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07/02/2012 Just to let you know, I got your guitar and it is just beautiful. Now if my husband can just learn to play it, we will be set for beautiful music. Thank you
SELIGMAN, Missouri

07/02/2012 I received my ZAD 20 acoutic / electric two days ago. I have been playing every chance I get just to make sure this guitar is as wonderful as everyone claimed. Well, I'm proud and pleased to say that this guitar is wonderful. Tone and playability are second to none in my opinion. I have been playing a DY 46 Alverez for 23 years now and have always considered it an easy to play,great sounding guitar. But the ZAD 20 just blew me away. Thanks for producing such a wonderful instrument at an affordable price. Sincerely,
Kenneth Flowers
Summerdale, Alabama

06/28/2012 Good job! I'm extremely satisfied with your work, as I knew I would be. I appreciate the picks! Thanks for being my hero and making the best guitars ever!
Eric North
Friona, Texas

06/26/2012 Denny, Just a note to say I received my ZAD-20CE as promised. It's absolutely beautiful and sounds great. Everything you say on your website about the guitar is accurate. I'm very pleased with my choice and will recommend your guitars to others. Thanks,
Steven Skinner
Duncan, Oklahoma

06/25/2012 Dennis: received my guitar yesterday. it's beautiful and sounds great! Thanks!!
Ric Ottaiano
Fullerton, California

06/22/2012 Dennis, Denny, Just wanted to send you a follow-up note. I've been playing the 20CE for a couple of weeks now. It's got to be the finest guitar I've had the joy to play. I've only owned about a dozen guitars, steel string and nylon, and have player the guitars of others, and this one is the best sounding and easiest to play. I haven't touched my classical guitar since I picked up the Zager. I can finger pick and flat pick with ease. The extra spacing between the strings is great. I love the finish, although I'd prefer the spruce top to be a little darker in color (This in not a complaint, purely asthetics, and I know it will darken with age). The tuning is smooth. I really can't find fault with any aspect of this instrument. You guys do good work. Thanks for sharing it.
Charlie Brown
Vidor, Texas

06/22/2012 I am impressed how quickly you got me a replacement for the guitar that was damaged in shipment. My new ZAD-20 sounds fantastic. I even prefer the sound over the ZAD-20CE that I purchased from you a year ago. Thank you once again for an outstanding guitar and excellent service.
Thyca Colyn
Seattle, Washington

06/22/2012 I have enjoyed playing my ZAD20 since I received it in February. When the weather changed in April I started getting a string buzz. An email to Zagerguitar brought a quick response not only explaining what I should try but a help link with video to show me what I needed to try. When none of that worked they suggested that I needed to ship it back to them (at their cost). I shipped it out on Good Friday, I had a new guitar by the following Friday. Nobody likes to have problems, but when you do it's nice to deal with a company that backs up their product as they say they will, 100%. I can't thank all of you enough.
Dowling, Michigan

06/19/2012 I bought one of your Guitars about a month ago. This is the easiest guitar I have ever played.Before this I was trying to play an old Goya, that I found at a ysrd sale. Thanks for a great guitar, I will be signing up for your video course!
Charles Carter
Havre de Grace, Maryland

06/16/2012 HELLO FRIENDS!! First of all I wanted to just thank you ZAGER for being a business for so long and keeping the integrity and craftsmanship all along the way! I was so excited yesterday because that is the day my ZAD20CE BLK guitar arrived at my porch. I quickly (and carefully) opened was I surprised! It was 10X better looking in person........and looks are the lowest attributes of this guitar too! I immediately was able to play a song I was trying with my other guitar the previous night. I mean immediately! I was flying through that songbook! It is so easy to nice on the fingers. I tryed the electronics through a crate amp (nothin' special) and it sounded good even before I tweaked with the EQ. I will get a special amp soon.....but right now unplugged sounds spectacular! I will definitely definitely be buying that ZAD80CE very very soon! Thank you so much for the extras too. I love the autographed pic.....even though I am not old enough to have been around when you made that song.....still love it. I will keep those strings for next re-stringing (obviously haha) but the thing that amazed me was the shirt. I love the design......I'll be wearing it proud!!!! I can't thank you enough Denny for all your craftsmanship and time spent on my guitar. I think you have a great thing going here and I hope you never change. .....the guitar is from my dreams.....
Scott Turner
Houston, Texas

06/14/2012 I love your website and I especially love my ZAD-80CE! Great guitar! Thanks!
Mark Porter
Suamico, Wisconsin

