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03/04/2013 Hi Denny and Dennis, I was expecting delivery tomorrow. I just logged on at 2:30 to track my package and it said "delivered at 2:05". I was excited to find my new ZAD 20 OM on my front porch...a day early! This is my third purchase and, as always, the service was exceptional!! The ZAD 20 OM looks and sounds great. Thanks so much,
Julie Rodden
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

03/01/2013 Dennis: I know that you sell a bunch of guitars and it is real hard to remember who is who, but I just wanted to write a quick note. About 2 1/2 years ago I had a bad construction accident that severed the flexor tendons in my left hand. It took quite a while for me to even try to play again. I am back to playing a couple of times a week and it has really helped with the flexibility of my hand. The guitar is just so much easier to play than my others. Strength is coming back, slowly, and flexibility is improving, but will never be back where it was. HOWEVER, I am back to where it is enjoyable to sit down and play again. I can jam, on a limited basis, with my buddies. By playing more, it keeps the flexibility from regressing. Therapy for the hand and sole. Occasionally I play my other guitar, but there really is a difference in playability. I look forward to enjoying the 80CE for years to come. Take care folks.
Jim Burden
Hampton, Virginia

02/27/2013 Denny, I received the ZAD-20CE Sunburst today. All I can say is WOW - not only is it an instrument that plays far more beautifully than most other instruments in its class, it outshines the competition with its masterpiece design, construction, and ease of use. I am truly impressed, and more than satisfied with my ZAD-20CE and Zager Deluxe Guitar Case. Best regards,
DeJay Clayton
St. Louis, Missouri

02/27/2013 My baby Zager is beauty! Thank you very much for the wonderful work that you do on the guitar and for the really nice case. I really appreciate all your care. The guitar is so pretty. I love it!
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

02/27/2013 Hi Denny, I received my 20OM on 7/24. This is the first OM I have played.. This guitar has a incredible sensuous tone when played acousticaly. I added my Fishman Neo D pickup and played it through a Fender practice amp dithout any modification.and the guitar retained its acoustic quality very well. The fingerboard is very easy to navigate. I play my Jasmine with medium strings because I like the deeper tone they produce so if I must stay with the extra lights I will but I would prefer to go up to at least light.. The frets are ideal for me. They are silky smooth. I have acouple other acoustics that have frets that need to be dresses at the edges. There is nothing worse that to get sctatched as you run the fretboard. this is a very nice instrument at a very respectible price. Your craftmanship shines through the String Science mod. I want to come bact later for another. Thanks much and I remember 2525 as if it was yesterday!
George Rose
Mechanicsville, Maryland

02/23/2013 Hi Denny and Dennis Jr. I finally got my Acoustic/Electric Sunburst 20CE last week. I say finally because I just felt I wanted the Sunburst and there were none available for a good while. It was worth the wait. The guitar looks and plays beautifully. I haven't tried it plugged in yet, but as I'm a songwriter and often play writer's nights, I will soon. I love the guitar and now let's just hope it's got a few really good songs hidden that I can coax out of it. Thanks again.
Nashville, Tennessee

02/21/2013 Have had the guitar a week and already into my 7th hour of online lessons. Created the attached 'table of contents' to help me keep up with what's available and what I've viewed, along with my notes. Now if there was just an easy way to know when new stuff is added. Thanks for all the help. My wife finally recognized some of the measures I was playing in 'Love me Tender'.
William Eichler
Maumelle, Arkansas

02/20/2013 Many thanks for your quick response and assurance. I know I made a good choice in Zager Guitars.
Jim Loudermilk
Fort Worth, Texas

02/17/2013 Hey Guys: Just wanted to let you know my guitar still holds center stage, even though I just added another new Les Paul Custom to the mix. Thanks again!
Ken Kunze
Arlington, Texas

02/17/2013 I just received the ZAD-20 as a surprise for my birthday! Yeah! I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with this instrument.
Anne Sisson
Elkton, Virginia

02/17/2013  I am 63 years old and have owned just about every brand of acoustic guitar made, Fender, Ovation, Martin, Yamaha, Gibson, Washburn, Takamine. I recently purchased a l960 Stella indentical to the first guitar I ever owned. None can even come close to matching this modified Zager. At my age, I have started having trouble playing like I used to because of arthritis, but the modification on this guitar solved that problem. I can now play for hours like I used to. Thanks and I plan on purchasing another Zager guitar soon!
Dave Lack
KINGSTON, Oklahoma

