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02/28/2011 Still loving my Zager Zad80. What a beautiful instrument. I was in Dallas this week-end, played my son's Zad 20. It is great also, but would not trade mine for anything. Thanks again for a great experience.....
Floyd Shatto
Tulsa, Oklahoma

02/28/2011 Hi Denny, Well I have had my Zad20ce for about two weeks now. Been playing itevery day to really give it test before writing you. Conclusion- I love it. Just as you claim,a very easy player. I have several guitars, myfavorite has been my early 60's Gibson Southern Jumbo. I needed anotheracoustic that I wasn't worried about traveling with(I hated to risk losingor damaging my Gibson). I thought The Zad20 would fit my needs. Boy did itever! While I wouldn't say it quite has the tone or volume of my Gibson Iwill say it plays easier for sure.I am certainly not saying the Zager has abad tone. It sounds great and will get even better with age. The more I playthe Zager the better I like it. For the price I didn't expect a lot but Isure got way more than I expected. I have seen a lot of people over the years enthusiastically start tolearn guitar but give it up because of not being able to handle the sorefingers or the poor sounds they were creating on a hard playing cheapguitar. This no longer needs to happen with the EZ- play system. I willhighly recommend your set up and guitars to everyone I talk with in thefuture.Thanks for a great product!
Daniel Carrico
Jerome, Idaho

02/25/2011 Dear Dennis, I want to let you know how much we appreciate your generosity. My son received the guitar and case along with the t-shirt and other "goodies" you all sent. He loves the guitar - everything is perfect. As things return to normal, we hope to do future business with your company. Thanks again!
Steve & Brent Herrington
LACOMBE, Louisiana

02/22/2011 Hi Dennis,I ordered the Acoustic Electric from you for my son's birthday. He's primarily a jazz player and owns a beautiful $1200 Heritage semi hollow. Recently, though, he has studied Fingerstyle a la Tommy Emmanuel. After I found out Tommy's guitar was $2700, I started looking for a good a/e as his gift in a price I could afford. We went out to the local guitar shop and he played Ovations, Seagulls, Takamines, and Fenders.Then, I found your website. The reviews and testimonials were great, and the money back guarantee alleviated any concerns he might not be happy. The guitar arrived in time for the party (thanks to your speedy shipping). It got passed around to his guitar playing friends, as they all swapped guitars that night. After his buddies left, he told me he thought his guitar sounded and played way better than theirs. And they had guitars that cost from $200-1000!!! When he noticed some slight imperfections, you were great about offering an exchange or adjustment. But I don't think he would have let it leave.....not even for a quick exchange. When he plays "Barsolino" or "Green Thumb" the sound is great. Really crisp highs and mellow lows, great volume. As this guitar ages, it will sound even better. Thanks so much for all the help and advice.
Linda Berland
Albany, California

02/20/2011 DZJ: What a patient and helpful person you are! Great company! I am now able to access the lessons. You guys have it right up there--- why not come do a Zager-Nashville branch??? There is no competition for your level of service and product (not quality guitars in your price range)-- Get a bluegrass pro to work with Denny to do some string science for bluegrass mandolins and banjos! ...and besides, It's a lot warmer in TN! I will be spreading the word for "Zager" everything! Thanks again.
Gail McClain-Comeaux
CORRYTON, Tennessee

02/19/2011 Hi Folks, I'd like to let you know that I received my new Zager ZAD-80 precisely on time. It is BEAUTIFUL !! The fit and finish is excellent. It more than met my expectations ..... and most importantly the mellow tone of this cedar topped model is just what I wanted. Now it's only up to me to make full use of Denny's on-line lessons to learn how to make good use of it. Many Thanks
W George Meredith
Mount Vernon, Oregon

02/18/2011 Hi Denny,I ordered my ZAD-20 a few weeks ago and wanted to take a minute to letyou know how much I love it. I'm the typical wannabe guitar-picker youread about in your promotional material - started with a really cheapguitar over 25 years ago and never really got past the pain of playingon a poorly set up instrument. Even though I bought a Martin DM forChristmas last year, I still never spent the time practicing because ithurt to play for more than 15 minutes at a time. I saw your guitarsfirst on eBay and went to your website to learn more about you and thecompany. I was impressed with your 100% money back guarantee andthought it was worth trying. I'm more impressed though with the qualityof your products (both the ZAD-20 and the online instructions). I'mtelling everyone I know about Zager guitars! Thanks again and wishingyou continued success.
Phillip Boyd
Ashburn, Virginia

