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02/09/2014 Hello Dennis, It's around one week since i received your guitar. (Sorry it took so long, but I'm electronically challenged.) Anyway, I'm having my daughter send this email. Your guitar, is everything promised and more. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and plays beautiful. I was actually pretty anxious before i got it because i never heard of, let alone experienced, a Zager guitar. I was pretty much flying blind when I ordered your Zad20CE. Rest assured, I have no regrets. I've played off and on over the past 25 years and never took the next step to purchase a "better" guitar. I'm very happy I took the plunge. the appearance, playability, and sound speak for themselves. The best part is you saved me a lot of searching, trials, and haggling because you provide an awesome product at a very reasonable price. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it as a true craftsman. My confidence in my playing has grown immensely. I'm so excited to pick it up because songs I've been playing for a long time now sound better than I thought I could ever make them sound. I have two brothers that play and i don't think they will roll their eyes when i hand them this guitar.
Bob Graeff
Reading, Pennsylvania

02/06/2014  Hi Dennis! Just got my guitar and it looks and sounds great. (In my office). Can't wait to get it home! Thanks for the great service!
Sam Austin
Minneapolis, Minnesota

02/04/2014 Dennis, My guitar arrived today and I am more than pleased. I love the sound of the guitar and of course the playability. It is also a very beautiful instrument.Thanks Denny I am really excited about playing again. I took the guitar to church today and showed the folks on the worship team and the loved it. One even said he would start saving up for one. They were all suprised to hear of the cost of the guitar
Les Higashi
Chicago, Illinois

02/03/2014 thank you dennis and especially your father denny for creating zager guitars. simply the best!!! easier on my fingers. thank you for the ZAD-80 model discounted i bought. it's great the guitar. my guitar teacher picked it up and played it like a dream. better sounding than the store's acoustics. ranging from crafter to ibanez. he tested out some guitars at the stores and some were great and some were okay and some weren't too good sounding. my ZAD-80 blows them outta water he says. even the better ibanez to crafter didn't sound as good as zager guitars. those 2 brands are great i mean still. okay. can zager guitars discounted or brand new be bought only from you or ebay sellers who resell them played. no where else right. looks like denny is running out of guitars. my teacher wants me to keep my ZAD-80 for life and protect if from damages and dings and keep it in my padded gig bag case when i am done playing it. i do plan to do so and keep the zager guitar in mint shape. okay dennis thank you once again and you too denny. have a good day alright. happy with it.
Joshua Lee
St. Louis, Missouri

02/02/2014 hi dennis, just received my new zager ce 20 om and i am completely is a great guitar, and i will use your on line video to learn all about my guitar. thank you
R.D. King
Jacksonville, Florida

01/31/2014 My ZAD 80, is the envy of everyone who sees and plays it. Thanks again, Best regards,
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

01/31/2014 I received my ZAD -80CE a couple of months ago and it's everything I hoped it would be, and more. When I first pulled it out of the case, my 14 year old daughter Meagan, who knows nothing about guitars said "Wow, that's beautiful". And it is. I appreciate how quickly Dennis answered my questions via email - great customer service is wonderful to see these days. Every time I pick up this guitar it makes me smile. My sister Tanya and I were fans of the song In the Year 2525 while we were growing up, and it was a kick to tell her about my new guitar and show her the signature on the back. My Ovation is getting dusty, and I'm not sad about that at all. It will go to Alex, my 6 year old son, when he's ready to learn - until he's ready to graduate to a Zager. Anyway, thanks guys!
Ray Wahoff
Santee, California

01/28/2014 I received my ZAD 80 just a few days after the order was placed.This guitar is beautiful and sounds great. Thats the kind of company Zager Guitar is, they want the customer to be satisfied completely. This is the third Zager I own, I have a Zad-20 and a Ez play Martin DM .I guess I do not have to say how pleasant it is to deal with Zager Guitar, scince I have bought three, they must be doing something right.I also enjoy the online lessons from Denny. Thanks again for all your help, Zager Guitar is a class company with wonderful people behind it. Have a great day
Norm Winters
Ringwood, New Jersey

