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01/12/2013 Dennis, I wanted to let you and your Dad know that I received the new ZAD-20CE, and was absolutely overwhelmed with what I saw and heard. This is a beautifully well crafted instrument, that looks, sounds and plays like a really expensive guitar that most stores keep in the back room under glass. I am by no means an expert guitarist, but do have a good ear for tone and I know quality when I see and feel it, and this guitar has both. I want to thank you for the care and preparation you put into getting this instrument to me just the way you promised it would be. Everything about my experience with you and your company has been first class. It's nice to deal with people who deliver absolutely what you promise and more. Thank you and keep up the great work, I'm impressed! Thanks,
Phillip Griffen
Locust, North Carolina

01/10/2013 My Zad 80-CE arrived a week ago in perfect condition with a really well-fitting good quality Zager case. The guitar plays beautifully. I already have a 12-string guitar + two 6 string guitars and a Martin bass. This guitar will be used mostly without amplifier because of its strong, well balanced tone. The ZAD 80-CE is still easy to handle and play. The Zagers shipped immediately, good service, friendly people! These guitars are obviously worth to be known/sold even outside the USA.
Bernt Ersson
Gavle, Florida

01/09/2013 When I received my Zager guitar and began to play it , I thought ' it doesn't play any easier than my Fender'. But I was pressing hard on the strings like I have to do with my Fender. I realized that I had to learn to play all over again, appling less pressure. I found that I can just lay my fingers on the strings and play. I am truly amazed. Now I worry that I will lose the calluses on my fingers and won't be able to play my Fender. Denny, you are truly a genius.
Ralph Morgan
Rockport, Texas

01/08/2013 Dear Mr. Zager and Dennie: Hi. This is Margaret Kean here. Just a short note to tell you where we are at. I took some lessons when I was a girl, but it was my hubby of 20 years who was the guitar player. He does a mean "Wake up little Susie" (but not much else). First of all, like all the others, I was skeptical of buying any guitar online. I am a contemporary of Mr. Zager. I figured, if I haven't been able to learn after all these years, I can't do it. I bought a Martin Backpacker, and enrolled in an adult guitar course where I actually learned some things/ I read all the rave reviews for your site, and ultimately decided to give it a try. When I got the guitar, my husband rolled his eyes, a bit upset that I'd wasted the money on another guitar, when he had a decent Yamaha acoustic-electric I could have used. Since that time, I've been hard pressed to get your Zager guitar out of his hands. Every time I practice, he says "give me that guitar..." or "let me see that guitar..." He positively loves your guitar. I asked him why he wants to play my guitar so much, and he responds because he can play it, as opposed to his Yamaha. I have not enrolled in your online lessons. They seem pretty interesting, and I am working on them. It makes sense. It's certainly different from everything else. As you can see, I ought to live in New Hampshire (the "Show Me" State). In the lessons, Mr. Zager is the most unpretentious man in the world (this is a good thing). He never makes one feel like a jerk for one's lack of skill. I actually have hope that I might actually one day play Love Me Tender (in addition to "Goodnight Irene."). I've been very impressed with your stuff so far, and that's high praise coming from me. Very truly yours,
Margaret Kean
Mahwah, New Jersey

01/06/2013 Dennis, I guess I was just a little skeptical at first. The more I play it, the more I like it. I had been playing an electric and there is a difference, but I love the ZAD20CE! The guys at the music shop I take lessons from, love it too. You guys ROCK!! Before I retired last year, I spent the majority of my career in customer service, either as a rep or as a manager. I know how important word of mouth and good customer service is to a business. When I am pleased with something, I say so, conversely, when I am upset about a product or service, I also say so. I can find nothing wrong with either your product or your service. I only wish I was near Nebraska so I could visit and meet you and Denny. You can depend on me to continue to extol the virtues of your products, service and technology at every opportunity.
Richard Clanton
Gastonia, North Carolina

01/06/2013 Dennis, I'm totally enjoying my new guitar. I will continue to sing your praises as long as I have an ear. Thanks,
Jim Rickey
LEICESTER, North Carolina

01/03/2013 Mr. Zager, I absolutely love my ZAD-20CE! I used it for a show on the 4th of July. I played for approx. 2 1/2 hours and had ZERO hand fatigue or soreness in my fingers! Your claims are 100% spot on! Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful playing experience!
Dan Basham
Bellflower, Illinois

12/31/2012 I purchased a Zad-20.... The guitar is AWESOME!! Thanks...
John Scott
Fort Myers, Florida

