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11/04/2013 I have purchased three guitars since I've been playing. Two were from music shops, the third was yours. In a matter of 10 minutes you have helped me more than any guitar shops I have purchased a guitar from. Your product, like your company, is absolutely legit. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
Dault Roberts
Edmond, Oklahoma

11/02/2013 Dear Denny, Dennis Jr, and the whole Z-Team, My new ZAD-80 is in class by itself. After several years of searching and investing too many dollars, I finally found the instrument I have been looking for in the ZAD-80. This is after countless hours in the local acoustic music stores trying out their medium and upper-end handcrafted Asian and Canadian guitars. Try as I might, I couldn't justify the cost to move up from my entry level guitars. The thought of going through the in-store set-up and getting it right, which seemed to be necessary for these $1,200 to $2,000 instruments, was always in the back of my mind. In dealing with the store front retailers, once you buy it it's yours for better of for worse. I heard a friend of mine talking on the local amateur radio repeater about his new 3/4 size Zager and when I asked more, he put me on to your web site. Once I learned about your guarantee, it was a no-brainer - the only question was which model to start out with. After playing your ZAD-80 for the past ten days, the only question now is which model to buy next! The ZAD-80 has great tone all the way up the neck and sounds and sustains great. The action and playability is way to-o-o-o smooth. I am convinced that there is something special with regard to your String Science - what a total performance package! The only thing that exceeds your guitars is your level of customer service. Both before and after buying, my e-mails have always been promptly and truthfully answered. The team in Lincoln has gone above and beyond what was necessary or expected to respond to my inquiries. You have a first rate product that plays superbly right out of the box. Your claims are factual and, if anything, understated. Keep up the good work and keep an eye out for my next order!
Dan Wagle
Aurora, Colorado

11/02/2013 To all at Zager Guitar: Like so many others that have written to you, I'm delighted with not only the guitar, but also the service. I ordered the ZAD 20 CE from the discounted guitars at around 8:30 AM last Thursday and received it at 1:30 PM on Friday. I've shown the guitar to four different people and even gave them an idea where to look for the finish crack and none of them could find it without my help. I've been playing off and on for the last 41 years and all though I've never owned a real expensive guitar I have had the opportunity to play several. The ZAD 20 really does compare very closely to even the $3,200.00 piece my cousin in Houston has. The action is so light I'm having a blast just seeing how light I can go without getting a buzz out of the thing. The Sunburst model is a thing of beauty.
Brad Searle
Great Bend, Kansas

10/30/2013 4 Days after receiving the guitar...It's absolutely the best! I love this thing. Even my wife is asking me to play it again and again. Simply the best sounding guitar I've put my hands on. Thanks for making it.
Ira Wheatly
Arlington, Texas

10/27/2013 OK. I've had my Zager for a month now. And I am in love with it!!! It is everything it's said to be. Really easy to play. The action is very low and with the low frets it is very comfortable to play. I've been playing for over 40 years and can say this is absolutely the best playing acoustic I've ever played. And I've played them all. The Zager plays almost as well as my Les Paul!!! Hard to believe an acoustic could play so well. I use a lot of barre chords and so have to move around a lot on the fretboard. That can be very painful on the hand and the fingers due to different positions and sliding up and down the frets. But not anymore! I don't need a lot of pressure to make the chords now and sliding doesn't tear my fingers up anymore. After playing my Zager my other acoustics feel like I'm sliding over speed bumps instead of frets. And it sounds great too. Straight acoustic or plugged into my PA or amp. I am very impressed with the electronics on this guitar. I own a Fender,an Ibanez, and an Ovation acoustic electric but none of them sound near as good as my Zager. The built-in tuner is great too although I don't need to use it that much. My Zager pretty much stays in tune. Great! I play gigs regularly and I've used my Zager now for 2 acoustic gigs. It's great to be able to play 2 long sets without my hands killing me. Not only do my hands not hurt but I play better and get much more enjoyment out of it. I find that I practice more often and for longer now. I love the full bodied sound my Zager has unplugged in the middle of my living room. Much of the time when the guys come over to practice we go unplugged due to just how great it sounds. They are also very impressed with my Zager. I am a very happy customer and want to thank you for making a truly great, affordable guitar.
Terry Brewster
Arlington, Virginia

