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02/05/2012 Hi Denny & Dennis Jr. I received my much awaited for Zager Modified Guitar. It arrived in excellent condition, and I am well pleased with the obvious quality in construction, appearance and sound. As I wrote you earlier, I have 56k dial-up, which isn't appropriate for downloading your guitar lessons. However, I'm in process now of changing to high speed internet and I'm looking forward to getting them. I appreciate the quick responses to my questions and the care and speed in getting the guitar to me. I'm sure glad I found you and you certainly make a quality guitar. The only way I can be happier is when I learn to play it properly. Thanks for a great guitar.
Edsel Davidson
Deland, Florida

02/05/2012 Denny, Here is a long overdue note of thanks on my Zager guitar - I love it! It plays very well. I have figured out the tuning thing. I thought I had a good ear, but alas, it is not as good as I thought. I love the tone and richness of the guitar. It has really good overtone qualities that make it extremely good sounding. I am a relative novice picking up guitar after 25+ years. The fretboard gives me plenty of room for moving around as I have large hands. The guitar is beautiful to look at (the cedar and rosewood/split back - are well done), play, and listen to. I am very satisfied and would recommend Zager to anyone. I look forward to playing everyday! My fingers have built up calluses but the pain from playing long periods does not come. What else can I say? Thanks for offering a product unique in the marketplace and standing behind it such that you put your customers in a win-win situation. How can you lose when you do that? I just wish other businesses would get this. All the best,
Gregory Yurchak
West Chester, Ohio

02/03/2012  Hi! Just wanted to drop you folks a quick line to let you know that my ZAD-80CE arrived and is in perfect shape. It is truly a beautiful instrument, and I am sure that I will get many years of pleasure out of learning to play on such a fine guitar. I really want to thank Denny and all of you associated with Zager Guitar. I feel more confident about learning to play since I found your web site. With a New guitar and the on-line lesson system I feel very confident that I can finally realize one of my long-time dreams of really learning to play the guitar. Thank you all very much, Grumpy
Richard E. Conley
Belle Fourche, South Dakota

02/03/2012 Hi, Dennis! I wanted to let you know that my guitar just arrived back home, and in great shape. I let it warm up a bit before playing it, and then when I did, it sounds GREAT!! I could see where Denny had filed the frets a bit; and the buzzing is completely gone. Thanks, again, to both of you for taking such good care of me. It sure is wonderful having my Zager back to enjoy again! In the interim, I reverted to my Fender 12 string. BOY, does THAT make you appreciate a Zager!!!!!! :o)
Dan Seitz
Shelby, Ohio

01/30/2012 Dear Zager Guitar, I just received my EZ-Play Zager 20 Acoustic Electric guitar today. It sounds great! I had it shipped to my school, (I am a grade school teacher) and my students and I love it! It is so easy to play, and it sounds "out of this world." I was a little worried about buying a guitar on-line, but all the testimonies sold me. May my testimony convince others that these guitars are a real deal--BUY ONE!
Mr. Bart Hipes
STREATOR, Illinois

01/28/2012 Denny, I recieved the ZAD-20 OM today and I must say it is everything that you say it is. The action is perfect and the neck feels like it was custom made for my small hands. The tone is rich and well balanced producing a wonderful sound. As you know the sound-board will open up with age and it will only get better. Thanks for all the extras. Very nice. Thanks again
Richard Butler
Louisville, Kentucky

01/27/2012 I am just starting to learn how to play the guitar, after having tried other guitars which made my fingers very sore, this is the greatest guitar. Thanks for making it easier for a beginner.
Thomas Rinehart
Waldorf, Maryland

