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06/11/2013 Hi Denny, We've been using the guitars you sent for nearly a year now and I can't tell you how pleased we are. We have people asking about the name brand "Zager" all of the time, and when they here about the special custom design of these guitars, they are even more interested in them. We have a link to your site on our webpage, but we normally just send people that we talk to directly to your site.
John Fox
Nashville, Tennessee

06/08/2013 Dennis, 4 Days after receiving the guitar...It's absolutely the best! I love this thing. Even my wife is asking me to play it again and again. Simply the best sounding guitar I've put my hands on. Thanks for making it. It's beautifuls and sounds great. Having a difficult time putting it down. Thanks for the stand. I can definitely use it. Regards,
Ira Wheatly
Arlington, Texas

06/07/2013 Thank You Dennis Your guitars are like night and day. I've enjoyed playing piano for years but a temporary move forced me to sell my 6 foot grand. A friend of mine said I should learn guitar. The guitar had always been an uncomfortable instrument for me. But I decided to give it a try. So I bought a cheep one off the TV, big mistake. After playing for just a few minutes my fingers where being cut into and the sound was terrible. I was looking up higher end guitars and found your site. Straight out of the box your guitar`is awesome and being able to just lay fingers on the strings to hit a solid, pure sounding chord is amazing. Your guitars will make a student 100, 200, 200% better straight out of the box! Again thank you for a truly unique quality guitar.
David Iseley
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

06/05/2013 I'm having a wonderful time getting aquainted with my new guitar. It's everything you said and more. you guys are fantastic.
RC Antolina
Newnan, Georgia

06/05/2013 Dennis Jr. I received the 80CE OM guitar and case in great shape. I love the guitar it is sooo easy to play, I don't want to put it down. Your father's string science eliminates the stress of making and holding chords, it takes almost no pressure to get a solid true sound, barre chords are even a breeze. The on board tuner is a great addition to the guitar, no more finding and hooking up a tuner, IT'S RIGHT THERE, PUSH ONE BUTTON AND YOU ARE TUNING! The case I purchased with the OM guitar is of the highest quality and a perfect fit, the humidity cell in the case is a neat idea. I have been playing guitar for about 2 years, the first guitar I purchased was a Sigma DM1 from Zager guitar. Needless to say the easy play, tone and tuning prompted me to take a step up with the 80CE OM. The quality is excellent. I would recommend a Zager guitar to anyone who wants a easy playing, high quality guitar, beginner or otherwise. Thanks again for the beautiful guitar and accessories. I know I will be enjoying them for a long time.
Rusty Steiner
Gillette, Wyoming

06/02/2013 I just wanted to drop you a line telling you how impressed with what you do. I ordered and received a DR-41 last week, it has got to be the sweetest brightest sounding guitar I've ever heard. I taught myself how to pick a banjo when I was in my teens, my mom,dad and grandfather can play anything with strings or keys. some of my favorite memories as a child was sitting at my grandfathers feet while he played. now that I've got the kids out of college, it was time for me to do some of the things I've always wanted to do. I've only been playing for a short while, But so far, I have an Ibanez AW100, a takamine acoustic/electric nylon string, a telecaster, an old alvarez Dana II and a Washburn hollow body and they have not been touched since I got the DR-41 . I can hear them all sitting on the rack saying, "hey! what about me, I thought I was your favorite" I really like your style of teaching so I've signed up for your lessons. in closing, reach around and pat yourself on the back. you really do a terrific job at what you do.
Chuck Simons
Hot Springs National Park, Arizona

05/30/2013 Hi Guys, I purchased my Zager ZAD-20CE (left handed) a couple months back. I have just now taken time to write you a line. I felt I needed to after I enjoyed such a pleasant purchase with your company. I was working in Siberia (still) at the time I ordered the Zager. You guys were great help, as I had several question and answer sessions via email before my purchase. My wife received my guitar before I arrived home on leave just as I had planned, and just when you said it would arrive. It was just what I had expected. It is a beautiful guitar.I also purchased the hard-shell molded case with humidity sensor. It is a great case as well. My wife took some photos (attached) and sent me, which just made me want to get home all the sooner in order to hit a lick or two on that Zager! When I got home, I was blown away by the sound and looks of this guitar. I have played Ovations and Yamaha's for years, and there is no comparison to the Zager. I had actually bought one for a friend and had it delivered before I got mine, and he was blown away as well. In a nutshell, you guys provide an excellent product that comes with the best customer support and service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I look forward to purchasing my son a Zager in a very short while. He has the bug now! Kind regards,
Terry Dannelley
Houston, Texas

