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12/17/2011 The guitar and case I ordered are perfect! THey were gifts for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them. The guitar is really a piece of art and sounds beautiful. Thank you so much, we are very satisfied customers.
Mallory Kimble

12/16/2011 Dear Dennis Zager Jr and Family..First of all let me apologize for not having written acted so quickly and I so slowly. I can only tell you that I have been ill and not at the computer very often or for very long..I am sorry. I have had my EZPlay modified Martin/Zager for about two weeks now..and although I havent been able to play her very often when I do play her she is incredible.. the sound is sound I've heard yet! And the playability is fantastic which is just what I these respects she is all I have ever dreamed of! I have a problem however..I am very picky.. Dennis Jr. You were wonderful and were back to me in a heartbeat. And indeed it was considerd a Discount Guitar! I am putting the discount given on my guitar in the bank to begin saving for a ZAGER OM SIZE ZAD 80 I may be able to come up with the money for one of these by mid summer if it stays on sale..if not it may take a little longer. Well..I wanted to apologize and also to Thank You for a great sounding and playing guitrar..and to let you know that I much apprieciate the dicount ! Warmest Regrds...Thank You Again
Cindy L. Parket
Chicago, Illinois

12/15/2011 well....I gotta say, you guys exceded my expentations. I travel for a living, oh and sell things while doing it....but anyway, got home and my zad-20 ce ,solid black --was waiting in the living room. open up the box. okay ...sounds good.. not like my old guitar......see I was already spoiled --I'd leant my old guitar to my I went and got it..did some comparison's...let's just say I'm no jimmy page or hendrix but I know a great playing , great sounding guitar when I pick one up....on friday night's if I don't have a date ..which has been fairly consistent lately..I go to my uncles house...he's been playing for about 25 years maybe 4... so I hand it to him ...said not bad for around 200 bucks huh? He said not bad for ANY price..he plays fingerstyle.. I'm more of a flatpicker and strummer... I know you guys at zager like to hear about the guitars when you sell 'em ... and I've been on-line and seen alot of naysayers out there... people i've played 800-1800 guitars ...and unless your a guitar snob type of person who goes by "name" brands won't find a better one... i'll get another zager zad-20 or 80 or whatever in the very near future ...thanks guy's ..sincerely..
Ryan Russel
Lynn Haven, Florida

12/13/2011 Dennis, Thanks so much for my new Zager. I received it yesterday and I'm in love with it already. As a beginner with fat fingers, it's help out immensely. I took it to my guitar teacher and he said it's a great guitar and the setup is fantastic. He said it plays and sounds 200% better than the guitar I was playing. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to playing throughout my retirement, as I'm a new 58 year old retiree, with finally time enough to learn to play the guitar, which I've wanted to do all my life. Sincerely,
Jack Spies
Punta Gorda, Florida

12/13/2011 I received my guitar yesterday. Thanks for getting it shipped out the same day. I would like to say again what a pleasure it is to business with your company. I was amazed that all of my e-mails were answered within 15 minutes of sending them. It made the decision process much less stressful. I was nervous about buying a guitar sight unseen, but felt fairly confident in the quality after pouring over your website. That, in itself, is quite an undertaking. I haven't stopped grinning since I got guitar. It plays and sounds fantastic. Not to mention the fact that the finish and choices of wood are beautiful. I have a Washburn D-12, Fender Stratocaster, and an older classical. My ZAD-80CE plays with the ease of my Fender, if not easier. I'm afraid that they are going to be retired to their cases for awhile. Thanks again for all of your help and excellent service.
Jerry Erickson
Estherville, Iowa

12/10/2011 I recieved my guitar today in perfect condition; plays and sounds like $3000 guitar. Thanks, I'm glad I found you guys.
Linden Pousson
Reserve, Louisiana

12/07/2011 Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I've bought a lot of things via the internet but this was definitely the best AND the easiest experience I have ever had. Thank you for making the return so easy. The guitar wasn't quite what I was looking for but I still think you have a solid product. It's no accident that you are successful. All the best,
Buddy Cross
Kansas City, Missouri

