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07/27/2013 I arrived home Friday to find my guitar, plus case and stand waiting for me as promised. Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me.One of the main reasons i ordered from you in the first place was because of the emphasis on strong customer service. The workmanship is excellent. I am one happy customer so thank you once again.
Robert Norman
Newton, Massachusetts

07/27/2013 I'm a past Zager customer I have owned ZAD20 that goes back a few years a Martin Sigma Zager,ZAD20 and 80.I still have the ZAD20 and 80 they were among the first models of the 20/80 line introduced.There still in play every day I also own a couple more expensive acoustics made here in Pennsylvania.The one thing I wanted to write about was the ZAGER set up many people who buy acoustics are new players or you have played a little and want to get serious about and you need a better acoustic.The Zager set up includes one very important function and that is string height at the nut.Many dealers say they include set up with there guitars and some do in fact preform a partial setup.Lets say they set your string height at the 12th fret at 3/32 which is done at the saddle a medium action set up which is good for most flat pickers and fingerstyle players.I have found through my own experience they neglect string height at the nut.Why? well most good acoustics will have a playable string height at the nut but not one good enough to make your playing easier and better especially as you move from fretting more chords at the top 3 frets to the middle of the fretboard.Some chords such as F and D7 and DM still are a little tougher than they should be for smooth chord transition.Why string height at the nut.If you notice the pictures of Denny doing a Zager easy play set up one thing he is doing is adjusting the string height at the nut.To me adjusting the string height at the saddle and neglecting the nut cancels out a good setup.Both my ZAD20 and 80 were adjusted very well both places my other more expensive acoustics were done at the saddle but were left with factory settings at the nut.I did both those myself which I don't recommend you do unless you know your way around the acoustic.It's much more difficult to set the nut action so most places don't do it for time reasons you have to remove the nut and replace it that takes time. There trying to ship as many guitars as possible.Denny has 1,2 or3 of each model available because he is putting the time needed to set up your acoustic the way it should be.You'll learn faster it will sound better you'll want to play more.Really makes sense to me.So next time you read some one saying anyplace you buy a acoustic will offer a set up...don't believe it I have seen it and played these set ups form decent guitar shops there not done the way it should be done..The way Denny Zager does it...Thanks and keep on picking...
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

07/27/2013 Mr. Zager, Just a note of thanks and to let you know my daughter loves the guitar. She's been playing on an old Washburn and its been rough on her fingers. She said this one is like playing something without strings. Thanks again,
Jim Mulford
Floyd, Virginia

07/23/2013 Hello everyone - Last week a Zager ZAD-80 was brought to my front door by the UPS guy after I had agonized for six months over whether or not to buy one. I unpacked it, walked over the the couch, sat down and rested it on my lap. As I looked at it and ran my fingers over it, I could tell right away that somebody really loved this guitar from the ground up. It's a nice-looking, well-built instrument. I was almost afraid to play it. What if everything I'd been told about it was a bunch of sales hype just to get me to take the plunge? What if it played like a thousand other guitars and sounded like a six-string washtub? After at least five minutes of admiration and anticipation, I did play it. It had smooth, soft action. It sounded like a million dollars, yet it didn't cost me anywhere near that. You know, when we delve into the unknown, we need the guidance of somebody we can trust. I've been following Denny's lessons on the website for almost a year now and the results I've acheived, along with the guitar I bought, have shown me clearly that Denny can be trusted. He knows what he's talking about, period. I'm thrilled. Sincerely,
William Hubbard
Ridgeland, Mississippi

07/21/2013 Denny, I want to tell you I have had my ZAD 80 CE. I am no means an expert, but this is the finest guitar I have ever played. The action is just what you claim. The tone is nothing short of awesome. I let my brother-in -law play this and he is an expert. His exact words were "this is one of the finest guitars I have ever played & the tone is beautiful" This is big praise for someone who goes through 4 or more guitars a year. He even asked to borrow it for future use when he does an accustic set at one of the venues he performs. Thank you again for being the answer to my prayers, this makes me sound better that I really am thanks to the string science Denny has mastered. If you want a fine musical instrument, you can't go wrong with a Zager.
Denny Ford
S. rockwood, Michigan