01/25/2014 Dear Zager Family, Well, It's been a bit more than a year and this guitar is still the best value for the dollar. Like many guitar players, there is always the constant search for something better. I've played a few since I bought my ZAD 20 OM, but I still can't find its economical equal. If you are a beginner or are a pro, you can't go wrong with the Zager products. You might consider buying a guitar elsewhere, but please know you will need to pay a professional to set it up properly. The big box stores and internet outlets DO NOT setup guitars - you're simply left to the luck of the draw with what comes out of the box. What you get from the Zager folks is an instrument that has been setup and is completely ready to play. I do not regret any penny I paid for my guitar. Oh, by the way, it still plays as well as it did when I opened the box more than a year ago.
Steve Held
Edwardsville, Illinois

01/23/2014 Hi Denny, I just got my guitar. It is so beautiful I almost don't want to put a fingerprint on it. I'm just a beginner but am enjoying the lessons a lot and am starting to play real music.The tone is so rich and mellow my wife thinks I really know something. Thanks so much for the great guitar and also for the great service. After watching you on the videos and listening to you,I could tell that you are a real gentleman; someone I would want to do business with. Thanks again.
Ken Tucker
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

01/23/2014 Hi Dennis, My guitar arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. I know I am going to love it forever. Thanks for the prompt service.
Ken Tucker
Sun City, Arizona

01/23/2014 I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but I decided to take a chance and ordered the ZAD-20. I've had the guitar for several weeks and logged a number of hours playing and can find only great things to say about Zager guitars. The action is awesome. The playability is unparalleled (I am a previous Martin owner as well). The sound is as good as it sounds on the recordings--full bottom as well as sharp, mellow highs. If you are not sure, all I can say is give it a try. Denny's money-back guarantee takes all the risk out of your purchase. I love my 20 and hope to buy an 80 within the next year.
Chicago, Illinois

01/19/2014 I just unpacked my guitar and, even though I haven't spent any serious time playing for several years, couldn't resist playing it for an hour. This is a fabulous musical instrument, well worth the pain -- and pleasure -- of re-growing my calluses for! Thanks for the after-sale help and your videos -- I'll be referring to them often. I appreciate the fact that you aren't a take-the-money-and run operation at a time when so many are. Thanks again, Barbara PS: I know I will dazzle my neighbors when I'm out cutting the grass in my new t-shirt. :-)
Barbara Fried
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

01/17/2014 I always loved your song man!! You are the best! Good luck with the guitars. You inspired me to go on to play myself. Now I own 14 guitars and have been playing for 42 yrs! Dennis Cowan
Dennis Cowan
Atlanta, Georgia

01/16/2014 Dennis, The guitar arrived in beautiful condition and in tune! What quality!! I was really blown away. I ordered it in Friday afternoon and it arrived on Wednesday. I know that I made the right decision by ordering the OM size. The full size was always so awkward for me when seated. This one is “just right.” Unfortunately, I won’t be able to devote much time to this endeavor until after school, but I have played it a couple of hours during the past week and found the action to be incredible. I used to put nylon strings my old Yamaha acoustic guitar, just to be able to tramp the strings! I know I made the right decision to purchase my ZAD-80 OM. Looking forward to the online lessons! Take care, and many thanks! Best regards,
Shelley Setzer
Charlotte, North Carolina

