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03/24/2012 Hi, Dennis - My ZAD-20 arrived today, a mere 4 days after I ordered it. It is a beautiful instrument that surpasses my expectations, with a full, clear sound. I have hardly put it down since it got here. Thanks so much for answering all my questions while I was deciding on the purchase, and for your company's excellent service. I look forward to checking out the online videos, and spending lots of time with this beautiful guitar. best regards,
Christine Morris
Greensboro, North Carolina

03/24/2012 HiDZJR, The ZAD20OM arrived in good shape today. Nice guitar for the bucks. I sell Blueridge in the same price range and yours is just as nice quailty wise. As for the setup -- Excellent!!
Ken Cierpilowski
Lincoln, Nebraska

03/24/2012 I played it at a gig the other night and it really sounded great. Had a lot good comments from band members about how great it sounded. After playing it for a couple of weeks, I went back and played the acoustic I had been playing before I purchased the Zager. What a difference! The Zager plays so much easier and has a better sound.
Jody Beck
Clarendon, North Carolina

03/21/2012 Dennis ... I am in disbelief !!! The guitar arrived today !!! It is beautiful ... a little lighter wood color and the action is very nice !!!! You have another very satisfied customer !!!
James Childers
Fort Wayne, Indiana

03/18/2012 I haven't been playing the guitar long, probably about 6 months, but it has been on a fender, nothing special, just a starting guitar. We'll my dad said I was good enough to get a new guitar so he said he would help pay for one, I got some money together and ordered the ZAD-20CE, well needless to say my dad basically cussed me out because he's been playing for around 25 years, he said I was going to be ripped off and you guys would send me a piece of junk. He even called your 1-800 number and tried to give you guys hell saying he was from GM music and wanted the guitars wholesale, and that he had seen them in pawn shops, (he was being a real jerk) but your customer service is SO excellent that the man he was talking to was even nice and was trying to help him (despite my fathers attitude). So I let the guitar arrive, first I let my brother play it, he has been playing for over 12 years and is an EXCELLENT player, he has played the most expensive martins on the market. (He has a wonderfully playing Vantage Acoustic guitar), I handed him the guitar, and he couldn't put it down, he played and played and played, he even asked me if he could hold it for awhile and let me play his. Needless to say, he was absolutely amazed, he said it played far better than his Vantage, and better than most 2,000 dollar Martin's he has played, plus he was lying in the bed, on his back, playing barcords, the custom bridges are phenomenal. Well, then went the big test, my father, brought the guitar in and he said, "well.... its a beautiful guitar, it has good weight", so he proceeded to play.... and play.... and play.... he couldn't believe it, he couldn't stop talking about it, he even said that he had to have one! He said it played beautifully and was extremely impressed and told me it was worth every cent I put into it. I was honestly shocked. Anyway, I've been playing the Zager for a little while now, and it's absolutely amazing, it has the beautiful acoustic sound, and when plugged into the amp, sounds like a clear and crisp acoustic, unless you want to distort it to sound like an electric, it also plays so easy it's like playing an electric. I have never picked up another guitar in my life that played like this guitar, although I have picked up and played 620-1200 guitars in music stores that couldn't hold a light to my Zager, and were so hard to hold barchords that it felt impossible. I was so skeptic at first, these guitars really are too good to be true, and you know the common saying, well in this case it is DEAD wrong. I would recommend this guitar to anyone, and if I ever buy another one it will be from Zagerguitars. Please post my testimonial on your website because I want people to know that are skeptic, that this is the best guitar you can possibly find, for the look, the playability, and best of all the enormous and beautiful sound that emits from these guitars. These guitars are worth triple for what they are selling for, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have a guitar that plays like its 3000 dollars without breaking my wallet. You guys are the best! Customer service 5 stars Guitar 5 stars Price 5 stars The list is infinite. Sincerely,
Sheila Allred
Seagrove, North Carolina

03/16/2012 Dennis & Denny, I received my ZAD-20 last week and have had a hard time putting it down ever since. The guitar looks even better than I thought and plays very well. Definitely a quality piece. It is a very welcome addition to my family, and I look forward to spending a lot of time with it. Thanks a million,
Jim Rutan
Austin, Texas

