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01/02/2018 What can I say the Zager guitar is so beautiful it came packed in a really nice case and as soon as I unpacked it and played a few strings on it I could tell immediately that is was so much easier on my fingers. I could only practice a few minutes without my fingers feeling the pain. But, with your guitar it made practicing a whole lot easier. You can tell that there is allot of love put into the making of this instrument. It\'s such a gorgeous guitar. Thank you so much Dennis and Mr. Zager for the wonderful guitar! All I can say is if someone purchase any other instrument other then a Zager there throwing there money away. The fast shipment, the fast reply\'s and the packaging was wonderful.
Peg Odell
Casper, Wyoming

12/29/2017 Guitar arrived in perfect condition. In fact the tuning was still good. I've had people over to play it and bringing their own guitars. Every single person wants a Zager Thanks again for a cherished member of my family. My son already wants it. Best regards, Royce Denton
Royce Denton
Dozier, Alabama

12/27/2017 Hello Mr. Zager. I received the guitar I purchased online and have to say I am impressed with the quality craftsmanship. Your attention to detail is noticed the moment it arrives. From the presentation in the box, to the beauty of the guitar, every aspect of receiving this guitar is amazing. The guitar sound is impressive as well. Truly a masterpiece. As for your website and service, I found it to be a reflection of your work. Your website is top notch and service is superb. Delivery was prompt. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and look forward to enjoying my Zagar guitar for years to come. Sincerely, Kevin Greene Bradford, PA
Kevin Greene
Bradford, Pennsylvania

12/26/2017 Hi Denny, I received the repair parts AND the fresh set of stings in the mail today. Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service. Zager Guitars ROCK! Sincerely, Rocky Griner
Rocky Griner
Merritt Island, Florida

12/23/2017 Denny & Denny, I just want to quickly express my appreciation again for your guitars! My ZAD 20e is remarkable and my Baby is wonderful for my many required trips. I've owned 3 acoustics prior to Zager and got rid of them all even before getting your guitars. They were nice guitars in many ways and I wanted to like them, but I just couldn't. Even though they had pretty good sounds, I just couldn't enjoy them. They didn't feel right. Almost gave up on steel string because I do enjoy classical guitar. Glad that I tried Zager. The bottom line is that I enjoy playing your guitars! Another cool thing is that as I get better the guitar continues to respond with improved sound. Personally prefer the 12-53 light gauge strings, but am amazed at what a difference in sound quality your picks make. (So does holding them in the manner recommended in the video; simple but very effective tip!) Looking forward to learning more and seeing how much better these guitars will sound. MANY THANKS! Best Regards, Tom Downey
Thomas Downey
Carbondale, Illinois

12/23/2017 Thanks for your very detailed reply. I'm sold...a raving fan. I did write a review for my ZAD20, which you posted. I will wait a few months to write a review on my new 80CE. I have no qualms about quality. Zagers are top notch. Thanks as always.
Henry Hirsch
Troy, Michigan

12/23/2017 Hello Dennis, I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was very excited to get the new guitar. Unfortunately the day it was to be delivered we had very sever weather and the delivery was delayed. It was very hot here and I think they left it on the truck over the weekend.When I opened the package I could not believe how beautiful the guitar was. It came out perfect. This Zager Travel is amazing. The tone and sustain are incredible. I actually feel the vibrations through my body when I play it. Compared to all the other small guitars out there, this leaves them in the dust. The guitar is beautiful, but I could not resist making a new pickguard for it. I dont use a pick much, mostly play with fingers, but even this leaves very small scratches. The pickguard is made from a piece of leather that I cut embossed and colored a bit. I hope you like it. I dont mean any disrespect for the guitar, it is just something I like to do. Thanks Peter Kershes
Peter Kershes
Springfield, Illinois

12/20/2017 Hi Dennis: I would be remiss if I didn't write to tell you how much I enjoy playing the Zager guitar I purchased early last month. It is the most playable guitar I own, and the look and feel of it is spectacular. I can't believe I was able to purchase an American-made, all-wood guitar for so little. It's sound truly is comparable to a Breedlove I own that retails for roughly $1400. Keep up the good work and Go Big Red! Sincerely, Chris Bayee Playa del Rey, CA
Chris Bayee
Playa del Rey, California

