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06/04/2011 Wow ! Fast delivery, arrived flawless & even in tune. You guys do a very excellent job ! Guitar is a dream... big sound, nice fingerboard and a wonderful method of the Zager easy-play set-up. We have a Fender acoustic – its going in the closet now. Thanks again & Merry Christmas to the staff !!! I will pass the work on about you good people.
John O.
West Linn, Oregon

06/02/2011 hi. just a note to say thanks for a great guitar (zag 20 sunburst) it's a delight to play and to look at ,believe me ,i have had some of the best back in the 60's and those suckers would leave your fingers numb after a while so i quit playing now i'am playing again which is great although i forgot most of the songs, but_________! i signed up for your lessons and they for the most part are all there. thanks denny for everything.
Jerry Brockway
Winnetka, California

06/01/2011 Denny, I was hesitant at first with the new guitar, but she has a beautiful voice equal to or better than the last, and it had a fantastic voice. Your advertisements don't really do the guitar justice - How do you describe almost angelic sound anyway ? I am planning on getting my wife the 3/4 size sometime after the new year. She loves that action on mine but hates having to reach over the body to play it. Thank you for everything, Merry Christmas,
Kenneth Geiger
Salem, Oregon

05/29/2011 Hi, Folks, Received my guitar today, and I must say I am totally blown away how this baby plays. I own at least a dozen guitars, Martins, Takamines,and Yairi's and Ovations, All high end guitars. This ZAGER stands with them all as far as beauty .. tone.. and action. At a fraction of the price. Mr. Zager you certainly know your craft. I am sold on Zager guitars, I will be adding more to my collection. Keep up the fantastic work. YOU DO MAKE A GREAT GUITAR Regards
Frank Kaminski
Garden City, Michigan

05/29/2011 Denny: I've had my ZAD80 for about three weeks. I am not into long testimonials but, It would take a large squad of Marines to pry this guitar out of my hands. I love it. Thanks
Ron Gallop
Orlando, Florida

05/29/2011 Dear Denny, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my new guitar. My guitar arrived last week and I have been playing every day. I am a complete beginner, I had been borrowing a guitar for the last few months and decided that it was time to make a purchase. Your guitar not only sounds better than the borrowed one, but the ease of play and finger fatigue are just as promised. I look forward to playing every night. Thanks, Have a happy holiday
Josh Oliva

05/26/2011 Hi, I got my ZAD 80 last week and just want you to know I love it, and thanks for the stand. I've only had one guitar in my life, a Cortley my dad gave me back in the seventies for Christmas. I know nothing about guitars at all and just chord and sing but I do know this is a lot easier to play than the Cortley. Played around for a couple of hours tonight and never thought of my fingers once. You will never get this guitar back from me. Sounds wonderful to me and plays wonderful and looks great, glad I came across you on the internet!
Dallas, Texas

05/23/2011 hi dennis, guess what? the guitar arrived today. i could not believe it, they told me friday at the earliest. you will be glad to hear the guitar is in one piece and looking stunning, i had a quick shot of it & it sounds superb please thank your father for the brilliant setup. i must also thankyou for the lovely presents they are very much appreciated, i feel i should be sending you something for all the trouble i've put you through. I am going to enroll in dennis snr online guitar lessons (no excuses now for poor playing) so once again i would like to thankyou for all your efforts to make one of your customers very very happy and i hope you, dennis snr & the rest of your staff have great christmas as i will now, all the best,
Michael Wilson
Billings, Montana

05/21/2011 Dennis, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, but business has had me on the road quite a bit. The guitar arrived in two days after it was picked up and in great shape. I couldn't be more pleased. This is my first guitar and while I can't really compare it to others, or tell you it's going to be the only thing I ever play on stage, I can say that I am very pleased with its quality and appearance. I was somewhat concerned that it might have some type of blemish or something, but it didn't and looks great! When I compare this against the guitars in the local shops, I know I picked up a real bargain. My instructor is impressed as well - he had thought I was nuts ordering from an unfamiliar brand on the "net." I'm looking forward to playing this for years to come. Best regards,
Andrew Sorenson
Kodiak, Alaska

