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10/31/2011 To Denny Zager and the Zager Team: I think enough time has passed for me to weigh-in on my Zager experience. The first part of the Zager satisfaction equation: In late August of last year, I decided that I wanted to finally restart the guitar lesson process that had lain dormant for forty years. (Yes, Denny, I do remember "In the Year 2525"). I wanted to buy an inexpensive Martin, and while shopping on the internet, I was directed to your site and started learning the Zager "String Science" story and how it applied to certain Martin's that your company modifies with the "String Science". As I studied the features available, compared the features, Martin's to Zager's etc., I couldn't help but give the Zager Guitar a try. More guitar for the money! With regard to the quality of the guitar, I am no expert, but (unsolicited) several people, one of which is a classical guitar instructor told me they can't believe what I paid for it. I do remember the experience of playing my first guitar forty plus years ago and (irrespective of how calloused your left fingers get) playability was a problem. This guitar is a breeze compared to my memories. Like all guitar geeks, I go to the guitar store and pick up guitars that are five times more expensive. They don't compare in the feel and the ease in playing. I love my ZAD-20CE, I'm sure that I'll play it forever! The second part of the Zager satisfaction equation. When you get a guitar, you want to play it! I remember sitting through lessons for a half hour per week, going home and trying to get through miserable drills and attempting to read music that couldn't be more removed from music that I wanted to play. In retrospect, I'm surprised that I stuck with it as much as I did. The on-line video guitar instruction, the lessons and the notation method is remarkable. When you're attempting to master a song and when you play it something is missing, being able to see and hear (over and over if necessary) Denny's technique and sound is like being to access your teacher anytime of the day or night. Let me be clear, I am no where near the quality of Denny. But if you follow his instruction, take advantage of his attention to detail and his years of experience playing and teaching all contained in the on-line instruction package, you will be amazed at how much you will learn. Also, I current subscribe to another on line guitar instruction method. It's not bad, but I use Zager ten times more. I'm one of those people that will watch a football game with the TV volume low and play my guitar. So, I play (at least I have the guitar in my hands) a lot. I'm at level three after five months, and learning songs that I never believed that I would play. This is good stuff! Thanks,
Charles Wimsatt
Union, Kentucky

10/29/2011 To the Zagers: I am so pleased with my new Zager ZAD-20 guitar that I wanted to let you know how I felt. When I bought it, I was skeptical about the claims published on your web site, because the prices you charge are so modest compared to the prices for the premium guitars against which you compete. In fact, I never would have dared to buy it sight unseen if you had not offered an unconditional guarantee that it would meet with my expectations and your claims. Well, it did. It looks and sounds better to me than most guitars costing twice as much, and it plays smoother and easier than any other guitar I have ever played. What more could anyone want? You may give my e-mail address to anybody who wishes to confirm that I wrote this and that I mean every word I say. Sincerely yours,
Fred Hickler
Wellesley, Massachusetts

10/26/2011 Dear Denny, You folks are truly incredible, I am just amazed at how easy it is to work with you. I used to be the Technical Services Manager for SP Newsprint here in Newberg Oregon, so I used to travel a lot and my life was dealing with complaints and other issues with our paper (mostly big pressroom such as The LA Times and Chicago Tribune). Customer Service was my life and I used to put on seminars on "How to Make Customers for Life", so I am a good judge of corporate character. In a nutshell it, customer service can make or break a company, so it is with this personal knowledge that I make the comments regarding your customer service. If I wasn't retired you can be assured that I would be knocking on your door asking for a job. It would be great to have you as an employer. Please take note that most on-line companies practice opposite services, yes even the big companies in the music field. Please show this note to your dad and tell him that he has truly created a customer oriented company that will succeed for many years to come. It is with my heart that I say "thank you", and after I finish my online course with Denny I plan to dedicate my first solo to him... Take care, and let me know what you would like me to do next.... Sincerely,
Beavercreek, Oregon

10/26/2011 Hello, First of all I like to say thanks for the great guitar. It has met my every expectation and then some. It is a beautiful piece of art. I have received numerous praises from students and my instructor/friend. He will be recommending your guitar to friends and future students. Thanks for everything. I also had signed up for the online instruction. That is going well. I hope to be playing "Love me tender" very soon to showcase my investment. Thanks
Donald Edrington
Fresno, California

