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12/24/2013 I purchased a ZAD20 about 4 months ago. After a month I sold my 6 month old Alvarez AEF 30. After playing the ZAD 20 I couldn't pick up the Alvarez any more. The ZAD 20 is a joy to pick up and play. I have owned a Gibson, several Guilds, 2 Martin D-18s and a Takamini that I had for 12 years. I am a working singer songwriter that performs 2 or 3 times a month. I've been performing since 1967. The pickup that I put in the acoustic ZAD 20 has no on board EQ and plugged directly into the PA we run the tone controls flat. I used to think the Takamini had the best acoustic electric sound but the ZAD 20 puts it to shame. To all who are considering buying a new guitar, buy a Zager. If you are a "guitar snob", get the one with the Martin name. The sound and playability will blow you away. You won't want to put it down.
Richard Hodgkins
Hamden, Connecticut

12/20/2013 I am just a beginner and was playing a lower quality guitar. Every session would start with alot of buzzing and end with sore fingers. Saw your site and ordered a 20. You and your staff were excellent to work with and you went out of your way to help me. Playing your guitar is great and much easier all around, without punishing my fingers. I can see that my new guitar will have me outplaying my two buddies Mark and Joey in a matter of months! Thanks again for all your help.
Joe Irak
Crown point, Indiana

12/18/2013 Denny you and your crew are suppurb in everyway. Could not ask for better people to deal with and talk to. Now for the review on your great sounding and action guitars. I own a music store and must say that I have purchased 4 of your guitars now 3 zad 80ce and 1 zad 20ce lh models and and enjoyed playing and listening to the incredible sound coming from them. The easy play patton of yours is great, easy to fret , no more tired fingers and love the spacing you put on them. I am very satisfied with your products and service is fantastic. I will continue to shop with you and crew. keep up the good work.
Dennis Wireman
Rensselaer, Indiana

12/17/2013 Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for making one of the finest sounding instruments that i have ever owned i recieved my zad-20ce acoustic/electric last week and at the present time i don't own an amp i took my zad to a friends house the other night and plugged it in for the first time and it was difficult to get my guitar back everyone wanted to play it,and they were guessing between the pro molded case and guitar that i had spent at least 1200.00 so i kindly passed your email around to them like kids at a candy store! wanted you to know i will not be needing to use my money back guarrantee either. Add me as another very pleased and proud customer.
J.R. Tilley
Mt.Vernon, Illinois

12/14/2013 Dennis, I just received my ZAD-20 and I'm thrilled with it! I'm not a complete novice,having learned basic chords in my teens (I'm now 49),but never progressed beyond simple strumming.I have small hands,having problems with reaching while depressing the strings properly, and always was resigned to the fact I'd never get any better so the old guitar sat idle,more or less, for 30 years. I'm enrolled in your lessons,learning to pluck notes on Love Me Tender,and with the ZAD I can consistenly hit the proper strings and reach the chords.With my old guitar,it was impossible to hold the bass on the D chord,D3 on A7,reach Gmaj7,and generally pluck any notes consistently without buzz.Thanks to the ZAD the sky is the limit now.My only regret is not realizing sooner what a difference a quality guitar,such as yours,makes. Best regards to you and your Dad,and at the risk of sounding corny,giving me the gift of music. Sincerely,
Chris Rurode
Miamisburg, Ohio

12/14/2013 Hey Denny , My name is Jackson Fuqua I am 27 I took guitar lessons for 2 years when I was young. I felt like I did not learn much from them. I wish that i knew of your website a long time ago. I just started taking lessons from you this week and I am starting to understand about the system . I really injoying playing the songs that comes with the manual that I download. I really like the videos too. They make the learning process so much easier.
Jackson Fuqua
Pelham, Alabama

12/14/2013 Received my guitar yesterday. What a magnificent instrument!
Russell Carlton
Albany, New York