10/25/2013  Just wanted to let you know that my guitar arrived today. And it plays SOOO SWEEET! Words can't describe my gratitude. I am so thankful to you and your dad for all you've done. I really do appreciate it! In the future if there is anything I need you can bet that I won't hesitate to call you. Thanks again for your support in standing behind your product with true professionalism. Take care, God bless!
Charles Southwell
Arlington, Virginia

10/25/2013 Howdy Dennis, A great big thanks from Texas for the lovely ZAD-15 I received the other day. As with the other testimonials about this fine little guitar, it's the first guitar I have ever owned that fits me so well. And it does play better and easier than the other small guitars I tried. Purchasing my guitar from you vindicates my effort to avoid impulse buying and to really seek out the one guitar I hope to have for a very long time. Now to sign up for your lessons! Thanks for such prompt and friendly service -- I've already recommended you to a friend. Best,
Cammy Shay
Houston, Texas

10/25/2013 I received my ZAD-80CE the other day and I am impressed. It truly is easier on the fingers and sounds remarkable. Thanks for helping me find a guitar I can play for hours, not minutes.
Charles Bossinger
Jacksonville, Florida

10/21/2013 I found the Zager guitar site quite by accident.I could not believe how well the instruments were received and was, quite frankly, frustrated to learn that they could not be shipped directly to the United Kingdom.( This is totally understandable, given the Zager guarantees and the exorbitant air shippping fees )However, I was so impressed with the testimonials that I decided to have the guitar shipped to friends in New Mexico and then on to England.You will appreciate the risk involved. What if the testimonials were hype, or that the guitar was damaged in transit. Still, in for a penny -----.As it turned out it was a lot more than a penny : I swallowed hard on discovering that the air shipping amounted to $680- considerably more than the cost of my ZAD 20.This had better be some guitar, I thought. The good news was that it took less time to reach England than it had to reach New Mexico.I opened the box with some trepidation . I could say , in response to questioning on the merits of the guitar that it was " not bad". To those not familiar with English understatement I should translate : it means that the guitar was , in fact, brilliant. It was still in tune and immediately playable. Now I have never owned nor played a Martin or a Gibson but I can state that it is the easiest guitar I have ever played and the tonal quality is just superb.I played an old Aria straight after playing the Zager and it was like playing a stringed orange box by comparison. So, thankfully ,the risk was well rewarded. For those players living in the United States- you are so lucky to be able to buy Zager guitars at the prices charged. To anyone living outside of the States I would advise them to arrange an import . Better still, at the prices charged for air shipment, buy yourself a ticket to the States and pick one up while you are there. It is probably cheaper to have the holiday to go with the guitar.Thanks to the Zagers- great people to do business with.
Mike Dixon
Alexandria, Virginia