10/26/2011 Denny. The guitar came today and it was everything you promised. I am so happy. The sound is just too good to be true and my fingers didn't feel cut into like before with the other guitar. And wow!!! the shipping was fast. It came in two days. Thanks,
Maureen Crotty
Cincinnati, Ohio

10/23/2011 Hey Dennis, I play the guitar every night and just adore it. I can't seem to put it down. Now, you probably hear that a lot but, you should know I own 12 guitars plus 2 bass guitars. Tonight, I put the guitar through an old Ampeg Gemini 2 and couldn't believe the sound that came out of that old girl. Thanks so much for all you folks have done for me and I tell everyone your story and that they should call you guys and buy a Zager. I'm probably going to have to have another one real soon. Warmest regards,
John Carlino
Las Vegas, Nevada

10/20/2011 WOW, WOW, WOW! The UPS man just delivered my guitar and I felt like a 5 year old at Christmas time while I opened the box! It is much more beautiful than I expected! It plays and sounds great! Thank you Denny!
Michelle Wallick
Labadie, Missouri

10/18/2011 Dennis, One last message I had to write you to tell you about my Zad-20. My friends can hear my guitar over theirs and have commented on how nice it plays, they were skeptical before hand on the volume but not anymore. This could be a Bluegrass players dream. I know it will only get better with age now. Also thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and concerns as you guys like I said before do have great customer service!!! I am telling all my friends about this guitar now and I hope some of them will order from you. Sincerely,
Joseph Wiechert
Cox's Creek, Kentucky

10/17/2011 Hi Dennis, My guitar showed up Friday right on time, and sounds beautiful. Thanks for all your help. The picks and t-shirt are a nice touch, and will be put to good use. Thanks again.
Jim Held
Los Angelos, California

10/16/2011 Hello, Denny! This is sammy K, musician on the rise! I recently purchased your Sigma DM-1STCE Acoustic Electric. Truly, truly amazing! The difference from the Acoustic Martin i was playing previouly was evident from the first note! I will be performing with jamie (my guitar) for the first time on the fourth of February in a "new musicians showcase". She compliments my music very well! It would have been nice to "chat" with you about the tricks of the trade, but you seem to be booked at the moment. Some other time! Talk to you soon!
Sammy K
Marblehead, Massachusetts

10/14/2011 My new ZAD-20 and case arrived Friday. It is thing of beauty and a joy forever! I am so pleased. Thank you...
Fred Hickler
Wellesley, Massachusetts

10/14/2011 Dear Everyone-who-worked-with-me-at-Zager Guitars: I was skeptical. Buying a guitar sight unseen over the internet seemed harebrained. On the other hand, as a relatively new player it wasn't easy to be confident or comfortable trying out guitars in the shops, even though I got some truly expert help along the way. The 100% ebay rating, and the chance to try the guitar in my own home, and with my teacher, convinced me to give the Zager a try. The first guitar I got was a ZAD-20-OMCE. I loved the way it fit me. Much more comfortable than the Yamaha dreadnought I'd been playing. However it sounded a bit too bright to my ear for the fingerstyle music I'm learning. Emailed with the you and you sent me a ZAD-80-OMCE to try. As soon as I played it, I could tell this was my guitar. Your description of your guitars is right on: low easy action but no buzz, wide string spacing, extra light strings and great intonation. This guitar is a joy to play. The on board tuner helps me get my ear dialed in, and is well worth the extra money. I took both Zagers and the Yamaha to my next lesson. My teacher, who is a brilliant full time performing musician and teacher played all three. He liked both Zagers, liked their sound, and thought they were both fine guitars, well made, and excellent values. Returning the ZAD-20-OMCE was painless. UPS emailed me a shipping label; I repacked the guitar and dropped it off at the UPS store. The return shipping didn't cost me a penny. To sum up, I found your website to be completely accurate, and it turns out this was a really comfortable, easy, and time efficient way for a dedicated beginner like me to buy a great guitar. I'm taking the time to write to encourage others who might be feeling hesitant about this process to go ahead and take the leap. It certainly turned out well for me. My thanks and best regards to all of you, Sincerely,
Yarby Anthony.
Amarillo, Texas