12/11/2013 To All At Zager Guitar, Congratulations on building a truly first class instrument! I've had my ZAD-20CE for about a month now and didn't get around to letting you know what a great guitar it is until now because I haven't put it down long enough to do much of anything. I'm able to do things with the Zager I've never been able to do with my old Yamaha FG160. The one thing I'm still getting used to is the small amount of pressure required to get clear notes anywhere on the fretboard. Over the years I've developed the touch of a blacksmith playing my old guitar. The ZAD-20CE sounds awesome and looks just as good. What you are able to build for the price is amazing. My son, who is a much more accomplished guitarist than I am, was impressed with your product and said he was a little jealous. I wouldn't be surprised if he bought one of your guitars in the near future. Thanks for producing such a great guitar! Sincerely,
Guy Henken
Burlinton, Wisconsin

12/08/2013 Hi Zagers, After playing a zad-20 that a friend of mine had purchased, I absolutely had to have one of my own. I recieved my zad-20 sunburst about 3 weeks ago and love it, can't count the compliments I have had about it. I have been playing for about 20 years and hope to learn how for real someday, but for now, I just like playing by myself or with friends & relatives just for my own entertainment. I have read lots of the testimonials on your website and cannot think of a thing to add, I do whole heartily agree with all I have read. The best guitar I have to compare my zager to is my Gibson Les Paul electric, and the zager plays as well if not even better and I do not have to carry around all the extra stuff, amps & such, its just easier, maybe I'm just getting old & lazy, but I do prefer having things easy & less complicated these days and my zager guitar is all that! The only thing I can think of that may have the quality of the Zager guitar beat is the Zager quality of service ! I love the way the Zager company makes everyone feel just like one of the guy's, all one big family, and it is also very rare these days to find anything of this quality at such a reasonable price. Keep up the good work, I will surely be passing on my total satisfaction to anyone who will listen ! Thanks and have a great day. Sincerely,
A.L. Bunton
Randleman, North Carolina

12/06/2013 Denny , Jim was looking for guitars on the net and really found your site purely by accident. This was probably one of the nices accidents that could have happened. The guitar Gods truly smiled down that day. After many hours of browsing your site, listening to you play and reading testimonials, we decided we just had to order a guitar. Jim wanted one but he wasn't going to get one without me - so we ordered two. The ZadC20 for Jim and the OMC20 for me. They are beautiful guitars, to look at and very nice to play.The tone and the resonance of both guitars is amazing . We had 4 other guitars prior - ended up giving one away and haven't picked up any of the others since. Jim plays hisZager guitar every day and I try to squeeze time in as much as I can. We were so excited we ordered the lessons before we received the guitars. Your lessons open the door to a very unique style of playing Jim says he has played for many years but not really played ( I thought he was playing well ) but he always wanted more from his playing- this is an opportunity to learn a finger picking style far beyond any hopes he had. My skills are minimal and this will give me a chance to learn too. Thanks to your Zager modified guitars and the lessons we think this will be a long and enjoyable relationship that we will share and treasure.
James Morris and Carol Goodmur

12/05/2013 LOVE THIS GUITAR! Got it same day promised in perfect shape. Beautiful! Did not know a setup could be that perfect. Projection and tone outstanding and the playability is incredible! I bought this for my daughter who is a pianist and would like to learn guitar. It will be perfect for her if she can get it out of my hands. I have been and will continue to sing the praises of this instrument.
Bruce McAdams
Santa Barbara, California

12/04/2013 I've been playing 30 years and I know that a little set up compared to what Denny does is night and day. The volume and sound you get are amazing. I described the wider neck and string spacing I was looking for, to fit my hand, dozens of times over a 25 year period to guitar store associates. After 25 years of blank stares, I found your website. It was like you read my mind. Regards,
Kellie Kohlberg
St. Paul, Minnesota

