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09/11/2011 Mr. Zager. I'm from small town in India, and here there are no people who can teach me or even help me playing my guitar. Even if I had to buy a guitar I would have to travel 7-8 hours to go to the city nearby. I'm 21 now and i've been struggling with my guitar for about 3-4 years now. I've only used the flat-pick till now and it has always been my dream to "fingerpick", but i've never had a chance before to learn, untill i joined your online library about 1 week ago. Only after lots of thought I joined and I learned my first song "Love Me Tender" in 7 days. I'm so excited and i really feel that God has given me this gift, that I found your website. Leave the option of "MONEY-BACK-GUARENTEE", I will not leave this membership even if i was offered "double my money-back" !!! Really sir, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm attaching my first recording ever !!! I have recorded myself playing "Love Me Tender", (sorry for the noise, I dont have good recording hardware) and i'm also sorry for the 2 pauses that I make in between, I know i have to polish it a little more but i was too excited to get comments on my playing !!! Kindly listen to it and let me know. Eagerly waiting for your reply.Thanks and regds
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Kush Narula
Lincoln, Nebraska

09/08/2011 I bought a ZAD-20 sunburst- love it, it sounds great, it plays great,and it looks great. This is the second guitar i have bought from ZAGER, that is how much i liked the first one. I got one of the ZAGER molded cases this time and it is super nice. A ZAGER is a great guitar for a great price. Get one - you will not regret it. Thanks-
Keith Pfaff
Cedar Hill, Texas

09/06/2011 DENNY Great action, perfect setup,top shelf guitar. Your the best ,THANKS !!!!
BEDFORD, Massachusetts

09/06/2011 Dear Denny, I just had to write you. The recent song PER NOI (For Us) by Andrea Bocelli you put on your website is just beyond words. I have never seen anything played with so much feeling and beauty on a guitar as this (of course the words are beautiful as well). The Beatles may have been jealous a long time ago but Andrea Bocelli should be jealous now. He may have a fantasic voice but the way you make your guitar sing that song with your fingerstyle (language) method almost rivals that.
Olga Hasan
Los Gatos, California

09/06/2011 Hi, Denny, Just wanted to let you know I'm having a blast with my new guitar and your online lessons. I am really amazed and pleased with the speed at which I'm progressing. I spent years learning chords and strumming (b-o-r-i-n-g!) and finally gave up. When I found your website, I believed your promise, and decided to give you and your system a chance. Now, in just a few weeks, I am actually playing complex-sounding songs! Thanks for such a great system. It's a pleasure to play now!
Bonnie Earnhardt
Mebane, North Carolina

09/02/2011 Thanks for your help. Your website is a Godsend.(I recently joined for lessons and today ordered a ZAD-20) and hope to "unlearn" a lot of bad habits (I'm self-taught) and take something I love to do up to a new level of expertise and enjoyment.
Glenn Waterman
Vernon, Connecticut

08/31/2011 To Denny Zager and the Zager Team: The Zager satisfaction equation: When you get a guitar, you want to play it! I remember sitting through lessons for a half hour per week, going home and trying to get through miserable drills and attempting to read music that couldn't be more removed from music that I wanted to play. In retrospect, I'm surprised that I stuck with it as much as I did. The on-line video guitar instruction, the lessons and the notation method is remarkable. When you're attempting to master a song and when you play it something is missing, being able to see and hear (over and over if necessary) Denny's technique and sound is like being to access your teacher anytime of the day or night. Let me be clear, I am no where near the quality of Denny. But if you follow his instruction, take advantage of his attention to detail and his years of experience playing and teaching all contained in the on-line instruction package, you will be amazed at how much you will learn. Also, I current subscribe to another on line guitar instruction method. It's not bad, but I use Zager ten times more. I'm one of those people that will watch a football game with the TV volume low and play my guitar. So, I play (at least I have the guitar in my hands) a lot. I'm at level three after five months, and learning songs that I never believed that I would play. This is good stuff! Thanks,
Charles Wimsatt
Union, Kentucky

08/30/2011 Hi Dennis, I received the guitar and case yesterday. It is a beautiful instrument. I instantly found out why so many guitarists love your EZ-Play system. I wish more people got your guitars when they started playing and enjoying music without the difficult to play F-chord. Rehearsal for upcoming recording session will start this Wednesday. I will introduce your guitar to other musicians and play it for this project. Thank you very much for supporting musicians and me. Best Regards
Hiro Sase
International Recording Artist / Master Guitar Instructor

