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08/21/2012 Hey Guys, My guitar playing is improving. I have noticed that because the guitar is correctly set up, it almost forces you to proper hand and body position, thereby forcing you to be a better player. I was having buzz but I was manhandling the neck, if I relax and and just play, no buzzing. I am so happy with my guitar. My warmest regards to you both, haven't had to wear my wrist braces at night since I got the guitar. That's as good as a miracle to me!
Terri Lakosky
Iron, Minnesota

08/18/2012 Hi Guys, My daughter, Lane Morgan, received her ZAD-20 Sunburst yesterday. It is beautiful and she just loves it. Thanks so much for your help during our purchase and for the "goodies" that you sent us. Best wishes,
James McIntosh
Troy, North Carolina

08/15/2012 Hello Denny, I recieved my new ZAD-20CE today, in five days as promised. Looking it over I was impressed with this guitar. I tuned it up and began playing it til my son came home from work. I showed it to him and of course he had to play it, and it is agreed that we both like this guitar. My wife overheard me telling Joel that I'd been playing it for about an hour,when she corrected me,saying yeah right,try two and half or three hours. I'm self taught,and learning for 35 years. I've collected several guitars over the years. The closest one in comparison to the 20CE is my Seagul (handmade Canadian),an '84 model,one of their firsts. The playability is about the same, although the Zager has more volume. It is also a pleasure to have an onboard tuner! This is my first acoustic electric,and it's going to be much handier when it comes to jamming with my son,who's instrument of choice is electric bass. I get together with my cousin,Roger,who has a band,once or twice a month. Ive been doing this for about a year. He's shown me lots of helpful things,and I am improving,but not as fast as I would like to. I don't believe in the old adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", because I do keep improving, so i've decided to sign up for your online lessons. I want to thank you for the oportunity to buy this fine guitar without the worry of whether I was making a mistake or not! There's not much risk when you have a moneyback guarantee like yours, and I have never purchased another guitar before without playing it! Thanks again, and I look forward to learning from you.
Dave Swisher
Washington, West Virginia

08/13/2012 Dennis: received my 20CE yesterday and just had my first opportunity to plug it into my Fender amp. Oh, my! It sounds phenomenal! Like my ZAD-20, it is so easy to play, even for a beginner like myself who is still trying to "overpower" my instrument. I still must learn how to adjust the EQ for different sounds, but that will come. Thanks again for a great product and for all your help.
Ric Ottaiano
Fullerton, California

08/12/2012 My Lord, Dennis, this is just one gorgeous instrument!!!!!!
Dr. Alan M Novich
New York, New York

08/11/2012 i to denny sr. jr. please tell denny sr. he really knows how to make a grown man cry!!this guitar mean more than you will ever know to me...if you ever need me i will be there for you! my jewel arrived today about 2:30 pm wife called work and passed on that it had arrived;she ask the boss to tell me it had arrived and he did not tell me!i thought maybe something might be wrong so i called my wife and she told me my new zad 80 ce had arrived!i just couldnt hardly wait to get home from another grueling day of 12 hours!just like a kid in a candy store i couldnt wait to get home!!! when i got home i walk in and there it was in my new zager pro guitar case.i opened the case and picked her up into my hands and away i went into playing dust in the wind that i have been learning to play on my zad 20! alsum guitar lesson's!! total beauty in my eyes ;total sound in my ears ;total playability in my hands;total joy and tears from my heart!love my zad 80 ce with all my heart!!new guitar stand and tee shirt was alsum as well!!! thanks to denny zager and family from the bottom of my heart for a touch of gold and a gift from god which i will be placing over my are so great i cannot tell you or thank you enough for my new zad 80 ce!the best guitar i have owned and ever will own!! i have played guitars that cost 4 to 6 times what my zad 80 cost and they donnot even start to compare to me! took it the other day to have some new strings installed and you art to have heard the remarks i recieved on my guitar!wow!was the expression i received as well as many other compliments !im trying the hexigon core strings and they really make my zad 20 om ( kick butt and take names!)!pardon the expression!comming from the local guitar store was nothing but super compliments from somebody that sells different brands ! if any one reading this that is looking for the greatest guitar you can ever play!!barr none!!!buy a zager total quality and beauty !!you will never regret it!! number one guitar builder in the whole wide world!!! godbless all the zager family and crew! they know what it is be honest and totally fair!true great service true ....100 percent guarantee true!! i will only buy my guitars from denny zager!why do you wonder?you havent bought a zager guitar!!!
Joe Goad
Louisville, Kentucky