12/02/2013 Ok, Ok...First let me say that I received my ZAD-20 A/E black ONLY 2 1/2 days after I ordered it! In perfect shape and tune! WOW, what a fabolus looking and especially sounding instrument that you provided me. Let me tell you a little about my playing experience. I took lessons when I was 12 for about a year and then quit because sports were more important. I was finishing my degree at age 46 years old and needed a "filler" class to graduate so I decided to take a guitar class. My brother in law owned a music shop and sold me, at cost, an Ovation high end acoustic/electric. I struggled through the class and long after with its Very high action. I saw your guitars on E-Bay and started my research. Finally, about a year after himming and hawing I decided to "bit the bullet" and trust what you and thousands of others said about your guitars. I know I am not that experienced but the crispness and tone of these guitars is amazing. I've played high end Guilds and heard mid-priced Martins and must admit, I was VERY,VERY impressed that your guitars exceed the sound of all I heard. Let me tell all of you who are skeptical about the claims and value/sound of these guitars. Don't be a fool like I was at wasting valuable playing time. Buy one of these and you'll also be sending an e-mail to the Zager's praising their product. Oh, by the way, as much as I pestered the Zager's I'm suprised they even wanted me to buy one. The best customer service and response time to questions, BAR NONE!! Thanks Denny and Denny Jr. God Bless you and your company. With Warmest Regards,
Chris Johnson
Olean, New York

12/02/2013  It looks really beautiful and it sounds a lot richer and nicer than those budget guitars I had before. What I can honestly say is that I love the guitar and I'm totally happy with the purchase. Also, you guys are absolutely the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Yes. I'd rather pay more (not likely) and support your site than dealing with most of the online merchants out there.
King Lee
San Mateo, California

11/29/2013 Hello, My name is Robert Masters and about seven months ago I purchased a Martin Sigma DM-1 from you. First, I love this guitar and my more experienced friends love it too. I myself am only a beginner but I CAN PLAY AND I’M LEARNING MORE EVERYDAY! Here’s the situation. I take my guitar to my work office every day. Playing helps me relax some during working hours and I get a little more playing time in this way. Thanks for all your help!
Robert E. Masters Jr.
Snow Hill, North Carolina

11/26/2013 Howdy Dennis, A great big thanks from Texas for the lovely ZAD-15 I received the other day. As with the other testimonials about this fine little guitar, it's the first guitar I have ever owned that fits me so well. And it does play better and easier than the other small guitars I tried. Purchasing my guitar from you vindicates my effort to avoid impulse buying and to really seek out the one guitar I hope to have for a very long time. Now to sign up for your lessons! Thanks for such prompt and friendly service -- I've already recommended you to a friend. Best,
Cammy Shay
Houston, Texas

11/24/2013 Hi Dennis, the guitar arrived on Tues., safe and sound. Thanks for the speedy shipping. It’s a beautiful piece, and the tone is just what I was hoping for. Naturally, I was somewhat uneasy buying a guitar this way, without actually taking it for a test drive, but the reviews, testimonials, and money back guarantee gave me confidence that was fully justified after playing it. I was playing it last night through the PA system at church and got a real full, crystal clear bell-like tone. Afterwards, the music director asked to play it and the first thing she said was how easy it was to play. I told her she was very perceptive, and to look in the sound hole and read the label. We both got a laugh. I’m looking forward to many years of pleasure with this guitar.
Gary Kraemer
Dallas, Texas

11/24/2013 I received my ZAD 20CE a week ago and couldn't be more pleased. It is a beautiful instrument, sounds wonderful, and even makes me sound pretty good. I had purchased one of the guitars that had a blemish on the face but I forgot about that when my guitar showed up, after tinkering and delighting for an hour I remembered about the blemish and started my search, it is a week later and after multiple searches I have concluded that the Zager family is incredibly particular or that they sent a unmarred guitar, I think it is the former. The Zager service is unmatched, Dennis was prompt and polite with all questions and problems I had it is a rare and relaxing feeling to have a compitent and concerned person on your side when shipping dificulties arise. I am very impressed with the guitar and the service. Thank you Dennis for all your help.
Dale Maldaner
Denver, Colorado