05/20/2011 Hello Dennis: I just wanted you to know that I truly love my Guitar. It does play so nice and easy. I love how it sounds and find it hard to leave it alone. Thank you for advertising a product that is exactly as described. What a wonderful instrument! Best Regards,
Todd Rogers
Phoenix, Arizona

05/19/2011 I am a beginner, i started playing about 3 months ago. I had a cheap guitar from a pawn shop. My fingers hurt while playing for any time over 15 minutes. So I began looking for new guitar, after reading tons of feedback about how great your guitar was, I was convinced so Wednesday before Thanksgiving I ordered your guitar. I was very impressed with customer service over the phone and by email. I finally received my guitar and began to practice. I was impressed with the ease of playing and the case i ordered. I could really play longer and i continue to practice with it and my fingers are not as numb as they had been playing the cheap guitar. The only weird thing was the crazy shirt of some pot smoker, but it was free so whatever. God Bless
Mark Alexander
Shelby, Alabama

05/17/2011 dennis Just thought you'd like to know that my 80CE was waiting for me when I arrived at the Astor On The Park hotel in New York. arrived safely. The guitar is a delight (unlike the hotel we stayed in). Have had little chance to put it through its paces but now I am back in UK will let you know. Thanks a lot. You'll no doubt be hearing again from me. Regards
Keith Tatham
Bishop, California

05/17/2011 Hi Dennis,'s like Christmas came early at my house. Thank you. The guitar arrived this evening, but I almost didn't recognize it. It was inside a new Zager case, there was a new guitar stand, the coolest little capo I've ever seen, and other extras that I didn't deserve or expect. I sincerely hope you didn't include those goodies because the guitar got detoured by UPS and arrived late, because I told you that was no problem at all. I know I'm gushing again, but I'm simply blown away by your company. You guys were already tops in my book. Thank you. By the way, the rework on the guitar was beautiful. It plays like a dream! You know how the saying goes, don't look a gift horse in the mouth?" Sorry, but I'm curious about the little electronic device in the case. I'm pretty sure it's a humidity monitor, but I don't know how it works. Zager rocks, and I mean that on every level, from the bottom of my heart.
Rick Barnhart
Casa Grande, Arizona

05/14/2011 Thank you so much for sending this case. It's perfect. I have so enjoyed the guitar, such a quality instrument. Thank you for your kind customer service and quick shipping too. I will hopefully sign up for the online lessons soon. Thank you, I'm a very satisfied customer.
Alicia Havens
Mesa, Arizona

05/11/2011 I received my guitar today and just wanted to say thank you. I had signed up for your on-line lessons recently and have been wearing my fingers out on my other guitar trying to learn Love Me Tender. I decided to order your guitar and I wish I had it sooner. I discovered Zager Guitar while hunting around e-bay and the 'no more sore fingers' caught my attention. I ordered it late Friday night and received it on Thursday in great shape and ready to play. As a raw beginner, I won't call it magic but it is definitely much easier to play. The string height and spacing allows me to make the notes sound clear and the tone is great. One of my biggest tasks is to learn that I don't have to press so hard on the fret board. It is a beautiful instrument and now I have a great tool to work with. The rest is up to me. My son loves it too. I am afraid I might have to share it. Thanks very much and I'll be one constantly logged on to your web site trying to learn as much as I can. Yours truly in tune,
Dale Tillis
St. Petersburg, Florida

05/09/2011 Dennis , I wanted you to know I received my new guitar yesterday . I was very impressed with it's beauty and sound , not to mention the ease of playing . As a retired aircraft mechanic , I have arthritis due to broken and jammed fingures over the past 35 years . Your " EZ Play String Science" has made it possible to keep on playing or in my case , make a lot of noise . My only wish is to be able to play well enough to complement the beauty and sound of this wonderful guitar . Thanks again.
Allen Buchholz
Springfield, Illinois

Ruth Foley
Lockport, New York

05/09/2011 Hi Denny, Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality and sound and my new Zager guitar. I have also signed up for the lessons which by the way is a great deal for anyone who has the desire to learn to play the right way! After two weeks I am pretty close to playing Love Me Tender all the way through. It has been some work but also a real pleasure to know the progress that I have made- I trust my wife's feedback. I wish that these resources were available to me as a teenager my guitar playing would have been so much more fun. Even though I am 55, your approach to guitar playing has me excited about playing all over again. Your prices are very reasonable and a wonderful value for anyone interested about playing guitar. Keep it coming! Best Wishes for a Great Holiday Season!
Gary Word
Lone Grove, Oklahoma