07/20/2013 I've been meaning to write in and let you know how much I like my Zad 20, well lets just say instead of sitting down and typing this I've been practicing Love Me Tender since I got the Zad 20 a week and a half ago, after I joined your lesson program. I'm 51 and I just started playing the guitar 2 months ago, I had ordered a guitar from an infomercial not knowing anything about guitars thinking of course the wrong thing, that a guitar is a guitar. So I very quickly came to a point where OK I have calouses now so why can't I play this thing for more than 10 to 15 minutes, and how long is it going to take to actually play a bar chord like the F, forget the B chord I would spend up to a full minute putting my fingers on the strings and would get dead notes and buzzs, the F chord I could get occasionally. I took my guitar into work to let my boss try it out, he's got a couple of martins and has been playing in a band (blue grass) for 35 yrs, he had suggested another guitar or maybe a capo to bring the action down a little, so I started to do some research found your site and started reading up on other guitars and talking to a couple of guys at work who have been playing for sometime, They brought in their guitars for me to try, one was a Washburn D10S and the other was an Alvarez, I forget the model, but I liked them both they were much easier to play than my Est#$&* and then there is the Zager with a money back guarantee, so I figured can't go wrong, if I dont like it I can send it back, even the shipping would be payed both ways. Needless to say I'm not sending this guitar anywhere, the longer I have it, the more I like it, sometimes I just like looking at it, its clean and sounds good but most of all the first time I picked it up I sat down and played it 1-1/2 hours, my fingers did get a little sore but 10 minutes later I grabbed it again for another 1-1/2, also first shot at the F barr chord I got it, then the B chord it must have taken me about 3 secs to place my fingers and got it, a nice clean sound, I have been practicing like I said Love Me Tender, and well actually I am playing it now after a couple of warm ups, its not real clean but it sounds good to me. I normally don't say I love this or that, but I guess I do, I love my Zad 20, I must, I seem to be spending more time with it than my wife (actually she comes in and listens to me play alot) I could probably keep on typing but I'm afraid the ZAD20 is calling again, SO ITS YOUR FAULT. Thanks Denny
Lyman Lowell
Havana, Florida

07/17/2013 Greetings Denny and Dennis from Bristol Rhode Island! I apologize for the delay as it's been a few months since I received my ZAD-20 CE, but I have been enjoying it immensely. It makes me wish I weren't currently a bass player, as I've been busy most of the Summer with learning new songs on bass for the band I'm in. Still, I've been taking weekly lessons on guitar now since last Winter and since receiving my Zager i've been finding it very easy learning favorite songs and new chords, especially the barre chords. Even my instructor has remarked how quickly I seem to get barre chords like F# maj and C# maj. It's great to be able learn songs w/o having to pass them by the band for approval, or wait for the rest of the guys to show up! I can finally play those Jackson Browne and Neil Finn songs that I've longed to play! I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Zagers and their staff for their patience and assistance w/ my order. My original guitar, though it played and sounded great, had a slight blemish/hairline fracture to the finish. Worried that it might be structural, and being my first guitar, I thought I'd get a replacement with a perfect finish. They immediately sent a replacement but to my dismay, though the replacement was perfect in every way, I liked the feel/playability of the original one better. I should have gone to a luthier before troubling Zager with a replacement, because the crack was merely cosmetic. Maybe I'd gotten used to it by then, I don't know but I didn't want to send the original back. They had explained that even though two guitars of the same model can be identical in every visible way, they can still sound and feel different. I was amazed to find this to be true. When I called them and explained that I wanted to keep the original after all, they were very understanding and accepted the return on the replacement. As has been said here before, would that this business model be employed in other companies. Many, many thanks for the awesome guitar...I now have the tools and am learning the skills to play songs by my favorite artists, and hopefully to write my own someday! Cheers!
Jon Adams
Bristol, Rhode Island