05/28/2013 Hello Denny and crew. I justed wanted to send this heartfelt testimonial about the guitar and the music you have turned me onto. I've had my Zager 20-OM for six-months. It is my daily player of the five guitars that I own. I play about two-hours a day. The guitar sound fantastic, it plays easy, and it is the one guitar I wouldn't consider selling. I love this guitar.
Scott Clark
Olympia, Washington

05/28/2013 I grew up as a Santana, Hendrix and Who fan. Thanks to Denny's lessons and his great guitar, I have broadened my horizons to include classical, country, and of course rock. I really love the fingerstyle version of "Hurt" I now know who Chet Atkins is and I'v subscribed to Finger Style Magazine. You guys have opened a new world of music to me---Thanks. Finally, the lessons on tuning and restringing make me the envy of many of my peer players. They can't believe how fast I restring and how well my guitar stays in tune. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future arrangements.
Scott Clark
Olympia, Washington

05/28/2013 OK. I've had my Zager for a month now. And I am in love with it!!! It is everything it's said to be. Really easy to play. The action is very low and with the low frets it is very comfortable to play. I've been playing for over 40 years and can say this is absolutely the best playing acoustic I've ever played. And I've played them all. The Zager plays almost as well as my Les Paul!!! Hard to believe an acoustic could play so well. I use a lot of barre chords and so have to move around a lot on the fretboard. That can be very painful on the hand and the fingers due to different positions and sliding up and down the frets. But not anymore! I don't need a lot of pressure to make the chords now and sliding doesn't tear my fingers up anymore. After playing my Zager my other acoustics feel like I'm sliding over speed bumps instead of frets. And it sounds great too. Straight acoustic or plugged into my PA or amp. I am very impressed with the electronics on this guitar. I own a Fender,an Ibanez, and an Ovation acoustic electric but none of them sound near as good as my Zager. The built-in tuner is great too although I don't need to use it that much. My Zager pretty much stays in tune. Great! I play gigs regularly and I've used my Zager now for 2 acoustic gigs. It's great to be able to play 2 long sets without my hands killing me. Not only do my hands not hurt but I play better and get much more enjoyment out of it. I find that I practice more often and for longer now. I love the full bodied sound my Zager has unplugged in the middle of my living room. Much of the time when the guys come over to practice we go unplugged due to just how great it sounds. They are also very impressed with my Zager. I am a very happy customer and want to thank you for making a truly great, affordable guitar.
Terry Brewster
Arlington, Virginia

05/24/2013 Dennis, My 14 year old son had some time to play and really listen to the recently purchased ZAD-20 CE for the first time this weekend, hooked up to his amp also and the best way to describe the sound was WOW !! He loves the flexibility of the CE model, definitely a worth while investment for any musician that intends on using it for performances. My son played it for a couple of hours straight (hooked up to the amp) in sheer delight. He will be using it with his band at their next gig on September 6 at the Malibu Inn in Malibu, Ca. The Zager will be the only acoustic on stage. It looks so beautiful also, which is very important being a young group, as they are trying to project a very professional image on stage. So please tell Denny that we are extremely happy with our purchase and my son is very excited that he now has a guitar that he can use for his entire musical career.
Dean Williams
Ladera Beach, California

05/22/2013 My new guitar arrived yesterday and I couldn't put it down. The fit and finish are beautiful and the setup is incredibly comfortable. The instrument has a lush, full tone with lots of harmonics and overtones, a very nice sound. While not as loud as my 35 year old dreadnought, the Zager has a fuller, warmer sound. The tuning slipped a little during shipping, but the Fishman electronics made it extremely simple to re-tune. I love it ... thanks.
Richard Ray
Louisville, Kentucky

