within an hour. So thank you once again for all your efforts on my behalf. Secondly I would recommend to anyone considering purchasing a Zager guitar - do it! The Zager warranty and commitment is rock solid so you can buy with confidence. Even if things don't turn out completely as you'd expect, there will be an acceptable solution as Zager go the extra mile to leave their customers competely satisfied. In terms of the sound and looks of the guitar:d Hered I only have the Zager and a rather battered budget Epiphone (which it surpasses so easily). I will say that I am very happy with my ZAD80, and the more I play it, the more I like it. It is a beautiful looking guitar, has wonderful playability and tone to match. Thanks once again for making the purchase such a pleasurable experience - I will buy again from you! Kind Regards
Simon Humphreys
Denver, Colorado

03/26/2014  Dear Dennis, My latest Zager arrived yesterday, and once again my son and I were blown away by the quality of the instrument. This was a 3/4 size guitar--it is for my son's dormitory room and he thought the smaller guitar would work better--but the sound is full sized. This is our 3rd Zager and each one has been perfect. The workmanship on this latest guitar is really beautiful, the action is fantastic, of course, and the sound is very full and resonant. My son was amazed at how full the sound was; he played the guitar for three hours after it arrived. He is ecstatic to finally have his own Zager and he feels the smaller size is great for his needs. Also, thanks for the extras you included. You run one of the absolutely finest organizations I have ever encountered, from customer service to the quality of your product, you people do it right, every time! Thanks much,
Don Catherall, Ph.D.
Chicago, Illinois

03/24/2014 Dear Mr. Zager, I bought the Zager ZAD-20CE a month ago. I loved the Zagerís on-line profile. I had to try it; and upon trying it, I knew I had to keep it. Itís very attractive and sounds great. Iíve been playing lots and learning lots (particularly about playing with a lighter touch). But tonight I changed the strings, putting on the new ones that you sent with my on-line purchase. I need to say that the WOW factor of the sound is so apparent now. The tone is so smooth, so deep, so rich, so bright, so balanced. I love my new guitar. I just keep playing and playing my Zager. Thanks,
Bryan Reed
Eugene, Oregon

03/24/2014 Hey Denny, I got my 20ce 10 days ago and decided to not touch my favorite guitar (one of 18) or any other until I had played the 20ce exclusively for that period of time. The plan was to pick up and play the favorite after 10 days so as to experience the difference, if any. Actually, I felt like burning all 18 of my other collectors items. Wow, what a great machine this 20ce is - soooooo smooth, practically plays itself. I am one happy customer. Feel free to print this response anywhere you like. Expect referrals and thanks again for the excellent service.
Dr. Richard Stoll
Seattle, Washington

03/24/2014 Hello Denny, I received my zad20 2 days ago.I was waiting for a few days of playing, before sending you a message. I would have said you need to play an instrument before buying it,but all the good reviews and price convinced me to give you a try. I am very happy with the purchase. I had been playing a Martin dcx1e, purchased soley on sound and playability.It was set up decent and had great sound. My son and I picked up "many" guitars before buying it. My son loves the martin but tried to get my Zad20 because of its ease in playing. It surpassed our Martin. We both tried to guess which guitar was playing, while blind folded. I could on some songs, but not others. The Zad tends to be a bit brighter. We are well pleased and my son gets the Martin, because it's my choice. ha ha, Thanks
Mike Jenkins
Charleston, North Carolina

03/20/2014 Got it yesterday and love it. My martin will likely be for sale on ebay next week. Thanks
Bill Baker
Abingdon, Virginia

03/18/2014 Denny and Dennis thank you for the Guitar I got it from you guys while I was in afghanistan its easy to play and it really passed the time.
Steven Wakefield
Providence, Rhode Island