10/19/2013 Dear Dennis, It's been almost two months since I received my ZAD-20 OM. I originally found your guitars on Ebay, but initially only glanced at them and didn't really get into the details. I had no intentions of purchasing a guitar from Ebay, or even off the internet, without the possibility of a 'hands-on inspection'. I don't know what really possessed me to even look on Ebay except that I knew my budget could not allow the high-dollar Martins at the local music stores in the area. I am an amateur and didn't know what to look for, but I have wanted to learn to play the guitar all my life. I had a guitar, but was frustrated and unhappy with it because it was so hard for me to play. I could hardly hold the strings down to form the few chords I did know, and only rarely could I get the true sound of the chord; mostly muted and/or buzz tones. I have weak fingers and hands due to an auto accident that left me with nerve damage to both hands which required surgery. Complicating matters a little further, I have short fingers, which makes fretting some of the chords where there is a wide reach or bar chords almost impossible for me, especially when you add the cramping in my hands due to the accident, and a guitar that is hard to play anyway. So honestly, I glanced at your guitars listed on Ebay several times, thought they were beautiful, but felt they were out of my price range, especially since I am an amateur with what seemed like very little improvement and a lot of frustrations. I felt I couldn't justify the price of the Zager for another possible failure. But I kept going back and looking at your guitars on Ebay and reading more about them. The more I read, the more excited I got. With the money back guarantee you offered, including shipping charges, it took me less than two weeks to decide I had to have one of these guitars. I emailed you several times with questions and you responded very quickly and gave me the answers I needed. I was very impressed. But not as impressed as I was when my ZAD-20 arrived at my house. I ordered the case also, which was so nice itself, but I couldn't wait to see and get my hands on my new guitar. I opened that case to an absolutely beautiful guitar. The finish is fantastic, but to play this guitar is beyond description for me. I could play chords I could not play before with a lot less effort. I have yet to have sore fingers. And what's really sweet is that the tone coming from this guitar is awesome. I have to make myself put it down. I love it and so do my friends. Two of my friends, who have played in groups and many different guitars, say this is the sweetest playing and sounding guitar they have ever played. Both are considering purchasing their own Zager guitar soon. I also signed up for online classes and love what I'm learning. In the past, I've spent hundreds of dollars for guitar instruction books, CD's, videos, etc., that claimed to teach guitar, even to 'dummies'. They quickly ended up on the shelf. Your online classes are great! Dennis, I have to say that if anyone reading this testimonial has ever toyed with the idea of purchasing a new guitar or is looking for guitar instruction, they need not look any further. Zager guitars are QAULITY!!!. They are much easier to play, they have a sweet, rich quality tone, they have a beautiful finish, and they are backed by money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for? I was extremely skeptical and had almost given up hope of ever learning to play the guitar. I can honestly tell you I am thrilled!!! I am still struggling and still get frustrated with some chords, and because of my hands, may always struggle. I'm frustrated that I can't learn it fast enough and that sometimes my hands just won't work and I reluctantly have to put it down for a while. But this guitar has made what seemed impossible, possible for me. I have also realized that the price of this guitar is very reasonable for this kind of quality. As 'corny' as this testimonial may seem to some, I truly am sincerely grateful. Thanks Zagers for your dedication and for sharing your wonderful gifts of dedication, instruction and products. I honestly believe that you and Denny truly have an honest desire and a dedication to provide the highest quality service and product. You make me feel like a friend, not a customer. Thanks for everything - a very pleasurable experience.
Karen Simmons
Summerfield, North Carolina

10/18/2013 It's been a little over a month since I received my ZAD-20 and I have been extremely happy with my decision to purchase one. I admit I was nervous about buying the guitar before I even laid hands on it, but the minute I saw the guitar and played a chord or two, I was sold. I have to pass on a story to you because it just reinforces my personal belief in the quality of your guitar. This past weekend I attended my brother-in-law's bachelor party. You see, he and four of his friends are accomplished guitarists in their own right, and they wanted to get together and jam for awhile. We had two Martins, one Gibson, one high-end Yamaha, one very nice Alvarez, and my ZAD-20. I had been bragging to my brother-in-law about my new guitar, so he insisted that I come along to the party and jam along with he and his buddies. When I arrived, they all wanted a look at the new Zager. To be honest, no one had ever heard of the Zager brand before, so they were all anxious to know what I had been going on about. Well, the minute the guitar came out of the case it was never placed back down again. By the end of the night, all of the other guitars were lined up against the wall and the guys were just waiting to take their turn on the ZAD-20. They all couldn't believe how full and bright the sound was. They nearly fell out of their chair when they heard how much I paid for it! I honestly believe that the ZAD-20 is the best guitar in the world for the price, and I think there are a room full of guys here in Oklahoma that think the same thing. Thank you, Denny, for the wonderful guitar! Regards,
Garrett Johnson
OKC, Oklahoma