06/13/2012 Hello "TEAM ZAGER", I just received the ZAD-15 (for my wife). It looks and sounds Great. All the best,
Jim Fennessy
Loveland, Colorado

06/12/2012 Mr. Zager, I came across one of your EZ-Play ads while browsing around Ebay looking at guitars. I was intrigued and curious by the claims you make about the sound and, in particular, the playability of your guitars. Well, I am curious no more. After thinking about it for several months, I finally broke down and bought a ZAD80CE. I have never had so much fun playing a guitar in the 40 years I have played. It is truly the easiest playing guitar I have ever picked up. Add to that the awesome sound and stunning looks and I can't believe I waited so long to get one. Thank you for your kindness and quick response to the questions I had and for the quick service to get a Zager guitar into my hands. I won't hesitate to tell anyone that these guitars are the real deal. Thanks again,
Gary Word
Lone Grove, Oklahoma

06/10/2012 Hey Dennis My new guitar arrived the same morning I was leaving on a trip out of town, so I took it with me, I could not set it down. It is absolutely beautiful and the sound is unreal, I have looked it over and over again and can not find a single flaw. I loved the last guitar I bought from you guys but you really made a master piece with this one. I polish it every time I'm through playing it, just in case some one comes buy and wants to see it. Thanks again
Timothy Vanzant
Solpotna, Alaska

06/10/2012 Mr Zager I received the ZAD20 OM today and I am very happy. Fits my hands better than the larger model and looks like the better choice. I have the Sunburst all packed and ready to return. Please let me know how to get it back to you. I am again, so grateful that you allowed me to swap these guitars and cant wait to start practicing. (tonight!) thanks
Patrick Ciampi
New jersey, New Jersey

06/07/2012 I recently purchased your online video lessons. I must say I am very impressed with the information, It is very thourgh and well thought out. It is the best i have seen yet. I also purchased one of your guitars over the weekend and I am patiently waiting for its arrival. Thanks for a great product.
Doug Johnson
McKinleyville, California

06/04/2012 Hi Dennis, Thanks for your attention and kind assistance, they've been sincerely appreciated. I wish I could enter another positive Ebay feedback for you, but I'll talk this guitar up on Harmony Central and the other review sites, of course, only adding to the already unanimous chorus of accolades from other customers! Best Regards,
Bruce Duncan
Mission Hills, California

06/02/2012 Hi Dennis! I recieved my new 20 CE today. It is everything I expected. Now I just need to learn how to play it! :) I'm going to sign up for your on-line lessons today. Thanks for making the shopping and purchasing decision so easy.
Patrick DiGangi
Perrineville, New Jersey

06/02/2012 Hi Denny, Just wanted to send you an e-mail and tell you how happy I am with the guitar. I also have a Fender ESD-10 Which I paid alot more for and I enjoy playing the ZAD-20CE and like the sound of it better than the Fender. The Fender has a much deeper bass sound but over all I'll take the Zager hands down. I had to wait about 6 weeks to get it because of backorder but it was worth the wait. After I received it, my guitar playing friend, Bud Whaley, just had to have one. He ordered his and had it in about 4 days. Great service when you have them in stock. Have another friend who really wants one but think he is having trouble convincing his wife that he really needs another guitar. Just wanted to thank you for making such a great sounding guitar at a reasonable price. It would be fine to list me as one of your satisfied customers. Thanks again,
Perry Babb
Cameron, Oklahoma

06/02/2012 Dennis, I just got it! Thank you for sending it in the wonderful hard case. The guitar sounds really full. It's a lovely sound that I will be able to use for the studio. I am going to play it a lot more before I go into the studio. I noticed with the OM that it sounds better now that I have a couple of months of playing it under my belt. The wood probably is aging. I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to represent Zager Guitars. I am going to record 3 solo acoustic songs this month before I head out to NY. If you enjoy solo acoustic music, I will be happy to send you copy of those as well.
Much love,


Eureka, California

05/29/2012 Dennis, As promised, the guitar arrived shortly after I read your email. It is beautiful! After playing for a while, I came to the realization that all you have said about the EZ-Play system is absolutely true. I own a 1971 Strat that has always been my "go-to" guitar, but I'm afraid that has now changed. A few weeks ago I enrolled in your on-line lessons and though the action on the Strat is light and easy to play, my new Zager ZAD-20 is far superior and I look forward to practicing your unique lessons that much more. Thank you, and may you have the best of days,
Chris O'Connor
Rutland, Vermont