12/05/2011  I received my Zad80OM on thursday. It's beautiful, truly a work of art. First let me tell you that the appearance of this guitar is just fabulous. I feel like I had a guitar custom built for me. Second, the sound is as good as any guitar I have played and better in most cases (including 4 figure Martins). The sustain and resonance is unparalleled but then the subtle tone and warmth when lightly played is exquisite. I was very fearful to "order" a guitar on line. I have always needed to play a guitar, to touch and feel a guitar, to know if it would inspire me to play. I believe that is what a great instrument does, inspire. This guitar has done that for me. The setup is as good as any guitar that I have played, but the appearance and sound are unsurpassed. Thank you for bringing me together with this guitar that I will love for many, many years. Warmest Regards
Tim Rumph
Deer Park, Washington

12/05/2011 Hi, guys!! Received the ZAD-80 last Friday, and I am thrilled with it! I brought it to the office today, and two of my co-workers have expressed a great deal of interest in getting one for themselves! Thanks!
Bobby Johnson
Northport, Alabama

12/05/2011 Dear Denny, I received my new ZAD80-CEOM on Friday, right on schedule. It's a beauty! I have a ZAD-20 acoustic electric so that I already knew that I would love playing it. I find it much easier and finger friendly than my other guitars, including a much more expensive Martin 000. The deep, richer sound of the ZAD80 sounds closer to the sound of my Martin however the ease with which it plays enables me to play for hours. I love the OM size, as well. My daughter is getting married this year and I wrote a song to play at the wedding. I plan to use my new ZAD-80CEOM because of its comfort and the beautiful sound that comes out of it, even at a novice's hands. I began playing guitar later in life and have been playing for less than three years. Your Zager guitar has helped me to play more (and I think better, as a result). I'll be proud to show it off at the wedding. I also want to thank you and the people working with you for your support, quick responses (whether it was answering my email or my phone calls). I was certainly helped to feel a part of the Zager Guitar family. Best wishes,
Anonymous Anonymous
Lincoln, Nebraska

12/01/2011 Denny, Thanks for the guitar. It arrived in perfect condition, and more importantly, it sounds great! Thanks,
Robert Pedersen
Fosters, Alabama

11/29/2011 I have wanted to learn the guitar for years, unfortunately, I have big fat fingers and little spare time. Months ago, I stumbled upon your Website. Read the testimonials, read about your product and made a decision to try one more time. I purchased a ZAD-20 and started your online tutorials. I quickly discovered that you and your family are everything the testimonials were stating (and more). Whenever, I had questions, they were answered ASAP, whenever, I encountered anything with the product you were "on top of it" ASAP. I am EXTREMELY pleased with your product and customer care. Well, a few months have gone by and I am playing some of the songs from the online tutorial, I have confidence in my playing that continues to grow each day. I recently purchased another Zager, the ZAD-80CE; just as the ZAD-20, it is a work of art and so easy to play. It arrived in excellent condition (as I expected from you *smile*). I just love it. Sorry, I took so long to respond; I was having so much of a good time playing, I procrastinated responding to you. Sorry *grin*. I am soooo pleased with your product and customer care I am at a loss for words. Keep up the good work, and you have made me a loyal customer for life. Also, my older brother is thinking on playing now.... guess which brand I am talking him into? I want to thank you and your family for helping me achieve a lifelong passion of learning to properly play the guitar (without the usual frustration I once encountered). To anyone reading this that wants a great product, great customer care and online tutorials that will help you learn to play, your search is over!
Larry Diercks

11/28/2011 Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Zager ZAD-80CEOM Acoustic Electric-OM size guitar. This is the second guitar that I have purchased from you and the sound and low action are just wonderful. Thanks for the T-shirt as well. The guitar case that includes the humidifier gauge is top notch too. I can't say enough good things about your company and customer service. Thanks so much,
Jane Biggs
Huntsville, Alabama