07/17/2013 My guitar arrived today!! It is the sigma/martin. First I could not tell a lot except it sounded great. Then I decided I may be trying too hard cause you ain't supposed to press so hard on this one to make a clear chord so I started testing to see just how easy I could go and still get the chord, I am used to cutting groves in my fingers.--Everything you said it was and more--I am a beginner but I sounded better than ever--I could have bought a sigma/martin at a guitar store but decided to go for yours because of the testimonials. --Glad I did. Them at the guitar store don't fret like this one does--My bluegrass buddies with the $2,000 martins is going to see it in a couple weeks, and I shall let them pass judgement. I will let you know--Tell you the truth I don't care what they say I am keeping this guitar--To me buying a guitar without trying it is like buying a pair of shoes without trying them on--They may not fit--but it fits perfect.--
David T Harris
McIntyre, Georgia

07/17/2013 Denny, I wanted you to know how much I love my new Guitar. I bought a Martin Sigma you modified, It is without a doubt the best guitar I have ever owned. Easy to play does not begin to describe it. The second day I sat down to see how long I could play before my fingers started hurting. It never happened. I played for over an hour and a half straight. My wrist got tired and I had to go to work. During the course of that day I played for almost 4 hours over all. My fingers never did get sore. It has a great sound too. I am very impressed. Best purchase of any kind I ever made. I can't put it down! Thanks
Robert Scoles
Louisville, Kentucky

07/14/2013 HI Denny Sr, Jr, and Brian My ZAD-20 CE OM arrived Thursday and it truly meets all my expectations. I really like the smaller body of the OM because I enjoy playing the guitar in a style that is more commonly used when you play a classic acoustic guitar. The action is great Denny you haven't lost your touch because it is just as nice as my Martin D-41 that you modified clear back in 1975. The smaller body of the ZAD-20 OM truly has a wonderful sound. I am looking forward to enjoying this guitar for many years to come. Thanks for your help and shipping the guitar so quickly. Best Wishes
Bob Gillespie
Lincoln, Nebraska

07/11/2013 I just received my guitar today and have been playing it for about half an hour and it sounds/looks/feels GREAT! This has got to be one of the better sounding guitars that have fallen into my hands. The design and science behind it definitely makes this guitar more playable and enjoyable. Thanks for all you have done and for this wonderful guitar. I will definitely refer any guitar enthusiast to your brand name.
Kong Meng Xiong
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

07/09/2013 Hi, I bought a discount ZAD-20 OM a week or so ago and finally received it yesteday. It’s a beautiful guitar and I can’t tell what flaws it has that make it a “discount”. I’m happy with the extra $20 savings though.I’m a beginner but I have calluses from trying to learn on a “regular” guitar, the ZAD definitely makes it much easier and enjoyable to play. I’ll sign up for your online lessions when I can work out a “learning schedule”. 2. Thanks for the extra set of strings. I’ll watch your online re-string instruction video when it comes time to replace the strings. 3. Thanks for the tee shirt. It’s really big. My wife & I can fit in it at the same time. Oh. It’s a little dirty but not something a little detergent can’t get out. Again, not a complaint. Thanks
King Lee
San Mateo, California

07/08/2013 I got my ZAD 20 a month ago. I shouldn't be sending this again, but the guitar really is great. I've been playing with another musician who has a 45 year old Martin D-21. Not only does my action feel smoother, more comfortable, and natural, but my sound is better. He recently put new strings on his to compensate for the "let down" in sound quality, I still sound better. Oh, by the way, my 2006 ZAD 20 cost less $ than his Martin did in 1962. I have to make sure that I have it safely in my car when going home, he has designs on the instrument! We're playing for 200 of our closest friends this week-end. Pictures to follow. . .
Steve Yaeger
Dallas, Texas

07/07/2013 The ZAD 80CE natural is the 2nd guitar that I had purchased in the last 6 months; the first was the ZAD20CE natural. The fact that this is the 2nd guitar purchased goes to show that I have total confidence and appreciation of your guitars. The ZAD 80CE sounds and looks just as described and it certainly sounds as good if not better than a few of the guitars above a $1000. I have come across some website some months back giving rather negative comments about Zager guitars…. well don’t believe a single word that is said; I would recommend a Zager guitar to anyone! Thanks again for another great guitar! Best Regards
Francis Lai
Compton, California