12/17/2017 Hello Dennis Jr, I hope all is well with you and your father. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still in love with my ZAD20E its so amazing, and I'm getting so many compliments about it all the time, the design of it and especially the sound of it. Sunday I played it at church it was unreal how beautiful it sounded mixed with my friend playing the piano and this was the first time me playing it amplified! Words can't explain how happy I am with this guitar, my playing has increased by 20 percent I'm sure of it and I practice everyday. ~kind regards God Bless the Zager Family
Stephen Gamble
Winter Park, Florida

12/15/2017 What can I say the Zager guitar is so beautiful it came packed in a really nice case and as soon as I unpacked it and played a few strings on it I could tell immediately that is was so much easier on my fingers. I could only practice a few minutes without my fingers feeling the pain. But, with your guitar it made practicing a whole lot easier. You can tell that there is allot of love put into the making of this instrument. It\'s such a gorgeous guitar. Thank you so much Dennis and Mr. Zager for the wonderful guitar! All I can say is if someone purchase any other instrument other then a Zager there throwing there money away. The fast shipment, the fast reply\'s and the packaging was wonderful.
Peg Odell
Casper, Wyoming

12/14/2017 Dennis I received the guitar today and I couldn't be happier. It survived the back of a UPS truck in 118 degree heat here in Palm Springs! Just a quick tune up and it sounds and feels amazing. I can't put it down. All the best, Daniel
Daniel Clemens
Palm Springs, California

12/13/2017 Thank you Dennis and you father you are both very nice and amazing people, I can never thank you enough for the beautiful guitar you presented to me and I play it with pride every time I open the case.
Bill Archer
Baytown, Texas

12/11/2017 Hi Denis, I received my new Zager guitar yesterday about noontime. I unpacked it and after a quick inspection , began to play,(I only had to adjust the G string tuning) the sound and tonal quality are excellent. I called a guitar player friend at the locale Post Office who came over on his lunch break and we spent half hour, passing the guitar back and forth, trying different riffs and progressions. He was also was impressed on the quality and sound of the instrument. I think you will have another satisfied customer in short order as he says he will place his own order soon. I just want to say the guitar is everything that the you and the other satisfied players said it was. Thank You Joe
Joseph Infante
Durhan, New Hampshire

12/11/2017 I\'ve had many guitars through the years and I think my new ZAD 20 is probably the best playing guitar I\'ve ever had. The neck size is perfict for my hand. The setup is a little different than I\'ve seen before, but it could not have been done any better. I am just thrilled to have this ZAD 20. I\'m still trying to decide if it sounds like a Martin or if a Martin would sound better if it sounded like my Zager. I don\'t have a problem with my fingers getting sore, but I think even a new player could play this guitar without their fingers getting sore. I am a truck driver and I have it on the truck with me. I\'ve only had it a few weeks but I\'m still wondering if it will ever get out of tune. It was tuned just a touch high when I received it and not a single string has changed. I\'m going to my brothers soon to show it off and have a jam session so I guess he will have to retune his Gibson to match my Zager. I will send another review in a few weeks. Thanks for a great guitar at a great price. Jim Wood
Jim Wood
Dozier, Alabama

12/08/2017 Got my Zager... it\'s definitely the bomb. I\'ve owned vintage Martin D-18s, and Guilds, that I though played and sounded incredible. The 20 beats them all, hands down. The first thing I didi when I got it was take it to a friends place, who had a Larrivee, that he paid about $2000 for... the sound was equivalent(I think better), and the playability was no contest. I\'ve never played a guitar that is so easy to play, yet so loud and dynamic... you can chord softly, or boom it on out, with such clarity it\'s simply amazing...
Hardy Wright
Dallas, Texas

12/05/2017 Hi Dennis, New guitar arrived today. All I can say is wow!! All sorts of awesome!! One grateful and happy customer. The sound and playability is astounding!! Thank you so much, Richard Stride
Richard Stride
Wenatchee, Washington