10/15/2013 Thanks you so much for your thorough - and very rapid - response to my questions. I don't want you to think that I am in any way dissatisfied with the ZAD 80. As a matter of fact I am overjoyed. I have played and owned lots of high end guitars and have two others right now. I am so impressed with the ZAD that I am seriously thinking about selling one of the others (just have to decide whether I want to keep the OM or the dread). The OM has a value of about $7,000 and the dread is a little over $4,000. I have brass pins in my other two guitars and like the tone, especially when playing fingerstyle and slack key. I appreciate the information as to how to enlarge the holes. the information on string fanning and settling in were also much appreciated. Your's is a great organization. I am very grateful to you for your attention to detail, superb customer service, and of course, the fabulous price-to-value ratio of your product. My profession depends entirely on my relationship with my patients and, with that knowledge, I commend you for placing emphasis on how you deal with your customers. If there is ever anything I can do to repay your kindnesses, you have only to let me know.
David Stoker

10/15/2013 I received the guitar today. It is beautiful! Thank you.
Christine Selby
Kansas City, Missouri

10/15/2013 Hi guys, I had to write you to tell you about the Zad 20 I bought from you quite a while ago. I had a gibson hummingbird that I bought new in 1970. At that time it was my third guitar and I never purchased another until the zad. Well I had a real hard time adjusting to the zad and actually thought about sending it back right after I received it from you and you said send it back... no hard feelings..... well I kept it and kept playing it and I have to tell you this is the best guitar I have ever played. It sounds great, it plays easily and I enjoy picking it up and playing every time I touch it...... many thanks for sticking with me through my adjustment period. I would buy another Zad guitar in a minute...... I sold the hummingbird...... this is now my only guitar and I love it.
Dennis Bartho;omew
Sebadtian, Florida

10/12/2013 I just wanted to tell you my guitar arrived. All is well with it and it is everything you have stated on the website. I am really looking forward to learning to play. I play piano and am disabled for about 4 years now and wanted to start another project, so this is it. It is a beautiful instrument and the workmanship is perfect. Every joint, the finish, the sound, is great!
Paul Ailey
Shawnee, Oklahoma

10/09/2013 I have had my guitar since the beginning of September and I have been giving it a good workout since then. I couldn’t believe that a guitar that you buy from the internet would be much more than a cheap imitation of something you wished you could afford. Since they had a 100% money back guarantee, I figured I’d give it a shot. I read all the testimonials on how they answered e-mails quickly and never rushed you off the phone. I called a few times before buying my guitar and all my question were answered and I never felt like I was being pushed into a sale or rushed off the phone. I e-mailed Dennis with a question or two and received his answer back within 10 minutes. So far all the testimonials seem to be true. I placed my order and within 3 days the guitar arrived at my home in the suburbs of Chicago. I opened the box, still a little skeptical and was quickly impressed with the looks and feel of the guitar. It was very apparent that the craftsmanship they speak of was there. What I really liked was the feel of the guitar. It felt solid, just the way you would expect a expensive guitar costing 3 or 4 times what I paid for it to feel like. The last test was the sound and string science. Would this guitar sound good and play easy? Well, the sound is very big and full for an OM style guitar and I expect it to get even better with age. I must agree with the masses, this is truly the easiest guitar I have ever played and I have been playing on and off for more than 30 years. There is no buzz when picking or strumming even when you play hard. The biggest problem I was having was trying not to press the strings down so hard (not a bad problem to have if you’re going to have a problem). If you’re looking for a quality guitar that is easy to play and sounds good then look no further. If you don’t agree with me or all the other testimonials, send it back. It’s guaranteed 100% so you have nothing to lose.
Dan Sinise
Alsip, Illinois