08/09/2012 Couldn't be happier with my recent purchase of a ZAD-20. This guitar is EASY to play and sounds great. Fit & finish are outstanding. Tone is just as advertised and it stays in tune. The action on this guitar is LOW, LOW, LOW with absolutely no string buzz or problems at any fret. You can plunk around on this thing for hours with no hand fatigue or finger pain. I love the string spacing. You may see people on various guitar forums discount what Denny does as a "typical" guitar set-up. I for one have played guitars that were "set-up" by guitar tech's and none of them had such a beginner friendly action. If you are a beginner or novice you need one of these guitars. If I had known the guitar could be this easy to play I would have made much faster progress than I have currently. I can't wait to pick this guitar up every day. Fantastic.
Darren Morris
Vancouver, Washington

08/09/2012 Dear Dennis, It seems that it is I that owes you an apology!!! I decided to take your advice....I did find a music store here and while I did not have the guitar with me I had a chance to look and play a couple of other guitars while I was there. They carried mainly Crafter guitars and also had a $700 Takamine there. The Crafters sound did not compare or was its action any better (Wasnt even close) than my Zager. I did not play much with the Takamine but I did not feel the setup was any better and its finish even at almost twice the price was no better than my Zager. It was black also. I also took the guitar to work and had a guy I work with look at and play the guitar. He has been playing for a long time and I trust him completely. He thought the guitar played and sounded fantastic and told me that in this price range he did not think I could top this guitar for sound or playability. I too think I am beginning to see the benefits of your dads work. I think it just took a little time to realize I did not have to work as hard and train my brain to realize it as well. Thanks for your infinite patience with me and I am sorry if I caused any lack of sleep. Please count me among your satisfied customers. P.S. I am still having a blast with the online lessons....2 weeks and I am 90% thru Love me Tender!!! Thank your Dad for me. The lessons truly have me believing I can do this. I am creating sounds that are recognizable and repeatable....and that is just remarkable. I know your dad likes to say the gift of music is the desire to want to learn and I think that is a great outlook. As someome who instructs for a living I can easily see another gift your dad posseses...that is the ability to put what he knows into words everyone can understand. For that I and I am sure thousands of others are grateful. Thank You -
Brian Gipperich
Albany, New York

08/06/2012 I live outside of Nashville where there are probably more guitar stores than any other place in the country and believe me I have probably played more high end guitars than most people even dream about.If I picked this guitar up and it had no mfg name on it I would expect to pay 5 times the price I paid, at least.Last week I played a high end guitar that was well written up in a guitar was not worth the 6.000 dollar price tag,but I guess you don't give bad write-ups to full page advertises.You can't beat the Zager for the price,it's great,and the look of it is just out of site. Thanks and Regards
Bruce Borgesen
Carthage, Tennessee

08/03/2012 I just purchased a second Zager ZAD 20-CE, not for myself but for my daughter for her birthday. I have only had my Zager for a few months now but whenever Gretchen came over for a visit she couldn't keep her hands off it and I was afraid she was going to wear it out! We gave it to her this weekend and she was overjoyed and told me she played it for about 2 hours Saturday evening. she did stop once like she usually does for a break but noticed her hands didn't feel the fatigue and pain they usually do so she went right back to playing. Thanks for making my daughter very happy! I'm sure she will be telling you how much she likes her Zager!
Bob Leach
Mount Vernon, Maine

08/01/2012 Very impressive guitar. Tremendous tone & volume. Setup is everything you advertised. I liked the setup on my Takimine, but yours is superior plus the tone is much fuller. I really dig the on-board tuner, & it is accurate! Shipment time was three days, & it arrived in pristine condition. Excellent bonus w/ the extra set of strings & T-shirt. Thanks again,
Jim Bunce
Front Royal, Virginia

08/01/2012 Hey Dennis, A friend recently came over with his 1990 Martin D-18. To be honest, the guitars were about the same as far as playability, though the cutaway on the Zager opens up a lot more of the fretboard. But the sound -- the Zager blew the Martin away. I mean it wasn't even close. I actually felt bad -- for a little while anyway. Still playing like mad -- have actually developed tendonitis in my elbow from so much playing. Maybe your Dad could file down some of the bones in my arm to make the tendons slide easier. No, forget that ... Best G
Gordon Ondis
Providence, Rhode Island