03/15/2012 Hello, It has taken me awhile to write you fine folks about my new Zager ZAD-20CE, I have been too busy playing the unit to write! I want you to know that I feel this is a really fine guitar and a great value for the money. The sound is great and the action is nice and low. My daughter has a Takamine acoustic/electric much like the ZAD-20CE and she paid about the same price. She brought her guitar over and we compared the two. There was really no comparison with the Zager outshining the Takamine in all aspects: workmanship, action, and sound quality. The sound quality was most notable with the Zager having a much fuller and brighter sound, the Takamine sounded dead compared to my Zager. Gretchen could not put the guitar down and she played it for two hours and she said she really wanted one. She absolutely loved it. When I received the guitar it had a minor flaw with the pin/jack and it was slightly loose. Dennis Zager Jr. told me to take it to a local Luthier to have it fixed. He tightened it in a jiffy and played the guitar briefly, commenting that the Zager was set up well and had nice low clean action. This luthier has been doing this for many, many years and his shop was full of very expensive instruments so I think his opinion has some weight. The Zager guitar company promptly refunded me the money I paid to have it adjusted and included two sets of strings and two picks in the package with the check, I guess for my trouble. Now THAT is exceptional customer service! Thanks to all the fine people at Zager Guitars. Best Regards,
Robert Leach
Mount Vernon, Maine

03/14/2012 Hi Dennis, Just got my ZAD-80 back. It plays like a dream! I don't know how to thank you and Denny enough. You guys really go above and beyond when it comes to service. If there is ever anything I can do to help you out, please let me know. Thanks Again,
Stephen Smith
Glassboro, New Jersey

03/12/2012 Well, I received my guitar today and I absolutely love it!! I've never played the guitar in my life, so this is a new experience for me. I've heard nothing but good things about your Zad20, from the guys at work, so I knew I had to give it a try. My first lesson was today at 3:00, and although I was a little frustrated by my clumsiness, I was surprised how comfortable I felt playing it! My instructor really raved about the design. I'll be able to give you more of a testimonial when I've had a little more time to learn what I'm doing! Have a great weekend!
Christine Sundquist
Jacksonville, Florida

03/12/2012 Denny, Thanks so much for this awesome guitar!! This is just what I have been looking for since I play all the leads in my acoustic duo! I'm already thinking about purchasing another! Thanks for such a great product!! Warmest regards, Michael Jessup P.S. I have always loved that song!! I was 8 when you put out that single & even then it made me think!! Thanks!
Mike Jessup

03/09/2012 Dear Mr. Zager, I received my new Zager 20 OMCE and was delighted! I'm surprised that even my high expectations were exceeded. I'm not any kind of player,( you might help out there, too), but I know and appreciate both the structural beauty of the guitar and the beautiful balance that can be attained with precise adjustment. I envy your ability to find the soul of a thing so that others can share in it. Well, I swore I wasn't going to send one those gushing letters of praise but what the hell can I say. In New England vernacular "This is a wicked pissa gitahh!" . I'm already trying to figure out what my next Zager guitar will be. I'm going to take the lessons and not even demand my money back when even Denny Zager can't get the boxing gloves off O'Day. After all, I don't want you guys going out of business. "You make Wicked Pissa Gitahhz!." Thank You!
Anthony c Oday
Weare, New Hampshire