10/07/2013 Hi Denny, I just wanted to say thanks!!! I ordered your on line lessons yesterday and I just finished stage 4 and the Love Me Tender arrangement. I've been playing guitar for about 7 years, self taught and I think I've learned more about playing in the last 24 hours than I have in the last 7 years. I've never used a pick because of 2 reasons I lose them all the time and my voice is not over powering so I use light gauge strings and strum with my fingers so I can hear my self sing, so I think it's helped me pick up your style rather quickly, and I simply love the way your style sounds. I was getting a little bored of playing not really getting any better and was thinking serious about going to a store for lessons. I am so glad a came across your system before I made that mistake. I'm so excited about the future and playing guitar again, so I would just like to say thank you thank you thank you. Best money I've ever spent.
Tim Davis
Columbus, Ohio

10/06/2013 Hey Dennis, Steve Bedford here, hope all is well with you. I received my Zagar guitar and your description of the quality and attention to detail is understated! I am MORE than happy with everything about the guitar and my purchase. Thanks again for making such a high quality instrument available at such an affordable price. I'm just a beginner but after making the "couple of hundred dollar" mistake of buying the "cheap" beginner guitar and experiencing the frustration of trying to learn to play on a such a tough instrument to even form and hold a chord on; it sure makes it easy to see the difference a guitar set-up for play-ability and quality of sound makes in the learning curve. Again, thanks for re-instilling my confidence that I can learn to play,
Steve Bedfoed
Memphis, Tennessee

10/05/2013 Hi Dennis, Mark has not gotten settled into his new home yet, so I am writing for him. He is absolutely in love with his instrument! He has a vintage Gibson Dove which he took into a Gibson sponsored shop for a setup, and while there he introduced them to his Zager. They were in disbelief at the quality. He has been showing it to others who are looking for a great affordable guitar. You have at least two advocates in the Indianapolis area who are completely sold on the guitar. I'm sure others will follow. Thanks for your wonderful service. Best wishes to you and your Father , Robert Wood
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

10/03/2013 Hi Guys Guitar arrived today, perfect condition, I'm playing now, it IS very comfortable to play and I know i'll use it a lot , and it has a nice tone and I'll be getting more acquainted with it over the weekend and I'll get back next week. Thanks for the T-shirt, and the nice strings !
Tim Fitz
Nashville, Tennessee

10/03/2013 Dennis Zager Jr., Just a note to let you know I received the guitar and case today. I could hardly wait to hear its sound. And, I was not disappointed, the sound was equal to it beauty. Now to see what my fingers will feel like tomorrow morning. Thank you very much for the beautiful guitar and case and your courtesy you and your staff provided throughout the transition.
Darrell Tyre Alderman
Salem, Oregon

09/30/2013 Dennis: I received my guitar today. It's beautiful. Please thank your father for all of his work. I also want to thank you and the rest of your organization. I want to sign up for lessons, but when I went to the web page there was no lock for encryption and I am reluctant to put my CC number in if the encryption isn't working. Can you help me? Thank you.
Bob Sharpe
Canyon Lake, Texas

09/27/2013 Dennis, Just received my ZAD-20CE Acoustic/Electric Sunburst today. Being it was 10 degrees outside I let it sit in the box and case for 2 hours before I opened it. One of my favorite songs is "Perfectly Good Guitar" by John Hiatt and I don't want to end up with a "sunburst with a crack". When I opened it, I could almost hear music start to play.....sort of like Ralphe when he opened his present for Christmas and saw it was his coveted Red Ryder BB gun...(the one with the compass in the stock). I am a 51 year old beginner so it's going to take awhile before I can really play anything....but I am determined. Very happy with my purchase
David Tommerson
Orlando, Florida

09/25/2013 Hi Dennis, I was happy to order the ZAD80CE for my son, Mark Wood, Friday evening. I have been so pleased with my ZAD80 acoustic that I just had to buy him one also. When he plays mine, he just can't put it down. I'm sorry I was not able to buy him the Zager case also, but my finances would not permit it. The zad80 in your Zager case makes it so attractive when others see it! (It makes everyone want one more than ever !!) You are such great people to deal with, I wish everyone would buy from you. I tell everyone I see about you and your great guitars!! I look forward to seeing you the leading seller in the business some day soon! Best regards,
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

