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05/15/2012 Hello Dennis, I received your guitar today. And what a great instrument it is! I really like it a lot. It almost sounds like a piano! Very crisp and articulate, perfectly in tune. Very musical guitar! I like the fact that it's light weight. The neck is very easy to play everywhere, I can bend the strings easily and there's no buzz at all! The sound is focused, full range, nice bottom, solid mids, rich and round highs. Plus, I think it looks awesome! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that guitar! Please, say hello to your father for me, I'm a big fan of his song "In The Year 2525" I was only 8 years old when it came out but I remember it very well, even if I lived far, far away, in Chicoutimi, province of Quebec, Canada, and that brings me back a lot of good memories! Best regards and if you're around Las Vegas and would like to see our show, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to arrange something for you. Thanks again,

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Andre Coutu
Guitarist For Celine Dion
Las Vegas, Nevada

05/13/2012 Thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly over this relatively short period of time, as I've played the guitar, it has really opened up. The tension issues have all but resolved. It must become pretty common for people to send you comments telling you how nice your instruments are for the money. I must say that I was skeptical. I'm not any more. What you do up there in Nebraska is truly exceptional. I really can't imagine what Denny will provide to his public when the new line comes out. I can't wait to see. Thanks again.
Evan Frankel
Miami, Florida

05/11/2012 Mike here in Amarillo with a report on how my new Zad 20 is treating me. We have been playing it at the Fire Station and everybody loves it. In fact, I don't get to play it much there because everyone else wants to try it instead of their own guitar. I have also been playing it at home and you guys are right, I can play it twice as long as my other guitar. Last Saturday I started playing it in the morning and played for a while and then went to do something else and then I would come back and play some more. This went on all day long. The kicker was when my first wife Barbara would be doing the house work and she made me lift up my feet so she could vacuum. I just lifted my feet and kept playing. Then when she was going to dust I had to move my book. After about 6 hours she came in there and put her hands on my leg and looked at me with those cold gray eyes of hers and said with clinched teeth, "You have been doing this all day long! Go find something else to do." I just looked up at her and I said, "Yes dear, I will go do something else." When ever she clinches her teeth to talk to me, I know that I should just give her a compliment of some type and get out of her way. So I told her how young she looked today but then I realized that she was not wearing a bra and they were hanging down pretty low and were pulling the wrinkles out of her face, so I just went in my office and watched a Zager guitar lesson on the computer. You can't imagine how pleased she is that I am one of your students. She hardly ever has to talk to me anymore. But lately, I have been having terrible pain in my hip, left elbow, left shoulder, and both hands. I have discovered that the reason for my pain is all your fault. At first I thought it was a side effect of my high cholesterol medicine. Joint and muscle pain can be a serious side effect. I called my doctor and he said to get off the medicine for a couple of weeks to see if it got better. Well I can tell you that it did not get any better. It just got worse. Since then I have discovered that I have gotten a "guitar injury from using your product!" It is caused from sitting on my big leather couch, on one cheek, playing guitar, for several hours at a time which I could not do with my old guitar. I can't tell you how painful that was. Then I bought a music stand and now I sit on the couch like you are supposed to and the symptoms have almost gone away. Now I make it a point to sit up straight and practice every day for a couple of hours. My fingers love my new Zad-20. My wife complimented me the other night and said that I was doing very well on "In a godda da vida" even though I was trying to play "Unchained Melody." I thought it was a pretty shallow compliment. She only knows how to play the radio. I might be getting a Zad-80 with electronics, so I can play louder. Thanks,
Mikel Campbell
Amarillo, Texas

05/11/2012 Denny! I received my ZAD-20 yesterday packed nicely in its Martin case and was thrilled. It arrived in perfect condition, and was mostly in tune. I love the tone. The sound is bright and edgy and yet deep. And the volume? Oh la la! Because I'm used to my Goya classical, I couldn't tell the difference in ease of play, so I took it to a few of my children who have relatively good guitars and who could tell the difference. They said that yes, it was definitely easier to play! And they loved the sound! The buying experence was simple and painless and as soon as I lose a few pounds, I'll be able to fit into that cool T-shirt! Best Regards,
Dennis Doyle
Sandy, Utah