01/13/2014 Dennis - I got my ZAD-20 today and I think my wife described it best when I took it out of the case - she said, and I quote "It's beautiful". I went over it carefully and it really is a work of art. The fit and finish seems to be miles ahead of any guitar in it's price range. Other than the minor issue with the pick guard (which you quickly addressed) the guitar is something I look forward to showing off. However, that doesn't mean a thing if it didn't sound good. After some minor tuning I started playing simple chords and it sounds very, very good. I'm not a music theorist or anything more than a hobbyist - but I can tell you it sounds better than any other guitar I tried. And that is all I care about. The range and depth blows away just about anything else I've heard. I have been slowly learning on a crappy $120 no-name guitar I got at a Music-go-round a few years ago. This was a standard "beginner guitar kit" and I certainly won't miss it. The action required hands of steel and I routinely had calluses that were cut to shreds by the strings and I'd have to file them or else they would catch on the strings (and this was after switching to light strings). I could go on but basically what I'm saying is cheap guitar = bad guitar. When I did decide to get a new guitar I did a lot of research and looked into various major brands. I went and played Martins, Guilds, and various other guitars. Strangely I couldn't even get help in any of the stores I went to - with the exception of the one very enthusiastic and completely clueless sales person who couldn't answer any of my questions. It is very intimidating when you are basically a beginner to walk into that type of environment. Also, every guitar at those stores looked like it had been played by about a thousand 17 year old dreamers. They were full of fingerprints and trial wear. I was not impressed - especially when the cheapest guitar I was comfortable with was $800. As it happens I eventually came across your website. I was skeptical to say the least - as a business owner if I see someone selling a product with limited availability for below market value it doesn't add up. It would be like buying a Rolex from the guy on the street - no one expects it to be real. At risk of getting very lengthy, let me digress for a moment and tell you my job. I am a co-owner of a small company of about 15 people. We work in IT doing a very specialized task - setting up help desks for large corporations and government facilities. Essentially these are the places you call if you have a question about a product or service from a giant company. Consequently over the years I have seen every level of customer service imaginable. And your customer service is top-notch. I do not know of any company that has better - and that is what sold me on trying one of your guitars. Your assurance of satisfaction or a full refund was backed up by everything I read and all of the testimonials. And yes - I read ALL of them. I also researched every web site I could find with reference to your guitars. There were occasional nay-sayers...but not ONE of them actually owned a Zager. As far as I could tell it was people expressing opinions without any factual basis. I had a lot of skepticism about ordering a guitar I'd never tried before. And frankly I couldn't be happier with it. So, after actually sitting down and playing the guitar I have these things to say specifically about your ZAD-20 1.) The action is great - I like the low amount of pressure required. I work with computers and type all day. My hands are tired before I pick up a guitar :) 2.) I could never form an "A" chord correctly (either with 2 finger or 3 fingers) without some strain due to my fingers - on the Zager I easily can. The wider neck and string spacing make it very easy - yet, I can still reach some of the longer stretches without any great difficulty. 3.) It looks fantastic. And it sounds even better. If this was a cartoon I'd shoot my old guitar to put it out of it's misery. I could go on and on - but I think that's enough. Thank you for providing a great guitar for a very, very reasonable price.
William Rentfrow
Fargo, North Dakota

01/13/2014 It is Absolutely true that you guys have the best customer service in the business. Thank you
Thomas Lewis
Green Bay, Wisconsin

01/13/2014 Dennis & Tony- Never in all my years of business dealings have I experienced such integrity and customer service. God bless you all,
Kevin Coffee
Little Rock, Arkansas

01/10/2014 Good morning Dennis, I am pleased to inform you that I received my new ZAD 20-CE yesterday.... I must say this sunburst model is a beauty!!! Thank you for the great service and a great looking guitar. I'll give it a good test this weekend (the rest of the band is pretty anxious to see and hear this guitar). You have the best guitar for the money!!! The next best one I found was a $2000 thank you very much. I'll let you know if the equalizer problem resurfaces. Thanks again for a great guitar!!
Dale Moe
Two Harbors, Minnesota

