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11/25/2012 HI Denny, Sam Draper here. I got my ZAD 80 ce today. It is a beautiful instrument. It seems to settle in the more I play it and play it I will. I don't fall in love at first sight so I will need a bit more time before I can use the term love on this guitar. But when I do I will mean it from the bottom of my heart and you will be the first to know! I am looking forward to getting to know this nice guitar and I can't do that whilst I am typing so Thanks for a nice guitar and I will be in touch.
Sam Draper
Springfield, Illinois

11/24/2012 I recently purchased a ZAD-20CE and I was really knocked out from the git go. I've been playing guitar for more than 40 years and I have never pulled a guitar out of a case,much less a box that was already virtually in tune. I WAS AMAZED!!!!! This is the guitar that I have been waiting for.The tone is so rich. Thanks so much,
Chuck Vaughn
Tulsa, Oklahoma

11/22/2012 First I would like to thank you for building great guitars that play awesome. I have a ZAD-20CE and absolutely love playing it! I also want to thank you for putting all of this together. I throughly enjoy playing full arrangements more than the usual strumming or lead lines. You have helped me learn through your videos and it has been well worth it! Thank you very much for a great experience with guitar, you have done a GREAT thing. Oh, and the strumming in 2525 makes my hair stand up! Great tune...Thanks again.
Daniel Geary
Harrison Township, Michigan

11/19/2012 I've tried to teach myself guitar off and on for 30 years, but never progressed very far. In January I started taking lessons for the first time, and my teacher wanted me to buy another guitar because the one I had did not produce a good tone. Although he wanted me to purchase another brand, I went ahead and ordered a ZAD-80CE based on your user feedback, 100% guarantee, and on your word that you would deliver a great instrument. I was not disappointed. Two weeks ago I received it and thought it was wonderful. It sounded fabulous and did seem easier to play. However, I reserved judgement until I let my guitar teacher evaluate it. He is a very accomplished musician, with a collection of expensive guitars, so I was a little anxious to hand him a guitar I bought online. When he took it in his hands and started playing, he suddenly stopped, and all he could say was "Wow!" That was when I knew it had his approval. He complimented the beauty of the instrument, the richness of tone, the playability, and the solid construction. He absolutely loved it. And then he told me I had made a great purchase. The guitar does seem a lot easier to play that my other guitar. I do know that I can play this guitar with considerably less finger pressure on the strings. Needless to say, I'm totally delighted with the guitar and found buying from you a great experience.
Ed Drue
Westerville, Ohio

11/19/2012 Denny, Received my new ZAD20CE Monday. Very impressive looking finish, great case, and on delivery time as stated. I had my first chance to really wring it out today and have to say I am tremendously pleased with it!! I?ve been playing guitar on and off for 40 years now. Had a group in the Army and played at EM clubs and local clubs in Germany. It's probably the closest I'll ever come to being famous *grin*. I've played since then on and off again, but mostly just plunking and picking out songs here and there for my own pleasure. I've been through quite a series of new and used 6 and 12 string acoustics and electrics. Just enjoy the sound and enjoy playing, as a "hobbyist" and sometimes lucking out and getting with others to play. You've enriched my enjoyment with your guitar. It has a very bright yet mellow sound and a simple light and easy playability that I haven?t heard or felt in my prior guitars. I just spent a couple of hours enjoying playing again!! I am glad I made this purchase! I don't want to put it down! Thanks for the great product, quick service, and the fine tuning and design work that you've put into this guitar! By the way, the hard-shell case is also a beauty. I'm also glad to have sprung for that. It's good looking, sturdy, and has a very plush interior. Just the right accent/necessity for the guitar! Thanx,
Michael Gagnon
Mount Clemens, Michigan

11/19/2012 Hi Denny - love my guitar I bought a few years back - my buddy who is a country singer songwriter played it and was blown away. He is recommending you to his brother - thx man - GREAT guitar (my gibson J-185ec misses me...;)
Mike M.
Denver, Colorado

11/16/2012 Dear Denny I have been your new on-line student for about 3 months. I am still doing Stage 1 songs. My favourite are Fur Elise and You are My Sunshine. I have also completed Love Me Tender and The House Of The Rising Sun. My next challenges will be Scaborough Fair and Heart Of Gold. I think you are a very gifted musician and a wonderful teacher. I am saving up for a Zager guitar by Christmas. Thanks & Regards
Nicholas Lieu
Sioux City, Iowa