08/01/2012 First of all, thanks for putting together a great guitar at an affordable price. Review: Very impressive guitar. Tremendous tone & volume. Setup is everything you advertised. I liked the setup on my Takimine, but yours is superior plus the tone is much fuller. I really dig the on-board tuner, & it is accurate! Shipment time was three days, & it arrived in pristine condition. Excellent bonus w/ the extra set of strings & T-shirt. Thanks again,
Jim Bunce
Front Royal, Virginia

07/28/2012 Thank you. The guitar is wonderful. Your service is outstanding. I can't say enough good things to people about your service and the ZAD20. Sincerely,
Thyca Colyn
Seattle, Washington

07/26/2012 It has been a few months since receiving my ZAD 80-OM after a bit of uncertainty deciding between the electric acoustic or OM model. Without a doubt, I am a believer in following instinct & intuition and am 100% pleased with the OM in every way. The smaller size is so comfortable but yet, not too small that the sound /volume is that much different. Even my teenage guitar playing son loves the OM size. Also, the guitar sounds 'sweeter' now than 2months ago. I am so proud to own it & look forward to showing-off a bit for my dialysis patients & co-workers. I keep a Pledge duster cloth in the case and it works beautifully removing fingerprints without dampening. Lastly, your on-line lessons are unlike any well done and so worth it. Thank you in every way.
Carol Starr
Richfield Springs, New York

07/25/2012 Your on-line lessons are unlike any well done and so worth it. Thank you in every way.
Carol Starr
Richfield Springs, New York

07/22/2012 Morning Dennis: I came in early to work to get my playing time in. My Gibson will have to be my "back up" instrument now.....never thought I'd say that. I truly want to thank you again for your help and "outstanding" service here. I own a small business, maybe I mentioned that at one point but regardless, your Company has all the right stuff going, you can always use me for a reference anytime. If there's anything else I can do, you have my 100% support. Have a great day !
Michael Stegman
Madison, Connecticut

07/22/2012 Simply put, these guitars are OUTSTANDING!! Not only can I attest to the quality, sound and playability of these guitars, but I can also attest to the outstanding customer and warranty service! I bought my first Zager guitar in February of this year. When I received the guitar I was totally blown away by both the sound and playability of this guitar and comparing it to my Martin, Rickenbacher and Ibanez guitars it shines above all. Every time I got together with my friends and family to jam they were all grabbing my Zager which left me using their guitars. ;-( I thought I'd solve that by buying another one but there were no more available on Denny's website. I then had reason to call Denny regarding his lifetime warranty service because the transducer pickup was somewhat weak on the high E string. It sure was no problem for him to email a UPS label to me to have the guitar picked up right away, but the thought of being without it even for a short period of time was distressing. While on the phone I inquired about the availability of this model and Tony told me they did, in fact, have one guitar left in that model. Needless to say I ordered it that day, waited two days to send my guitar back and the next day I received the new one. It is every bit as awesome as the first and I only had to do without it for a day! Denny repaired my first guitar the day he received it and also sent it back to me that same day. I received it in perfect order and now that I have two guitars, I wish I had four arms and hands! :-) THANK YOU DENNY, DENNY JR, TONY and the rest of your TERRIFIC TEAM at ZAGER GUITARS!!!
Bill Merluzzi
Lehighton, Pennsylvania

07/22/2012 Dear Zagar Guitar. I love my new guitar so much! The sound is perfect and clear, and it is so easy to play. In fact, I love both of them... since having one just wasn't enough. If you can stand how slow this video is to download, you can see my playing my new guitar at a Dances of Universal Peace Retreat we just had in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

Watch My Video

Connie Delaney
Salmon, Idaho

07/19/2012 I wanted to let you know that my ZAD-20 arrived today in great shape. It was well packed--thanks a bunch. From the little I have played it, I'm very pleased. I look forward to many years of use with this quality instrument. Thanks again,
Paul White
Whittier, California