07/05/2013 Hi Denny, It has been 10 days since I received my new DM-1 Guitar. I thought I would get some play time in before I e-mailed you. I have been playing off and on for about 45 years and recently decide to play more so I could accompany my grandson and his Fiddle. I love the tone. It's a truly pure sound. It took me a little while to get the hang of not pressing hard on the strings. Now I love to play it often. This guitar is everything you said it was and more. a great instrument. Thanks
Neil Gardner
Casselberry, Florida

07/05/2013 Dennis, I am so excited!!!! This is the greatest news. I have been taking the online lessons for a few days and so struggled with the first thress blocks of the song. That D cord label was really tough. I was so worried that it just was not going to work for me. For hours I kept forming the chords over and over and I about lost it. And then it was JUST THERE!!! So I went to the next block and the next and the next. I am about half way through the song and although it is still a bit slow going, it is definitly sinking in. And it sound like the song!!! Its like magic. Everthing you and your Dad promised is there. All it takes is practice, practice, and more practice. Even though I still continue to take guitar lessons and my instructor is great, he just can't teach me this style. And this is why I took up guitar, to do the fingerstly. THere aren't even that many books on it that teach full arrangements. I am so impressed and so excited. It feels like the skys the limit. I never really did get with the strumming. I mean it has its charm but nothing as gratifying as playing a solo full arrangement. THank you so much, Dennis. Without all your guidence and support I wouldn't have come near this far. Your the best.
Maureen Crotty
cincinnati, Ohio

07/02/2013 Hi Dennis, I can't put my ZAD 80 down. I think it sounds even better than before!! Thanks again for a wonderful experience.. My friends are all asking about my 80 and where to buy? I am happy to point them in your direction.
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

06/29/2013 Guiter arrived late yesterday afternoon. Perfect condition. Thanks!!
Michael Graham
Fort Worth, Texas

06/27/2013 Dear Mr. Zager, Hi. I found my new guitar waiting for me when I got home last night. If you recall I am a new student (practicing single note - Jingle Bells). Yes, at 46 years old I decided to try something new. Even with my lack of experience I can tell I have a quality guitar, which plays and appears very well. It's true after playing for over an hour my fingers weren't sore or tired, and the chords & notes are much easier to play. My son, Michael, who plays a Fender 70's era Stratocaster & 12 string acoustic, 6 string Cort acoustic, and last but not least Custom Gibson Les Paul, likes the overall "feel" and the lack of string buzz of the ZAD - 20 CE. Michael also plays sax and drums for the local school band, and has hopes of becoming a music teacher. The case, strings, pic's, T-shirt were delivered in good order. Thanks for the autographed picture. I remember hearing your song "In the year 2525" playing on the radio. Deep lyrics with insight, cool. As I am sure you know, the true test is time.
Lennie Slack
Eau Claire, Michigan

Larry Moore
New Bern, North Carolina

06/27/2013 I have to say I am absolutely blown away with the customer service side of your business. The guitar also is great. Tomorrow, I'm wearing your T-Shirt to work. If someone asks, I will have plenty of great things to say. I can tell by how you've handled your self, this is a true passion for you and your company. It shines through on all the testimonials. It's been a genuine pleasure to purchase from and deal with you and your company. I'm am certain I will be buying another guitar from you sometime next year.
Glen Sossin
E Northport, New York

06/23/2013 Hi, I purchased a ZAD 20 OM from you and love it. The sound and playability is remarkable. Recently added a Fishman Rare Earth soundhole pick-up and WOW !!.
Richard Butler
Louisville, Kentucky