12/29/2012 My new ZAD20CE arrived yesterday in the hard shell case. It is beautiful. I was able to take it with me to my Monday afternoon guitar lesson and my instructor was quite impressed with the look and sound. I am looking forward to becoming worthy enough to play this fine instrument in the manner it should be played. I signed up for the online lessons, too, so maybe these old hands and fingers will be able to play yet. Thanks.
Richard Clanton
Gastonia, North Carolina

12/29/2012 You guys have got to be the absolute most awsome seller on ebay!! Your response time is amazing. Thanks.
Jeremy Barker
Gary, Indiana

12/29/2012 Hi, Dennis, I wanted to give you some feedback on my Zager ZAD-20CE, now that I've had it for about three weeks. I looked at a lot of guitars before I bought the Zager. I considered Seagulls and less expensive Martins and Alvarezes. All of them are high-quality guitars with a solid history of good workmanship. I had an Alvarez Yairi about 20 years ago that has been my frame of reference for the sound and quality I wanted -- great resonance covering the range from lows to highs -- the Yairi just rang. I would have purchased another, but their prices are now way out of my budget. So after much looking, and taking up salespeople's time in guitar shops in the Seattle area, I picked the Zager -- not without some trepidation, though.
When I unboxed it, the first thing I noticed was, though the sides and back are mahogany, I was really awed by the color of the wood; it wasn't dark red, but golden amber with quite a bit of flame pattern in it. Really nice looking! The spruce top is very nicely bookmatched, and the finish and details are perfect -- no flaws. It seemed pretty easy to play, but I haven't played in a long time, so I just wasn't sure.
Last week I took it to work and let two of my coworkers look it over and play it. One of the guys, our principal design engineer, is a perfectionist and a very good jazz guitarist. He was playing it while I told him of my decision-making process, ending with my uncertainty about whether it was a good guitar or not. He kept playing and said, "This is a great guitar. It probably plays better than my Tacoma (which he paid more money for)." He was wowwed by the gloss finish, too. After playing it for a bit, my other coworker asked if he could keep it in the lab and play it past lunchtime. He couldn't get over the action, and started talking about selling one or two of his present guitars to get a Zager.
So, I finally feel really good about the purchase -- heart and mind agree. My second coworker must have had sweaty fingers or something, because it just felt different afterwards. So last night I restrung it with the Darco replacement strings that came with it. Whoa! It, like the Alvarez Yairi, just rings. Very resonant and clear. I got up early this morning and took it downstairs to play it. Once again, I looked it over carefully and am very pleased by its look -- the color (the neck and the back and sides are all the same amber mahogany), the inlay up the back and bottom, the Abalone around the sound hole, and the ivory edge banding. What a great guitar. Good job!
Larry Cannon
Bothell, Washington

12/25/2012 I love my new Zad80CE. It is almost as effortless to play as my Ibanez George Benson electric!
*Jazz Performance Major - College of Charleston *
Greg Chapman
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

12/23/2012 Dear Dennis, UPS Showed up at 7PM and the lady driver was curious as to what the large box contained so I told her all about you and I hadn't seen the guitar yet! It so happens she wants to get her grandson started on guitar and I told her I thought your web site was a good place to start. Some 15 minutes later I was playing the guitar and I must confess that all you said on your web site is true. I've been playing for 20 years off and on and here lately mostly off. I had no trouble with fingering even after a very long lay off and the guitar has a wonderful tone for not being top of the line. I needed a kick start to get back to playing and I think this is it. Yours,
Michael Odette
Tucson, Arizona

12/22/2012 Denny, I finally got home and had the opportunity to inspect and play my new Zager. I really do love this guitar. It's playability and sound are second to none. It is everything you said it was and so much more. Thanks! I know I'll enjoy it for many years to come.
Sheldon Nothacker
Flidell, Louisiana

12/19/2012 Hi Dennis, Received my guitar today in A-1 condition.Couldn't wait to get it out of the box.By the weight of the case with the guitar in it at first thought I'd need a horse to help carry it around (I'm in a wheelchair) That case sure is well built.The guitar has a beautiful tone to it.Now all I have to do is callus up my fingers as its been more than fifteen years since I've played. Thanks again for such a beautiful instrument. Only took 3 days to get here!
Richard Mueller
Ilion, New York