09/25/2013 hello.i have a zad 20 and is incredible.i have a gretsch,a tele,a takamine,an spanish contreras,a guild,(piano,synths,rhodes,blues harps,a lap steel,a dobro)etc.. today i had to composse a song for a job,and to composse this kind of music i thougth i need the acoustic(that doesn´t happened from months).then i opened my zager,tuned a little and...WOW!!! is awesome,you nkow,inspiration comes with great instruments.thank you very much indeed.
Rafael Arnau Bru
Nashville, Tennessee

09/25/2013 Denny, I have been banging away on guitars for almost four decades now, but besides being less than dextrous manually, my fingers and my hand never seemed to fit well on any guitar I ever played or owned. But my incredible wife Kay (who I think talked to you last week) bought me a ZAD20CE/VE which she magnanimously agreed to let me have early (my 53rd birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary all come within three weeks starting right before Christmas) and WOW! What's not to love about this guitar? It looks great (tobacco sunburst) and feels great, its truly a joy to hold in my hands. It sounds incredible, even when I play it! I think I can finally play a decent F-chord after all these years! I will be signing up for the lessons as soon the semester is over, and my ZAD20 will be going to Gatlinburg with us for our Christmas in the mountains. I've never owned one of those really expensive guitars, and I never will, because my ZAD20 sounds as good as some guitars I have heard costing five times as much. That doesn't mean I won't ever buy another guitar, but when I do, it will be another Zager! I bought my daughter a guitar a couple of years ago, and if I ever get her another one, it will be a Zager. If anyone ever asks me about guitars, I will tell them to buy a Zager. Kay was more than impressed with her dealings with everyone at the Zager company, and she has very high standards! You will be hearing from us again. My wonderful wife gave me a truly remarkable gift, which you made possible. Thank you so much, from both of us.
Michael Foret
Nelsonville, Wisconsin

09/21/2013 Mr. Zager; All I can say is Wow! That does not sufficiently put into words the way I felt when my husband opened the guitar I bought for him. This is one of the sweetest guitars I have ever held in my hands. The finish is like satin and the sound is magnificient. I owned a Martin previously and this is comparable in every way. Your personal touch is seen in every aspect of the guitar. My husband has smaller hands and this guitar is perfect. I am sure he will email you as well, but I wanted you to know that from a buyer's stand point this guitar was more than worth every penny of my money and you even threw in extra's. The T-shirt and guitar picks were a wonderful surprise. Thank you for making this guitar an extra special gift for my husband. Sincerely,
Kay H. Foret
Nelsonville, Wisconsin

09/19/2013 Dear Denny, I received my second guitar from you on Thursday, took it out of its case, and it is unbelievable how quickly the feelings of opening up the first guitar box came back to me. Words can't hardly say how impressed and taken I am by the beauty and quality. You are truly a master!
William Kackmeister
North Platte, Nebraska

09/18/2013 I have now had my new Zager ZAD-20CE for a couple of weeks, and I have been very impressed with it. It's easy to play and sounds fabulous, even better than advertised. I've played since I was 5 (1958), though I've been pretty lax for the last several years, as I kind of lost interest. I've been playing a Lyle Hummingbird (Gibson knockoff)12-string, but I've owned other Gibsons and Fenders over the years. Compared to my ZAD-20CE, the Hummingbird sounds like I have COTTON in my ears - I never knew how DULL it sounded until I played it next to my new Zager! I wanted to learn to fingerpick better, and this guitar sounds so crisp, I can fingerpick with no picks and it sounds clear - unbelievable! Thanks much,
Mike Donnell
Worland, Wyoming

09/15/2013 Hi: Just wanted to let you guys know I am still in love with my Zager guitar. I took it to a jam session last week and there were a few professional musicians there that really liked it. So thanks again for helping me own one of the best guitars around.
Ken Kunze
Arlington, Texas

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