02/16/2011 I received my guitar today and just wanted to say Thank You! It is a very rare thing to get more then your monies worth, nevertheless that is just what you guys did. This is truly everything I hoped it would be and then some. The extras were a nice touch as well. Like I said it is hard to find a business that still has customer service and some old fashion quality values. Keep this up and your company will do nothing but grow. Let me know when your stock goes public, lol
Attilio DePompa

02/16/2011 Denny,All I can say is WOW!!! I opened up the box and the first thing I saw was a guitar case that resembled a vault. But I nearly hit the floor when I opened the case to see my new ZAD-80CE. It's truly a piece of art. It sounds incredible and is very easy to play. I played my Martin Sigma DR-1STCE to compare the two guitars and I realized quickly I was comparing apples to oranges. A huge difference, that goes beyond the price difference. I will definitely be purchasing the ZAD-20 in black from you guys. Thanks for the great service and a great product.
Mitch Leopard
Dalton, Georgia

02/13/2011 Hello Mr. Zager, Thank-you for sharing your love for guitar. I have finally found, after over 30 yrs, a system that will teach me how to play like I have always wanted. I cant believe that real music is coming out of my fingers. Thanks for listening, and especially for your wonderful system that really teaches music. Sincerely,
Phillip Root
Springfield, Oregon

02/10/2011 I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying playing the guitar(ZAD-20CE) you sent. It was exactly what I was looking for after playing aFender Strat for 20 years. My biggest concern with most acoustics is thatthe action between the string and the neck is so severe that if you are usedto playing electrics, acoustics are painful especially for bar chords andlicks. Every time I thought I found an acoustic I would like, I wasdisappointed after playing it for a couple of hours. It didn't matter if itcost $3000 or $1000. After a whole lot of research, I knew I wanted anacoustic with an action of an electric (thin neck, close action, solid toneand no string rattle). What impressed me most about the Zager products wasthe warranty and that Denny Sr. seemed to be doing the right things to theguitars to make them play and sound better.It takes a bit of faith to buy a guitar sight unseen regardless of thewarranty. The streaming videos really helped convince me that setting aguitar up correctly makes all the difference. After trading messages withDenny Jr. over the similar Martin/Sigma model, I settled on the ZAD-20CE.It was a great choice.Thanks,
John Devolites
Oakton, Virginia

02/08/2011 Hi Dennis,Thanks for all your assistance with the ZAD80 and with the dogged persistence with UPS. When you realized it was going the wrong way and turned it around, you could have just redirected it to me but instead you had it brought back to your place for inspection before expediting it out to me. It arrived in fine shape and in perfect tune. I am thrilled with the rich sound and every string rings beautifully. The setup is flawless. The action and fretability is unlike anything I've ever played. It's hard to imagine what this thing will sound like as the years go by. I also enjoy playing the 3/4 size Zager ZAD15. Every string on that thing growls with life. I probably won't get to jam with the buddies this weekend but as soon as I do, I will let you know their response to hearing the 80. I've been telling them how sweet it is and they're chomping to give it a gander. I would definitely purchase another guitar from Zager. You all really shine as craftsmen as well as business operators. My emails before and after the sale were always answered in a timely and informative manner. Feel free to use this email any way you wish.
Larry Fisher
Roanoke, Virginia