12/19/2012 To Denny Zager: I must say that my hopes and expectations may have been too high, but I read tons of magazine reviews and testimonmials from ecstatic customers, amd I had to have a Zager guitar. My ZAD-20 arrived recently and Ill say that the guitar exceeded my hopes and expectations. I have had some respectable guitars, but after playing the guitar for 30 seconds I realized this was something special. It was like ditching a rundown pinto and hoping into a fully loaded lexus. The look, feel, playability, and tone the whole package is just classy. There are some bad things though. I have become completely reclusive. All I do all day is play that guitar. If my phone isn't within reach I dont answer it. You should higher a Zager psychologist because Im thinking your guitars may have this effect on many people. Alright this message is taking to long the guitar is calling my name. Thanks Denny, you do it right.
Eric Golub
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12/19/2012 Received the EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20CE Acoustic/Electric today. Fast delivery! It's beautiful and noticably easier to play with a very sweet sound that puts my old ax to shame. I'm not a very serious guitarist at all but I wanted to have an instrument of very good quality without spending a thousand or more. I was first looking at the Martin Sigma. On doing a web search I found your EZ-Play mods to the Sigma. On reading down the page I was convinced by your descriptions and decided I wanted something in the Zager ZAD-20 series. I'm not sorry about that decision. This is the ticket indeed. Thanks Denny! You are providing a high-end guitar for those of us that couldn't otherwise aspire to a high-end guitar.
James Wass
Riverdale, Maryland

12/16/2012 Dennis and Zager Gang, Just had to tell you a quick story about the day I received my second Zager guitar. I drove home as fast as possible knowing the habits of the local UPS, my new Zager was probably sitting on my front porch.( which it was). I stopped in the driveway and grapped it like a lost child and into the house we went. After letting it adjust to the inside temp. (outside was 90 +) I gave the tuners a little touch and off we went into some chord progressions. While I was still drooling over the sound coming out of this thing, My wife came in from the garage, through the kitchen, and into the den. She had a funny look on her face and said, " I thought you were watching TV or playing a CD because that sounded much better than you on the guitar." Now the last guitar she heard me play was my $1700 Takamine. - DOES THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING? She doesn't even play the guitar, but, could hear the sound difference right out of the box. This is the reason I wanted ANOTHER Zager. Since I bought my first one I have purchased three other nice guitars and money has not been a real issue, so I could buy what I wanted. Recently though I have decided to take professional instruction and wanted the best training tool I could get. My wife ask me what did I think I wanted to take instruction on. I told her that the only people I knew that could guarantee me a guitar that was playable out of the box was Zager. So-- I came back, and plan on staying with a sure thing this time. P.S. Want to know what happened to my first Zager? My grandson has it and is taking lessons on it. His instructor was very IMPRESSED with the sound and complete setup, even after all the hard miles I had put on it. Thanks again Zagers,
Roy Seagroves
Deer Park, Texas

12/13/2012 Received my new baby today.....a Natural finish ZAD-20CE. If I could describe it in one word, it would be "WOW." I've put it down long enough to send this note. I've had Gibsons, Fenders, Ovations....even my 1979 Telecaster doesn't play this easily! Thanks for the extras. Can't wait to use it for a gig. Look out on July 4th! This is going to be so much fun. Sincerely,
Dan Basham
Bellflower, Illinois

12/11/2012 Denny and Dennis, Jr. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am about my 80CEOM. After doing some research, I decided to give you guitar a try. It certainly sounded intriguing from the descriptions and testimonials, but I was a little skeptical about buying a guitar without playing it first. Your money back guarranty put me at ease, so I went for it. Dealing with Dennis, Jr, was a pleasure when I finally decided to order. He made the process very easy and quite painless. When I finally received the guitar, I was totally 'blown away' by how well it sounded and how truly easily it plays. I've been playing guitar off and on for almost 40 years, and have played and owned some great guitars, and none have really been easier to play than yours. Even my old 1974 Martin 00-21 is harder to play. I'm a finger picker, and the wider string spacing is appreciated. In the month I have had it, I have been playing more frequently. Your guitar is fun to play, and in short, your guitar is one that I will enjoy playing for years to come. Thanks!
Sheldon Lazovsky
Chicago, Illinois

12/10/2012 Hi again Dennis, Thanks so much - You and your Dad should consider writing a book or give a seminar about how to properly run a small business. Your business model (and execution of that model) greatly surpasses that of just about every company out there. Every message that I have ever sent to you has been promptly and personally responded to... It's more than obvious that you genuinely care about every aspect of your business... Your product guarantees just can't be beat (you lose money on shipping if the customer doesn't like your products)... And your products...well, they pretty much speak for themselves! Best of luck and success to you and your Dad, and thanks for everything! Best Regards,
Chicago, Illinois