05/08/2012 Hi Dennis Jr, Got one of your Zad 20 OM's not long ago and I must say that it is everything you said it would be and more,can't say enough about the sound this little jewel puts out. Plan to order the Zad 80 very soon. Thanks:
Richard Butler
Louisville, Kentucky

05/05/2012 Thank you again for the great customer service leading up to the delivery of my new ZAD-20. As with just about everyone, I was a little weary about whether the guitar would live up to it's billing. It goes hand-in-hand with the nature of online purchases. I pulled the ZAD-20 from it's wrapping after you delivered it to my hotel in Lincoln, NE. At first look, the guitar was more visually stunning than I expected from the ZAD-20. I even checked the hole to make sure I was not given a ZAD-80. Appearance...check, but how easily does it play? After running a few scales and some bar chords up and down the neck, I could see this guitar was desgined for ease of use. The widened neck and lowered bridge work well in conjunction with the light strings. These things considered - I never thought it would produce the nice rich tone it did. You will find guitars that play easy for under $1000. You will find guitars that sound nice for under $1000. However, you will not find a guitar that looks as pretty, plays as easily or sounds as rich and bright as the ZAD-20 for anywhere near the price range. Trust me - I looked all over the place. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. It's even guaranteed that you won't regret your decision. I, on the other hand, won't need the guarantee. I'm keeping mine...
Chicago, Illinois

05/03/2012  I completley love the black zad-20ce you guys sent me, its perfect and looks stunning in black. I get many compliments about it from other students. I really have now found a guitar that I feel fits me well and feels right and I now look forward to signing up for denny's online lessons and progessing much faster. Thank you very much Zager and I plan on doing much buisness with you in the future and have recommended your guitars to all my friends who play. Thank you very much.
Adam Horvath
Hyde Park, New York

05/03/2012 Hello, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the guitar lesson program. I've learned more in the last 2 months than I ever did any other way. Thanks for all your hard work. This program would be a great benefit for anyone. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Tracy Sweeny
Chicago, Illinois

05/03/2012 Mr. Zager What a GIFT !! To Be able to come up with that SOUND. Ive Been wanting to Purchase a NEW GUITAR for a while I wont need to LOOK any further. (ZAD-20CE) Thanks, to my Friend Joe Richter, who introduce me to Your Product.
C A Rosenberger
Freedom, Pennsylvania

04/29/2012 Hi Dennis, Played the guitar in a concert on Saturday night, and it performed as well or better than guitars twice the price. Thanks!
Jim Williams
Dallas, Texas

04/27/2012 Denny,Just had to say wow what an amazing instrument. I have always wanted to by myself a Martin , but I found your website by accident and read it almost nightly for 2 months . I am awe-struck by the tone and feel of playing my new ZAD-20. I like many others bought a cheap guitar early in life and lost precious time. I have several friends who say they will purchase one also. Thanks a million
Jon Wilson
Bruceville, Indiana

04/26/2012 My wife bought my ZAD20 back in June. Since then I have looked at other guitars to see if any would equal it. To this date, no other guitar I have tried has been as easy to play. Most do not compare in sound quality or craftsmanship for less than 4 to 5 times the cost. To match this guitar, you will have to spend a lot more money and it still won't satisfy as well as a Zager. Denny, you have some great products, thanks.
David Ellerd
Corpus Christi, Texas

04/23/2012 Dear Dennis : I received my guitar yesterday, and am absolutely SPEECHLESS !!!! Been playing it all day and nite !!! The tone is just beautiful and it plays like butter............! I could not be more pleased !!!! :))))) From the perfect packaging to the beautiful craftsmanship of this instrument, a million and one thanks...! ****** I LOVE THIS GUITAR !!!! ******* PS - the tee-shirt and poster were a nice surprise also !! Be proud of this and other wonderful guitars you offer at such an amazing price. Incredible !!! I have waited a lifetime for a guitar such as this Dennis ..... Thank you so very, very much !! :)) (ZAGER fan for life now ) !!!!!!!! and will surely tell others !!!!
Rob Olson
New York, New York

04/23/2012 Hi! Received my guitar late yesterday, Wed., and it is absolutely beautiful. I'll be able to play it today and really enjoy it. Thanks so very much,
DeeDee Ogden
Lake Arrowhead, California