11/25/2011 hi denny senior and jr. I recieved my guitar and it is beyond any thing i expected!the tone is wonderful and ease of play is so incredible!the guitar a zad 20 om is so beautiful in every way! i wish i could have found your guitars a long time ago.the way my new guitar plays is beyond compare.when i took the new guitar out of the box i could tell right away the quality of my new zad20 is so beautiful and so beautiful to play!if anyone has struggled to play like i have to try to learn how to play guitar they would love a zager guitar!it is the ultimate of all i have ever wanted from a guitar and much much more! the neck is perfect fit.the sound is superb!looks superb! no more sore fingers !no more cramps in my hands from trying to play a poorly made guitar's for many years! if you do not have a zager must buy one;and you will see the most beautiful guitar you can ever play! the site is superb !like you and your father and the work you do is unreal! no one can hold a candle to denny senior or denny jr. cannot thank you enough!for everything. every thing you touch turns to gold!!!! thanks for the best guitar i will ever have brought tears of joy from heart!!with this beyond compare guitar... the lesson's are totally awsum! the style you are teaching is incredible and sounds so great once i mastered a lesson on a song! the lesson's are a dream come true for me! thanks to the zager family for the ultimate in guitars!!! god bless,
Joe Goad
Louisville, Kentucky

11/25/2011 Dear Mr. Zager, One word comes to mind to describe my new ZAD-20. Wow! I put a lot of research and careful thought into this purchase, and I felt very confident that this guitar would be easy to play. But I had absolutely no idea how truly beautiful it would sound. I just can't believe it. When I strum this guitar I can't help but get this uncontrollable smile on my face. It has such a warm full sound, and I love it. I feel like I just got the deal of the century on a two or three thousand dollar Martin. Thanks for offering such a fine playing and sounding guitar at a price an average Joe like me can afford. You should be very proud. Best Wishes,
James Taylor
Waukee, Iowa

11/25/2011 Ok, so my boss got me a Zad-80 for doing some extra work for him. It arrived last week (actually a day early). I have been playing it for about 5 days, and I finally decided I needed to email you to tell you how happy I am with it. It truly is amazing. The modifications to the guitar are very subtle, and yet they absolutely make a world of differance. Today, I picked up my old guitar just to see if I could really feel the differance, and it really is night and day. I was able to practice for hours at a time without my fingers or hands hurting much at all. I had been working on a Stage 1 song using Denny's system for a couple of months, and had limited success. Well like I said I have had my guitar now for 5 days and I pretty much have the song down. I really couldnt be happier. Please feel free to give out my email to anyone who might want my input. Thanks again
Ken McDermott
Chicago, Illinois

11/22/2011  Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your guitar is freakin amazing and that its my new love. I've had it for a few months so this email is a little over due. But i had to let you know that im extremely satisfied and that im recommending to everyone your guitars. They are indeed a work of art. Much Thanks,
Dylan Hendershot
Columbus, Ohio