03/06/2012 I placed a preorder for a ZAD20CE in January and received it in February as expected. I am an absolute beginner at 42 yrs old. I had only played guitar for one month on a Hohner HW200 when I came across Mr. Dennis Zager's website for the EZplay guitars. After viewing the well made website, I decided to purchase. I received the guitar in its case as I ordered in perfect condition. Two days previous to receiving the guitar, I decided to run a test. I recorded myself playing the Hohner I owned and would see if right out of the box whether I played the few chords I already knew with the Zad20ce any easier or smoother. Well, let me tell you, I definitely played the Zager with much more ease. Because I recorded it using my computer in a wave type format, I was able to see how much quicker I was able to switch chords in comparision to the Hohner. I was extremely impressed. The tones and overall finish of the guitar is beautiful. For the first couple of days, I had to retune the guitar each time before playing, but after that the tuning had seemed to just settle in perfectly. So, I attributed this to the difference in weather locations and string stretch. After viewing the tuning video and various others Mr. Zager provided on his website, I decided to purchase the online lessons, and so far I am extremely happy with his method and my progress. To date, I have been playing the Zad20ce for one month, and I can almost play the whole first song arrangement smoothly. I only have 3 more measures to complete. The lessons are extremely informative and I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn quickly and easily to purchase them. One other reason for my purchase of the lessons was that I had emailed Dennis Zager, Jr. about information such as humidity etc. and received replies from him within hours. If they could make the time to answer my questions in this time frame for small issures then I felt confident in their service. Well, last night, I changed the strings which were provided for the first time following Dennis Sr.' videos and I was able to do it properly and the guitar tuned up almost effortlessly. I played for about an hour and put it in its case for the evening. Upon picking it up the next day and the one after that, the guitar didn't need retuning at all. So I truly believe in Dennis' science and the tuning utopia he strives for all to enjoy. I trully want to thank Dennis Sr and Jr. for all your assistance and giving me the ability to play longer, easier and with great tones. You have really made a guitar that is beautiful in every aspect and I will recommend your product to everyone. Thank you,
Douglas Baxendale
Berkley, Massachusetts

03/04/2012 I've had my ZAD80CE for about a month now and I'm thouroughly pleased with everything. Played a four hour gig last Friday, the I hosted an open mike on Saturday again playing close to four hours. No sore fingers. One fellow that entertained had a D28 Martin which we miked, songed good, but did not play as easy as the Zager. I've had people in the Legion comment about the fine, warm sound of the Zager guitar as compared to my epiphone. I've been offered far more than I paid already. My friend with the 1800.00 Yamaha is upset because the strings are far closer to the fret board on the Zager than the Yamaha. We tried to set the neck down a bit more, got them a little closer, then got fret buzz. Also, the low E is way closer than the High E. He is taking the guitar back to the dealer tomorrow. Denny SR. and Denny JR, I think you have a real winner that I will recommend to everyone I talk to, than you so much for giving and old guitar player a new experience. Just too bad they are hard to get up in Canada.
Brian Heffner
Horseheads, New York

03/04/2012 Guys, Thank you very much for your great customer service. My ZAD-20 sounds better than new - and your turnaround time on the repair was fantastic - less than two weeks and the vast majority of that time was the ground transport from Rhode Island to Nebraska and back.. You must have worked on the instrument the day you received it. I absolutely love the guitar and will talk up your company with anyone that's willing to listen. Unsurpassed service and support - a rarity these days! Best Regards,
David Sweet
Saunderstown, Rhode Island

03/04/2012 Good Morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dennis! My "Disciples of Song" Contemporary group is working on a Mark Schultz song, "Remember Me", which I am capoing above the 4th fret.....and tone is great, with no buzz whatsoever anywhere up the fingerboard. I want to Thank You and Denny AGAIN for the Humidity I am making sure to keep the humidity level around 45%. I think your suggestion of the damp sponge in a baggie is a lot better than the Dampit. The Dampit at least serves to add some moisture to the inside of the guitar since I am placing it in the sound hole; but it doesn't seem to be big enough to hold/dissipate much moisture. But anyway.....SOON, I will FINALLY be able to SEE and ENJOY and LEARN from Denny's Videos!!! As slow as my dial-up was, too, I have only downloaded a few of the songs because it just takes FOREVER at this speed. Having High Speed Cable is going to fantastic. I can't wait! OK...enough of my yapping. Thanks again for all your attention to my every need and concern. I continue to "sing the praises" of Denny and Dennis Zager to everyone I know and who knows I love my Zager guitar!
Dan Seitz
Shelby, Ohio