04/23/2012 I liked my Zad20 so much, I bought my husband a Zad80 today!!! Needless to say, he's pretty happy! Thank you again!! Extremely Satisfied Customer,
Christine Sundquist
Jacksonville, Florida

04/20/2012 denny -- i got my zad-20ce in black , yesterday --W O W it sounds and plays great . i had a friend come over who plays he could not beleave the ease in witch it played and how good it sounded . look for him to buy a zad-20 off u next week .thanks for the guitar stands and t shirt .
Joe Richter
BEAVER, Pennsylvania

04/17/2012 Denny Jr: You couldn't pry my Zager Guitar out of my cold dead hands, this thing is amazing! I think you just really need to learn to play it! To be quite honest, I was a little disappointed because I guess I wasn't putting the time into learning how to play this bad boy, but once I did, a whole new world opened up, it seems like the more I play, the better the guitar sounds!!! I know that sounds dorky, but it's true. And it's funny, in my head, I think it sounds OKAY, until I go into the radio station that I work at and go into the production room, put the headphones on and record into our digital system, (Cool Edit Pro), when I hear it back, it sounds ten times better than what I thought, when I recorded it. Unfortunately, my voice sounds about the same, but after 6 months, I have NEVER been happier with ANY purchase like I have with this Zager! And my fingers aren’t aching! Again most times when I play "In the Year 2525" on my radio show, I let people know I've got a Zager Guitar and refer to Denny as my personal guitar teacher. I don't know what you guys are doing, but please keep it up! "Wild Bill"
Bill Schneible
Fort Collins, Colorado

04/15/2012 Hello all at Zager Guitar! I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome guitar (ZAD20CELH). I have been looking for a quality left handed acoustic guitar in the $200 range for about 3 or 4 years now and was just never satisfied with any that I found (because lefties tend to be either really cheap or really expensive). And some how I stumbled across Zager guitars... I think on ebay. I was very skeptical at first but after I read like 20 or more different positive comments and considering the 100% guarrantee I figured I had to try. I just got my guitar yesterday and I love it. By far the best left handed guitar I have ever played (mind you I could never find a high end lefty at the stores but I have played a lot of right handed high end guitars). Anyways, the worship leader at my church attempted to play it left handed and said it sounded better than a lot of guitars in the $1000 range (he plays a Martin D-45). He was impressed and said that he wished it were right handed so he could play it more (and possibly recommend it to people who are looking for a really good guitar in the $200 range). I love the sound. It is bright and has a great full sound. I have listened to a lot of different guitars in while going to school (for audio recording and engineering )and I can easily tell the difference between a good and bad guitar, and this one is great! As a lefty I say thank you very much, you are a rare find! And last but not least to top off the whole experience, Zager Guitars has EXCELLENT customer service. There was a mix up with the payment and the problems was instantly fixed. Amazing service (just the service is worth it... but in addition I got a great guitar too). Anyways, thank you very much!
Josh Hauch
Holland, Michigan

04/14/2012 Hey guys, I just received my ZAD-20CE. Turned on the electronic tuner, wound 'er up, hit a chord. Got just one word for now...sweet. Sounds as good as the 1974 vintage Martin D35 I had on loan, and plays "E-Z", as advertised. Denny, you do good work. I love it!
Charlie Brown
Alexandria, Virginia

04/13/2012 Denny, Just wanted you to know that I have had my ZAD-80ce for a month now, and I am very happy with it. I have had a Martin D-18 for nine years, which has given much pleasure and still does. My Zager has lighter strings and thus a different sound, but I very much appreciate the difference in sound of the two guitars. I must admit that the Zager is much nicer looking. I am also pleased with the electronics. Also, your shipping was very prompt. I am a happy customer. Sincerely,
Dan Sandven
Hall City, South Dakota

04/11/2012 Denny you are AWSOME and so are you guitars, I have three and the cost of all three is less than any of my other guitars. I play your Martin DR-41 and your Zager ZAD-80CE all the time and the rest are in the closet. Your lessons are awsome as well. I cant believe that your are not as fsmous as the stones. Your son is on the ball to, answers questions 365 days a year! Thank you
Larry Peterson
Memphis, Tennessee