02/14/2013 Hello, my friend has one of your ZAD-80CEs and I played it and I desided to order and ZAD-20CE. I haved had it for about a week and i already see a huge difference in my playing. I love your guitars. Thank you
Miranda Frye
Friona, Texas

02/11/2013 Hello, I got the guitar 7/20/06.. Took off work to make sure someone was there, the temperature here was 106 and was skeptical the guitar would be ok. It didn't come until 4pm.. :(. The box was hot, hot ,hot. I let the guitar set for hours till it was cool. ..ZAD20 Black is a beauty nice and sleek. I checked for any imperfections and found none. The guitar was in tune,great tone and the sound was rich. Much easier to play than the breedlove I have. Very Very nice guitar and am proud to have it. Just as important is the customer support I was so impressed with the way things were done, a rarity today and I hope this will continue in the future. Anyone reading these testimonials should not hesitate on getting one of these guitars, They are what they say they are and at no risk to you. I am after the ZAD80 next :) :) This is a class act. Thanks guys
Ron Cain
Battleground, Washington

02/09/2013 I also wanted to tell you that I have one of your original modified guitars. I have enjoyed that guitar immensely but it has accrued in value and I am not comfortable traveling with it. It is my stay at home guitar plus my son is also playing the guitar and he is so much more talented then I that I would like to pass it on to him as part of my legacy to him. I quit playing the guitar for about 20 years and I am beginning again. I still use your finger picking style that you taught me so many years ago. The guitar and your finger style arrangements provide me with many moments of enjoyment and I thank you for the time you spent teaching me this method. I am very glad that you are still teaching and modifying guitars. I sure appreciate those modifications when I play. I am in big hurry and can wait for a blem. Thanks again for all your good work. Best wishes
Bob Gillespie
Lincoln, Nebraska

02/08/2013 I recently recorded a song with the Zager Zad 20 I recently purchased. I recorded this with a Dean Markley pick up so it probably takes away some of the beauty of the guitar. Feel free to put this song on your web site. It isn't copyrighted. The title of the song is Calico Girl. You can download it from this web site.
Robert Scrivner
Omaha, Nebraska

02/07/2013 Denny, first of all thanks for the great guitar. I took lessons for about 6 months when i was 7 years old and am now 46. i have bought several guitars thinking i would learn how to play but always stopped because of sore fingers and frustration. My son is 25 and can play awsome, but has been playing for 15 years. My daughter used to play until she was about 9. Now she is 16 and last night picked up my new Zager and started playing again and fell in love with it .I did not tell her it was an easy play. She played for an hour and next thing i new she was looking for her old lesson books. Now for me I have played every day since i got it and am learnig fast. A dream i never thought i could have come true. NO SORE FINGERS. I will see if she stays playing with mine and if so i will but another one for her.
Jim Hilmerson
Little Falls, Minnesota

02/05/2013 Denny Sr & Jr, Well, what can I say. I was wowed by the ZAD 20 from the moment I opened the hard-shell case. Then I played it and WOW wasn't enough. I am no legendary guitar player, haven't even owned one for about twelve years, but I recognized a good thing as soon as I held it. It is a beautifully made and engineered instrument. I have been talking about your guitar to every ear who would listen since placing the order. One of those sets of ears belong to a friend who has played professionally for a long time. He wanted to see and play it as soon as I received it so he could give an opinion. I received the guitar on Friday and took it to him at work the following Saturday morning. He took it from the case and and made the remark about how beautiful it looked. He sat down and played it and less than five minutes later asked me how to order him one just like it. I gave him your 800 number and he tried several times on Saturday only to get your answering machine. He then asked me how I placed my order and I explained that I placed the order thru your website. He now has a ZAD 20 CE/BK on order. He now has a $2200 M----- for sale, if you know of any interested parties. I think I may have a couple more sales for you, make sure you have the stock! It is rare indeed in this day and time to get what anywhere near what you paid for. This is one time where I got MORE than I paid for. If anyone gets to read this other than the Zagers, get this deal now while you can, these guitars are easily worth 4 to 5 times the price. One day they will be "the best investment you ever made". In closing, I just want to say to the both of you; keep on doin whatcha doin, cause you are doin it well.
Chris Yountz
Hamden, Maine