03/17/2014 Let me preface by saying I've been playing guitar for over 30 years, although not professionally. Prior to ordering the guitar I had many conversations with Denny Jr. by e-mail. My e-mails were always answered within a few minutes. Denny's patience was inexhaustible. I'm not one to buy products online and rarely have. I happened upon Zager guitars accidentally when I was just goofing around on the Internet and looking at eBay. After visiting their site I became intrigued. Their claims about their guitars seemed too good to be true, and I am first and foremost a skeptic. After many exchanges with Denny, and after reading their testimonials and scouring their money back guarantee for small print I decided I would give them a try. When I received the guitar and opened it and I was shocked at how good it looked. At the same time I was also suspicious. I took the guitar out and strummed it a couple of times. It was only slightly out of tune. After tuning it up I could not believe the volume and beautiful tone that came from this guitar. But I thought, surely something must be wrong with it. I inspected it from head to toe. I played around with it for a couple of days trying to find something wrong with it. I couldn't. I took it to a local guitar Luthier (some one who builds and repairs guitars). I told him I had the opportunity of purchasing this guitar, and an equal opportunity of returning it. I asked him to check it over, check the intonation, etc.. Then I asked him what he thought the value of this guitar might be. He told me that a fair price for the guitar would be anywhere from $1800 to $2300! Again I was shocked! I asked him then if I were to pay $600 for this guitar would it be a good price? He exclaimed, definitely, no question! All in all, I don't see myself ever parting with this guitar. I have been playing for over 30 years so this is no small feat, and I don't expect any of you fellow skeptics out there to believe me anymore then I believed the other testimonials. But all I can say is believe. Whether you do or not is your choice. But believe me I would not have taken time that it took to write this review unless it w! ere true. This review for Zager guitar is the only review I have ever written for any product. Enough said.
James Thomas
South Bend, Indiana

03/14/2014 Denny, Just got my new guitar in the mail yesterday! ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS!!!! I cant believe how easy it is on my fingers. And the sound...awesome. The guitar came beautifully package and not a scratch on it! Thanks for an awesome instrument ! I look forward to learning and playing the guitar without all the busted up fingers! Thanks again!
Jamie Lyons
Wrightstown, New Jersey

03/14/2014 Hi Denny, Just a quick note about the guitar I received form you last week. I absolutely love this guitar!... The fit and finish is impeccable... The tone and playability are awesome. Crystal clean... I just love this guitar... I put a deposit on a guild f-20 (The top of line Guild) in black and canceled my order after playing your Zager-zad-20.. Its just a great Johnny Cash Style guitar.... Looks exactly like the Johnny Cash Martin thats $4000.00! One thing: Is it possible to get a dozen of those Zager Picks?.... I've tried multiple kinds and the size and style of your are the absolute best on this guitar.. Plus I love the Zager name on the picks... I very proud to own your guitar. Please let me know. I will be posting my review on Harmony Central soon. Thanks for a fantastic guitar/service/experience... Thanks
Vince Sorce
Houston, Texas

03/14/2014 I LOVE my new 80CE-OM ! It has a beautiful sound with much more range, higher highs and more depth than my Martin OO-16DBM Women in Music guitar. Thanks again!
Sherl Eberwine
Phoenix, Arizona

03/11/2014 To the Zagers, Today I received my new Zager ZAD 20 OM. It's absolutely beautiful. It was out of the case only about a half hour before my friend asked me to order one for him too. The sound is clear and crisp. The action is... well, somewhat remarkable. I can actually play barre chords without touching my thumb against the neck. It is actually easier to play than my Martin OM 18V, which cost me four times as much. I'll be ordering another after the weekend for my friend, as soon as he decides whether he wants a 20 or an 80 style. Thanks for a wonderful product and timely delivery. I am a Zager believer.
Richard Stone
San Francisco, California

03/08/2014 Received my Zager-20CE last Wednesday. Great tone, great setup, my Martin HD 28 has nothing on the Zager. Played out at a friends open mic and there was a line of talented guitarists waiting to play my Zager, if I had six extras with me I could have sold them all and made a tidy profit ! I even went to a local music store and the store owner agreed as well. He was totally blown away by the guitar, it took me an hour to get out of there because eveyone on staff had to play my Zager
Mark Casey
Bakersfield, California