01/07/2014 Dennis, This will be my second Zager. I bought a ZAD20 CE last year. It is really nice. I am just learnig to play. My father was a professional musician for most of his life he has been playing for about 20 years now. He was skeptical when I bought my guitar from you, but was very impressed. It sounds beautiful when he plays it. I bought the OM so it will be a little more comfortable for me. Maybe I'll make a gift of my of my first one to him.
Marc Belair
Cleveland, Ohio

01/05/2014 Dear Mr. Zager Jr. I received my guitar last night, and I am extremely impressed and happy with it! Thanks again for a wonderful product and ordering experience. Everything arrived in tip top shape. I am a proud ZAD20CE owner.
Cliff Demczuk
Tallahassee, Florida

01/04/2014  I bought my zager awhile back, and ive loved it ever since.I took it to a friends house to play,hearing the first chord ,he described it as smooth as liquid.I think that says it all. And i plan on adding more to my collection.
Bob Shepard
Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

01/03/2014 Denny, I've recently acquired A ZAD 80CE. I can't find the words to express my enjoyment, not only with the instrument but with your entire orginazation. The person who assisted with the order; the web site; and last but not least the insturment. Thankyou,
Fairfield, Montana

01/01/2014 I LOVE my new guitar, it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for honoring your commitment to quality and I truly appreciate the case that you gave me. I will defintely leave positive feedback regarding the experience! Thanks again, I could not be happier with my guitar!
Kyle Stasiak
Madison, Wisconsin

01/01/2014 Thanks Dennis ... You guys do an incredible job and the hundreds (if not thousands) of testimonials demonstrate it. I can honestly say that I have had and continue to have the best experience with Zager Guitars of any business I have dealt with in a long, long time. I am in a position to appreciate it from your side of the table too. In a former life (I'm retired now) I was responsible for customer service and support for one of the largest organizations in Atlanta. I had a staff of 65 full time employees and too many part time people to count. I know what customer service is all about. I want you to know that I really appreciate the personal interest and assistance that you have given me. Thank you. Best regards,
Jim Greene
Birmingham, Alabama

12/29/2013 Hi, I signed up for a month a couple days ago, and I'm already so happy I found your site. My wife also plays, and we have many friends who also play guitar. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put in to help people express themselves more effectively with the guitar. I play electric and acoustic. The actions on both guitars is good, but I can clearly see how your design is much better and easier to play. I know my wife would like it too. She has an old Martin M-38, just overhauled by a skilled team of luthiers in NYC, also added a pickup. It sounds gorgeous.
Paul Smyres
New York, New York

12/26/2013 Good Morning Mr. Zager, I received my beautiful guitar yesterday evening. Thank you so much. I searched over the guitar with a fine tooth comb and of course I didn't find a thing wrong. Again, thank you for the guitar and all your understanding. I shall report to all my friends about the Zager guitar and Zager policies and their stand behind guarantees. Sincerely,
Darrell Tyre Alderman
Salem, Oregon

12/24/2013 Dennis Zager Jr. Wow, that was fast, I was thinking of calling you guys today to see if you had received my order yet, and the UPS man shows up at the door with it in hand, how cool is that......... I don't know what you did to it but it sounds really good. Thank you very much....
Jerry Olson
Lander, Wyoming

12/24/2013 Hello! Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work! Regards,
DeJay Clayton
St. Louis, Missouri

12/24/2013 I've been playing for about 6 years, although it's been pretty on-and-off as of late. However, I decided that I needed a high-quality acoustic, but something that didn't cost me too much. Earlier this year, I stumbled across some of your auctions for your EZ-play, modified Martins, and after doing hours of research--you just can't help but be weary of a 600 dollar, GOOD guitar--I decided to order it. I got it in the mail, and it's been hanging proudly on my wall since. It's a testament to both the beauty of music and the musicians who take pride in it. It's got sharp, clean tone, with enough bass and volume to absolutely steal the show. My friend plays a vintage Gibson--he can't touch me anymore. The action is incredible!
Steven Dandridge
Austin, Texas

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