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09/15/2013 Hi' I received my new guitar last friday . It is great and I enjoy the sound and the way it plays . It is a pleasure to play and i cannot put it down. Thank you. I am trying to get on the guitar help page as computers and I always have wars. Thanks again
Bruce Esch
Clifton, Colorado

09/15/2013 Hi Denny, I love your guitars! I own a ZAD-20CE and it has helped me to become a real player. It's been a God send to me. Thank you! (VERY satisfied customer!!!!!!)
Dan Venne
Racine, Wisconsin

09/12/2013 dear dennis...thank you for letting me buy one your guitars.i ordered the 20CE and i have just received it. needless to say it is beautifull and yet simple. not too many decorations that make it look cheap. i have always believed that simplicity is beauty. the whole guitar is solid. the base has a very solid volume. the high notes have pleasing quality without cracks when sustained. as you have said the strings are gentle to the fingers and they are easier to handle with fingerstyle picking. as someone who spends a lot of time in the operating room to make a living, pressing down on steel wires of a guitar is not welcomed by my fingers. your guitar is just the right answer.
Reynaldo Castillo
East Grand Rapids, Michigan

09/09/2013 I've received my new guitar and, I must say, it is everything that the testimonials say it is. I'm delighted with the quality, the tone and how easy it is to play. Wow, did I get better in a hurry!! This guitar is more beautiful, plays easier and sounds better than the $2000. Martins that I occasionally drool over at Guitar World!!
Roger Bodemer
Carlsbad, California

09/07/2013 Hey Denny, I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 8 years, and recently I decided to save up for a high-end Martin, which I've wanted for years. After saving for weeks, I could only come up with about half of the cost, and began to get frustrated. Then I met some other musicians at a bachelor party, and one guy had a ZAD-20. Needless to say, I was blown away by the sound. I played it for hours without tiring. He told me about your great customer service and lifetime guarantee, and I decided then and there that I wanted a Zager. Now with the money I've saved up for the Martin, I can get a ZAD-20 CE (an upgrade, since I had planned to buy an acoustic) and one of your sweet cases, and still have money left over. I'm thrilled to have discovered this amazing guitar, and even though I would like to keep this "secret" all to myself, I will definitely be recommending these guitars to my friends and fellow players. Thanks for a great deal!
Jake Adamson
Fairview, Oklahoma

09/06/2013 I received my guitar and have started lessons. I am astounded at how much I enjoy playing. My teacher told me that I am his first student who has a better instrument than he. Many thanks. I should have started years ago, but I have years ahead to enjoy my new passion.
Peter Lowerstein
Harbeson, Delaware

09/05/2013 Just wanted to let you know I received my new quitar a couple of weeks ago. I am a beginner so I had some friends one of whom is a professional try the guitar and they were amazed. Thank you so much
Kent Jones
Salt Lake City, Utah

09/03/2013 Dear Dennis and Dennis Jr., I apologize for not being able to write you sooner regarding the safe arrival of my long awaited ZAD 80 OM and case. All I can say is WOW. It is truly a beautiful instrument and I feel very honored and blessed to have this instrument which I will treasure for the rest of my life. As I had mentioned to you in an earlier email I was just diagnosed with cancer and have been swamped with doctors, tests, hospitals etc. You well know what I mean and I have very much wanted to spend some quality time with my new Zager but have been unable to do to much thus far. Thank you again for making my dream come true. Thanks for your patience and understanding and most of all for making the worlds best guitar. I am getting bunch of my friends hooked on my new Zager and will certainly refer them to you as once they SEE and Play my ZAD 80 OM they will be "hooked". God bless you both and I love your new Website. IT is Awesome and now you need to do some videos of you playing Denny as it will sell.
Bill Malarick
Cincinnati, Ohio

09/03/2013 Good Morning, I got my new Zager 80 series guitar, and love it. It's very easy to play, and looks good too. It has a great sound, very mellow. Everyone I show it to is impressed. Thank You
G. Cantrell
Catlett, Virginia

08/31/2013 Dennis - wanted to let you know that I've received my guitar & it's awesome! I also bought a used 1990 Guild D4 at a local shop that had the best tone in the whole shop. And the Zager sounds every bit as good if not better, and the finger pressure required to play a note or chord is a lot less. I like it a lot! So I returned the Guild & am sticking with the Zager. Thanks
Jeff Layton
Austin, Texas