11/13/2012 Hello, Hope you're all doing well, and thanks very much for the ZAD-20 I bought a while back. It is truly a wonderful guitar (of course you know this!), and I am very happy with it. Thank you!
Chicago, Illinois

11/11/2012 I wanted to tell you what great guitars you have. I?m 53 and teaching myself to play the guitar for the first time. I initially started out with a very inexpensive Walmart guitar. Honestly, it wasn?t too bad and definitely useable but the action was pretty high and the tone was a bit on the harsh side. I then bought two Zager guitars, a ¾ for traveling and camping and a 20 CE to use at other times. Wow, are they great. Both have unbelievably low action and both sound tremendous. The 20 CE had a wonderfully balanced sound and both are a pleasure to play. Initially, I didn?t want to spend too much on a guitar as I knew that I would only be a chord strummer. Now I?m very glad that I spent a little more and bought the Zagers. A better guitar isn?t just for the experienced player; it makes it easy for a beginner like me, to keep practicing. Now if I could only get my aging fingers to do a bar chord. Keep up the good work!
Mike Kuna
Wheaton, Illinois

11/10/2012 I just wanted to let you know my guitar arrived intact and on time, and plays very well . Thank you and I will recommend your products! Sincerely,
Scott LoPreste
Charleston, West Virginia

11/09/2012 This email is really for Denny Sr. But its a big thanks from me to all there at Zager guitar. First off the service was the best I have ever had from any company and I am 56 yrs old so that covers a little time. Dennis Jr. was on top of a little computer problem I had and when I called after about 5 minutes he was working on it and called me by my first name, I was totally blown away. I have been paying my electric bill here for 15 years and they dont know my name . The guitar itself is tops It is all and more than I expected, Great sound and I love the tone. As I stated I am not a player by any standards but I love to pick and I use it in Education, and as a stress release. Once again thanks for all the help and the great guitar.
Dennis Bolan
Clewiston, Florida

11/07/2012 Hello, I just wanted to thank you all for the great guitar that arrived yesterday. I love it. It's easy to play and sounds great, as advertised. There was a small glitch with UPS that you guys handled with extreme professionalism and courtesy - I thank you for that.
James Gallagher
Redwood city, California

11/07/2012 It got here, Dennis. Yesssssssss! Very much worth waiting for, in spite of UPS! It is gorgeous and the tone is phenomenal. The most awesome birthday present I ever bought myself! =) My entire life I have always wished for an awesome guitar and never thought one would be affordable. I just wish the calluses came with the deal. As you can imagine after 30 years, my fingers are a typical girlie's! I will be signing up for Denny's lessons and giving them a whirl before I get back into old bad habits again. I feel so blessed having the ability to create music -- back in my life once again? You have no idea. Thanks for the autographed picture and the tee. My husband stole that out from under me in seconds flat! We are both fans of your dad's from way back. Thanks again!
Plantation, Florida

11/04/2012 First of all I wanted to say the service was great, I started being very impressed when I had a slight problem with my computer when I ordered, and I called to see if the second page information had been received. The call was about 5 minutes after the problem and Denny Jr. already knew my name when he answered the phone and was in the process of sending me an email when I called. Like I said I was taken by the fact I was able to even find someone that knew I had had a problem, much less to be working on it already. Now about My new Zager guitar, Its all I expected and more, the sound is great and the looks are as nice as any guitar on the market in any price range. I would like to say I am not a real guitar player by any means, although I know most of the basic chords, I use my guitar for a much different reason. I am a high school science teacher, and in charge of the drop out prevention students at my high school. Now as you might guess these are the kids that are usually the most problem in the school, many are gang members many have kids of their own at 16 yrs old. But I found out years ago they all like to have ya sing happy birthday to them. Thats how this all started. I now use my guitar to teach science, Its great for frequency lessons, the doppler affect, sound, all sorts of things. Its also interesting how many students want to teach me something, as most play much better than me. So they get to be the teacher. Two years ago a very interesting thing happened in my class, as I said we have our fair share of gang problems in our school, and a little rock band formed from within my classes. As luck would have it it has two spanish members, one black and two white members. My class became a neutral zone for all people at lunch, and after school when they practice. Its very cool to see people from different gangs and parts of town enjoying something they all have in common, music. To close, I wanted to say thanks for the great service, the great new guitar, and I want you to know its in my class every day, and I hope its in the hands of a next future star, Oh yes by the way they are welcome to play my new guitar, but taking care of it and cleaning it are part of the deal. I havent had one let me down yet, and thats a good thing for them to learn too. Thanks again
Dennis Bolan
Clewiston, Florida