Hiro Sase
Gardena, California

08/27/2011 Hello Dennis: Your guitars are like our piano, everything has to be perfect. It just goes to show what a quality instrument you produce. Thank you for all the tips and quick responses to everything. The guitar is wonderful and we all enjoy it. Thanks again,
John, Laurie, Katie and Carrie
Portland, Oregon

08/27/2011 Denny, Well...I got my guitar and I absolutely LOVE it! It's beautiful and I'm having such an awesome time learning how to play it. Yes, I'm a novice but I'm dedicated to this instrument and it's been so much fun to play, so far. In addition, the instrument is beautiful! I bought the slightly used model (that was, perhaps once a demo) and it's great. It's just as beautiful as I imagined it would be. Thank you for being so easy to order from over the internet, so quick to respond to the questions I had before I placed an order and so honest. The product I received is so enjoyable and in such great condition. I recommend your products to anyone and the service you provide is superior to those you would find in "off the street" music stores. I'm so glad a friend of mine turned me on to your site. Thanks for such great and quick response, making great products and providing such wonderful information on your website. It's wonderful for someone like me who's just starting out.
Jeff Heusler
San Lorenzo, California

08/27/2011 Thanks so much for your AWESOME customer service and guitars!!!!!
Lisa Hutcheson
Pensacola, Florida

08/24/2011 Hi Dennis, I just received the DR 41 a while ago and everything was in excellent condition. Thank you for all of your expert help and extremely quick response to all of our questions. The gifts enclosed were a nice surprise (cool shirt! -will wear it with pride! - and its fits too! -and, guitar picks to boot! ) Just loved the guitar, its everything its claimed to be! I appreciate your "1st Class Act" Again, thank you very much!
Melinda Santos
Redding, California

08/21/2011 Denny: OK, I give up. Where is it? I know I bought, and just received, a discounted "blemished" ZAD20, and a discounted "blemished" case, but for the life of me I cannot locate a blemish on either one! Yes, I know you web site says. "...Occasionally we have brand new EZ-Play modified guitars that are discounted $20-$120 due to minor cosmetic variations. These variations are so small that in most instances you won't even notice them." But I am buying a guitar and case sight unseen, over a web site, and no one is that honest anymore, . are they? An extra set of strings? A tee shirt, and an autographed pic of Zager and Evans in show business prime? Are you trying to give internet business a credibility boost, or is this the way you treat all of your customers? I am absolutely amazed that you have been in business so long, kept your standards so high in customer service and quality, and chose NOT to jump on the fast train to "Get-Rich-and-Run." You provide a superior product, unbelievable customer service, a down-to-earth presentation, and all for a price that cannot be matched on the internet or in the store. I am thoroughly impressed. I appreciate the several emails that you patiently and quickly answered as I researched your guitars over these several weeks. Once I made my purchase, I could not wait to see if all of the testimonials were true. I received my new guitar, and have only put it down to go to work, or the occasional meal. The sound it produces only compares to the most expensive guitars I have played. The touch to the strings has the lowest action I have ever played. I admit I was skeptical at best. Maybe 16 years of practicing law has done that to me, but I just could not imagine that an internet-based business could turn out to be the "real deal." You have certainly earned my trust and business, and apparently the business of hundreds or thousands of others before me. I wish you the best, and look forward to recommending your guitars and other services to many others along the way. Brad Starkey, Esq. STARKEY & STOLL LTD.

08/19/2011 I can't believe how customer-wonderful you guys are! Un-believable. I knew that there were companies out there like you, I just don't see them very often. You know, I'm so thankful for the way you have responded & helped & patiently answered all my questions. I'm going RIGHT NOW to sign up for the lessons. If they are anything like your service, I'll be playing with Jimmy Buffett soon! Thanks-
Robbie Gravley
Greer, South Carolina

08/18/2011 Dear Dennis, Our EZ-Play Zager ZAD-20 Acoustic Natural - OM is fantastic--lowest action on any acoustic I've ever had, and bright as a bell. Our other guitar is a Takamine Jumbo, and the Zager is far and away easier to play. Do you give bulk discounts? Now my wife and son want one. Yours,
Benjamin Wiker
Hopedale, Ohio