05/21/2013 I just placed my order and everything went through great! You know.. I really have Denny to thank for my improvement as a guitarist. I took lessons for years and confess to know many scales and practice stuff. But the problem is that, after all these years, when someone would ask me to play them something I realized that I honestly didn't know any complete songs!! Only small parts of songs or riffs. After just a few months on Denny's site, I already know 5 complete songs and I'm excited about diving in again for more! My friends and family are shocked when they hear me playing full arrangements all of a sudden after years of simply "messing around on the guitar". I've learned more about playing my guitar in 6 months from Denny than 16 years with all my other guitar instructors! For that, I could never thank you enough!! Also, I LOVE my ZAD-80CE guitar! It is just as Denny advertised it!! Easy to play with unbelievable sound! Simply the best guitar I've ever owned!! I will be a customer for many more years to come! Especially with your world-class Customer Service at my beckon call whenever I have a question or concern. Thanks again!
Mark Porter
Suamico, Wisconsin

05/18/2013 Hi, Dennis, I just wanted to tell you that I received the guitar case today and I am delighted! It is so well made and the humidity/temp gauge is cool. One question: does it have an on/off switch? Love it!!!
Neil Speer
Evergreen, Colorado

05/18/2013 We recieved the guitar while we were away on Vacaction. After I ordered it I was really excited and drove my son (The gutarist) nuts!!! He said he didn't like Accoutics and probaly wouldn't be playing it much: He really likes his Gibson electric guitar. Well when we got home today and he opened it up and actually played the guitar He commmented on how well the guitar really played. All I can say is THANKS FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT GUITAR!!!! Sincerely
Nora Bobb
ShermansDale, Pennsylvania

05/18/2013 Thanks, Dennis: I'm thrilled with my new [modified] Martin and have enjoyed playing it. I look forward to subscribing to the Zager video lessons.
Richard Zoppo
Woodbridge, New Jersey

05/15/2013 Hi Denny, I really enjoy your new web page. As I listened to your arrangements of the many songs listed on the web page I wondered if it would be possible to purchase one or more of these arrangements from you. They really are well done. As I begin to play my guitar again I realized how much I enjoyed the arrangements you provided me, when I took lessons from you many years ago. Thanks for your help Best wishes
Bob Gillespie
Lincoln, Nebraska

05/12/2013 my Zad-30 arrived today. Ordered in on Wed. Talk about prompt delivery! The gutar is more than I expected. Fantastic action and playability. It really was "in tune" when I opened th carton. Sound is great. Quite "tenoriy". Sounds good!
Steve Yaeger
Highland Village, Texas

05/10/2013 Dennis I wanted to let you know I received the ZAD-80 I ordered. The guitar is very nice and has a great warm tone with projection. The 80 is my second guitar from you. Both are very nice and that is from someone that owns 3 Martins - D35, D-1, and 000-16 Special Edition. Thanks. Regards,
John Griffin
Manvel, Texas

05/09/2013 Hello, my name is Tom Costello and I purchased a guitar ZAD-20CE (I think that's it's name) and I am very pleased with the guitar. I also was given as a gift the guitar course. It was an excellent and unusual course. The tab system that Mr. Zager developed is the easiest way I have encountered to quickly learn new songs. Thanks. Thanks a lot for your great products and customer service.
Tom Costello
Pearland, Texas

05/08/2013 Hello Denny I purchased a guitar from you in May and I got it yesterday. I am truly delighted with the high level of quality of the instrument & would like to thank you personally for the service that you gave to me prior to purchasing the instrument & the care with which you obviously take in preparing your instruments for sale prior to sending them out. Best Regards
Lesley Heffernan
Rosemeadow, Washington

05/06/2013 Hi Dennis, I've played a lot of acoustic guitars in my time...I'm 58! and I've been in the music business for more than 45 yrs. I'm in the Country music field but when I was younger, I was into Rock,Blues, and Jazz. I've been lucky enough to have worked with some great artist's.I've been a keyboardest for most of the time but I play all instruments and acoustic guitar in Country music is the back bone of it all. That's why it was so important to get this Zager guitar! I own a Takamine acoustic/electric but the ZAD 20CE puts it to shame! It play so easy and sounds real full, tomarrow I'm starting to lay tracks using the Zager! Ya'all do great work and have a great product, don't let anybody else tell you different!!!!
Bob Ervin
West Bloomfield, Michigan