11/01/2012 All of your testimonies are all true in every aspect. The guitar was beautiful and quite easy to play. Thanks also for the shirt and items. I will leave you a good testimony for you all and the company. Sincerely,
Charlie Saunders
Clinton, Missouri

10/30/2012 Hey you guys. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! I love your product, and I am convinced that you offer the BEST VALUE AVAILABLE IN TODAY'S MARKET. I predict that I will buy more than one of your guitars. I just hope it is before the world discovers how great you are, and they become too expensive. God Bless your business, and I wish you well well well.
Jeff Parmer
GARDENA, California

10/30/2012 Hi Dennis, I got a chance to compare the action and tone of my ZAD-20 with some higher priced guitars. You were absolutely right. It holds it's own with much higher priced guitars, and even surpasses some. Thanks for the excellent product and customer service. I am going to leave positive feedback on ebay for you right now. Hope you will reciprocate.
Patrick Brazil
Rocklin, California

10/30/2012 Hi Denny, We have had the Zager ZAD20CEOM Guitar for about a week or two. I bought it for my wife. It fits her to a tee. She is playing on it as I am writing this email. The deal you made us on the guitar and case was very fair. We also appreciate the extra strings , Zager shirt and pictures. We know have 2 Zager guitars in our family. I have a ZAD20CE. You have certainly made us happy and we trust you 100%. Keep up the great work and again Dennis Jr. is the absolute best communicator I have ever dealt with. Thank you and may God Bless you, your family and your company.
Kim Johnston
CLYDE, North Carolina

10/26/2012 I will be 55 this year and just started playing six months ago. I was using a borrowed Applause until last week when I purchased the ZAD-20. I wanted to make sure I was going to stick with it this time before buying my own. I had a cheap guitar when I was 13 and messed around with it for a couple months and again purchased another cheap guitar when I was 40, only to give it up again after a few months. I feel like I just struck Gold! This Zager sounds great and is so easy to fret compared to the other guitars that I have played on. A friend let me borrow his Martin D35 over night before I bought the Zager, he wanted me to feel and hear the difference so I would know that I had made a mistake in buying the Zager. WRONG!!! The Zager is a keeper and I can highly recommend it. The big reason being, that it is so easy to fret. The second reason being is that unless your loaded why spend money you don't have to for a great sounding guitar? I admit I was skeptical, seemed to me like there just had to be something they weren't mentioning. Truly is a great deal. Thanks Guys, Jim
Jim Rickey
Leicester, North Carolina

10/24/2012 Wow. Let me start by saying this is the first testimonial I have ever written for any product. As each day passes I fall more in love with this guitar. Like many of you I was very skeptical at first but with the money back guarantee I had no excuse to investigate and boy am I sure glad I did. I ordered the zad-20ce with zager hardshell case. My questions were answered quickly in email and even called and placed the order with the friendly staff of Zageron the phone, I have never ordered something like this over the phone but it was all smooth sailing. When I got the guitar in the mail it was like Christmas morning, when I actaully opened the case my jaw completely dropped. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I thought it was beautiful before I bought it according to the pics on the site but even to this day i still cannot get over how beautiful this instrument is, it truly is a work of art. The sound is just as amazing. I'm 24 years old and been playing the piano for 15 years, i'm classicly trained in music, and play every sunday on my churches' worship team. I plugged it in this past sunday and was unbelievable, my friend there who plays a nice Guild couldn't get over it either, and when I told him how much he was stunned. I started playing the guitar about a year ago, i started with an Alvarez classical because i wanted something easy to play but it just wasn't cutting it for my anymore, so upon investigation I luckily found Zager Guitar. Let me tell you this guitar is EASY to play, it seems like i can just play it until it's time to go to bed, the first thing i noticed upon playing was i could bar an F chord which I couldn't previously due before without buzzing on my Alvarez. It almosts seems like i'm always picking this guitar up and playing it, this guitar makes playing the guitar fun again. I used to get terribly frustrated playing but now it's just a joy. If you're reading this and are thinking about buying a Zager, do it, you have nothing to lose, I was in the same position and I'm so happy I bought one, as a matter of fact, i'm going to go play it now.
John Diehl
Boston, Massachusetts