08/17/2011 Hi, I received my guitar yesterday and I am sooooo happy with it. Not only does it look beatiful, sound beautiful, tune easily, it is considerably easier to play than an unmodified guitar. Thank you so much,
P. Willow Citron
Watsonville, California

08/15/2011 Dennis Sr. and Jr.: Well, I have had my 80CE for a couple of months now and have had a chance to really play it some and form a few impressions about the guitar that I wanted to pass along to you. If you remember from our telephone conversations, I was the guy who was severely burned 6 years ago. I had second and third degree burns to both hands and arms along with several skin grafting operations. I spent over a year in rehab learning how to use my hands and fingers again. I thought that my guitar playing days were over for sure. Any real activity using my arms, hands or fingers still causes me lots of pain today due to the scaring and the adhesions. I had tried picking up an old acoustic and a couple of electrics that I had, but was not able to play either because the acoustic require too much pressure to get a good tone or (on the electrics) my fingers were just to scared and stubby to fit in the narrow neck. I cannot remember how I heard of your company, but needless to say I stumbled onto the website and started reading about Dennys ez-play procedure that he performs to the factory built guitars that you sell and thought it sounded like something that I should try as a last-ditch effort. I ordered the ZAD-80CE and started working with it. It does play very easily. The thinner neck and slightly widened string distances seem to allow my fingers to have room to find the strings without too much "bleed-over" and the low string to fret distance makes it very easy to press the strings down to form notes with minimal string "buzz". The tone is a bit thin, but that is to be expected of a cut-away design. I cant wait to try some heavier strings to see if I can fill out the sound a bit without creating more string buzz. The pick-up with electronic tuner seems to work pretty well. The built-in tuner was really why I chose the 80CE over the 80 or the 20 full-body designs. I would urge you to consider adding that option to the 20s and 80s as not everyone will be playing "plugged in" and like to have the fuller sound of a full-body dreadnought. All in all, I can say that I am very pleased with the guitar and can honestly say that I wouldnt be able to play if it was not for the ez-play modifications that have been made. I will keep in touch with the website to see what new options you guys come up with. If I may make a couple of suggestions for the "wish list" they would be the electronic tuner/pick-up in a full body dread; solid would sides and back to go with the beautiful cedar or spruce tops; a split bone saddle for easier tuning and better intonation; and optional tuning key heads for the Grover tuners so the "gold" won't fade.
Jeffery Johnson
Chestertown, Maryland

08/15/2011 I received my Zad 20 today and I am just thrilled with it. It looks and feels much better than it does in the pictures on your website. It is a beautiful looking guitar and the pictures on your website do not do it justice. It has a nice solid feel to it, a beautiful finish, and the sound is terrific. I was stopping by Sam Ash Music on my way to work this week in New York City and trying out the Martin guitars. I was starting to wonder if I had made a mistake buying a guitar sight unseen. I was hoping that it would sound as bright as the Martins did in the store. Well, it does sound as bright or better!!! It has a beautiful ring to it and of course, it is easy to play, just like the ad says!!! I am not exaggerating when I say I am absolutely thrilled. Wow!! So thanks. My advice for the Zager company: 1) charge a little more for these beautiful guitars. 2) Get some new pictures for the ZADs. The Sigma photos are alright but the ZAD's look like the body is smaller than it is in relation to the neck of the guitar. Probably a result of a wide angle lens. Also, the finish looks bad in the pictures. Like someone did a poor varnish job, too glossy. The guitar itself does not look like this at all. It has a beautiful finish and construction. You should have photos that caputre the beauty and quality of the guitar. Good luck!!
Chris Hughes
New York, New York

08/12/2011 Hi Denny, Received the guitar on Tuesday. Great guitar, easy to play and sounds great. Sincerely,
John Danielson
Casper, Wyoming

08/09/2011 Hello guys. I just recieved the zad80 today and it is awesome. It looks like a $3000 guitar, and it plays great!
Adam Horvath
Hyde Park, New York

08/07/2011 Denny- I just wanted to say thanks for a great guitar. I purchased a ZAD20CE from you for my 10 year old son for Christmas. He was totally surprised and excited. He loves the new guitar and is playing it every day. I enclosed a photo of him opening it up and playing it Christmas morning, I got allot of joy in giving him this gift and thought I would share it with you. Jesse Ware JP Ware Design LLC
Jesse Ware
York, Maine