04/11/2012 Mr Zager I just want to say thans for the great deal on the ZAD 80 and all the help that came with it. As a new guitar player, I knew nothing of what tone or action had to do with my purchase. But with the help of Tony at Zager and the care and consideration of your staff, I now have a guitar that I will cherish and excel with for many years to come. Thank You
Mark Caron
Phoenix, Arizona

04/08/2012 I received my New Zager Guitar, and it is beautiful and sounds wonderful. Now all I need to do is learn to play it. I am 58 years old and used to play a little 40 years ago. Now I am starting all over again. Thanks for a Great Guitar and the lessons. I guess the rest is up to me. I really like the onboard tuner. It really helps. Thanks
Johnny Scarborough
Anderson, South Carolina

04/05/2012 Dennis, Thanks for the professional information. I feel better now. The guitar is beautiful, everything that your web site proclaims. The Zager company will be highly recomended. Thanks again for your product and professionalism.
Crescent city, Florida

04/03/2012  Good Gawd................. I woke up today with a UPS label stuck to my door, much to my suprize~! I went to the local UPS office and picked up one beautiful guitar, sounds great. I'm sorry I doubted you for a minute, you followed thru and it actually did come on Friday even after the confusion. I can't thank you enough. I was on the way to the grocery store before I picked up the guitar, but I didn't want to leave the guitar in the truck so I came home to drop it off and leave you a note. I picked it up and ran a few cords and a ditty or two, but gotta get to the store before they get busy. As soon as I can, I will follow up with a testimonial on your down home family run business, and what lengths you go thru to assure customer satisfaction. It's a cold rainy day here so it will be a good day to get familiar with my new addition to the family. Thanks Again........ Today was like Christmas for me : ) Great Job,
Tim Chaney

04/03/2012 I am having a great time with my online lessons. I have really surprised myself with how much my playing has improved since I began the lessons. Even though I'd played before, I never felt like I made much progress. Now, each time I view a lesson, play along with it, or study the arrangement by myself, I can tell I'm making great strides! Thank you, Denny!
Bonnie Earnhardt
Mebane, North Carolina

04/03/2012 Dennis, I received my ZAD20CE yesterday that my wife ordered for me, and I just love it! I have a Martin 3532 guitar with a jack for electric (nothing else) and a Fender Stratocaster Deluxe electric guitar, and neither can compare with the ZAD20CE. Even as a beginner, I could tell immediately that the ZAD20CE is much easier to play and sounds so much better. I am truly amazed at the quality of this quitar. My thanks and congratulations to you and your Dad for making such a high quality guitar. Also, I really appreciate the extras that were thrown in. That was very thoughtful, and most unusual. If you would like for me to write a review for your website, I would be more than happy to do so. It would be all positive. There is nothing negative that I can think of. Again, thanks, and I look forward to many hours of pleasure with the ZAD20CE. Oh yes, my wife doesn't play the guitar at all, and noticed an immediate difference in ease of play and quality of sound also. One more thing, my wife wants to know if it is possible to purchase your Dad's song "In the Year 2525" from you. Thanks again,
Grant Phillips
London, Kentucky

03/30/2012 Zagers, love my Zad 20 now for 3 months. I was a skeptical purchaser, but everything promised about this guitar has come through in spades- tone, sustain and ease of play, tuning stability,etc. My guitar teacher marvels at the sound and playability.
Richard Valent
Nashville, Tennessee

03/28/2012 The guitar is beautiful and sounds great......I do most of my practice on my older heavey stringed guitar (right or wrong) trying to build up finger strength and positioning. When I switch to the Zager, it is like a different world...the pressure needed is so minimal that it takes a while to realize how light a touch is needed to get a good clear note. I am really pleased with it...Thanks.............
Steve Parker
Myrtle Point, Oregon

03/27/2012 To all Zager employees, Thanks for the great guitar. I am a forty year, lousy guitarist who plays solely for his own pleasure. I recently bought a ZAD-20CE Orchestra body guitar from you...sound unheard (not sight unseen). I have been immensely enjoying it for the past few is as easy to play as my Statocaster (actually easier, I am a large fellow with big hands and the broad neck allows for more accurate finger placement) and sounds better than my HD-35! I love this guitar!!! My friends will be buying your wonderful instruments.
Peter Evans
INDIAN WELLS, California

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