02/08/2011 Denny,I'm closer to a beginner probably than most of your purchasers. I own the "$100 dollar special" and a $1,300 guitar too. The $100 guitars are that price for a reason and they serve their purpose. I learned early in life that getting quality products pays dividends later on. I was skeptical reading that your guitars were easier to play but your return policy was so good that I had nothing to loose. My $1,300 guitar sounds wonderful but has a buzz that annoys me and the experts haven't solved that yet. It was time for a Zager guitar. Well, I was surprised at the quality of my ZAD 80-CE. First, it is beautiful. More important, it has a rich sound that anyone would love. It sounds as good if not better than my guitar that costs twice as much. That guitar will be on EBAY some day soon. The playability of the ZAGER brand is so much nicer, easier and less-fatiguing than my current guitar. What I find is that practicing is more of a pleasure and I'm less prone to put it down so soon because my fingers can keep going. I'll grow together with this new ZAD 80-CE. Think of this - quality of craftsmanship, wonderful-rich sound, excellent playability at a price much lower than higher priced guitars.... what more can I ask for? I had someone play it who is more experienced than I am. Quote: "the easiest playing guitar I ever played". Denny - it's a keeper. Let me also say that the case I got is solid as a rock. My instrument will be well protected over the years. Awesome. By the way, you spent considerable time with emails helping me make a sound decision. I got service I don't get in the stores. Your responses were always returned quickly and detailed. You also went far beyond the call of duty giving me much more than what I paid for which you certainly did not need to do. I won't detail what you did but for anyone reading this, you will not get better service in the local guitar store. --> Take that to the bank. Have you been to the store, waited 15 minutes for a salesperson to become available, only to get some kid who does not know the products and rushes along because someone else is waiting for him also? The advice you need is now waiting on another customer. You come back a week later and it's the same story? Save the gas $ and the frustration - it's crazy. The Zagers will give sound information, help fit you to your guitar and give the service you always wanted - but never had before. Heck, with their return policy, you absolutely can't go wrong. I can't imagine anyone returning one of these beauties but you do have solid peace of mind.Now, I need to think of buying a second guitar as a gift. Thanks so much.
Raymond Huk
Granby, Connecticut

02/08/2011 Denny, I have had my new ZAD80-CE for almost two weeks now and am really happy with it. I have let several of my friends check it out and its the same story with each of them, super easy to play and excellent sound. I love the way I can play so much longer without the sore fingers. I'm not a finger picker or a lead picker so speed is not a factor. The built in tuner is also a big plus. The only thing I would like better would have been to eliminate the cut-a-way but have the electronics. I look forward to many years of enjoyable playing and wish you the greatest success with your company.
Jim Krazinski
Boston, Massachusetts

02/04/2011 Denny, Such a wonderful realization for me,, When I received my ZAD-20CE I thought, "well the action is about the same as my '68 Guild, but I'll play it end and compare the sound in a week. After a couple of nights of playing 3 to 4 hours and still wanting to play but having to go to bed for work the next day" I realized that this guitar IS less work to play, and the sound is good and getting better as I play in the new guitar. I have been playing guitar since the late 60's and have owned three Martins2- D28's and a D18, a '64 Gibson Humming Bird, 6 and a 12 sting Ovations, a '68 jumbo Guild and others. I can't tell you how often I have kicked myself for getting rid of some of those guitars. BUT!!! Thank you Denny for making a great guitar that I can afford. Never heard of a ZAGER Guitar before last month, until I stumbled across the site shopping for another Martin or Seagull Artist on EBay. Well I am so very happy that I did. AND you have great service, truly interested in me being satisfied with my guitar.
Gary Burns
Houston, Texas

02/02/2011 Hi, Dennis ~I wanted to let you know that 2nd (replacement) guitar was delivered thisafternoon....and it is PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT!!!! In addition to beingabsolutely was even still in perfect tune! I did not plug itinto my amp to check the electronics....but I am not the least bit concernedabout that because I know they will be perfect, too.I wish I had time to write more......and I will......but have to get thingsorganized and head for church to set up for Choir practice shortly.You are the "BEST" of the BEST.......and my Zager guitar is the BEST guitarI have ever played! I played the 1st guitar enough in the interim that Iwas beginning to feel real guilty about sending it back. (I was extremelycareful....and even wiped down the strings every time I put my fingers onthem.) I know that had I not contacted you about my concerns with it, by nowI would be keeping it, because I fell in love with the sound andplayability. The cracked brace, though, continues to be a concern.....andnow with the 2nd one, I don't have ANY concerns whatsoever. It truly islike having a $3000 guitar in my hands. The sound and ease of play isEVERYTHING you said it would be....and more. And I also got to experience,firsthand, the integrity of your words, too. God Bless you and your Dad!My Thanks and Praise to you and your Dad......for the integrity of yourwords....and for the finest guitar I have ever played in my life!Sincerely,
Dan Seitz
Shelby, Ohio