08/28/2013 Hello Dennis, The ZAD20 arrived this morning and I was appaled to see the box partially crushed with a couple of large bootprints on it. The UPS man obliged me when I asked him to stick around while I inspected the guitar. Amazingly, as far as I can tell it came through unscathed. I brought it in the house and strummed and picked for a few minutes, and I'm very pleased. Great sound, The action is as smooth as butter and the sunburst finish is gorgeous. My son will love this. Maybe he'll leave mine alone now and I can have my ZAD80 all to myself again. Thank you!
Joe Tucker
Salem, New Hampshire

08/26/2013 Dear Dennis & Denny, This is my first product testimonial, internet or otherwise. I’m a 20-year fingerpicker, taught by my Indiana grandmother who learned (at least in part) by watching Mother Maybelle at Carter Family performances. Not long ago, I gifted my beloved Martin of four decades to a young relative. Seeking a replacement, I found the Martin Mahogany 15 Series. They’re quite striking woodworks, and a local seller had done an intricate setup on one that he’d planned to take himself. Then another customer mentioned your website. I was drawn to the clarity of your articulation about your design and set-up -- it just made sense, and I felt I could trust the tone of your instruments. I purchased a ZAD20, and it’s a fine instrument in all respects. Today I was in the guitar shop’s neighborhood and tried the Martin again. Even accounting for the dusky sound of the Mahogany, the difference in tone and projection between the Zager and the Martin was surprising. And really for the first time, I came to appreciate the fluidity resulting from your neck design & set-up. Said simply, you do masterful work. I’ve found there are certain blessings in life to which all the sweet words in our heads just can’t do justice, and I believe that excellent musical instruments are among those indescribable blessings. So I’ll just say that this guitar is a truely fine creation, worthy of any player’s consideration. Thank you.
Kris Montgomery
Berkely, California

08/26/2013 I just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful creation you sent me!!! I've had it for about a year now and absolutely love my guitar. I tell everyone about how well your guitars are and how they should all buy one. Mine is beautiful with a built in EQ, tuner, venetian cut-away, and top of the line specs!!!! I couldn't be happier Dennis. This is the only acoustic I will ever play :) Thank you so much Sincerely,
Steven Schnack
Los Angeles, California

08/26/2013 Denny, first of all thanks for the great guitar. I took lessons for about 6 months when i was 7 years old and am now 46. i have bought several guitars thinking i would learn how to play but always stopped because of sore fingers and frustration. My son is 25 and can play awsome, but has been playing for 15 years. My daughter used to play until she was about 9. Now she is 16 and last night picked up my new Zager and started playing again and fell in love with it .I did not tell her it was an easy play. She played for an hour and next thing i new she was looking for her old lesson books. Now for me I have played every day since i got it and am learnig fast. A dream i never thought i could have come true. NO SORE FINGERS. I will see if she stays playing with mine and if so i will but another one for her thanks again
Jim Hilmerson
Little Falls, Minnesota

08/22/2013 I got my guitar last Friday. It sounds great! And, it is so easy to play for an acoustic. I'm really happy you guys are here, because I got tendinitis over a year ago and did not expect to be playing an acoustic so soon. Very nice looking, playing, sounding guitar. (I wish you would publish your "string science" on how you file the frets so that I could have someone tweak the frets on my electrics too!) Thanks a bunch! I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is starting out playing guitar to make sure that they have the best shot of succeeding. Thanks so much for being there!
Frederick Sena
Groveland, Massachusetts

08/20/2013 Hi: I just wanted you to know that I took my new guitar to my lesson last week and I loved it. And it sure makes practicing easier. Thank you very much.
Richard Walden
Los Angeles, California

08/19/2013 Hello! I received the guitar last Friday... Record time! I really wasn't expecting it for another couple of weeks. Thanks very much! You definitely stand by your guarantee. Thanks again for your wonderful product and most of all your integrity. Sincerely,
Daniel R. Medina
Las Cruces, New Mexico