11/24/2013 Jerry Heiser, here.I just now unpacked my new ZAD-20. It was packed very well and made the trip to Morehead City, NC in perfect shape. Thank you. The instrument is beautiful. It is everything it was said to be on the website and more. I just recently picked up the guitar again, having not taken any lessons since I was 9 or ten years. I'm now going on 61 and was raised in the same generation as your father. What a lucky man you are to have grown up with such a talented influence. Although I'm not a guitarist (yet) but having been an artist, sculptor, medical illustrator and recently retired from th NC Maritime Museum as the Exhibit Designer, I know a lot about design abd craftsmanship. This is what I see,and more importantly,can feel in this guitar. It just "feels" better in my hands, the balance and finish are first rate. I was getting VERY frustrated with my old guitar. I just couldn't play, for example, a G7 chord to save my life. That was my litmus test with the ZAD-20. After just two tries, I played my first G7 in almost 20 years. I'm excited about the possibility of actually being able to practice and learn to play the guitar. I plan on signing up for the lessons. If the lessons are as good as the guitar itself, I have no hesitations. Again, thank you and Denny, for a wonderful guitar and the opportunity to learn. As we used to say in Nam - Rock On! Sincerely,
Jerry Heiser
Morehead City, North Carolina

11/20/2013 Love the guitar, everytime I play it I get the "hey, that sounds great...what is it??" FUN!
Glenn Baker
Scottsdale, Arizona

11/18/2013 Mr. Zager, I received my discount but absolutely gorgeous Sigma about two hours ago via UPS. I am truly thrilled, and for many reasons, first, this was a total surprise from my wife for my 20th birthday, second, I have wanted a quality guitar since childhood. I started teaching myself to play about 4 months ago, I am by no means an expert on the guitar, playing it or otherwise, but, I do know and understand fine workmanship. This is it, the big kahuna, king daddy, in a nutshell outstandingly fine work. You sir have my vote at any time in any place in any situation, hands down. Anyway, I have been plucking away on an old Ibanez electric my son gave me, it's ok but doesn't stay in tune more than a couple of practice sessions. I'm not heavy handed so it's not that, I think it's just not a quality guitar. Ok for a beginner I guess but then why would you want to make a beginner spend half his time tinkering with the guitar instead of playing it? Silly me right? Thank you Mr. Zager, you do fine work and you have every right to be proud, I love my guitar even if it's not a ZAD20 or 80. It sounds great, it's in tune, even the tiny flaw you pointed out is nothing compared to the beauty of the piece.
Gary Adams
Glen Saint Mary, Florida

11/17/2013 Denny, I recently went to the local guitar store and fell in love with the Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai. Nice guitar.Pretty. Playable. I was thinking to sell my Zager. Then I went back again to see if I still liked it? I was comparing to my Zager 80CE. No comparison. Especially on the lows but generally the sound on my Zager is way better. My Zager is also more playable. Thanks for supplying this awesome guitar!
Bob DeFlece
Bakersville, North Carolina

