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02/18/2018 I recieved the guitar today and play it for about 2 hour straight out of the box--Aswesome instrument. James
James Houston
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

02/15/2018 I meant to reply sooner but I've been busy . . . some of it playing the guitar. It arrived and, true to your reputation, she's BEAUTIFUL and I love her. Thanks for going out of your way to be so awesome. This is my second guitar from you guys (first was a gifted ZAD20 and I love it too) and I mention you whenever I meet people looking, and I will continue to do so. Please send my sincere thanks on to your father too.
Brandon Tighe
Pocatello, Idaho

02/13/2018 Hi Dennis Let me tell you that your customer services just blow me away!!!. I have never dealt with an organization that is so committed to customer satisfaction. Your promptness efficiency and courteous attention to customer concerns is refreshing and should be emulated by any and all businesses that endeavor to be successful. My hat is off to you personally and to all of your associates as well. Kudos Dennis Really. Thank you again. I will keep you posted on the results of the string change. OK. Sincerely, Duane Alberski
Duane Alberski
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

02/12/2018 Hello Zagers, My ZAD20 arrived as scheduled last Monday. I let it acclimate in the case for a few days due to the extreme heat here in Arkansas. I played it yesterday and this morning and it is a wonderful sounding, easy playing instrument. At age 70 I'm looking forward to many more years of picking on a guitar that is easy on the hands. Thanks for your work on such a fine instrument and courteous service (and the extra gifts). Mitch Crosswell, Altus, Arkans
Mitch Crosswell
Altus, Arkansas

02/11/2018 Hi Dennis, Sorry I haven't written sooner,but I had shoulder surgery and have been out of action for a while. However I received the 900 and I think it is absolutely beautiful! The sound is amazing. I can't get over the richness and fullness across the entire spectrum. I own a 1971 D28 and I can say without hesitation this a superior sounding instrument. My wife said its like comparing an upright piano to baby grand. Thanks once again for your excellent customer service. All the Best, Tony
Tony Kazules
Las Vegas, Nevada

02/09/2018 Denny, Received my ZAD80CE yesterday. It is everything you advertise and more. I have a disabled left hand and the easy-play features make it so much easier to play than a regular guitar. The action is phenomenal, easy to bar chords, and my fingers don't get sore. It is effortless to play. The sound is fantastic and I love all the electronic features My daughter, who is learning guitar, is in love with it. She wants to use it for her lessons; I am not sure I want to part with it, however. Awesome, Frank Hamrah
Frank Hamrah
Yuba City, California

02/09/2018 Dennis. I just received the Zad 20 guitar that I had ordered. It is wonderful. I am a beginer player but i have always wanted a good quality guitar Now I Have One. I cant believe how easy it is to play and the craftmanship that has went into makeing it. I will charish it for ever. Please pass this on to your father for me. Thanks ever so much Marv.
Marvin Albers

02/06/2018 Denny I just received my zad80 and my zad20 they were just awesome.Your customer service is just as awesome as your guitars! I love the ease of choarding , I can play much longer now , I have neuropathy in my hands and I must thank you again for the easy play system. My old D35 is in the closet now. So once again thank you and everyone involved in the Zager guitar company. PS: I have ordered a Zad20, so now I have all but the 900 and as soon as you build another one I will have them all.
Randall Fincher
Fairbanks, Missouri

02/03/2018 Hello Mr. Zager, I just wanted to let you know the guitar arrived today and I'm very please with it. Sounds and looks awesome! Thank you so much, Nilsa Duran
Nilsa Duran
Port Richey, Florida

02/01/2018 Hi Dennis, The Zad80CE arrived this morning. I can’t believe it got here that fast. I love it. The tone is awesome and the playability is extremely friendly just like my 20. Excellent sustain, true pitches. Great guitar. And your Dad IS a perfectionist. The “flaws” in the finish were barely noticeable even in strong daylight. One of my musician friends came over this afternoon to see it and had to quit playing it because it made him want one. Thanks for the t-shirt, too. I gave it to my friend before he left. I wear a large and he wears an extra large which is what the shirt was so I told him he could have it since he liked the guitar so much. He’s wearing it to his band practice tonight! More free advertising for you! We are getting together for a session on Saturday and can’t wait to hear this guitar plugged into an amp. It should be fun.
Monty Exum
Cable, Wisconsin