02/01/2011 I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I love my new guitar. I have only been playing the guitar for a year, and was finding it very difficult to perform barre chords. Not only has my new zager guitar made this a much easier task, I have since shown my friends who have been instructing me and they themselves agree that if they had one of your guitars when they were first learning it would of made enjoying the guitar that much more pleasurable. Again, Denny I would to thank you very much for taking the time to produce such a great guitar.
Robert Kassis
Elk Grove, California

01/29/2011 Super impressed with your work and your product.. I have never held such an easy to fret guitar.. My son bought one and said dad you have got to feel this.. We are both in the early learning stages.. My son is 21 and more advanced than I. I tried to learn 30 years ago but was defeated by a poor guitar, no lessons and poor disposable income. I am trying to learn guitar again with my son and know I am going to own one of you wonderful creations. I also have found you site very informative.. My son tells me online lessons are available.. I will explore this with you when I am ready to make a purchase. I wish you had been around in 1966... best of luck ...
Steve Davis
Dallas, Texas

01/29/2011 Dennis - Wow - thats some neat stuff. I played for two hours and my fingers feel like I got done practicing with my Charvel Jackson strat.. Please tell Denny his work is fantastic, no buzzing, and the resonation sounds great.Also - thanks for supplying the second set of strings ... not sure if my local guitar shop carries that specific make of acoustic string, and I am somewhat hesitant to put another set of Martin strings on the guitar without asking your recommendation - as the action is perfect. If they don't carry that exact set, is there a certain online site I can order the exact strings from - or will a similar guage (in Martin) be OK to use.I will be sure to leave you positive feedback on eBay... and in a few years (when my now 10 year old is ready to play versus make noise with the guitar), I'll be ordering another one of your customs.Sincerely
Vince Moretta
Dover, New Jersey

01/29/2011 Thank you for helping me play guitar the easy way. I could not play a lick till I took your lessons! Now I play solo under a wrong suffered christan rock, I owe it all 2 u!! I have new cd out soon! Thank You, & God Bless!!Your Student,
Tony Jinngy
San Jose, California

01/26/2011 Hello again guys! Thanks for the new strings and pegs! I cannot get over what amazing businessmen you are! From start to a year and half later, between getting the guitar initially, to actually having UPS pick it up when the electric part of the acoustic stopped working and sending me a new one completely free of charge, it's so amazing to think you care so much about me, a lone customer. I have no idea how you got my college address, but hey, what a great way to check up on me. I can without a doubt say you are the most customer friendly sellers I have dealt with in any form, any where. Wow. That's all I can say.
Alex Coulombe
Syracuse, New York

01/23/2011 Denny and Denny Jr.I promised I'd drop you a line after I had shown my new ZAD 20 to my brother. He has owned 2 Ovation Legends since 1975. I told him he was about to be introduced to the easiest playing guitar being made. He said when he bought his legends that they were suppose to be the easiest. He said he'd heard of Zager Guitars but never seen one. He was really suprised by the tone and the ease of playing. When I told him what I paid for it he was even more surprised. He looked it over pretty close and commented on the slim neck design and how easy wrap around chords were. He thought the workmanship was Excellent.Once again, thanks for a great guitar.Still Loving my Zager!
Terry Booth
New Baden, Illinois

01/21/2011 To the Zager Guitar crew :My ZAD20 Acoustic Black arrived yesterday, and I have to say it is a beautiful musical instrument.I have played guitar for over 40 years, and have owned a bunch of different brands, both acoustic and electric. The ZAD20 blows me away with the harmonics, and sustain. The high end is extremely crisp. Being self-employed, the biggest problem I have now is putting the ZAD20 down, and doing my work that needs to be done.Thanks Denny, and Denny Jr. for a great guitar!
Ron Zahller
Yuma, Colorado

01/20/2011 Hi Zagers,Want to tell you that even with your 100% money back guarantee I had a case of buyer remorse when the ZAD 80 arrived. Spending that on a guitar may not be much to some but it is to me. Well after opening the box and playing the guitar I ran down to the local music store and played every instrument in the same price range. I'm sure you know but NONE of them came even close to the Zager. The trip to the store proved to me my purchase was a great buy so I'm better now. I've never written a letter like this before but I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the guitar.Thanks,
James Kasel
Seville, Ohio