02/29/2012 Dear Sir I'm so happy to say to you that I have received the Guitar, a few minutes back. I just had no words when I got the package in my hands !!!! I'm in tears ,Sir. I have really never felt happier than this. Its the Zager ZAD-20 !!!! and it has been sent in the Martin Case too !!!!!! Sir, I've never taken anything like this in my hands before. My Parents, my whole family wants to thank Mr.Zager for being so kind and nice to me. My Mom is so happy that she's in tears too, she has always dreamt of me becoming a good-Guitarist !!!! Sir, I played Dust In The Wind and all other songs I've learnt in the Zager-Style. I just want to say that playing the Zager ZAD-20 is like cruising in an Aeroplane, !!!! I would say its 200% better in comfort and in Tone than anyother Guitar I've ever seen or Played. I really feel that anyone who learns on a Zager Guitar has a 1000% more chance of becoming an accomplished Guitarist. Its beyond anything I could even imagine !!!! I personally compare it like : "Plying on other Guitars was like Riding a Bi-cycle when compared to the ZAD-20, which feels like Flying on a Fully-Automated Aeroplane !!!! It takes away 75% of the difficulties a student would have in learning guitar !!! One has to just concentrate and this Guitar will make him a GREAT PLAYER. All the technology and the hard-work which Mr.Zager would have implemented, clearly shows in the Guitar and his System too. I would say he has made life easier for Guitarists and its really a NEW-REVOLUTION in the field of Guitars !!!!" Sir, I will take my photograph with the Guitar and I'll send it to you today. Thank you so much for the Extra Martin strings and the T-Shirt too !!!! Thanks for the Plectrums also sir. !!! Sorry If I'm sounding awkward, I really have no words to thank Mr.Zager enough !!! Mr.Zager has really shown love and affection on me as a Dad would do for his Son, to see him as the BEST-GUITARIST in future. This just makes me feel even more responsible and my GOALS are set even higher. My GUITAR-GOD "Mr.Zager" has truly blessed me, and I wish I would live upto his expectations and make him proud. I do and will always be proud to say that I'm the student of Mr.Zager and I play ZAGER-STYLE !!!! Sorry for the long letter sir, and thanks for everything !!!! Now only wish I have in Life is to come to the US oneday in future and meet Mr.Zager and get his blessings, in person. I think when that day comes, I'll have achieved everything in Life that I could ever imagine !!!! Thank you so much sir. Please Give Mr.Zager this letter and tell him that his Son (If I may say so) really wants to thank him, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a caring and good teacher. He's truly my GUITAR-GOD and GUITAR-WIZARD : ) I just wanted to say that my Guitar playing has surprised so many people on the forum and I'm getting atleast 3-4 Messages everyday, asking about my learning source. With your permission,I have given them an idea on what the Zager system has done for me. It has really changed my life. As far as I believe, a few have decided or already have joined the site. I really want as many people to get the benefit of the "WORLD'S BEST GUITAR LEARNING SYSTEM" and I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. Lots of Regards and Affection
Kush Narula
Lincoln, Nebraska

02/27/2012 Hello, My guitar arrived safely today, thank you. I already started the computer video lessons. I don't know enough about guitars to say whether I love the guitar (it is very nice-looking) but I can say that the video lessons are amazing. Every time I have tried to learn guitar before, either on video or from a person, they always go too fast. I really like it that I can stop and practice things a little at a time before trying to put it all together. I know in the 1960s there used to be a TV show on public television that taught guitar -- I think video - by - computer is a big improvement! Thanks again,
Anne Killheffer
Branford, Connecticut