05/27/2012 Received my ZAD-20CE one week ago. I've waited to send this message because I couldn't really believe how good the guitar sounded when I first played it. For a week now, I've played it with and without electricity. It sounds great either way. I came close to buying a Parkwood a couple of weeks ago. I'm so glad I didn't. My Zager guitar sounds better and is far easier to play. I look forward to a long relationship with this baby. Thanks so much for making such a lovely instrument.
Ira Wheatly
Arlington, Texas

05/26/2012 Good evening...... A little over a month ago I purchased a ZAD-80CE-OM. FANTASTIC!! Even plugged into this cheap little Fender practice amp I have multiplies the FANTASTIC. When I received the guitar, included was a Zager pick. It was the perfect thickness, something between a thin and a medium, and slightly larger than a normal size. Hopefully in a couple of months I will start the on-line lessons and get the time to write a proper testament to this great guitar. And you were right... with his back turned my brother could NOT tell whether I was playing his Martin ..... or my Zager !! Thanks much,
Richard Wood
Saint Helen, Michigan

05/23/2012 Dennis, Thank you for handling my order so promptly. The ZAD 20 and case arrived safe and sound today with no shipping damage! Your product is as described! I am impressed! I do agree that Denny?s EZ Play setup makes the strings easier to press to the fret board, which in turn should be of great benefit to me during my learning process. I'll try to keep you posted regarding my impressions as I progress through the Zager online lessons. At the age of 58, I'm a bit of a late comer to guitar playing; it's something I've had the desire to do for quite a while, but just put it off for many years. Recently I made the decision to follow through and set a goal of playing the guitar. I then began to look around for the "ideal" method of learning to play. I looked at quite a few books and manuals of instruction in addition to reading what many had to offer on the internet, but nothing really seemed to stand out. Nothing that is until I happened to discover your web site; immediately I knew I had found what I had been looking for. When I saw and listened to what Denny had to say about the Zager method and course of instruction I was very impressed and concluded that this is a guitar course on the cutting edge of music teaching. After reading about everything you have on your site, and watching the terrific demo's by Denny, it didn't take long for me to decide that your?s is the method I want to learn! When my initial impression proved to be accurate after signing on for six months of instruction I decided I wanted to learn with one of your guitars. I selected the ZAD 20 along with the molded case for protection and storage. I chose Zager for the EZ Play setup that Denny does to each of the guitars, and I like the features and appearance as specified in their manufacture. As of yet I cannot attest to the playability?.. that will come later. I have read the large amount of positive reviews in this regard and believe that such a large number of Zager players cannot be wrong. As far as appearances go, this is one very beautiful instrument! For me it has just the right amount of "fancy", it looks terrific without being overdone or gaudy. Some may describe this as understated beauty; I say it's just my style! Mine did come through with a bit or flake of dark colored sawdust (?) in the finish near the edge of the sound hole. While this is a bit of a disappointment, it's not enough for me to request a return, to exchange it for another. I have read Denny's thoughts about the finish versus the playability of a guitar and agree. I'll live with it. My hope is that through time and practice, I will be able to bring out the joyful and melodious sound this instrument is capable of producing in the hands of a talented musician. The demos that Denny does are such an inspiration, I can only hope to achieve a fraction of his playing ability! My wife was expecting to see a good looking guitar when I unpacked it today, and she was not disappointed. But she was surprised when she saw how nice the case is. She was not expecting such quality, and remarked at how well it is made. I am glad that I made the choice for the molded case, it is not only well made and attractive, but the guitar fits so well in the plush interior, the storage box is of a generous size and I prefer the placement of the temp/humidity indicator in this model. Thanks also for the extras you included with my order. I appreciate the hardware items and I must say that I also like the signed picture, letter of authenticity as well as Denny's signature on the guitar. I too was one of those fans that enjoyed "?Zager and Evans 2525" never ever imagining any kind of an association with "that Zager", not to mention having him as an instructor! Guess I've rambled on long enough, I'll let you go so you can get to important matters. Now all I've got to do is practice!
Duane VanScyoc
Lewistown, Pennsylvania

05/23/2012 Denny Sorry it took so long to write a testimonial. I received my ZAD-20CE in late March and was very impressed with the craftsmanship, intonation and beauty of this guitar. I've been playing an Ibanez and frankly it took a little time getting use to the increased string spacing. I have wide, short fingers and could not finger certain chords properly with the Ibanez. Now, my playing has improved immensely. I can play for hours without fatigue!! I love the hard shell case as well!! Your customer service is beyond reproach. I will recommend your products to anyone!!!
W Booth
North Attleboro, Massachusetts