11/19/2011 Hello, Mr. Zager. I've been playing guitar as an amateur since JFK was in office. Over the years, I've owned two Fender Tele's (one was a 1920s example that I should have held onto, but who knew what it would be worth 20 years later?), a 1966 Gretsch Country Gentleman, a 1968 Gibson L5 CES (that's the top of the food chain, so I've still got it), a 1979 Guild D-35NT, and finally a Martin D-35 last year. All fine axes in their own way. As you might imagine, I don't gravitate to makes and names I don't already know. Until just over a week ago, Zager guitars were about as familiar to me as the moons of Jupiter. Never heard of your product, although your name was familiar from the music world of my youth. So why would someone like me even consider your guitar? It happened that I was charged with locating a suitable acoustic guitar to donate to a christian mission and homeless shelter that holds evening chapel services. They needed a guitar but had no money for one. I took up a collection in church for it and had enough for something modestly priced. But I didn't want to get some used guitar; how could I do that and be able to look them in the eye? But really, can anything good be had for four hundred bucks? Experience said no. Running across an eBay ad from Zager calling it's product "E-Z Play", I was curious. I read the online reviews. "Somebody is a nut", sez I: The reviews all were 9s and 10s. Dozens and dozens of them. Rave reviews...customer service that couldn't be beat...lifetime warranty...easiest playing instrument they'd ever seen...great sound...beginners and pros didn't stop. What's going on here? Has the world flipped out? The most disheartening thing was that reviews for my beloved Martin were, on average, numerically lower than for your product! WHAT??!! You might as well tell me water runs uphill. As Elaine on Seinfeld would say, "Get OUT!!" So what could I do? I ordered one. What's the worst that could happen? Today it arrived. Seems to me the labor alone to make this thing play like it does is worth the selling price, plus you get a fine guitar. I see now why C. F. Martin had you show them what you were doing: It works. In fact, I paid about $100 to have the Martin's action lowered a tad by a local shop, and it still doesn't play near as easily as your ZAD-20. I have to tell you one funny thing, though, that had me doubting your product. After a few minutes of playing, I wanted to compare it side by side to the Martin. To make sure they were both tuned the same, I walked over to the wall where it hung and plucked the bass string. That's funny, I thought, the new one was tuned low? I twisted the Zad's tuner up a few steps to match the Martin's pitch, the string broke, and I thought, "Yeah--look at that." Then I realized I had left the capo on the Martin's second fret and I was cranking up the new strings far too much. Should have heard it was wrong, but didn't. I changed the string, and we're doing great. My only regret is that I'm giving this guitar away next week to the mission. But I can always buy one of my own, right? As the Cheetos people say, "We'll make more!" Thanks! And all the best!
Jack Webb
Springfield, Virginia

11/17/2011 Just wanted to say thnks again. I received my case for my new 20 today. Every transaction very smooth, Every question always answered quickly. Great doing business with you and your co. will highly recommend to all my other want2be guitar player friends.
Ray Vanover
Wright City, Missouri

11/16/2011 Zager Guitar, I just recieved my Zager Guitar. A Zad 80 om. I've never had a small body guitar,so at first I wasn't sure if I liked it. Last night I played it for 5 hrs. All kinds of tunes I used to play were just coming out of it. I quit at about 11:45pm. It wound me up so much it took me til 2am to fall asleep,and I had to go to work today. This little guitar is sweet!! I like your website too!! The lessons are very nice. I really like the Christmas songs! Talk to you guys later!
Leonard Purnell
Salisbury, Maryland

11/15/2011 Hello, First, I would like to say how much I enjoy this fantastic new instrument. It has all the beauty of a guitar priced at $1000 or more and sounds like a million bucks. In addition, it has wonderful playing action. I have taught guitar for nearly ten years and have had the opportunity to sample almost every brand of guitar in production. Of all of them, this guitar has got to be the most playable. This is the finest sounding guitar I have played. It also has the best action of any guitar I've played from the head-stock clear through to the 10th fret. As I said before, I wear two hats as both rhythm and lead guitarist for my band. I need a very versatile instrument for my live playing. So far, this is the closest I have come to finding exactly what I want. I am one very picky person and I apologize for that, but I have to be. I would also like to thank you for the strings and the T-shirt. I didn't expect that and I love surprises. I assure you, should I need another guitar, I will be contacting you. The guys at the music store where I teach were equally impressed. If anyone I know needs a new instrument, I will be sending them your way. Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work. I believe you are probably one of about ten luthiers in the world that truly have the health of the fingers of their customers ahead of the almighty dollar. God Bless,
Michael Gastmeyer
South Park, Pennsylvania

11/13/2011 I just want to say that I really love this system and the support and feeling of actually being important to you guys. I love when I e-mail you with a suggestion or question it is answered immediately, I was not really expecting any type of response and I get very personalized answers to my questions. Keep up the good work.
Christian Natello
Galloway, New Jersey