10/11/2011 Everything arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico fine. My dad (81 years old) loved the guitar. We practiced at church last night. He'll play this Sunday. He his been playing the guitar for over 60 years, so he's heard and played some of the best melodies. This is the best guitar he's ever played, he said, thanks to your good quaility works. Talk to you soon,
Conrad Gomez
Lincoln, Nebraska

10/08/2011 Mr. Zager, My guitar arrived today and it plays even better than when it first arrived. Thanks! My husband and I looked it over and he said that your dad probably lifted the bridge on that end a bit, but whatever he did, it didn't affect the fact that it's still very easy to play and still very low to the fretboard, which I'm so thankful. I played it for several hours yesterday and today it will get a workout in Swing Band, but everything seems to be fixed and I'm so pleased with the speed an professionalism that you guys exude! I would and plan to recommend a Zager guitar to anyone! Thanks again! And thank you so much for the extra strings that you included. What a nice treat!
Tania Moody

10/06/2011 Dennis, I received the guitar today, a day early by the way. When I open the box and looked at the guitar, the g string was broken. At first I was a little distraught as I thought about how I was going to match the broken string. As I began looking at the added attachments, I found a new set of strings. How about that? I was saved by your quick thinking and positive customer support. Thank you very much. This guitar is the most stunning piece of equipment I have ever seen. The sound is better than any acoustic I have owned in over 40 years of playing. The finish is outstanding. The action is soft and fast. I thought at first the strings were .042, but they are .047. I am very surprised you can get such a soft action from such a large string. This instrument is truly everything you say and much, much more. I plugged it into my Fender Twin Reverb and brought the house down. Well, you made me a believer. Now, I wish you made a 12 string. Boy, wouldn’t that be something. Respectfully,
John Carlino
Las Vegas, Nevada

10/06/2011 Denny, Received my ZAD-80 last night when I got home from the office, and it is beautiful. I went over every square inch of it to make sure it didn't get any damage shipping. Not only did it arrive perfectly, but it is beautifully made. As far as playability....My 10 year old, who is learning on a 3/4 scale electric sat down and played it with no problem. His first comment was "this guitar is a lot easier to play than your other acoustic" (for reference, he did not know about the guitar or that it was supposed to be easier). From my own standpoint, barre chords up the neck are so much easier and the tone is awesome, really warm. Glad I went for the higher end model. Now all I have to do is get it from my son so I can play it......
Neal Clevenger
Pleasant Plain, Ohio

10/06/2011 Dennis Zager Jr. Thank you for your kind response. I will take your advise and keep this great sounding guitar. The more I think about it. It is very valuable in style and tone. It is unique in appearance thus with Denny Zager signed edition This may very well be worth thousands of dollars in the future. Best regards,
Raymond, Washington

10/02/2011 Mr. Zager I have had your guitar for about a month now. Just to let you know the shipping to my son in Seattle worked great and he brought it to Hawaii in perfect condition. Your guitar is the greatest!!! Thank you with all of my heart. I always hoped I could have a great sounding instrument like the Martin one you modified for me. I am very grateful. Your customer forever,
Alan Kobayashi
Seattle, Washington

09/30/2011 Hi just got my ZAD20SunBurst today and she sounds great. Thanks for the fast and courteous attention. You are a true asset to the industry. Best Regards
Milton Shaw
Monticello, New York