01/24/2012 Hi, I just got my ZAD-20 Sunburst. I was nervous about spending the money, but am so happy I did. I have developed arthritis in my left index finger and was sure my dreams of learning to play guitar had ended. I found your listing on eBay and consumed your website. I decided to take a chance, purchased the guitar, and was immediately stricken with pangs of buyer's remorse, but your return policy was a comfort in case I couldn't play the guitar. I must say that the entire shopping experience has been fantastic. Your first acknowledgement of my purchase directed me to your free lessons. The package arrived quickly, and the guitar is beautiful. More than that, the action really is low and while I may never be able to play into some chords, I can already see a big difference between this guitar and all the others in my little collection. Finally, in addition to your superior service, the high quality of this guitar for the price, and your nifty website, you threw in some surprise goodies. I would think that anyone who found out about you would rush to place an order. Thank you for this great guitar, for restoring my hope of being able to play, and for all the extras you provide. I wish you great success. After I wrote my comments, I had so much more I could have added about the tone and about how much fun this guitar is. I understand all the comments about not wanting to put it down. I am so glad I bought the guitar and I am now thinking that aside from the new Zager, my Fender Strat and my Semi-Hollow body which I also think is an excellent guitar, I will sell off the others. They don't compare and I can't see me wanting to fiddle with them any more. Besides, most of them hurt my finger. Not the ZAD 20! It is WONDERFUL!!! I'll probably buy another one some day, even though I don't need it. I love instruments, as I think they are beautiful works of art, aside from the art they can produce. Good luck to you, although I don't think you will need it. The guitar speaks for itself and your customer service will put you over the top.
Karen Merrell
Muncie, Indiana

01/24/2012 I have been playing Guitar for 45 years. I received my Zager ZAD 20 CE about two weeks ago and I am totally blown away !!!!!! I will say without a doubt I am playing better than I ever have, and that is in just 2 weeks ! I can not put this Guitar down. After 10 minutes I really liked it. After 2 hours I really loved it. after 2 weeks you will have to pry this guitar away from me !!! I just want you to know this is the only guitar I have ever owned that feels and plays like it was made for me ! It is the only choice for the money, I can say that without a shadow of a doubt. Denny please know that your guitar has brought joy back into my playing, and I am a true believer in your product !!!! Thank You
Phil Pastore
Smithtown, New York

01/24/2012 Denny, I received the Zad 80 back and it sounds wonderful . "It never had this tone or sound before" Tell Dennis Sr. that the new saddle looks great and that I thank him for the attention and work that he gave to my Zad 80. Also tell me again what name brand strings and size that he put on it. Again Thanks to you and Tony for all Ya'lls help and prompt responses. Sincerely,
Miriam Hardin
Georgetown, Texas

01/21/2012 Hi, Denny! I bought my beautiful black ZAD-20CE back in November and I love it! My guitar-playing friends commented on the great action and tone. Could you please send me the link to the restringing instructional video? Thanks for the great guitar and service!
Rick Haines
Fountain Inn, South Carolina

01/18/2012 Ok, Ok, you are right! I admit it! These are GREAT GREAT GREAT GUITARS. I have been playing the new ZAD80 guitar constantly these last two weeks. Either my ear is adjusting to the sound or the new wood is coming alive before my ears. Two weeks ago, the day it arrived, I was almost ready to pack it up and ship it back but now you couldn't pry it from my hands. I look forward to playing it each evening when i get home from work. It is so much easier to play that it is a joy. I play much longer without hand fatigue. I have an insurance issue I could use your help with. You may recall I purchased this to replace my beautiful 40 year -old rose-wood Aria dreadnought (sImiliar to your ZAD80) that had been customized at the neck sort of like you do with your guitars (though not as well). It was in great condition, since I had done a fret job on it just two years ago. My insurance agent wants something signed by a Luthier verifying its value. So here is my questIon. The luthier that did the work on it has gone out of business, or at least I can't find him anywhere. He had told me two years ago that guitar had appreciated to $1200 because of its aged wiid and how the sound had become so rich and with the extra work done on it. Could you folks tell me what such an instrument would be worth so I can give that to the insurance company. Just curious. Thank you for your persistent support of my many questions. I will be raving about Zager design guitars in every church were I play praise music.
Dan Elliott
Claremont, California