10/23/2012 Thanks so much for your time and advice. It's nice to know that Zager stands firm behind their products. You guys are top notch! Best regards,
Andrew Davis
Newport News, Virginia

10/20/2012 Dear Mr. Zager, Hi my name is Tony Espy. I recently purchased a ZAD-20 Sunburst guitar from you. I bought it through my friend John's Credit Card and am paying him back for it. Thank God for friends like him. Man I am in love with this guitar. I love every single thing about it. The pictures on the web look good, but when I opened the box and looked at the guitar in person WoW, it is a 100 times more beautiful in person. This guitar has a tremendously wonderful sound. I really like your string science as well. It does make for easier playing. Just wanted to let you know what I thought. Please use this letter for your reviews if you like and keep on making these great guitars. seriously satisfied,
Tony Espy

10/20/2012 WOW!!...simply WOW!!....i recieved my ZAD-20CE exactly three days after i purchased it....this is the best guitar ive ever put my hands on...i am very satisfied with this was worth ever single penny and more...i showed it to my buddy and i think he's gonna purchase one as well...i love your customer support as thinking of signing to you guitar lessons because of this....been looking at this guitar for months now and im happy that i own one...keep up your hard work while i show off my new ZAGER and you guys will be popular in no time....hehe.....THANK YOU!!!
Jackson Xiong
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

10/20/2012 Hi Dennis, Thank you so much for getting that guitar to my Dad yesterday before he left for Canada. I guess he was so taken by it he started crying! He called last night and said it was the best gift he has ever received and couldn?t believe how great it sounded. He is taking the guitar on his fishing trip to get acquainted with it. So, chalk up another completely satisfied customer! Regards,
Shannon Jackson
Jordan, Minnesota

10/17/2012 It has a really lovely tone. It's taking me a little time to get used to the action. It's so different from the guitar have been playing. I will be leaving positive feedback on eBay shortly. Thanks again.
Mike Darnold
Atlanta, Georgia

10/14/2012 Dennis, Thanks for the quick follow-up on the shipping snafu. I'm not sure who I talked to on the phone when ordering and inquiring about the shipping problem, but the people I've dealt with at Zager have been extremely helpful, communicative and friendly. I don't mind encountering a glitch now and then as long as it is dealt with promptly and professionally - my kudos to your staff.
James Gallagher
Redwood city, California

10/12/2012 Dear Mr Dennis Zager: I just wanted to let you know I received the guitar today. Thanks for the quick delivery and fine packaging. It made it. I had to part with an old friend today. All because of you. It was a great guitar. I replaced that old friend with a new Zager guitar. My only regret was having to wait this long to find you. After playing at the guitar since 1971, I think the new Zager will become more than my old friend ever was. Thank you for using your talent to bless so many people with your fine guitars. Sincerely:
Ken Kunze
Arlington, Texas

10/11/2012 Denny & Denny Jr., Wow, what a guitar! I can't get it out of my hand. This is a great guitar. My other guitar's do not even compare to the sound and playability of my zad-80ce. I was shocked when I opened the box and found all the extra's as well. I guarantee the other guitar manufactors would not have done what you guys have!! I had the guitar with me and went into one of my favorite music stores to install a strap button. The guys working there were impressed and could not believe the quality and sound the guitar has. I am totally impressed in all aspects. I will send a formal letter and some pictures if you would like to post them on your site. I have a big show this weekend on sat. so hopefully we'll get a picture or two that I can send. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Brant Moore
Canyon, Texas

10/10/2012 Hi Denny Jr Well despite UPS saying they didn't have it, my ZAD 80 CE arrived this morning. It was worth the wait, it's every inch as nice as my Hummingbird and with a better action too. Thank you, it's a pleasure to do business with such a commited company. Best regards
Garry Polled
Goleta, California

10/08/2012 You must be sick of hearing this, but.....YOUR GUITAR IS FABULOUS !!!!!!!! How can you do so much for what you charge?!! MANY thanks for a fine quality item!!
John Kurland
Naperville, Illinois

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