09/29/2011 I wanted to let you know I just received my Zager ZAD-20 today. When I opened the case I got my first look at the guitar. I can say it is truly everything your website said it is and more. I have played and have owned many fine guitars in the past including a Martin D-15, and Ovation Custom Balladeer, an all composite CA guitar an Epiphone Hummingbird, and a Carvin just to name a few, I have owned many more brands but none have sounded like or play as easily as my Zagar. I liked the fact that you also sent along a second set of strings as well as a t-shirt and poster much to my surprise. I can recommend this guitar to anyone thinking of purchasing this guitar, do yourself a favor and do it nothing else will compare for the price you pay for this guitar. You could spend more money and the value or sound will not equal this guitar. I would also like to say the customer service over the phone was fantastic and I can see why the Zagar's have been in business so long, they really do care about there product and the customers they have. I have one example of this, When I received my guitar they sent me the wrong case with this guitar, as I ordered a Martin case and was sent by accident a Zagar case. I called the company and was told they would ship a new case out today, and to keep my old case until the new one arrived. After that I should call them and they would send someone out to pick up the case that was wrong, all of this at their expense I might add. So again let me say this, if your thinking of getting a Zagar just do it! You will not be dissapointed by the Zagar's in anyway, what a fantastic company and family run business, I just wish every guitar manufacturer and business ran as well as yours. Best Regards,
Joseph Wiechert
Cox's Creek, Kentucky

09/26/2011 I love the guitar --- I've been playing like crazy for the first time in 20 years. You guys are cool. Very classy look. I am not interested in an overadorned instrument regardless of the money at stake. The sound, action, finish, etc. is all beyond my expectations. Thanks again,
Timothy Allik
Natick, Massachusetts

09/26/2011 Dennis, I received my ZAD-80CE-OM Acoustic Electric and I just love it. It produces a clean deep tone even with the smaller OM size. It's everything you advertise. A friend who plays high-end hand made guitars was shocked that I bought a guitar "sight unseen." He spent no more than 15 minutes with my guitar before he decided to buy one for his father- "Sight Unseen!" I appreciate the great customer service, and the quality guitar.
Paul Martinez
Albquerque, New Mexico

09/26/2011 Hi Mr. Zager, The new ZAD-80-CE-OM arrived last Friday, right on schedule. This guitar is great. It is just as you describe on your website. Easy to play with less finger movement and pressure needed, yet no buzz despite the very low action unless I push the strings harder than I have a good reason to. The sound and intonation and sustain are very good, and the 80 definitely has a more warm, rounded sound than the 20. Both sound fine, but the 80 is a little more sweet to my ear. best regards, and thank you for a fine guitar. PS: My teacher was favorably impressed by both guitars and was surprised he had never heard of you before!
Yarby Anthony.
Amarillo, Texas

John Murray
Shamong, New Jersey

JAYESS, Mississippi

09/18/2011 Dennis: Got her! She sounds sweet! Don't know what Denny did, but what a HOT sounding instrument. Unfortunately after the lay off I had with my guitar problems, I had to go back to the beginning of the lessons, but am now on lesson three and ready to get serious about this undertaking. Thanks again for your help and support...I am going to hit these lessons HARD, hopefully I will be on my way to a dream I have had for 56 years, of finally learning to play a guitar! You guys ROCK!
Bill Schneible
Fort Collins, Colorado

09/17/2011 Denny, Recieved the ZAD 80 on Friday and I'm absolutely in love with it. Your dedication to fine craftsmanship is appreciated by this music lover. Regards, PS: Thanks for the extra gear!
Michael Malzone
Wayne, New Jersey

09/16/2011 WOW! Great guitar. I got this guitar last week and I must say it really sounds great. No comparison to the acoustics I have owned over the years. I was skeptical as well, but I figured after reading all these good testimonials I might as well try one. This guitar will not let you down. It absolutely looks and sounds beautiful. All I can say is thank you! You guys do great work! Thats enough writing. Im going to go play my guitar! Thanks again.
Dallas Belville
Santa Cruz, California

09/14/2011 I completely love my ZAD-20 the strings are very low and easy to play. Thanks
Shimon Krasner
LAKEWOOD, New Jersey

09/14/2011 Dennis, when you said to expect a package from you, I thought you were talking about strings or something. When I got home this evening, the guitar case you sent me was waiting. I was shocked really. You guys are over the top when it comes to service and customer satisfaction. Thanks! What a beautiful case. I will certainly spread the word about Zager guitars. I was at a rehersal last week with my neighborhood "band" (bunch of old guys sittin around playin 60's music) and everyone loved the Zager guitar. thanks again
Chris Hughes
New York, New York

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