12/09/2012 The guitar was delivered yesterday afternoon, my brother went over it carefully and found it in perfect condition. We played last night like fools. I learned the "scales" and found myself enjoying the sounds of sweet music within my home. Appreciate the extras sent with my order. Thank you very much. Thank you Dennis and all of you. Kurt B.
Kurt Boesger
McDonough, Georgia

12/07/2012 I got a problem, my Les Paul is getting dusty as well as my strat, this Zager guitar seems to still be getting all my attention. Thanks!!
Ken Kunze
Arlington, Texas

12/07/2012 Dennis, I was searching for a guitar for my church and stumbled on your guitars. After a review of what you had to offer and listening to you videos I decided to purchase one. I myself am an amatuer player but the UPS driver plays and I let him check it out. He said it was awesome and loved the action. I took the guitar to my local music shop to install the strap peg. The owner had just returned from Nashville and said he had played many of the top stars guitars because they are so proud of their 8 and $9000 ones. He said your guitar was the best sounding he had ever heard and the action was awesome. I gave him your information and he wants to carry your guitars in his shop.I appreciate your attention to detail and the great customer service. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a great guitar. Thanks and best regards,
Don Scott
SAUK CENTRE, Minnesota

12/04/2012 Hello Denny & Denny Jr: My name is Vince Hughes, I purchased a ZAD-20 CE a little over a year ago and it is impossible to tell you how much I am enjoying this instrument!! I own several other guitars, but I can't hardly bring myself to play them now (including a custom model handmade by my great-uncle who himself was an extrodinary luthier, he built guitars over the last 20 yrs and passed away this year at 99 yrs old! So needless to say his guitar is a special heirloom to me) At the time I purchased your Zager I really had become somewhat stagnant with my playing, but no longer, I signed up for your lessons and am thouroughly enjoying them ! I have been interested in a travel size guitar for sometime now, I purchased a g-series Takamine last summer for this purpose but I am so spoiled to the Zager that I just dont enjoy playing it! (I have a birthday coming up soon and I can start dropping hints to my wife!!!!) THANK YOU !!!!!
Vince Hughes
Haleyville, Alabama

12/01/2012 Denny: Just wanted to drop a line to give you another pat on the back. I have had my zad80om for about 5 months now and love it more with each new day. I finally had to tune it at the end of May. Honestly, I didn't have to tune this guitar for 4 months. I don't play as much as I used to but I still play about every 2-3 days. Great strings but also a stable guitar too! Thanks for everything.
Tim Rumph
Deer Park, Washington

11/29/2012 Again, I'm very pleased with the sound and the playability of it. It's a real beauty. Love the tuner that'll work in acoustic mode, a first for me. Next week I'm heading for my 59th birthday. The fingers are getting older (and fatter). This baby accommodates them just fine! Thanx again,
Michael Gagnon
Mount Clemens, Michigan

11/29/2012 Zager Guitar I received my guitar four days after I placed the order. I must say it is a beautiful guitar, the Zager e-z play string science makes such a difference. It has been such a pleasure to deal with a company like yours. You realley care about the customer and make sure he is satisfied . I also get the lessons on line and enjoy watching and learning from Denny. I could go on and on with how pleased I am, but will just say you are a class company with wonderful people behind it. Thank you again
Norm Winters
Ringwood, New Jersey

11/29/2012 Thank you Denny Zager for your dedication and commitment to serve others. Each one of us that have the privilege to own a Zager Easy Play Guitar are truly thankful. This ZAD-80-OM arrived from the master hands to my hands. The dynamic sweet tone of the guitar is exciting to hear. My wife's first comment was now that's a great sounding guitar. I been playing the ZAD20 for about a year. I really enjoy the online lessons and it is as you say each time I view the lessons something new is there to learn. The ZAD-80-OM is a beautiful guitar. I feel like this guitar was custom made just for me. I have one final comment: a thank you goes to your staff, they are always easy and generous.
Arhur D Guidry
Lafayette, Louisiana

11/25/2012 Hey, thanks for your very responsive customer service, and helpful website. You guys are customer-oriented to an unusual degree, and at a very high level. It's much appreciated! ...and of course, I'm very much enjoying my ZAD 20CE. It's become the mainstay for my acoustic gigs. Naturally, I love my Martin. But now it stays home, where it belongs, and the Zager goes out and does the real work! I've been recommending your guitars to people. All the best,
Doron Ben-Ami
BROOKFIELD, Connecticut

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