05/05/2011 Dear Denny, My husband surprised me a year ago with a Christmas gift of an E-Z Play Martin DM-1 Acoustic. This came about as a result of my trying, in vain, to play his acoustic/electric and quickly losing interest. I had no problem memorizing chords and putting a song together, but I could barely get my petite hand around the neck, nor could I muster enough hand strength to lay down a bar chord properly. I wound up "faking" my way through several chords, only to develop painful blisters on my fingers that later calloused over. My husband said that was a normal consequence of playing guitar, but I found that if I didn't keep playing, the callouses would disappear and I'd have to go through painful blisters all over again. Needless to say, as much as I liked the idea of playing the guitar, I wondered how people would want to even do this for a living. My husband said a Martin guitar might be easier for me to play so I did research on them on the Internet and found out about E-Z play guitars by accident. I asked my husband about them but he had never heard about the Zager method, so I didn't know if one of these guitars would actually work for me. Eventually, I stopped playing altogether until my husband decided to look into these guitars himself and chose one for me. I have to say, I have never been happier. My parents had no idea I had any interest in guitar. After years of childhood piano lessons, I found that learning the guitar wasn't too difficult and with an E-Z play guitar on my lap I had no problem making proper chords, even bar chords. The best part is that even after playing my guitar for hours at a time, I have never ever developed a finger blister or a callous. After my husband started tooling around on it, he barely played his own guitar either. He loves the action on my guitar plus the tone from the guitar sounds so much better than he's ever heard on any of his former guitars. When Hurricane Katrina hit (we live just northeast of New Orleans), we only had space in our car for one of the guitars. Of course, we chose the E-Z play to take with us when we evacuated. We didn't figure on our house getting seven feet of water but as a result of the storm surge, my husband lost his guitar. Now I have to sneak my own guitar away to be able to play. Today, I decided to return my husband the favor and after reading some of your magazine reviews, I chose a black Zager ZAD-20 for his Christmas gift. I think he will be absolutely thrilled and I will finally get my guitar back. Thank you, Denny, for making guitar playing enjoyable for a novice like me, and an experienced player like my husband. I am grateful for being able to see how wonderful an instrument the guitar is. Music has been such a comfort to us as we try to rebuild our lives now that we're back in our hometown. We play so often now that our oldest daughter now wants to learn, so I'm sure that eventually we will be supplying the rest of our growing family with Zager guitars in the future. Sincerely,
Naimi McAndrew
Slidell, Louisiana

05/03/2011 Got my ZAD-20 Sunburst this week. It is goregeous and plays like a dream. Thanks for being all you claimed it would be.
Thomas Bastable
Wheeling, Illinois

05/02/2011 Hey there Denny - I've been using your online program for about six weeks now and I'm finally learning to use some discipline in my approach to the guitar. I have three Stratocasters, a Les Paul and an amplifier the size of a refrigerator, and I've spent the greater part of 34 years trying to emulate the well-known power rockers with a moderate degree of success. I also have a Martin D-1 that I bought five years ago which has been almost totally neglected. Truth to tell, the guitar has been as much a source of frustration for me as it has pleasure since 1971 when I started playing at the age of eighteen. I guess one could say without fear of contradiction that I have always tried to compensate for my musical shortcomings with brute force and ignorance. That is not pretty, but there it is. When it's just me, the acoustic guitar and your system alone in a quiet house, there are no watts to hide behind; no drunken throng to make me feel like I am a great guitarist when I know better. Every incorrectly executed note is right there to buzz, rattle or thud right in my face as if it had been routed through a thousand Marshall stacks. I tried for years to build on a shaky foundation and I am very grateful for the night I stumbled onto your web site. I can honestly say that the concept of music is now tugging at my heart in a way that it never did before. Thank you, sir. That Martin is one beautiful instrument. Sincerely,
William Hubbard
Ridgeland, Mississippi