01/16/2012 Dennis, Thank you for the prompt response (as usual). Since I shipped my guitar back to you for repairs last week I have been playing an acoustic Alvarez I bought about 25 years ago. I had a luthier set the Alvarez up shortly after I purchased it and I thought it had a good, low action. I hadn't really played it since getting the ZAD20CE that I purchased from you last September. When I did, I immediately noticed the difference. The Alvarez was noticeably harder to play, especially when hitting barre chords up the neck of the guitar. I can't wait to get my ZAD20CE back! I have held off on sending any testimonials so I could give the guitar and Zager Guitar a good long term evaluation. I have been completely satisfied with the manner in which you handled my purchase of the guitar. I love the appearance, tone and playability of the ZAD20CE I purchased from you. Even more, I have been very impressed with your service after the sale. Please feel free to add this to your website and thank you again for a job well done.
Jim Gallagher
Columbus, Ohio

01/15/2012 I received my ZAD80CE in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada in perfect condition on Feb. 17, 2006. My first impression was wow and that continues every time I pick the guitar up. I'm a reasonably good guitar player, I back myself up as a singles act, a lot of rhythm guitar with back up picking. I can tell you already that the picking part has improved. This guitar makes you want to work as it sounds so good. I like it straight acoustic, but I love it plugged in. Yesterday, Sunday February 26, I practiced tunes for at least 5 hours, 3 hours the day before etc, etc. Guess what, no sore fingers. I have an epiphone acoustic electric that has a very slim neck, but if I played that much my fingers would complain. Soundwise, plugged in, the Epiphone doesn't compare. The fishman electronics are far superb. Zager does not ship guitars out of country, so I had this shipped to a friend in New York, who forwarded it to me via Fed Ex. It arrived in Lac La Biche in 7 days. Amazing!!!! Not everything was perfect however. I would like to thank Denny for the extra set of strings and capo he sent. Another really neat thing is: I bet I'm the only person with a Zager guitar for miles and miles. Again, I woould like to thank the Zagers for producing such a fine instument at a reasonable price.
Brian Heffner
Horseheads, New York

01/14/2012 Thank you Zagers! I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love my ZAD 80. I won't waste both our time with more lavish praise, because you guys know you do what you do incredibly well, better than 99% of the people out there. I just want to thank you for my new love. There is something about the feel of this guitar that other acoustics just can't touch. Its beauty, craftmanship, playability all come together to create something far greater than the sum of its parts. I feel as if it will come alive in my hands and lead me off into the woods. I truly love this guitar (my girlfriend is jealous). Again, thank you for enriching my life. When I first started playing I took a few lessons (mainly worthless) and my instructor explained how some players develop skill in jumps, then settle at a plateau level for some time. Well, he was right, and this guitar enabled me to make my first jump to the next plateau. Thanks so much. All the best, ps - Are you as good at creating online lessons as you are at everything else? If so, here I come.
Adam Frisoli
Annandale, New Jersey

01/12/2012 Dear Denny Zager, Well, add me to the legions of fans who love your guitars. I have had my ZAD-80 for 2 and a half weeks and I have played it every day. The action is everything you advertise it to be. My friends and I used to take our guitars to a violin maker in Texas back in the 70's. He improved the action by lowering the nut and the saddle and filing the frets, but none of those guitars ever reached the quality of the action on this guitar. It is like having an acoustic with the playability of an electric. The sound of the guitar is excellent. My only fear was that the lighter strings might not produce a strong enough sound, but the sound is great. I have been playing guitar for 35 years and the last 22 years I have been playing a beautiful Martin D-25 Koa guitar. The sound of the Martin is superb, but my fingers don't last long. The difference with the Zager is phenomenal. Not only is it easier on my fingertips, but it is easier to perform challenging fingerings. So far, the only difficulty I've encountered is my tendency to press down too hard. I can see now that I long ago learned to press down extra hard whenever a fingering was difficult. Then my hands would get strained more quickly. And by the way, the sound of that cedar/rosewood guitar is very similar to the mellow sound of the koa guitar. The other thing about this guitar is the way it stays in tune. You don't have to tune it often at all. After watching your video on intonation, I immediately tested it on my guitars. Both the Martin and the Zager had perfect intonation, but an inexpensive Alvarez was significantly off on the 2nd string. I told a friend about your method of changing strings, including keeping the winding on the top to improve the action and he was blown away that he had never known this. He's been playing as long as me (and much more and much better). Perhaps because I am using extra light strings now, and certainly because of your videos, I find that I am ready to change strings much earlier than I ever did in the past. It's like my sensitivity to the sound of the guitar has grown more refined just since getting this ZAD-80 in my hands. Thanks much for making this high quality guitar available so inexpensively. And thanks for the quality of your customer support. I am sure I will be back for more guitars; my son is a guitar player and now my daughter is getting interested.
Don Catherall
La Grange, Illinois