08/16/2013 Dear Denny and Dennis, I missed the UPS guy by about twenty minutes today. Fortunately their automated phone system allowed me to request to pick it up myself. So I drove to the dispatch depot some 35 miles away and picked it up this evening at the will call counter. That was the best gas money I've ever spent! When I got home I unpacked it and inspected it (no problems found) I then tried it out and after a little minor tuning I played it un-amplified. It was awesome, so I quickly plugged it into my Amp and whoa! After 37 years and at least a dozen Guitars, I finally have one that sounds as good as it looks and plays easier than any guitar I have ever played! Thank you very much for the excellent ZAD 80-CE Guitar.
Paul Whittle
Galt, California

08/16/2013 Hey Dennis Jr. I want to thank you for your understanding and belief in disabled persons. I have been a Director of Special Education for 28 years and have never been closer to a student than I am now. This truly is a gift that I want to be a part of and you have helped. I thank you with my heart and my professionalism. You are truly a wonderful person as well as a professional. I am sure you will make a difference in his life. God Bless.
Tom Durst
Pasadena, California

08/16/2013 Dear Dennis - It is not without embarrassment that I am finally getting around to letting you know that I received the guitar in excellent condition, even considering the fact that the shipping box was open and had no markings on it at all! After living in the 'Land of Enchantment' all these years, such things have come to be commonplace; but it also seems to have adversely affected my manners. My sincere apologies in sending you this note. In any case, I appreciate the timeliness of the order processing, the beauty (physical and sound quality) of the guitar, and the extra goodies. To my amazement and delight, the guitar arrived pretty much in tune, and I spent the next hour picking out some of the tunes that had been stored in the far recesses of my aging memory. I hadn't played in years, and only after a few more days of repeating the process did I realize that my fingers will need a bit of reconditioning. Simply awesome! The guitar, not my playing, has brought 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' from everyone that has seen and heard it. I just wish I had taken the time to learn "In The Year 2525," but I was in high school when it came out, and I didn't pick up the guitar until if I can just get the memory to catch up with the desire. Sometimes a mere "Thank You" doesn't seem to be enough, but it does sum things up nicely! Thank You -
Steve Hanson
Los Alamos, New Mexico

08/13/2013 I love Sigma guitars, I had a great one back in the 70's, but nothing like this one. This is an exceptionally fine guitar. The action and setup are just a promised. I am a pro player, I have owned several guitars costing a couple of thousand more than this one, and none can really compare. I will be buying another one for a back up. Thank you so much for the great guitar and the terrific service. I wish you well. You may give my email address to potential buyers if you wish. Thanks again
Bill Walper
Montgomery, Illinois

08/10/2013 Hi Denny & Dennis, I just received my ZAD80-CE Natural guitar and I am extremely pleased to say the least! What a beautiful guitar it is and the sound is unbelievable! It has a rich mellow tone that I haven't heard on any other guitar that I have tried, even on some higher end models. The action is fantastic! My fingers will so much happier now. I also ordered the Zager Pro Hardshell case and I am very pleased with it too. I have been playing guitar off and on for a few years, mostly chord strumming and flat picking. I am originally a drummer from many years ago and found that playing drums alone is just not as satisfying as making music on a guitar. I plan on taking your online lessons and will be signing up probably today. I would love to learn how to play finger-style like you do and that is my goal. I am 53 years old and haven't taken any lessons before as I didn't want to play scales and such. I think your lessons are what I have been looking for. Once again, I thank you for your wonderful product and service and I look forward to many happy years playing my Zager guitar! Your Happy customer,
Mike Bossinger
Orange Park, Florida

08/08/2013 Mr. Zager Sr. & Jr. I just received my ZAD-80 today. Wow !!! What a beautiful Guitar.. Thou I don’t know how to play yet. My wife does. I told here before I open the case that this is MY Guitar, you have your own (a Martin). Well she said just show me the guitar. Well I opened the case and her eyes were popping out of her head. She played it with comments like the sound, the smoothness, the looks, she went on and on. But she played it for an hour and wouldn’t give it back to me. I said honey you have a Martin, she told me to take the Martin she wanted this (your ZAD80).. Well after a few words I got my Zager back. She asked me to get her one. I said Ok next month.. Well I will be ordering another one by Christmas. I have tried on and off for years how to play. Fingers were hitting other strings, I gave up easy. When I took this out of the box I went right to the “G” chord and played it with out hitting other strings. You have given me hope.. Thanks I will be signing up online for your lessons.. Also I have been a big fan. Seen you in person a few times in New York City back in the 60’s…. Thanks again for the hope to learn how to play.
Joe Caponero
Claremont, North Carolina