04/29/2011 Hi Denny, got my guitar today. what a surprise, the fit and finish are like a $3,000 guitar and it also plays as good as if not better than anything I have played before and at 55 years old I have played lots!!!Thanks again and I don't know how you do it for the price. Put me down as a 100% satisfied customer. Keith in Canada.
Keith Sutton
Lansing, Michigan

04/29/2011 I may be a novice, but the only reason I'm still playing guitar is because of your company. I find that it's harder and harder to be a small business owner these days with big corporations and rich investors trying to muscle in on everyone's territory. Thankfully, there are still customers out there like me who are choosy about where they spend their money and look for quality and service over cheap prices and products that break down in a month. Plus, I enjoy giving repeat business to the right folks. I will never forget how my husband raved about your company's service as I was unwrapping my guitar. Believe me, it takes a lot to get him excited about anything, and he passes on good words, to this day, about Zager Guitars to anyone who will listen. Thanks again for making guitar playing fun! Sincerely,
Naimi McAndrew
Slidell, Louisiana

04/29/2011 It's been a couple months now since I got my 80 from you and I just wanted to write back and say thank you once again. The more I play it the more I like it. Your guitar has made it so easy to play, that I am now playing things I had been trying to get down for months before I got your guitar. I still every once in a while go back to my old Ibanez when I don't have yours with me, and there is such a huge difference it's amazing. I can't play nearly as long, and some of the chord structures and notes don't come as easy. I'm now because of your guitar looking to start up a band, and should that happen and we start getting gigs I'll be back to order either the 20 or 80ce. Thanks again.
David Homel
North Oaks, Minnesota

04/26/2011 My Zagar arrived a few days ago. She's beautiful! Your craftmanship is supreme, and then there's that extra something that is the reflection of true caring -- the art of it all. Thank you, All the Best, Jim
James Jacobs
Valerve, New Mexico

04/23/2011 This guitar sounds unbelievable and is so easy to play. After receiving the guitar, I went to the store to compare and picked up $1000 guitar. I felt like I was playing a guitar from Walmart compared to the Zager guitar. I can't rave enough about it, you just have to play it to believe it! Thank you for making such an awesome product!
Keith Pfaff
Cedar Hill, Texas

04/21/2011 HI there, I just wanted to say thanks again for the guitars. I bought a second one after my daughter took my first one. She now plays it all the time with her friends alone and at church. It is amazing how a guitar even though it is an inatimate instrument it can also become a friend.
Tom Strassle
Toms River, New Jersey

04/20/2011 Dear Denny, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Got my Zager ZAD20 this morning. This IS what I wanted! The tone is incredible (and is incredibly brighter and fuller than the Martin, you were dead on!) and it's beautiful! The sounds coming from this are amazing. I went to a guitar shop this weekend, and this reminds me so much more of the $3000-$4000 Martins, than the Takemine and Ibanez guitars in this range. Been playing all morning. I love it. Thank you and thanks for the great service.
James M Andry MD
Bloomington, Indiana

04/19/2011 I gave my daughter the ZAD15 last night and she was thrilled. My oldest daughter has been showing her some chords recently on an Old early 70's Guild D 40 I gave her a few years back when I began showing her (my oldest) how to play, so my youngest knew some basic finger positions. Her 1st chord on this guitar was a C which she made and strummed and it sounded nice. She really liked the fact that she could hold the guitar and press so easily compared to the old warhorse Guild I think the size of this guitar, coupled with low action and extra light strings will help her in her desire to learn. I am pleased and she is thrilled.
Dennis Widdows
Chicago, Illinois

04/17/2011 There's really not enough that I can say about the ZAD-80 that I just received today. It's awesome in every way! I was a Sales manager for Guitar Center in Chicago and Detroit, I've owned very high end acoustics of virtually every make, and would've been very hard pressed to find much more than a 25 year old Martin that really would compare. I don't know how you guys do it, but it's for real. Being that I had a broken thumb a few years back, it made playing virtually any acoustic hard to play for any length of time, and then the answer came in this instrument. Thanks so much for what you and Denny are doing!!! I could go on for a long time about the whole package that Zager Guitars gives a customer, but I just have to say try one, and you will not be disappointed!!!
Alan Miller
Baltic, Connecticut

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