02/05/2013 Hello. I have been playing my ZAD - 80CE for about a month now. I have been playing guitar for 40 years, and this one is wonderful. Amazing sound, amazing action. Everyone tells me my playing has changing dramatically, but it's just a great guitar. Thank you.
Gary Hoover
Denver, Colorado

02/02/2013 Dennis received the new zad-20 natural today july 20th at 1.30 pm central time. thanks for the quick shipping. All I can say is WOW ita a beautiful guitar. Am very pleased with it. I will defantly recomend you company and product to everyone I meet. you do a super job. other compines could take lessons on you product and customer service! again many thanks a satisfied customer,
Travis Cooner
Jasper, Alabama

01/30/2013 Hi again, Everyone who touches the guitar is astonished. I took it to church to try out the pick-up on our sound system and the worship leader told the guitarist, "you're playing that guitar today!" Thanks!
Scott Schaefer
Eagle Point, Oregon

01/28/2013 Dear Denny, I only became one of your online students seven hours ago. I have spent most of that time in the Starting Out section, and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am already, and I am very confident that I will be able to learn to play the guitar. I have never played a guitar in my life, but for some reason I started daydreaming of playing the guitar, and for one week I could not stop thinking about it day and night. I would even fall asleep strumming a guitar in my slumber. I did not really want to have a guitar because I felt incompitent to learn how to play one. But this mysterious drive I had inside me caused me to give in, so I bought the cheapest guitar I could find within my budget - an Ibanez Quick Start guitar. One day, I hope to be able to afford to buy a Zager! In particular, I wanted to thank you with all my heart for your careful understanding about Patience! You practically devoted an entire video to telling your students to take it slow, and why you should take it slow -- and that is exactly what I needed to hear. I have been a slow learner my whole life. I have to push 10 times harder just to get to the level that others might understand right away. I'm not stupid by any means, I just don't learn as quick. So, the fact that you stress slowing down, and taking your time to learn "one thing" REALLY well, instead of a bunch of things wrong was the most encouraging thing to me! Thank you so much for your patient teaching methods! After I bought my guitar I searched online for guitar lessons because I can not afford live classes or an instructor. I searched many sites that were less expensive than yours, but they didn't explain very much at all, their videos were too short, or they didn't offer any, and it seemed they were not as concerned as how well their students learned and played. I was even leary of the claims you made in your advertisements, but you offered a money back guarantee which they didn't, so I felt I had nothing to lose. Actually, I didn't even have the money to sign up with you. I prayed and asked God that if it was his will for me to learn from you that he would provide the money. That very night a lady bought enough of my Christmas Ornaments that I sell online to cover the expense of the course! So, I am one happy camper and I thank you for putting SO MUCH into your teaching methods and videos. You can believe that I will recommend your site!!! God bless you Denny
Sigrid Belanger
Traverse City, Michigan

01/28/2013 Dear Denny and Dennis, I received my ZAD-20CE yesterday and I've been playing it for a couple of hours. The guitar's very low action, wider string space, and great tone is exactly like everything you say on your website. Thank you for the extras!! Ladies in gentlemen, Denny Zager autographs their guitars. I didn't realize what this really meant until I got the guitar. This to me is a stamp of approval that they are proud of their product and stake their entire confidence and reputation on it. It tells me that if I ever have any questions or problems with the guitar, they will be there to help me. This is how you run a winning word-of-mouth business. Denny, I hope that you've already thought of handing down your "secret" so that it will not get lost for generations to come. I will be a future buyer and I will most likely recommend Zagers (as a better value for your money than the excellent/expensive Martins) to guitar playing friends of any level. For a very decent/competitive price, the value I am getting is priceless!
Binh Ly
TRENTON, New Jersey

01/28/2013 Just a note to say that I received my guitar several weeks ago and have had difficulty putting it down. I've been playing off and on (mostly on) since the late 60s. I don't think there's much else that gives me so much enjoyment; which makes this guitar, with its amazing sound, such a great purchase. You make a superior instrument and I'm proud to own a Zager. Sincerely,
Sam Aprile
Kankakee, Illinois