11/13/2011 denny, junior and tony: Hey guys! It's been about 9 months since i received this guitar. As a left-hander, i had so much trouble finding an affordable guitar that also sounded great. Having never played before, it was your site that sold me on your instrument before purchase, but it is the guitar itself that has sold me after the purchase. This guitar is truly wonderful. Professional players have commented on the excellence of its tone and sound quality to me. I am now to the point where, when i find another left handed guitar and play it, i am very disappointed, as it is not near the instrument as the one i purchased from you folks. I am in a beginners group class, and none of them are as along as i am; to which i greatly credit the work you folks do in setting these guitars up to make them almost play themselves. Thanks again. All the best.
Dennis Jena
Oxford, Ohio

11/10/2011 I have been using your web site for lessons now about 2 months. Although I have had a guitar for many years, I am very much a beginner. The best thing about your system is that I can play songs almost immediately. I can't say they sound very good yet, but I'm getting better and I have very specific songs to work on. I am enjoying myself and am determined to stay with it. I really never understood how playing the guitar is so physical as well a mental. My fingers are definitely sore but getting tougher. The finger dexterity and strength is hard to develop. The C chord with the thumb is really a tough one. I know it will take time. The advice and practice suggestions are right on. I have to resist the urge to move forward through a song before I am really ready. I found the flat picking lesson playing along with the Johnny Cash song. That's worth the price of admission on its own! Thanks for all the work that I know must go into creating your site and many times I just watch and listen. See you on the web.
Dale Tillis

11/07/2011 Dennis, The guitar arrived late yesterday and Elisabeth is very happy. She said she was able to play until her arm got tired, instead of until her fingers got sore. When I woke up this morning she started playing again.... Thanks for everything.
Steven Slotkin
Jacksonville, Florida

11/05/2011 Guitar arrived today in perfect shape with nary a scratch on the box. It's beautiful. My initial impression is that this guitar will help me a lot.
Nick English
Raleigh, North Carolina

11/05/2011 Hi Dennis, Well, I am in a state of shock as I write this. I think you will be also when you finish reading this. About a week ago, you sold a ZAD-80 acoustic to a fellow by the name of Joel Bennett in Las Vegas, NV. Joel & I work together. Now, I have been bragging about your guitars to everyone I come in contact with. As you know, I own the Zager Modified Martin DM-1STCE. You remember how much I love this guitar and have not been able to put it down. I have been saying that I was going to have another one of your guitars soon as I wanted to play the Zager and see how it truly compares to the Martin. Joel made that happen today. This ZAD-80 was purchased for me as a gift for helping him out last year. So now I own both guitars and I have been playing the 80 all night. Your right when you say it might be a little better than the more expensive brands. What a beautiful instrument. The inlay, the action, THE SOUND, I am truly in heaven. I finally have a straight acoustic guitar I can fool around with, especially, while I'm watching Mr. Zager and the online guitar instruction course. As I have told you before, I own many guitars and have enjoyed the purchasing process as much as I enjoy playing them. Each one holds a special place in my heart as I remember the entire experience for each one. Now, How about getting two Zager guitar's in one month. I always knew I would own another Zager, I never would have thought it would be so soon. I think I'll wish for a travel acoustic next. Warmest & best regards,
John Carlino
Las Vegas, Nevada

11/05/2011  Greetings, This summer I bought a guitar from you. I am very happy with it. It sounds nice and is easy to play. I re-strung it today with LaBella Silk and Steel .011's. I think they make the Zager nicer. I have them on my Fender, and Epiphone as well. Anyhow, I like to play things a while before I give feedback. I am very happy with the Zager, and think it is a bargain. Excellent product, excellent price. Thank You,
Steven Gilmore
Owego, New York

11/01/2011  Good Afternoon, Just received my ZAD-80. It really is a beautiful guitar and it plays like a dream. Thanks for all your help. Sincerely,
Stephen Smith
Glassboro, New Jersey

10/30/2011 Dear Denny, Just wanted to thank you for your answer (video) on my question. I was very surprised to see the resulting answer on a video. WOW, that's awesome to have that kind of tuturing!!! I love my Zad-80, it's a great guitar and I would be happy to share my overall experience with anyone. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question so throughly... MS
Mitchell Stevens
Intercourse, Pennsylvania

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