01/12/2012 Hello Dennis! Thanks for e-mailing me back!! Don't send me another guitar. The only thing that was wrong with this one, is the idiot trying to play it. All I had to do is turn off my TV and computer and everthing works great now!The tunner works just like you said it would and after removing the clear plastic against the saddle, the sound is unbeleaveable!!!Got a good friend who wants to trade me his Martin D-28 straight across. I told him to get his own Zager, cause he an't getting my ZAD80CE!! You guys got the best coustermer service on the planet. Thanks for everything and a special thanks for this guitar. If it had brown eyes and dark long black hair, I would sleep with it!! It is beautiful. Thanks again!
Jeremy Manmen.
St. Cloud, Minnesota

01/09/2012 Denny, Got my ZAD-20 10 days ago and I love it. I'm not a guiter player... yet. I had been playing around with an old guitar that was given to me, but my fingers would get so sore I really didn't want to spend much time with it. I started looking for something a little better, something that I could enjoy every once and a while. After much research and deliberation, I decided to give you guys a try. I was skeptical and prepared to take you up on your guarantee, but the minute I got the instrument home, I was hooked. I can't put it down! It's SO much easier to play and the sound is incredible. I just want to thank you and I look forward to taking your online lessons soon. Best of luck to you and your entire organization. Regards,
Guy Garner
Los Angeles, California

01/06/2012 I LOVE it! I'm 55 years young and this ZAD-20CE will be with me from now on. Great quality, sound, playability. The case is top notch also, last but not the lease, thanks for the autograph photo and SUPER T-SHIRT. Mississippi (blues)
Marvin BROSS
OliveBranch, Mississippi

01/04/2012 First of all, I would like to say how great the service was. I ordered my Black ZAD-20 guitar on January 23rd and received it on January 24th. My parent's bought me my first guitar for Christmas about 40 years ago, It was a True Tone bought from Western Auto. This guitar is priceless to me only because of sentimental reasons and after 40 years I thought it was ready for retirement. When I got my new guitar out and started playing, the only word that come to mind was WOW!!! And I haven't been able to put it down since.Thanks again for a great product and wonderful service!!
Weldon McAdams
Colby, Kansas

01/04/2012 Dennis: I received the replacement yesterday as promised. As I suspected, I love it. It even plays easier on the upper reaches! This new ZAD-20 is more than I had even dreamed of. I don't know where to post a review, so I'm attaching it to this email. We'll be doing more business in the future. Best Regards,
Thomas R. Roper
Farmington, Utah

01/04/2012 To Denny and other members of the gang, Thanks for such great service. I could not have walked into a store and received such superb attention. I received the ZAD-20 yesterday. The finish is very nice, and it is the same type of pattern (sunburst) as my Tennessee Crafters guitar which I bought from a friend who is a fanatic about guitars. The difference is I paid him $1100 for it. The sound of the ZAD-20 is very comparable to the Crafter with the Crafter being just a bit more mellow sounding. I have been playing only for 6 weeks, and I have been meeting with a group on Thursdays where I mostly have felt left out....I hit a chord where I can. Last night I actually kept up with most of the runs with them. It was incredible!! My fingers did not throb after the session which went on for three hours. We played mostly country and gospel type songs. Still hate the F chord though...:~) A couple of the experienced guys took the ZAD and tried it for themselves. They could not believe how easy it handled and how good it sounded....especially after I told them the price. I can see myself picking up a ZAD-80 in the future. I have enjoyed watching the lession videos. The information in the one for changing strings was worth the price of admission. I am still thrilled about my early learning even though it is chord style with the pick. Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate some finger method as I progress. At age 52, I feel like the old dog has learned some new tricks. I find it hard to believe some people might want to remove the signature. (noticed that in the questions section) I would think the question should be how to preserve the signature and not lose it to fading out. I remember very vividly the song In the Year 2525 as I probably heard it every day when riding to high school. The stations played it round the clock. Looking forward to going through the rest of the website offerings. Thanks again and best regards,
George McQueen
Watauga, Tennessee