01/24/2013 Hi, Today is my birthday and I wanted to let you know that I received my Zager Acoustic guitar as a gift. It was a complete surprise, as I haven't played in about 25 years, but when I picked it up I was moved to tears. It is just a beautiful guitar and feels so good in my hands. It arrived in pristine condition and sounds great. I'd been wanting another guitar, basically since the day I sold my Ovation, so many years ago. To me, Martin always represented the best, so that, combined with your fine craftsmanship and innovations make this the perfect guitar for me. I am currently tearing through boxes in the garage, looking for all of my old guitar picks and music. It is just the best birthday present I've ever received... Thanks!
Terrie Trotter
Lake View Terrace, California

01/22/2013 Received my guitar yesterday and it sounds fantastic! Thanks!
Anthony Douglas

01/21/2013 I just got my zager, and its ten times better then i thought it was going to be sounds like a thousand dollar guitar yet its 400. Keep up the good work denny and denny jr. Your guitars kick ass. (You should be charging more)
Michael Neags
Lagrange, Illinois

01/18/2013 If you're like me and dont know if you should believe the other testimonials (as I am likely the biggest skeptic you will ever know), then believe this one. The string science system is everything they say it is. I read about it for weeks and decided with the money back guarantee i had nothing to lose. Now I see why they can offer such a guarantee. My new Zager ZAD-20CE is a blast to play. I've only had it a week, but when I took it back to college my room mates and other friends that play couldnt believe how much better I sounded. I never told them that I HADN'T been practicing for hours every day over the summer like they thought. In fact I hardly played at all until this guitar came, now I cant put it down. Thanks Mr. Zager,
James Byrd
Bakersville, North Carolina

01/18/2013 Just wanted to let you know that over a year ago I purchased a guitar from you guys. It is a joy to play. Just this week I purchased a small acoustic amp and a Dean Markley Pro Mag plus pickup that slides in the sound hole. This guitar sounds awesome amplified even with the cheap pickup and small amp. Thanks again for a great sounding and playing guitar. I have a friend who may want to purchase one of your blem guitars in the near future! Thanks again,
Dave McFarland
Great Falls, Montana

01/18/2013 Magnificent, Magnificent, Magnificent!!! As I was used to the large dreadnought neck of my Martin, for the first five minutes I was a little disappointed and confused. By the end of ten minutes the trumpets had sounded and - miracles were occuring beneath my fingertips. Your father's right. There's an old saying "don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff." The sale you have made to me will probably generate 2 to 5 more sales at a minimum. I will likely buy another myself to make certain I am not separated from my new best friend in the event it needs attention. Like many of your other customers I like to put the hours behind my guitar. Rekindled my love affair with my guitar. Spent an hour on three simple chords drawing out melodies that I had worked on my Martin for months to produce and consequently sent it to it's case in frustration. Effortless slides, crystal clear hammer ons and triplets using a minimum of pressure. Straight pick, flat pick, finger pick this guitar hums in the hands. I had started shopping for an electric firmly believing what I wanted to do could not be accomplished on an acoustic. Not so! Now I'll have the versatility of an acoustic and an electric in one guitar. I think the guitar I purchased is a ZAD 80 CE. Names don't mean a lot to me, but I'm sure it's a Zager and I'm unequivocally pleased. I was also surprised at the beauty of the instrument. I wasn't expecting such a fine looking piece. You couldn't buy this guitar back from me for four times the price I paid. I also intend to enroll in the lessons. A person never gets to good to learn and the price your charging for them is extremely reasonable. I appreciate the time and patience it took to you learn and develop string science to this level. Thank you very much for your efforts. I for one will enjoy them for the rest of my life ( and many more of my family and friends will probably do so as well when they discover what a wonderful instrument I own and what a reasonable price I paid for it.)
Paul Maynard
Powell, Tennessee

01/15/2013 Will absolutely leave nothing but positive feedback for you guys and wish you all the very best success you deserve. Anything I can do other than spreading the word and showing off my 80CE to promote you guys just let me know. I wore my Zager tee shirt around Hilton Head, S.C. all last week, so hopefully someone noticed!!! Thanks!
Tim Barnhill
Irmo, South Carolina

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