02/01/2018 Thanks Dennis. I left work to wait for my guitar and I got it. I opened everything up and was pleasantly surprised with all the goodies inside. I was thrilled to receive a Zager Tshirt, Zager picks, certificate of authenticity, photo and colored photo of Dennis Sr. Those, of course, will be framed and hung on my wall. You made my day. Love the's beautiful. I hate to play it tho....afraid that it'll get scratched or dinged. I'm a beginner and will start my free lesson with Dennis Sr. online. I'm also planning to sign up for the yearly lessons online. I'm absolutely thrilled with everything. Keep up the good work and I hope someday to purchase your best guitar but I really love the black. You guys are the best and your customer service is outstanding. I wish I would've known about Zager guitars sooner. God bless! Sandy Andersen
Sandra Andersen
Sioux City, Iowa

02/01/2018 I bought the ZAD80CE. It is not only a beautiful sounding guitar, it is the kind of visual treat that makes people sit up and take notice, a real work of art. Whether I am recording direct or with a mic, it sounds lusciously balanced -- I look forward to a long, close relationship with this beauty. Dennis Zager couldn\'t have been more helpful and responsive, they run a real class operation there. Thanks, guys!
Jonathan Arthur
Scotts Valley, California

01/28/2018 Hi Dennis, Just letting you know that my guitar arrived 2 hours ago and I've just put it down to send you this email to tell you that it arrived safe and well. After 13 days on the road from USA to Scotland what can I say, it's everything and more that the web site and testemonials say it is. Right out the case it only needed a few seconds to tweak back in to perfect tuning with the inbuilt tuner and away we went, running through 'wish you were here' and 'here comes the sun' with absolute ease and what about that action ! way down low, clean, deep and with that zing that just shouts quality. Also sounds great amp'd up through my home desk/monitors, great pickup and EQ. I could go on applauding this instrument but needless to say I'm gonna get back to knockin out a few tunes. PS My Gibson J160E and Ayers AS are now taking spots 2 and 3 on the acoustic stand ! Best wishes and thanks to all at Zager, you have one very happy chap over here in Bonnie Scotland. Les
Les Gourlay

01/26/2018 Hi, Dennis. The guitar arrived today in perfect condition, well protected in its really nice case. What a beautiful guitar. It IS easy to play and WOW, what a great sound!!! I'll be lucky to pry it out of my husband's hands once in a while. Thanks again.
Marian Black
Buffalo, Wyoming

01/25/2018 Hi Dennis, I did receive my guitar last Monday a week ago. First of all, it is a very beautiful guitar, with amazing sound. To tell you something you have heard thousands of times by now, it does appear to cost much more than the purchase price. My Seagull at double the MSRP looks like a beginner model next to it. It took me a few days to actually play it - I think out of fear that I wouldn't see any difference. However, although I am not playing any where near perfect, I am playing much better. The playability is no joke - it is much easier. I wish you made a full on electric guitar with these features! Since I usually play electric, I am getting used to playing acoustic full time now, but I am enjoying the guitar immensely! Also, I am playing with and without a strap, using a neck adaptor, so I don't know if I will install the strap peg at this point, but will advise. Thank you for all of your help, patience and advice. Best Wishes, Mike Wilber
Michael Wilber
Las Vegas, Nevada

01/22/2018 Just wanted to let you and your dad know, there is nothing more therapeutic than sitting down with my Zad 80ce every afternoon. Thanks again for the opportunity !
Steve Tennent
Portland , Oregon

01/22/2018 Dennis, I have been so busy I have forgotten to let you know that I received my guitar and absolutely love it! It has a wonderful sound both acoustically and electrically and it has very easy action so it really gets your hand, wrist, and fingers used to bar chords without a lot of fatigue. I am elated with it and play it every night. All of your little touches like the pick, the T-shirts, picture, certificate are special. Thanks a lot! Ron Amato
Ron Amato
San Diego, California

01/22/2018 Denny, Just received my ZAD20 OM yesterday, the guitar is beautiful. It sounds and plays wonderfully, I'm very happy with the puchase. Peace, Richard Dennis
Richard Dennis
Amherst, New Hampshire

01/19/2018 Dennis Jr. I received my guitar last Friday and it arrived in good condition, no complaints. The tone was a surprise. I was not expecting that much clarity. Judging from the responses of some of my acquaintances, you might see some orders coming out of the Odessa area in the near future. Thanks For All Your Help, Ralph W. Martin
Ralph Martin
Odessa, Texas

01/16/2018 Hi Denny, I\"ve played with this guitar a couple of days now and I don\'t care if it suddenly turned purple. I LOVE so many things about it. I do believe it has a permanent home. :) Thanks for all your help and for being so easy to deal with. Margie
Margie Harwick
Trexlertown, Pennsylvania