11/14/2013 Dear Denny: I've had my new ZAD-20CE for just over a week now. I'm sure I've played it more in a week than I've ever played a guitar in my life. I've been playing for about 35 years, but I'm not an advanced player at all. I've often said I needed a guitar that was easier to play, especially for bar chords, because I have small hands and short fingers. I happened to be saying this one day to a local golf club maker and repairer I've known for awhile when I was getting some clubs regripped. I had stepped into his office and noticed some guitars there and got to talking. He told me that he had recently seen something about a guitar that was made to be easier to play. To make a long story shorter, I walked out of there with new grips on my irons and with your web address. I read about Zager Easy-Play guitars on your site for a couple of months before deciding to take the plunge and order one. I have only owned 3 other guitars in my life, and still have 2 of them, a 6-string Takamine acoustic (a cheap model I bought used from a college student in Cincinnati after my own original guitar--a Toyota; never seen one before or since--was stolen in a break-in about 25 years ago) and a 12-string Alvarez Yairi that I've owned since I was 14 (i.e. 34 years). I liked the sound of both of my guitars, but found them (especially the 6-string) difficult to play. After a week playing only the Zager, I got my Takamine out tonight to compare. I was shocked not only at how much easier the Zager was to play, but also how much better it sounded than my old guitar. I knew the Takamine was not an expensive model, but I had always thought it had a nice, full sound. In fact, my main hesitation in buying the Zager was not being able to hear it played before purchasing. But now I'm sold on not only the ease of play and good looks of the Zager, but also how good it sounds. I had a good friend and neighbor over to see it yesterday (In fact, I had told him about your website and he sent you a note a few weeks ago and was impressed that he got a personal response). He is a very good guitarist, so I let him play it. Almost the first thing he said was to mention another mutual friend who has a high-end Martin guitar, and that he bet if you played the two side by side, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. All of this is to say that I'm very happy with my purchase. I've been telling my guitar-playing friends about it, at least one of whom is right now in the market to make a purchase, having recently traded his 6-string acoustic Sigma for a 12-sting. I also want to take it by my golf club maker's shop to let him try it. He mentioned that he's got some arthritis in his hands that makes it difficult to play (golf OR guitar). Since he's the one that put me onto your company, I want to let him see the guitar in person. Thanks for making a product that met my need for an easier-to-play guitar that looks and sounds good. I'm more excited about playing and trying to improve than I've ever been before. It's fun again (and a lot less painful). Sincerely.
Eddie Tison
Newport News, Virginia

11/14/2013 I've had my zad20 for nearly and month now and just wanted to say again how impressed I am with your guitars. The action is really good and the sound is great. The appearance is stunning. Thanks again for another great guitar.
Tim Rumph
Deer Park, Washington

11/14/2013 Good Afternoon- A couple of weeks ago I received a big surprise form my wonderful wife Joan for my 47th birthday. A ZAD-80 acoustic, I had mentioned your guitars to her a several months back, I told her I was looking at these as an alternative to a rosewood Martin that I was saving for. I was surprised she found you. Your staff was very helpful to her on the purchase. It is a beautiful guitar and the sound is full and mellow on the bass and bright and clear on the high end, great balance. I have played it for several hours. I love the sound and playability of this guitar. At Christmas I had played a new Martin HD-28 ( $2600 ) and a local retailer and I think the guitar is equal in sound and actually easier to play. Both my sons play guitar and I was picking up new strings and music for them so I also spent some time in center's acoustic room.
Larry Davis
Shakopee, Minnesota

11/11/2013 Hello Denny, I have your Zad 20 , Which I dearly love, Great Great Guitar, I'm still not very good but if it had not been the EZ play I would have giving up months ago.
Lance Parrish
Seattle, Washington

11/08/2013 I purchased your Zad-80 OM last year for lessons. I love it. I take group lessons with 12 other people with a mix of Martins, Guilds and other guitars. Everyone seems to want to play your Zager insted of their guitars. Thank you for making such a wonderful guitar.
Jeff Patterson
Hellertown, Pennsylvania

11/06/2013 Hello Denny and the Zager team... I just received my ZAD 80CE and I must say, this guitar is better in life than the photos on your website! Workmanship is excellent! I played this guitar for a few hours now and the sound is astounding. Thank you.
Marcel Cadiz
Boston, Massachusetts

11/05/2013 I have been surpised by a gift of a zad-20ce. This gift is from my wonderful daughter Melissa.This insturment has very nice craftmanship. The sound of this guitar is amazing crisp,clear tone. I will have more to say after playing the guitar for a while. Thanks for a great insturment.
Dannie McKay
New York, New York

11/04/2013 Hi Dennis, I don't have a question, just a word of thanks. I received my ZAD-20CE two days ago and I'm thrilled to have it. It arrived just before my weekly in-home lesson and my guitar teacher couldn't put it down. He was amazed by the look, the low action, the rich sound and the lack of buzz. I enjoyed my old Yamaha but even two days later I can't imagine playing anything else. Thanks for a terrific guitar. I look forward to playing it for years to come. Best wishes,
Jonathan Dvorak
Millburn, New Jersey

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