02/26/2012 To: Dennis Zager Dennis Zager Junior Greetings and Aloha from Hawaii: First off much mahalo (thanks) to the Zagers, both Denny Jr. and Denny Sr. I am sitting here speechless (and with one of the biggest grins on my face) playing one of the best acoustic guitars ever at any price. I want you to know that you have blown away the old adages "If something sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true" and "You get what you pay for". My Zager ZAD-20 arrived in flawless condition after making the side trip from Nebraska to New Jersey to Hawaii and just 3 strings had to be re-tuned. The finish of the guitar is gorgeous and the sound is excellent. Very nice highs, mid-ranges and I believe as the wood ages, the bass will open up much like my 5 year old Martin Mahogany D-15. I had the saddle lowered on my Martin D-15 about a year ago but in terms of playability, the Zager is still by far at least twice as easy to play. I can barre chords easily with out exerting the pressure I had to exert on any of the Martin frets higher than the 4th fret. Picking notes is much easier too. Chord changes are a breeze now and I can play faster and make ALL of my notes and chords cleanly. You're going to get a lot of folks ordering this guitar from the Hawaiian islands because once they see and play this guitar, it will literally sell itself. Playing the acoustic guitar is fun again thanks to the Zagers. My brother (who owns more than 20 guitars) and a good friend in New Jersey will be placing orders shortly based on my feedback and positive experience with the Zager ZAD-20. PS If you want to use me as a phone or email reference for anyone calling in from any of the Hawaiian islands, please do so. It's the least I can do to show my appreciation. Keep up the great work!!!! It's really nice to be able to buy a great sounding super-playable acoustic guitar at well under $200.00 and get a great warranty and customer service to boot.
DISCLAIMER: Zager Guitar Policy is to ship their guitars only to the 48 Contiguous US States due to legal reasons. I got my Zager ZAD-20 by ordeing it direct from Zager and having it shipped to a friend in New Jersey and then having it Trans-shipped to Honolulu, Hawaii at additional expense assumed by the buyer. EVEN WITH THE ADDITIONAL $170.00 IN AIR FREIGHT THIS GUITAR IS STILL THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY. Sincerely,
Lem Wesley
Highland Lakes, New Jersey

02/23/2012 Just wanted to take a second and tell you guys how pleased I am with my new Zad 80 CE.What wonderful tone in this guitar, Great guitar and Great Service,Tony in Customer Service great job.I'm very pleased with Thanks guys
Doug Schrantz
Grove City, Pennsylvania

02/23/2012 Mr. Zager, Late last week, my guitar arrived in absolutely perfect condition. I am extremely pleased with my decision to purchase one of your guitars. I am a new novice player that got started with one of the Esteban guitar kits that my wife purchased for me at Christmas. It served to get me into my first guitar and playing it. But, the problem with playability is a real one. Those high strings on the Esteban really made it a challenge to play and therefore practice on. Then, I saw your guitars and Ebay. The rest is history. I have shown the Zager/Martin to several professional players who can't believe the quality of the guitar and "setup" for the price paid. In fact, one friend is going to purchase one of your guitars for his son. Now, I'm considering your playing lessons on your website. I figure I might as well go all the way with my plans to learn guitar now. One more thing...I can already play "bette" using your guitar which is important to me as a novice. Again, thanks for your help on all this!
Robert Masters
SNOW HILL, North Carolina

02/23/2012 Dear Denny, I received my second Zager guitar about a week ago, my ZAD 80 OM. I bought a ZAD 20 about a year ago for my wife and as you might expect, played it more than my Martin. My wife finally gave me an ultimatum, play the Martin or get another Zager. The Martin, which by the way was a fine sounding guitar, has been sold. Now, about the ZAD 80 OM. This was supposed to be a "discount guitar." For the life of me I can't figure out why, unless it is the very fine pin holes in the finish, which you have to hold just at the right angle in the light to see. I thought I knew what to expect after owning the ZAD 20, but when I opened the box and the light hit this baby, wow. The cedar top together with the full abalone inlay are quite stunning. The tone of the cedar and rosewood is really a different sound, sweet. Since I have only been playing a few years, I took the guitar to a friend who has been playing for 20+ years, to get a professional opinion. He plays in a bluegrass band and at his church, and owns several high dollar guitars. These were his comments: Wow, what kind of guitar is this? She is beautiful. I love the action. What kind of wood is this? This has an awesome sound, unlike anything I have ever played. This had to set you back a couple grand. You get the idea? He was very impressed. Then I told him what I paid for it, and his jaw dropped. He said it easily compared to $2200 guitars. Of course all that made me very proud, but what really sells a Zager for me is the playability. It really doesn't matter how a guitar looks or sounds if you can't play it. I know all this has been said before, many times, but I just had to say it again. Thanks again, for the last guitar I will ever own.
Robert A. Sandage
Fort Hood, Texas