05/06/2013 Hi Denny, I know that my son commented that he didn't care about accoustic guitars and he commented on how great the guitar was several times on sunday when we got home. I am taking it with me when he goes for guitar lessons tonight and see if I can get a some advice on what I can say to even get on that site. I know nothing about doing gigs -my son has not even said about doing this. He just started playing this past spring and just really liked the gibison sg electric guitar. I just know that you have provided me a chance to open up a chance for my son to enjoy playing a great accoustic guitar at a price that we could afford. I am REALLY THANKFULL for that.
Cary Zink
Hollister, California

05/03/2013 Dear Dennis, Well, after only two days, I received the second guitar today! I inspected it tonight and it is also as beautiful as the first one I got. After alternating back and forth with the two guitars, and really listening and paying attention to the action, I am beginning to realize that these Zagers are indeed pretty easy to play! And the subtle intonation and wonderful sustain made me smile, smile, smile. Maybe I'm just getting accustomed to the guitar or maybe the calluses I've developed over the last two weeks have made it seem easier to play (yeah, I have developed calluses. Maybe I'm just improving since I've been playing every day since I got the first guitar. Wow, man, you guys are by far the most fabulous company to deal with of all time! with much appreciation for all you've done to make me a satisfied customer,

Niel Speer

P.S. - I think I'm going to sign up for the online lessons.
Neil Speer
Evergreen, Colorado

04/30/2013 Hello Dennis, I received my ZAD=20 and dearly love it, In fact my guitar music teacher was so impressed by it, He is looking at one.
Lance Parrish
Seattle, Washington

04/28/2013 Greetings, Dennis! Sorry for delay in getting back to you. I did receive the GORGEOUS!! guitar, all in tact, the very next day! It looks and sounds great, and it plays great! I didn't realize how arthritic my hands are till I started playing it, but it will get better with time--I hope. (Yeah, I'm one of those senior citizens!) Some day I'll sign up for your online lessons. (Have to get some things done first.) Thanks a ton for all you do!
Marilyn Johnson
Nashville, Tennessee

04/28/2013 Hey just wanted to let you know my brother just got the other 80CE and he said it is absolutely beautiful.He said its sounds great even without a amp. Thanks again
Tim Bethune
Wahiawa, Hawaii

04/28/2013 Hello Denny and Denny Jr. I hope you are both doing well. Well I know it may not seem possible but as it gets closer to December I know my wife will start asking me for Christmas ideas. I've been thinking about a travel guitar and can think of no finer instrument than your ZAD15 travel guitar. I purchased your ZAD 20 last year and still absolutely love it. I can only assume that all Zager owners love them as much as I love mine. Recently a new Guitar Center opened in my area. I went over there to look around and play with some of their guitars. Well what can I say...I would put my ZAD 20 up against just about anything in their store. Many costing hundreds more than what I paid for mine. I can not praise the quality of your instruments enough. Like I said in one of my other letter " In the year 2525, if man is still alive...they'll be playing Zager Guitars". Keep up the wonderful work.
Terry Booth
New Baden, Illinois

04/24/2013 No problem. Been really happy with my guitar (as a newbie, the sore fingers was tough). I'm playing an hour or 2 every day just because I'm having so much fun at it and the guitar definitely made a difference in letting me play until I was tired and not too sore(usually). I'm really happy with my Zager and happy to share the experience.

Gary Ashley

P.S. I really like the guitar I bought from you. Only been playing for 3 months or so but have picked up some other guitars and can immediately tell the difference in the action. I've recommended your guitars to a lot of friends who play.
Gary Ashley
Overland Park, Kansas

04/22/2013 I was torn between the ZAD-80CEOM and the ZAD-80CE. Both are electric and acoustic but the OM is slightly smaller. Both had a marvelous sound when I played them acoustically (without electric). The tone is warm and deep. I use it with a variety of amps, mostly in a church, and the sound is clear as a bell. The guitar came in spotless condition - it clearly was tuned before being shipped, and needed little effort on my part. I checked it carefully and found nothing, not even the slightest problems. The action is easier than any steel-string guitar I have even owned. It looks like a museum piece. This is a very high quality guitar. I have been playing guitar, on and off, for about 20 years. I tried other guitars in stores, including Martins, and the Zager sound beat them all. Do not have any concern buying from Zager over the Internet. They are first class.
David Wladaver
Palm Harbor, Florida

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