08/07/2013 First, I got to say, Mainly you Jr. This is the best Customer service I have ever been givin. The past few days with phone calls and e-mails and every time a fast responce and great Customer service and help.. I wish you and your Dad the best of everything life has to offer. Me, I am so happy I found you guys. I am 52 year old man, trying to learn to play the Guitar on and off for 40 years. Really. I have bought many Guitars and gave them away. I have big hands and my fingers seam to hit the other strings when I try to lean Chords. I can play , twinkle, twinkle and Amazing Grace by notes . Thats it. Or just Haven been showed the correct way.. I been on you site daily. Reading and listening to Dennis.. Once my Guitar comes , I will sign up for the online lessons or join for 6 months.. This is my last chance I am giving myself. I have fath in your Dad, that he will teach me. Peace PS. Here is a good one for you. I re-married 6 years ago. My new wife and I have a 3 yr old Girl and a 2 yr son.. My wife and her whole family play intruments. They play Blue grass music since the 40's. So I will be judged by them. They don't know about me buying a guitar from you or even wanting to learn to play. They all have Martins and Gibson stuff.. I want to learn from your Dad and walk into one of there Friday nite jams and shock them..
Joe Caponero
Claremont, North Carolina

08/06/2013 Dennis, Thanks so much for the wonderful customer service. I received the new ZAG 80 OM today and it is beautiful, sounds great and plays great. My teacher was correct when he recommended the OM size. It is much more comfortable for me to play than the full dreadnaught size. The DR-41 is a great sounding beautiful guitar and I really was disappointed to give it up, but the beautiful ZAG 80 is a great replacement. I practiced two hours tonight and enjoyed every minute of playing this guitar. Thanks again, the products and the customer service are outstanding. P.S. I saw the review from Celine Dion's guitarist and I am certainly not surprised. I will be in Las Vegas in late February and I plan to purchase tickets next week for her show. I will watch for the Zager!! Thomas Hodge
Thomas Hodge
Monroe, Louisiana

08/04/2013 Dennis, I received my ZAD 20 today and am more than pleased with it. It arrived in England still in tune and ready to play Despite the fact that the shipping to the UK was far more than the cost of the guitar I feel it was worth it. I am very happy with the guitar sent. Regards,
Mike Dixon
Alexandria, Virginia

08/04/2013  I was attending an Army reunion in Phoenix with several others (about 120). I played several duets with my playing partner. He has a 45 year old Martin 21. Most of the audience complimented me on the sound of the ZAD. Two "old army" buddies played the ZAD20 and couldn't believe the ease of playing. One wanted to buy it from me on-site. Thanks to Denny for making the EZ play system. Thanks to old friends for all the continued flattery. I think I'll upgrade to a ZAD 80 in a couple of months.
Steve Yaeger
Nashville, Tennessee

08/01/2013 Hi Denny, Thanks for a wonderful guitar.(ZAD-20CE) It sounds great! Two day ship beats expectations as well. It arrived yesterday.Please know Denny, I like the guitar!
Randy Rader
Winfield, Kansas

07/29/2013 Hi Denny, I have your ZAD20-CE, and am one of your online students. It's been only 2 weeks and I'm already playing love me tender and heart of gold... and the best part is that I can feel my self accelerating faster and faster, as if each song seems to be built on top of the previous one, so the next song is taking lesser time than the previous one! it's just amazing and unexplainable experience... I'll write more about my experience and how happy I am to register to your site... wish I would have been in Nebraska and could meet you in person...
Gautam Tandon
San Jo, California

07/27/2013 Hey buddy, I am loving the guitar. Also am spreading the word very much as I stated I would. Your link is on myspace now and am updating my webstie soon to inclued it there. Also I will have my new concert shirts coming pretty soon with ZAGER on them too!! Of course another cd getting ready to be pressed and you will be in the cover there !! Your a great help to what we do and I know we will both benefit. The instrument is awesome!! Mike
Mike Tetrick
Edinburgh, Indiana

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