06/21/2013 Dennis, I originally purchased and received my ZAD20-CE in early July, sight unseen, purchased based on the guarantees and the testimonials I'd read. I used it for a gig on the 4th of July; a three-hour show. I had ZERO hand and finger fatigue and ZERO hand cramps after the show. I used it again for another three-hour gig in early August....the same results! In my 40 years of playing I've owned Fender, Ovation, Peavey, Alvarez and Dean acoustics. None, NONE, compare to my Zager. I've also owned Peavey, Gibson and Fender electrics. None of those compare to the Zager for ease of playing. Thank you for an incredible instrument. Now a note about Customer Service. When Dennis says "100% Customer Satisifaction Guaranteed," take that to the Bank!!! I had a minor issue with the pickup on my ZAD20-CE. When I contacted Dennis via email, his response came back to me in minutes.....not hours or days! He provided me instruction on how to possibly resolve the issue at home. When that wasn't successful, I emailed Dennis again and he immediately provided me a UPS pre-paid shipping label. I shipped my "baby" back, and received it back from Dennis in less than 10 days, with the issue completely resolved. Try that with the "Big Name" companies. I'm now a true Zager advocate and am spreading the word. Thanks again for a SUPERIOR product. I'm looking forward to a lifetime of fun playing my ZAD20-CE. It's a real pleasure to be able to provide an absolutely true testimonial!! Sincerely,
Dan Basham
Bellflower, Illinois

06/20/2013 Mr Zager, Well sometime in July I decided to order a ZAD 80. When I opened it up it was just like in the photo's a very handsome guitar. After a few strums I fell for it strait away. I really like the tone. I have put down my Epiphone Masterbuilt. It seems to be nearly perfect. I am really happy. Now it's on to some lessons.
Greg Oravetz
Vail, Colorado

06/17/2013 Denny, About three weeks ago I came home from work and found a new guitar case in my living room. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found a Zager 20-CE Sunburst! The exact guitar I had dreamed of owning... I discovered that my twin brother had secretly ordered it because I had talked about wanting it so much. I love this guitar and having played for 40 years, I have played MANY guitars. This is without question the easiest acoustic I have ever played. It is a beautiful looking and sounding guitar. My Martin D28 and Seagull have not been out of their cases since the Zager arrived! I also would like to recommend the Zager online lessons. I have been a member for the last 3 months and have learned so much...from tuning to picking. This is a great course! Thank you all for the great products and thanks again to my wonderful brother!
Gary Bosley
Saint Joseph, Illinois

06/17/2013 I just wanted to take a second to compliment you on an awesome guitar. I have played for a number of years, and am very impressed. The sound is unbelievable, and the action is as good as it gets on an acoustic guitar. I just can't seem to put it down. I will definitely do business with you all again. Thank you again for the great customer service, you guys really are selling the guitar as much as the company behind it. Which is why I will tell everyone who asks, and even some who don't, do not hesitate to buy one of these guitars. They really are that good. Thanks again
Sean Stevens
Northfield, Minnesota

06/17/2013 Dennis: I am thrilled with my new Martin/Zager modified guitar. Thanks so much for your help. The process was easy and I will recommend the guitar to my friends. It is great to get back into playing. My experience in the purchase was top rate and I thank you for that. Your product will get a great deal of use.
Karl Larsen
Las Vegas, Nevada

06/14/2013 Hi Dennis, I am very pleased with the guitar and love the electronics. Thanks for everything!
Gregory Miller
Thompsons Station, Tennessee

06/11/2013 i have only been playing a guitar for about 4 months,my first guitar was a cheaper guitar with real high strings.i was quickly getting tired of sore fingers,i could understand a little soreness but my guitar was just getting very aggravating to play,i would only play about 30-45 minutes a day and lay it down.i ordered the sigma dm-1 with the e-z play string science after alot of reading your testamonials and this is the greatest guitar i have played.i i can play for several hours on this e-z play. i have played a few of my friends higher price guitars but none plays as easy as mine, and sounds just as good as the high $$ guitars. i expect for a few of my friends to be purchasing one of the e-z play guitars,thanks for a great product
Tony Key
Oxford, Alabama

06/09/2013 I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new guitar, the case and your customer service. I appreciate your patience with all of my many questions I asked you. I plan on purchasing the 6 month lessons very soon. I can?t wait to get started, as it has been many years since I last played. Once again, thanks for everything!
Angela Davis
Phoenix, Arizona

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