02/20/2012 Dennis Zager Jr., Sir, about 3-4 months ago I returned a guitar to you for servicing. You had the shipper pickup the box from my house, you serviced it , and had it returned to me within 10 days. I failed to get back with you to thank you for honoring the warranty and fixing the guitar, no questions asked. Sorry I didn't write earlier - time got away from me. I've heard tales about other major guitar manufacturers not honoring their warranties. I thank you and your father for running and honest business. I'll definitely recommend you to others and when I'm ready, buy other guitars from you. The ZAD 20 is a fine guitar - I really enjoy its sound and especially the ease of play. Sincerely,
Danny Medina
Las Cruces, New Mexico

02/17/2012 Hi; I've purchased 2 of your guitars (1 for me, 1 for my son) and we love them. So much in fact, that my beloved Martin OM-21 sits idle as both our Zagers outplay it by a mile. Imagine, my $ 2000 investment, a waste of money!! Nobody believes me until they see and play (and hear) them side by side.
Kellie Kohlberg
St. Paul, Minnesota

02/15/2012 Hey Dennis, Got my guitar yesterday. Thank you. I will not be taking advantage of the full refund (including shipping) because ... I absolutely love the guitar! Not only is it gorgeous, it sounds sooo sweet. Really -- I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
Gordon Ondis
Providence, Rhode Island

02/14/2012 Hi Dennis, Sorry this has taken so long to reply but I just got back to the USA Monday night. I rec'd my instrument last month on time and in fine condition. Because of this trip, I did not play it much or compare it to my new Gibson J185. Now, that being said, I do have an opinion on both. The ZAD20 did go with me 2600 miles one-way (and back) in the case I bought from you and with a slight handle modification to the shipping box.... it worked out perfect, no problems...except a few guys at customs wanted a mini-concert while waiting to go through Home Land Security screening. There was in fact a pretty good garage band waiting for me in Panama and we got down to business for hours at a time,it was big fun. The guitar sounded great before it was plugged in and then the guys wired me up and holy s... was amazing how clean and clear the tone was. It's a keeper, without a doubt. Last night I put new strings on my Gibson and spent 2 hrs playing both guitars and ya know what.......the ZAD 20 still sounds better and is much easier to play. I hate to say that because I like the fit & finish ofthe J185 / the ZAD is no dog, don't misunderstand but for the difference in price, playability and sound your guitar wins.... hands down!
Mike G
Richmond, Virginia

02/13/2012 As a working musician, I frequently perform 3 sets a night, 6 nights a week which can be grueling on my hands. My $2,000 acoustic delivers a beautiful tone but the neck is bulky and the action is a little high. I decided to research a new acoustic guitar which led me to Zager Guitar’s web site. I was impressed by Zager Guitar's testimonials and reviews which inspired me to e-mail them. I was impressed by their prompt and thorough response and I decided on the ZAD-80CE OM. A few days later I received a stunning instrument, sturdily packaged and ready to play! Pulling the guitar out of it's beautiful chip board hard case (that came with a humidifier sensor) I was immediately impressed how lightweight the ZAD-80CE OM was. The ZAD-80CE OM's high polish and gorgeous abalone inlays glisten against the fine grain of the solid spruce top giving it a look of a $3000 guitar without the $3000 tag. I love the ZAD-80CE OM's small size and full tone that is equivalent to my more than twice as expensive guitar. The frett-board is smooth rosewood and without any buzz while in concert pitch. The neck itself is much flatter then my $2000 guitar and the action is remarkably low, making it as easy to play as my electric. The sealed Grover Tuning gears keep the guitar in tune even during my alternate tuning transitions. The Fishman's active EQ, built in the ZAD-80CE OM, has an on board electronic tuner, which is convenient when playing unplugged . Zager Guitar's positive reputation has grown through old fashion grass roots word of mouth. This enables them to offer quality guitars at affordable prices, AKA musicians on a budget. Best of all Zager Guitar’s come with a lifetime warranty! I am proud to endorse a company that cares so much about the quality of their product and their relationships with their customers. Thank you Zager Guitar!
Warmest Wishes