12/03/2017 Dennis I received my guitar today and it is everything I had hoped for. I have to admit I was slightly concerned after reading some of the negative posts on the internet but as is the case with most of the things you find on line, it was all BS. The guitar plays better than I expected and I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Thanks again for your wonderful product and teriffic service. David Gorny
David Gorny
Guntersville, Alabama

12/03/2017 Hello, My name is Jeff Gater and I purchased the ZAD80 CE Model guitar last year. I am very satisfied with the guitars playability. I am 52 years old and have not played the guitar seriously for 20 years. I believe the Zager guitar has made my entry back into playing guitar easier and very rewarding. I appreciate the workmanship of this fine instrument. Other guitar players who have tried my Zager are very impressed. Non-players always comment how beautiful the guitar is. Sincerely, Jeff Gater
Jeff Gater
Wellington, Florida

12/03/2017 Dennis, The guitar arrived friday evening I believe. I played it in a show on Saturday night. I like it. I'll get used to it as I play more shows with it. Thanks for getting it out to me so soon. God Bless! Rusty
Rusty Rierson
Leon, Kansas

11/29/2017 Hi Dennis, I Received my new OM last night in good shape, Like others I`ve got all the toys to play, but this one is going in my studio for my "go to" acoustic, regards, Dennis Casey
Dennis Casey
East Helena, Montana

11/27/2017  Hello Dennis, I received the guitar yesterday. I was not dissapointed, the guitar look so beautiful. every parts of this amazing instrument is oozing with quality. I always thought that for me to get my dream guitar is to at least spend two to three thousand US dollars. As soon as I strummed my first chords I cannot put the guitar down. I practice everyday for at least an hour playing my Gibson A/E. First time I played the Zager I didn't realized I played three hours straight without sore fingers. now I fully understand the Zagers string science. It's really true very easy to play guitar, especially when playing lead you will enjoy the guitar's full potential.when Denny put his signature on these guitars, I knew he put his heart and soul in making these instruments. I'm very happy and satisfied owning a Zager guitar. my search is over I found my dream acoustic/electric guitar. A million thanks to you and Denny and more power to your company. God bless, R.D. P.S. Thanks for the enclosed picture the legend holding and playing my guitar I showed it to all my friends.
R D. Manalili
Rancho Cordova, California

11/26/2017 Hey there Dennis, Love my guitar, and moving along really quickly learning chords. Thanks, Caryl
Angela Hardy
Port Washington, New York

11/23/2017 Dennis, I should have written sooner to thank you for my new guitar, but I've been too busy playing it! I can't really express how happy I am with the guitar! It's gorgeous in both looks and sound! I simply can't believe that I have the last guitar I'll ever want or need! I had been planning to keep my old guitar for backup, but I've already sold it! I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole! This instrument really makes me want to play and improve! Thank you so much! Both of my sons are more experienced (and far better) guitarists than I, and they have their own quality instruments already, but they can't keep their hands off of my new Zager! I played it at church on Sunday (unamplified in a 1,200 seat sanctuary), and after the service, every guitarist in the congregation came up to the choir loft to check it out! Zager's service and responsiveness was off the charts also! I really, really appreciate the extra discount you gave me since I had missed the sale when I was out of town! Trust me, I will be singing the praises of your company for many, many years to come! Although I won't need to buy another guitar, I'm sure that I will be able to send more business your way! Thanks again to you and the entire Zager family, John Lorenzo
John Lorenzo
San Antonio, Texas