03/06/2014 I just received my new ZAD-15, and it looked great. Arriving in a very sturdy case. I played on it for a few hours. I loved the workmanship of the guitar. The polish and color of the body and feel of the neck and strings are outstanding. I truly enjoyed the autograph on the back and it is truly an honor to have it displayed on my guitar. Also, shows that the Master has pride in his product. I also like the size and easiness of transporting this fine guitar-that is mainly why I purchased this particular guitar. Thanks so very much for everything Denny. I will play on this beauty and keep you informed as to the on-going progress of ZAD15. Again, thanks for building such a beautiful instrument.
Tom Sjoberg
Orlando, Florida

03/05/2014 Hi Denny., Just wanted to drop you an email and say thank you for making such a great guitar. I purchased the ZAD20CE a while back and I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy it. Thanks again...John
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

03/04/2014 I am writing this 1 year after I bought a Zager 20CE, so I am sharing my experience after having played this guitar a lot. This guitar is like a good wine; it just gets better with the time, and it is as though the more you play it, the more you get to know it and get the best of the guitar and yourself as a player. It is difficult for me to quantify how much my guitar playing has improved. I am definitely a much better guitar player now than a year ago, and it is mainly because it is a delight to play with this guitar. I have learned to play so many new chords that I never dreamt to play with other guitars because of its difficulty and bars (I have very small hands). And the best is that nowadays, when I grab another renowned guitar, I play any chord or song I know so well like I do with my Zager. This is something I couldnít do as well as I do it now. What I am saying is that this guitar made me a better guitar player and I am not longer afraid to play the tunes I ! have learned. I may get other guitars during my lifetime, but I donít see myself shelving my Zager. This guitar is already special for me. I really recommend it. To cap it off, the service Mr. Zager provides is nothing but superb. He has always responded to my inquiries with professionalism courtesy, and promptness.
Javier Ferro
Fairfax, Virginia

03/02/2014 i have received your guitar and i dont know what should i say. i m totally speachless. This guitar really rocks and i m too happy with it. I called one of my friend who was advicing me to go with gibson or fender. After receiving your guitar and asked him to come down my house and he was blown away and he said he is also going to buy zager thanx a million for providing this kind of instrument.
Muhammad Ali
Detroit, Michigan

03/02/2014 I support your products in every fashion. I believe in your customer service, I believe in your manufacturing and setting up qualities for your Zager guitars--they serve the purpose of allowing the customer to enjoy making music, which is what we all need in today's impetuous world. I am confident that I can pick up any Zager guitar I own and instantly make joyous music. For it is making music on an instrument that gives me pleasure and builds hope in humanity whenever I feel moments of stress in my life. Thanks for your support, Al Black
Al Black

02/27/2014 LOVE THIS GUITAR! Got it same day promised in perfect shape. Beautiful! Did not know a setup could be that perfect. Projection and tone outstanding and the playability is incredible! I bought this for my daughter who is a pianist and would like to learn guitar. It will be perfect for her if she can get it out of my hands.
Bruce McAdams
Santa Barbara, California

Wayne Adkins
Loveland, Ohio

02/22/2014 Being quite doubtful about the claims of many products being offered on the internet; I made several inquiries prior to purchasing a ZAD-20CE in Sunburst. With each question that I had, I received prompt, accurate follow-up from Dennis, Jr. without any pressure to purchase a guitar. Due to a medical condition, I have lost considerable finger strength and the ZAD-20CE makes it much easier for me to play and enjoy the guitar. I placed the order and within four days, the guitar arrived. With eager anticipation, I unwrapped the package to find a flawless, beautifully-crafted, hand-luthiered guitar that was well-worth the cost. This guitar would compare favorably with my Martin D-15 (I live near the legendary Martin factory in Nazareth, PA) as far as quality of construction but the ZAD-20CE has one distinct advantage; Zager String Science. The Zager is probably 20% easier to play and the set-up is flawless. You will not find a better constructed, hand-luthiered guitar in this price range.
Mark Davis
Allentown, Pennsylvania