08/07/2011 Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful ZAD-80 I bought myself for christmas.Received it in a timely manner and when i opened the box,well word can not describe what i saw.The guitar was very well packed and free from any damage.The ZAD-80 is a beautiful work of art,and the sound is amazing.I bought it because I have always want to learn to play,but my son ,who is in two different bands plays very good. Well ,after playing my guitar he now want to use it in their next recording session,he said the sound is better than just about anything out there.I will be signing up for lessons very soon,if i can keep it away from him.Again thanks for the amazing work of art and sound that you have created.
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana

08/07/2011 Dear Mr. Zager, My wife got me the ZAD-80 for Christmas. I love it! It looks great and plays like a dream. I've been playing for 23 years and I've played a lot of guitars and this one is as good or better than the best I've had my hands on. I plan on purchasing the ZAD-80CE in the near future. Thanks!
John DeVoy
Victorville, California

08/03/2011 Dear Denny, I have had my new Zager guitar for about 2 weeks and it is amazing! I have never played anything before and even with only 2 weeks I can now say I am playing guitar. Although I have a long way to go, I could not have made this much progress without the Zager E-Z play guitar. It is truly better than any guitar out there (and I tried a lot as I shopped around), especially for the beginner. I signed up for your online lessons and the progress is amazing, even my wife can tell the song I am playing. The style is fun and it really makes my guitar sound great! And it is building the prefect foundation for many years of playing enjoyment! Thanks for designing a guitar that I can enjoy playing! Sincerely,
Chris McDonald
Emmaus, Pennsylvania

08/01/2011 Thank you for your swift and detailed reply. You answered my questions fully and offered good suggestions. Your professionalism shows and I look forward to becoming a Zager student. I have played guitar for over twenty years but have taken only a few lessons and don't have a lot in the way of musical aptitude. However, I love everything about the guitar, it's sound, it's look, it's feel, it's soul. So as a life long student, my only desire is to learn more about the guitar and the revel in the pleasure of playing. See you online!
Gerald Eiden
Winesburg, Ohio

07/31/2011 Purchased a new "Zager" for Chrismas. It is fantastic. I am a novice player, only been playing with guitars foe about 63 years. This is the best of the best in my opinion. It arrived fast and in good order. I am happy.. Hope you guys have a very Happy and Prosperous new year. Love your product and service. Thanks,
Garry Balis
Wichita Falls, Texas

07/28/2011 Boy, you guys are terrific. Thanks so much. The only thing that exceeds your customer service is the quality of your guitars.
Tom Costello
Pearland, Texas

07/28/2011 Hi, Denny, Just wanted to let you know I'm having a blast with my new guitar and your online lessons. I am really amazed and pleased with the speed at which I'm progressing. I spent years learning chords and strumming (b-o-r-i-n-g!) and finally gave up. When I found your website, I believed your promise, and decided to give you and your system a chance. Now, in just a few weeks, I am actually playing complex-sounding songs! Thanks for such a great system. It's a pleasure to play now!
Bonnie Earnhardt
Mebane, North Carolina

07/28/2011 I just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived yesterday in what appeared to be perfect condition. I am a novice so I may have overlooked something but as I say it appeared to be undamaged. I thank you for the fast delivery I have signed up for the six month online lessons. I am older (45) and attempting to re-learn the instrument. It has been over 25 years since I picked one up. I will let you know within a month or two as to the progress, success or difficulilty I am having with the lessons. I will say that to my eye the guitar appears to be a fine instrument. I have been in the presence of very expensive guitars and I think I would have difficulity telling the difference. The finish is appears perfect and the detail such as the inlay is very nice. Thank you for your efforts so far.
Robert Whitney
Goshen, Indiana

07/25/2011 I ordered the Martin Acoustic guitar for my daughter for Christmas. She's an athlete and seldom shows emotion, we joke and say "she's such a jock". She opened the box and caught her breath and said she wanted to cry. She's loves the guitar and says it's so easy to play. She keeps telling me she wishes her dad and I played guitar so that we could understand just how awesome it is. Thank you for your quick delivery of a guitar that makes a 15-yr-old girl an extremely happy guitar player.
Cristi Lynn Gissell
Austin, Texas

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