11/23/2017 Hey, Dennis: We got up to our cabin in the Georgia mountains in time to avoid the storm in the Gulf. It's so nice to get out of the SW Fla oven. I've been working on Dust in the Wind. It was supposed to be harder than Scarborough Fairm but is much easier. Today I took a shot at Stairway to Heaven, which is a 4 on the difficulty scale. I can learn this one, too! It is harder than Dust in the Wind, but I was able to limp through it completely in a few hours. I was beginning to think your difficulty ratings were wrong, buut then it occurred to me that I may actually be learning something! I also think my guitar background leans toward the Dust and Stairway music. I went from a level one to another level one, then to a two followed by a four. That's rapid progress. I'm sure I sound like a dope, but I never dreamed i could play like this. It is wonderful! Just remember that you and Denny are really doing something wonderful for real people out here. The website tweaks are really nice. Now if Denny can put Classical Gas into his system, I will learn it, too! Thanks again! Gerald
Gerald Pierce
Ft. Myers, Florida

11/23/2017  hi dennis! i'm not much of a video person, i can barely watch videos let alone make even a short one.........i'll go online and fill out and post a far i really like how the guitar plays!! nice on the fingers i did notice already.....thanks again dennis! personally thank your dad for me! aloha from hawaii!! mike chock...
Mike Chock
Honolulu, Hawaii

11/20/2017 I don\'t have a question...just a comment...I am 71 years young and have been playing at playing the guitar for a long time. I have always had trouble playing barre chords and have been looking for an acoustic guitar that would make playing them easier. My new next door neighbor was out in his backyard playing his Zager guitar last evening, and I took my guitar and went over there as we are about the same age and same experience. He asked me if I had ever heard of Zager guitars, and I replied that I had not, but I recognized the name from the famous song. He then handed me his Zager and told me to try it, and I was amazed at how easy it was to play barre chords on it, and I knew I had to have a Zager, and just this evening purchased one. I truly believe that your guitar will make it easier for me to advance as a guitarist with the years I have left, and I am really looking forward to getting my guitar and playing it and telling other people the Zager story and showing and having them try my new Zager guitar. Thanks so much to my new neighbor and to you for making such a fine guitar that will let a guy my age even, become a better guitar player during the time I have left...just wanted you to hear my story...keep up the good work as I am a believer and will become a promoter of your guitars. Thanks again from a novice guitar player. Sincerely, Ray Juliano
Ray Juliano
Curtis, Michigan

11/17/2017 I received my zad80 CE Friday night. I have been working six nights a week and I'm sorry I haven't gotten back in touch very quickly. I usually do my own set up jobs on my guitars because I rarely ever get one that has been set up as smooth playing as they can be. Well, your set up was good straight out of the box. The tone is very good and sure to be really sweet as the wood matures. The extra spacing at the bridge makes it easier for me to make clean notes and being a novice I really need and appreciate that. I plugged it up and the electronics work fine. In reading some of the reviews on your guitars, some people gave negative reviews but, for me, thumbs up man! It's great that someone (you) actually made a more ergonomically correct neck improvement for people as myself, with larger hands and fingers. Thanks! I'm looking foreword to using your training site. Best wishes and warmest regards! Charlie Foster
Charlie Foster
Hephzibah , Georgia

11/15/2017 Dennis, I have two Zager guitars, the 4/5 Parlor that I use for practice away from home and the zad80ce which is the best guitar I've ever owned. I would recommend the zager guitar to anyone learning to play or someone who is an accomplished player. Sincerely, Cindy Kessler
Cindy Kessler
Dallas, Texas

11/14/2017 Hi Dennis, I am amazed at the quick response you give to everything. I don’t know how you do it, but it certainly is a welcome change from the typical. I will call your Dad’s voicemail and leave a message. I have played my new guitar a couple of times and will now get serious about picking up where I left off many, many years ago (probably in about 1969!). I’ll have to learn all over again, but I’m excited to do so with my new guitar. Thanks again for all you do. Ron
Ron Woods
Jacksonville, Florida

11/13/2017 Hi Dennis, I received my new Zager guitar, thanks for the fast shipping! It arrived in excellent condition and thanks for the additional stuff. As you know I bought a discounted ZAD80ce, your website described the flaw and had photos of the flaw, when I took it out of the case I was very surprised at how minor the flaw actually was, it is practically unnoticeable. Thanks for the great deal on a fine instrument. It blows away my Ovation Adamas. I would highly recommend your products and your company. Outstanding!
John Dotson
Centralia, Missouri

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