05/23/2012 Hi Dennis, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my guitar. It handles as well as my friends more expensive guitar American Acoustic. I noticed that my hand is less sore, and my fingers are not as bothered, so it is doing as I hoped it would. Thanks for such a fine guitar. I've been recommending it to friends.
Neal Patalinghug

05/20/2012 Denny I received the Zager - earlier than expected, professionally packaged and delivered. It was in tune, and came with nice extras, (thank you for an upgraded case to keep it in). I have not played a guitar since 1980, at that time I had not gone past learning a few basic chords. My folks gave me an Aspen for Christmas in 78. They purchased it in a local music store, you know the story? high action, hard to play - thought it was me, and put it away?life happens. I now know the setup is the biggest factor in how a guitar plays. I have had my Sunburst ZAD 20 for a few days now and have played it for "hours" every day ? (sometimes for six hours) I cannot leave it alone. I have learned through your video how to restring a broken string, (over tightened the sixth ? it was "amateur Ville" me in my learning curve), but I did restring it on my first try, and completed it close to the way you demonstrate on the video. Man, that is another great thing you have for us - videos over the web! I am already playing songs using either chords or notes, getting close to combining both. I watched your great videos on playing correctly, and in an afternoon, I learned how to lighten my grip making the chords and notes sound clean, the intonation pleasant, a breakthrough for me. I found this guitar; an individual instrument with its own characteristic traits, received your proper attention to make it an enjoyable and pleasing sounding guitar. Your Zad designed guitars, with your master set up has found a very pleased new player - I cannot imagine parting with it. The words of praise given you, and everyone at Zager for going the extra mile is well earned.
Nancyjane Huehl
Vivian, South Dakota

05/17/2012 Hi Dennis, I'd originally chosen my first Zager guitar because of the glowing testimonials, and now I know that everything they said was true. I've enjoyed (and played) my Zager guitars more than any others I own, and I have quite a few decent guitars. Your over-the-top helpfulness is also legendary, and I am truly grateful to have experienced it this past week. Thanks to your cross-town rush to UPS, the new guitar did arrive in time for my friend's birthday, and we had a great time with multiple Zager guitars dominating the entire session. Those who hadn't had experience with Zager before were all blown away by the great action and the fabulous tone! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Craig Feied
Washington, District of Columbia

05/15/2012 Dennis: As always thank you for your kind and great service. I am astonished to find such great support. Is it any wonder why I think so highly of you guys? If ever I can return your kindness, just let me know. Best Regards,
Todd Rogers
Phoenix, Arizona

05/14/2012 That's what your motto should be, Denny. Lighten Up! I received my Zager ZAD-80 yesterday (a day earlier than expected) and have played it now for probably 8 of the last 12 hours. There are many things I could say about the guitar, but they've already been said over and over. Suffice it to say that I completely agree with all the superlatives that have been lavished on these wonderful instruments. However, there is one thing that I have noticed in my short time with my guitar that has taken me by surprise. In the past (20 years total) when I played an instrument - I've owned Gibsons, Gretches, Fenders, Alvarezes, Ovations, etc. - I could always practice about 30 to 45 minutes before my left hand, wrist and forearm were so tired and cramped that I began making mistakes due to fatigue. After about an hour with my Zager I had finally learned how to lighten my grip to the extent that the fatigue factor goes away, no matter how long I play. Three hours without stop and no fatigue! Other things may get tired after a few hours - my back, my butt, my wife :-) ... but not my hand. My intonation was immediately better as well as my ability to correctly form difficult chords that used to challenge me. A lighter grip corrects a lot of ills! I used to wonder how long I would have to practice to finally stop experiencing that fatigue; now I believe it would have never happened due to incorrect setups on my instruments. You've made a breakthrough here, Denny, and players everywhere need to know about it. The subtleties that go into making this guitar what it is are more than just filed frets and lowered nuts and saddles. It's obviously an overall analysis of each individual instrument and working with that individual instrument's characteristics to make as playable as it can be. That's why this cannot be done on a machine. Another Zager guitar has found a new and delighted owner. I think we'll be partners for a long time! I congratulate you and I hope other luthiers will realize the magic of this method and that players all over the world will learn to lighten up!
Cal Barton
Tyler, Texas

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