02/22/2014 Dear Dennys, Let me just start by saying that I'm a skeptic by nature. My story goes something like this: two years ago I sold my 25 year old Martin HD28 that I had purchased new in 1980, but had been playing only about twice a week recently. I had started a new project and needed money to purchase photographic equipment. I convinced myself that I really didn't play that much anymore and I could replace the guitar with a less expensive model.y good at the store. BAD IDEA, but I made myself believe that it was okay; for two painful years. I found Zager Guitars while I was searching ebay. I listened to the videos, which sounded really good. And the testimonials! It all sounded too good to be true. I e-mailed several questions and never waited more than an hour for a complete and helpful reply from Denny Jr. I called a couple of times and, again, was treated like family. What a pleasure to be able to talk to a live person and be treated so well by both Brian and Tony. I couldn't believe the prices and the seeming quality of your guitars. Well, I know about shills and shell games and never fall for them, but your policy of free shipping both ways seemed to reduce the risk to just a few minutes of inconvenience. I now have my ZAD 80 and I'm going to sound just like everyone else who has written in to say what a fantastic guitar you create. I owned and played a Martin HD28 for 25 years and my ZAD 80 is as good in sound (both highs and lows) as the Martin ever was. Now about playability....this is the most amazingly easy guitar I have ever played; everywhere on the neck. The day it arrived I began playing and didn't put it down for two hours. I was enthralled! As I said before, the sound was astounding, AND I had no pain and none the next morning when I again began playing. I've been enjoying the guitar for three days and couldn't give it a higher recommendation (I said I was going to sound just like all the others). I'm so glad I found you folks and if I ever buy another guitar it will be a Zager.
Cory Weinberg
Wichita, Kansas

02/22/2014 Hi Denny and Dennis, Jr! I love my ZAD80CE OM guitar! It has the most wonderful tone, so full and rich. Itís the perfect size for me (I'm 5'2"). I havenít played since high school (which was 30 years ago), and got back into playing the guitar recently. After first trying a guitar which killed my fingers after 15 minutes of practice, I almost gave up my new hobby. But I found your website, read the testimonials and decided to try a Zager guitar. The first day I got it, I played for over an hour without sore fingers! I'm having a lot of fun - and that's what it's all about! Now I'm enjoying your online lessons. Thanks from a very satisfied customer!!
Becky McClintic
San Antonio, Texas

02/18/2014 Denny & Dennis, Two of Us on YouTube performing "1964" on the Zager ZAD20. Awsome sound!!! I have been looking for this live sound for years. Denny should be proud!
Watch '1964'
Richard Hodgkins
Hamden, Connecticut

02/16/2014 Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I receive my ZAD 20 CE over a week ago. All testimonials and reviews were totally accurate. It is the sweetest guitar that I have played, especially for the money. The sound is very clean and bold, it is especially playable, the pickups and the guitar played through a Crate Acoustic Amp sound impressive. Good choice, great quality, awesome instrument and wonderful staff. I own a family business and understand by learning from my father how good business is transacted. Excellent work Zagerguitars, top notch! Thanks and have a great day.
Mark Alexander
New Brighton, Pennsylvania

02/15/2014 Hi Dennis, I just got the black ZAD 20CE. It was exactly what I wanted, thanks. You deserve all the hyperbolic praise you get on and everywhere people talk about your guitars.
James Nelson
San Diego, California

02/12/2014 Hi Denny, I received my ZAD20CEOM on Monday the 7th of May. It looks and sounds great! Thanks for the help from your staff on picking out the right guitar. I am a first time guitar player, everything is new to me. But with your online lessons it is both fun and easy to work with. Thank you for taking the time for developing this system for beginners like me. Sincerely,
David Olson

02/12/2014 Denny, I received my guitar yesterday and since taking it out of the case I haven't put it down. Not only is the sound everything I thought it would be, it is a beautiful piece of work! I am not a professional but I know what I like and what quality is and for me, this instrument is the real deal. Thanks to Denny Jr. for making this a smooth transaction. I hope you guy's have continued success. Thanks again!
Jim Elery
Spokane, Washington

02/12/2014 I just got my new guitar and it is awesome. I will be taking it to my instructor who happens to be the bass player for Survivor and he can't wait to see it. Thanks for the prompt service and I will keep you updated as my progress as an upcoming musician develops.
Mark Psimos
Schererville, Indiana

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