Eureka, California

02/11/2012 Denny: I received my ZAD 20 CE on Friday, Mar 3. I rushed home from work when it arrived since I had been tracking it from Lincoln, NE to Snohomish, WA and I saw it was delivered. I took it right out of the box and started playing it. I played about an hour and had to get back to work. That night I played at least another two hours. I have been playing about two years now and also have a Fender Strat and a Martin DX-1. I have been mostly playing the DX-1 this past year and have liked it a lot. It has a nice sound and better action than many other makes and models that cost quite a bit more. However, after receiving my Zager I don't really care to play the others. Right now I can't put the ZAD 20 down. It took a little bit of adjustment at first but within a day or so I was feeling very comfortable with it. I have averaged about 3 hours a day for the past 4 days. I wanted to compare the sound and playability with my DX-1 and there is really no comparison. The Zager plays much easier and has a much nicer tone. I find no fault with it. The EZ Play really does make it easier than any other guitar I have tried. Before I ordered the ZAD 20 I asked everyone I met that played guitar if they had heard of the Zager Guitar or ever played one. I didn't find one person in over a year. I had to find out for myself. I can't say enough good things about the guitar. The looks are great; fit and finish are great; sound/tone are great; action is awesome. It just feels so good. My fingers are pretty toughened up from playing a minimum of 1-2 hours a day but this guitar is sooo easy to play. I would highly recommend it for anyone and I do believe beginners would benefit greatly from the EZ Play. I noticed the quality of the Grover tuners right from the start when making some minor tuning adjustments. They're smooth as butter. What more can I say. I love the guitar and would not hesitate buying another one or recommending it to others. This guitar has met, and actually exceeded my expectations. I also want to thank you for your fantastic customer service. It's not just a ploy to sell the product, it is truly the best service anyone could ask for. You guys are great. Thank you for selling a high quality instrument at a very reasonable price. You have another Zager advocate (groupie) in me. PS - Thanks for the extras and the Zager T-Shirt; I will wear it proudly. Sincerely,
Matthew A. Mihalovich
Snohomish, Washington

02/11/2012 Denny, I wanted to let you know that I received the ZAD 20 and have loved playing it. The look is great and the sound is amazing. My friend with a high end Yamaha and a Martin marveled at the sound. In fact, we just returned from a tour of the Martin Factory and didn't find a guitar that sounded as good as the 20. I hope you will let me know when the 80 becomes available. Thanks for the work you do. Best,
Spencer Niles
University Park, Pennsylvania

02/08/2012 Denny I received my Guitars yesterday afternoon at work and it was all I could do to keep from playing it right there. I also ordered one for my Dad and he loved it also. They are both very beautiful guitars we both got the ZAD-20 black. My Dad had played on and off since he was 9 and I am 27 and a just starting to learning how to play. I bought the guitar as sort of a wedding present for my self and it is so easy to cord than other guitars I have tried to play. The guitars have a sound that is hard to beat. You do quality work and your customer service cant be beat. I am looking forward to leaning through you online classed and hope to be playing very soon. Thanks for the shirt and extras. My Dad just thought it cool to have your autograph on the guitar and on the picture that you sent. I am looking forward to playing with him when I learn how. Thanks again.
Chris Strahl
Memphis, Tennessee

02/05/2012 Dear Mr. Zager, Wow! your guitar is just wonderful. I don't know how to express my endless gratitude for creating this awesome guitar. The sound is so warm, rich and even. I lead worship for my church so I play lots of fast and slow songs including arpegio. And for my previous guitars, I'd always had to think about how hard I needed to press and not forgetting the soreness. It was terrible. But after leading worship for 2 weeks now with my new 80CE, the only thing i have to worry about is singing it right. My fingerpicking got better spontaneously and i know it will only get better. I really want to thank God for giving you that wisdom for creating this terrific guitar. And of course, thank you. May God always bless you and your work. faithfully,
Garam Heo
Biloxi, Mississippi

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