07/16/2012 I have had the ZAD20 guitar for a couple of months now and finally getting around to let you know what I think of it. First, I have to go back to a hot Nebraska summer in 1969 when "2525" was a big hit and we thought it was so cool that local band was on the charts. But the song to me, was significant because as a young teen I was part of the growing "earth movement", and I later became an Environmental Scientist. So back to the guitar... I've mastered several instruments in my life but not the guitar and was doing some research on guitars and came across the Zagers. I became intrigued from what I read and ordered one - how can you lose with their guarantee? I showed the guitar to several of my guitar playing buddies (one is a professional player) and they loved it right away. They said the "set up" was very well done and couldnt believe that there was no string buzz. We did a lot of comparisons with a total of seven of their guitars ranging in price from $120 up to $1,100. In the end, they felt it was right there with the $1,100 guitar in all aspects. The sound, construction, and finish on my Zager far exceeds what you would expect at this price. The only negative comment they had was that it might be a problem to switch to larger strings, which they said I would want to do eventually for more volume. My question was, if I get the same full volume with these light strings as what the other guitars got with heavier strings, then why would I want to switch in the first place? They didnt have much of a reply. I guess in most ways I'm probably not qualified to offer an opinion on the guitar, but I do trust the opinions of people I've known for many years, and I'm sure I'll be happy with this Zager for many years to come. I'm perhaps a little old to have dreams of becoming a professional guitar player, but I sure do enjoy p racticing and learning on this Zager and though I havent been in Nebraska in decades, when I"m sitting on the front porch practicing, I can almost smell the sweet corn growing and feel the hot summer of 1969. Thanks for the memories Denny, and thanks for a great guitar!
Mark LaRue
Conyers, Georgia

07/14/2012 After playing a Zager that my friend CA Rosenberger purchased ,I placed my order for a ZAD 20CE. The ease of play and sound quality are superb. I would highly reccomend this to anyone . After showing this guitar to frinds who play, they are amazed by the sound quality and craftmanship. I have not seen another guitar anywhere nere this price that can compare.
Gary Majetic
Freedom, Pennsylvania

07/13/2012 Hi Dennis Jr. Just to let you know I bought a capo for my ZAD20CE. Oh Wow, what a beautiful sound. I have never had an acoustic sound and play this nice. I can't thank ya'll enough for everything. Keep up the great work.
Kim Johnston
CLYDE, North Carolina

07/12/2012 Hello: I have recieved the guitar which I ordered. All was as promised. I have found your company to be very professional, excelling in customer service, providing an excellent product and at a great price. I must say that most of the time any one of these three criteria excludes the others. I will never be a professional musician, but do enjoy playing the guitar. I am a surgeon for large animals such as horses and cattle (Many are rodeo animals). My career requires dexterity of the fingers, but has also lead to quite a few fractures of my fingers and hands. Playing the guitar is therapeutic for me, both mentally and physically. My playing has been somewhat "stuck in a rut" for several years. In the last few days since I have recieved your guitar I have retried some songs which I had previously given up on, with great success. I recieved your guitar at the veterinary clinic where I work, and several of my clients, or friends have picked it up and tried it out. Almost every one of them says that they intend on ordering one. Please feel free to add my name to your list of references, or to utilize my comments in any way you see fit. I am extremely pleased with the guitar purchase, and wish I had done this sooner.
Mark Robinson
Billings, Montana

07/10/2012 You are amazing, sometime when I wake up in the middle of the night I am going to email you to see how long it takes for you to reply. I have emailed you on sundays and holidays and sure enough, a reply follows shortly. I love the guitars and the service and responsiveness is unparalleled. I only wish you would branch out into used cars! You and your dad are awsome, and you both are blessed to have each other.
Bill Sechrist
Waterford, Pennsylvania