12/31/2011 I love my new Zager! I have attempted to play the acoustic guitar many times over the years and have left the experiences feeling inherently un-musical. No longer. The learning curve on a Zager is remarkable. The design of the neck and the low action mean immediate success. Wow! I am having so much fun. The personalization and signatures make it even more special. Thanks, Danny! Peace,
Kelli Kozak
Memphis, Tennessee

12/29/2011 hi denny sen. jr. im so excited!i am now playing (love me tender )after 2 weeks of practicing.i have practiced everyday since i recieved my zad20 om.i am so impressed with the zager lessons!once you get used to reading the song and use a little reputiton,playing again and again i started getting a hold on what you were teaching the task is getting easier and easier to understand and use! i never thought in a million years i could ever play like this! anyone out there that has really wanted to play and have limited mobility like i do;you need the zager experience!! guitars are so beautiful and play like a dream! the lessons are superb and easy to learn!! denny will take you from not playing in no time to playing a song that you never dreamed of playing and finding family and friends enjoying what you have acompleshed with the zager lesson's. want to play guitar?i did and now i can play the denny zager way! and it really sounds so good to me!! i am so thankful to denny sen. jr. sharring there great gifts of music with me!superb people!superb guarantee! get a touch of gold!! buy a zager guitar and lessons and you will be playing in no time and sounding so good!! i am totally satisfied with my zager experience!!
Joe Goad
Louisville, Kentucky

Lanesville, Indiana

12/25/2011 To the Entire Zager Guitar Family, It's taken me nearly a month to fully evaluate the ZAD20 CE OM guitar that I received in early January, 2006. I have been playing for more than 25 years and consider myself an enthusiastic amateur player -- certainly no guitar god, but not a hack for that matter. Every time that I pick this guitar up and play it I become more confident that - for the price - I couldn't have made a better choice. I have written songs for almost as long as I have played and was frustrated by my other acoustics because there were certain licks that I wanted to play but just couldn't. The exceptionally low action and slightly wider string stance has allowed me to finally play what my ears had heard all those years - things the previous guitars just wouldn't let me do!! If you have a fat wallet and can drop $1000 or more on a guitar, you'll probably do just that. But for about $525 (shipping included) you just cannot go wrong with a ZAD20 CE OM. The service experience was also exceptional - I will refer any player that I know to you folks!
Steve Held

12/25/2011 Dear Denny, Dennis, and everyone at Zager Guitars, Well, you know how people say good things are worth waiting for ? It's true! I am absolutely thrilled with my new ZAD20-CE. The pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of the sunburst finish and it plays and sounds like an extremely expensive guitar. I will never give up this guitar!I think the feature I like best beside the beautiful appearance and tone is the slimness of the neck. My hands are not that big, but with this guitar I feel like can comfortably reach all areas of the fretboard. Thank you for all your kindness and being true to your word. Sincerely,
Don Hammond
Bellflower, California

12/25/2011 Dear Mr Zager, Thank you for such a fine instrument, I am very pleased with my new guitar. This is by far the best acoustic I have handled, and it sounds as beautiful as it looks.
Michael Ward
Indianapolis, Indiana

12/22/2011 TO: ZAGER FAMILY JR. and SR received my new ZAD-20CE in the mail today! absolutely beautiful! i cannot express enough how pleased i am with all my purchases and dealings with your co. and you guys in general.very helpful and always there for your customers,EVEN AFTER the sale!! thank you much for your quality products,i'm finally on my way to figuring this thing out!
Ray Vanover
Wright City, Missouri

12/19/2011 Just wanted to say thanx for the great guitar, it would not have taken me so long to write but i cannot put it down. I will def tell everyone about ya'll and nothing but positive remarks from me thanxs.
Ted Kureth
Westminster, Maryland

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