01/14/2018 Hi Jill, I wanted you to know I received the guitar the other day. I'm just getting to know it, must have 20 hours on it already. Its a great instrument, hats off to Zagar's.. I am using it with the Boss Eband and I'm amazed at how clean and bright the sound is and love the action. Dan
Dan Lauer
Kihei, Maui , Hawaii

01/13/2018 Dennis, The guitar arrived today! Wow man, Its gorgeous! I wish I could play so I could hear it. I ran all over my shop to find finish gloves to handle it. I want my son to see it the way I did when I opened the case. As I mentioned before I've been a wood worker since childhood, I am also the head of the Quality Assurance department at my squadron, so I studied it for some time. There was not a single detail that did not appeal to me as a craftsman or technical inspector. It is a remarkable piece in every respect and reflects a serious commitment to the artistry of your craft. There must be great satisfaction in building art for artists. I also mentioned how important it was to me to get this gift right, and you've far exceeded my expectations. My son is everything to me and I'm certain that this guitar will feed his creativity and his dreams for years and years to come. Please pass my deep appreciation to your Dad, I'm sure he'll understand where I'm coming from. Many Thanks, Robby
Atlanta, Georgia

01/12/2018 All, I have to say that I received my guitar the other day and didn't really get a chance to play it till today. I have to say it is an incredible and beautiful instrument. I am amazed that a Parlor has the same amount of projection as my full sized acoustic. It plays beautifully and is very responsive to touch. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful instrument. I also appreciative all your prompt responses to my emails. Thank you again for my beautiful guitar. Sincerely, Ken
Ken Wilkinson
Riverview, Florida

01/10/2018 I've had it for a bit over 5 months and all I can still say is wow!!! I've been playing for over 20 years and this is absolutely the best guitar I've ever had in my hands!!! I will be looking to purchase another one later on!!!
Ron Reagan
Steele , Missouri

01/10/2018 Dennis, I received, as promised, the strap peg and strap today. Very nice, soft strap, with the Zager logo. They are much appreciated. While I truly love my new ZAD20E, and play it as often as I can, it is everything you said it would be. Beyond that, I am extremely impressed with the customer service I have received before, and especially after the sale. My emails are answered promptly, and I think Zager Guitar goes above and beyond what it offers as a product. The inclusion of the premium leather strap, which I would have gladly paid for, was an unexpected bonus. Thank you for that, and thank you for providing an exceptional product at an affordable price. Kudos to you, your Father, and your company. Keep up the great work, and I will be singing your praises as I play this wonderful instrument.
Mike Delaney
Sonoma, California

01/07/2018 ...and WOW! Now that is a GUITAR! It is beautiful and plays like butter. I am impressed. Can't put it down it plays so effortlessly I am blown away! Brent Sanchez
Brent Sanchez
Winchester, Kentucky

01/04/2018 received my new zad20 guitar, great great guitar, just love it. I received with it ---pictures, strings, picks, t-shirt etc. a very pleasant surprise! want to thank you all very very much! robert baum
Robert Baum
Lebanon, Missouri

01/02/2018 Hi Dennis, The guitar arrived this morning and it is the nicest guitar I have every played. I tried out standard tuning, open G taropatch, C wahine and Gabby's C tunings and the action is great without any buzzing for all of those. I can play for hours without pain. It sounds excellent. The tones are so much better than my old guitar, even though it is a decent guitar (which is now on Craigslist for sale). It is beautiful too. I am in heaven. I never thought I'd be able to play guitar much ever again. And the case was completely unexpected. With the picks, strings, t-shirt, lessons - this is like Christmas. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to take guitar playing to a new level. I will recommend your guitars to my friends who play. Thank you, Laura
Laura Rogers
Waikoloa, Hawaii

01/02/2018 My zager came in today, by far reached all my expectations, one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen, great to ad to my collection. I've played the dreadnaught series 10 years ago, and I have to say the OM is just as clear just with a more treble tone. The mids are just ridiculous, by far the most wonderful sounding guitar I've ever played. I wanted one for so long now that I'm overwhelmed with joy. Thank god there's an American guitar company out there like you guys, I'm speechless... I'm so glad I ran into your guitar company 10 years ago. Great job ZAGER guitars. I promise to share my joy of your company to others especially my students, thx so much
David Dunkin
Pensacola, Florida

01/02/2018 Hi Dennis, Just sending a note to tell you that the guitar arrived safely, and it's beautiful! It has a beautiful tone. Thank you for all of your help in answering my questions. I'm looking forward to using my new guitar in ministry. With best regards, Sister Barbara Aydelotte
Sister Barbara Aydelotte
Rochelle Park, New Jersey

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