07/10/2012 I don't know if you realize how much this guitar means to me. I am a very hardworking Graphic Artist at a large Midwestern newspaper. I have a broken kneck, arms broke in two places and all the bones in the back of my hands crushed in a horse training accident 20+ years ago. I spent many years incapacitated and on some very hard drugs for pain. I also became a drug and alcohol addict over the years, and am now in recovery twelve years. Once the surgery to help correct my situation became available, I was first in line. I regained the use of my upper body and went back to school and became productive again. But I always have pain. Very bad pain. I don't take anything for pain other than advils. My job at a computer all day doesn't help. I often wear hand braces. They hate it at work that I play the guitar. They think it makes my condition worse and robs them of my proctivity, I've actually had comments such as, "I see you have your hand braces on, you weren't playing the guitar again were you?". I wasn't aware that people who have a disability weren't allowed to do anything extra, even if it is thier own pain. Music made my recovery possible. Music stops all pain, physical & mental. I have been playing your guitar since Friday. I haven't stopped all weekend, other than 6 hours of sleep, and an hour or two showing it off to neighbors. I HAVE NO PAIN. Your guitar is the closest to being ergonomic as a guitar can be. Please let your Father know that if he made it possible for one crippled person to play the guitar again, he has the angels on his side, and I will thank the creator everyday for his talents and hope that he realizes what a contribution he has made. My life would be nothing but pain & sorrow without music. He has given it back to me. Words cannot express my happiness! I truly am selling off all my 2 Fenders & 1 Martin and I'm going to buy the ZAD-80CE and the smaller travel version too. Why should I ever play in pain again? It would be stupid of me to even touch another guitar and hurt myself. It's a no-brainer. Also, my two Sons I taught to play are looking at your guitar too. The aren't handicapped, but they know good sound when they hear it. You have sold our entire family. We believe in your guitar and are going to back it up with the bucks.
Terri Lakosky
Iron, Minnesota

07/07/2012 I came home from work last night at 11:00 pm last night, I had left a note for the UPS gal to leave my package in the garage. I unwrapped your guitar and began to play. At about 2:00 am I knocked off, but was back at it by 5:30 am, (my usual rising time). I have played all day. I never thought a guitar would bring anything but tears of pain, since my neck is broken and rebuilt. Pain is inevitable, but my love of playing kept me sawing away despite it. Now I have tears of joy, but not just because I can play all day without pain, (which is in itself a miracle), but you have given me the sound I have sought since I sat at my Fathers knee over 45 years ago. He played a Sears Silvertone, with bowed front and back with fiddle F's. It had a RESOUNDING ring and had a presence I have never heard since. Until I played you guitar. I have no plans to ever play any other guitar, and would not part with mine for anything. I shopped around before buying. I test played Fenders, Gibsons, Sigmas, and even a $2,200 Martin. I want this guitar. I want to play this guitar. Everthing else feels like a log. One thing else, even though your guitar seems to be cut exactly like other auditorium guitars, it fits more comfortably on my lap and doesn't cut my arm & armpit like my other guitar. It fits better. Perhaps better balanced? I find I no longer play "downhill". It's as comfortable in the recliner as on the Porch. I had completely forgot about plugging it in at first, I was happy with just the unplugged sound. Then I remembered and plugged it into my tube amp and was blown away. This guitar stands alone in it's class as an accoustic, but you can even plug it in and get more than I ever dreamed of for the money. Thank you Mr. Zager & Son, this is the finest guitar I have ever heard or played. Maybe that's not saying much, I'm just an old hippie gal living way back in the woods of Minnesota, but it's all I need to know. If you boys ever are in the Northwoods, stop by, I owe you a dinner.
Terri Lakosky
Iron, Minnesota

07/04/2012 Denny, I just received the ZAD20CE and hardshell case. This is a beautiful guitar. It tunes up perfectly. The intonation is great, the distance between the strings solves a big problem I have had with other acoustics. The guitar sounds crisp and clean. The presence is awsome. The guitar seems to stay in tune without have to fiddle with it after playing a few songs. The built in tuner is a big plus also. I hooked it up to my amp and it is the same great sound ,amplified. Thank you for the Zager T-shirt and the extra set of strings. The hardshell case was a bargain also. I appreciate it. This was a great investment and I look forward to doing some online lessons with you. I want to just say I wish the best in the future for you and your company. Dennis JR. you are the best communicator I have ever dealt with online. Always quick responses. Most of all you are always pleasant. May God bless you and your company in the future. Kim p.s. I hope to see you in the year 2525 LOL
Kim Johnston
CLYDE, North Carolina

07/02/2012 First off I would like to say this site is awesome. It has helped me alot, although I still have a lot of work to do on my part, but I have found out what most of my problems were through your teachings. Thank You! I will be looking forward to new songs and hopefully be able to play them all oneday. Again Thank You.
Erin Olsen
Tampa, Florida

07/02/2012 HI, I just started your online lessons...and love them!! I am going to be purchasing one of your guitars very soon. Thanks
Brian Gipperich
Albany, New York

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