01/19/2011 Hi Dennis,The Zager ZAD15 arrived this afternoon in great shape. I've heard maybe a handful of baby sized guitars before but never expected such a full tone as this one. The wee ones can hold it just fine and it's really easy to fret. I can't thank you enough for sending it out to us. Please be sure to let everyone there know how appreciative we are.Take care,
Larry Fisher
Roanoke, Virginia

01/17/2011 Hello Denny Jr. and Senior,Well, wanted to hang back a little before I let you know what I thought about my Zager ZAD 80-CE and the buying process I experienced. First, I want to thank Dennis Zager Jr. for his quick response to several email questions I had. I am 52 years old and started playing guitar in my late teens. After a long layoff, the time and desire seemed to cross paths, and about a year and a half ago I started playing and practicing again pretty much everyday with a Les Paul and later, an acoustic electric I bought secondhand. As I started getting back into it again, I definitely wanted to get a better acoustic or acoustic electric. Being a product of the seventies, I still remember sitting around and playing with my friends on some Martin's or Gibson's and appreciating the great sound, tone and harmonics on these guitars.I came close to pressing the order button on some half price Martins on a large well known Musician's ecommerce site. But if I was going to shell out 800 or 900 dollars for a guitar promised to retail for twice that, I thought I would do some more research, and as many others did, ran into Zager Guitar on eBay, seeing if I could get a good deal on a used Martin.The more I read about Zager, the more I liked. I saw all the testimonials and the videos and pictures. It seemed a lot of Zager fans were very satisfied to the point of being almost evangelical about their Zager guitars-kind of like I act about my Mac computer! Dennis Zager Jr. got me to consider getting a Zager over a Martin Sigma, and I figured that they would work extra hard on developing a guitar that had their name on it. Guess I was right. I order a ZAD 80CE and a Zager case-figured I ain't going to put a Zager in a Martin case. I figured that worst case scenario I could always get my money back if I didn't like it, and I also noticed something interesting, I never saw any used Zager's on ebay-only new ones through Zager.My Zad 80CE arrived about a week ago now. I was impressed with the intonation looks and playability. I had both my Les Paul and Acoustic Electric set up by a luthier friend of mine who is also a professional musician for low action, but the action I have on the Zad 80CE is so, so much better. It is not hype ladies and gentlemen. Its the lowest action I ever played with no fret buzz whatsoever. The finish on the guitar is impeccable. The abalone inlays are beautiful. I have to admit almost too beautiful for a while, with the inlays around the edges, but sure enough, all that extra abalone grew on me, and I wouldn't have it any other way now. The neck play and fret action is superb, and I love the wider spacing on the strings. After allowing that it was new and I was stretching the strings with bends etc., it stays in tune great. The Fishman electronics and tuner are great! Played it through both my Fender and Behringer modeling amp and it sounds fantastic. Got rid of hum and muddy amplification I‘ve experienced with passive electronics on cheaper AE's. I've also signed up for the online lessons. Finger-picking is my next frontier. Really enjoying it so far.Now for the last deal, being manufactured overseas, even though it is set up in the U.S. Most of the exotic and non exotic woods for guitars made by Martin or Gibson come from the same area of the world where the Zagers are made. There is a certain elitism among a lot of musicians, that if it is not made here in the USA that it is an inferior product. I know it's apples and oranges, but its almost the same deal with pro cameramen friends of mine that snivel at a $10,000 HD video camera, because guess what-they paid $95,000 for their non HD digital camera 5 years ago. The whole idea about international trade, if it works right, is that you have the possibility of getting a superior product at a superior price. I think that's what I got with this Zager and my Zad 80-CE. It plays exactly they way I wanted and looks and sounds great. This is a solid guitar. Playability, intonation and appearance, and value-is there anything else you really need? This guitar to me is a great bargain. And the Zager Professional Hard Shell Molded Case is killer. Thanks.Best Regards,
Christian Schilling
Thousand Oaks, California

01/17/2011 Dear Mr. Zager and crew, I just wanted you to know how blown away I was by my new guitar. The minute I picked it up, I knew it was special. It is twice the instrument you said it would be. And a work of art as well. I almost can't believe it is mine. I played a lot of guitar when I was a younger man, but somehow all those responsibilities of family and working got in the way. I had a bypass surgery a few years ago and as I have come out of it, I realized there are some things too important to let pass You have helped me get my music back into my life. I hope this isn't my last Zager. I'll tell you this, if any of my grandkids get interested in guitar, they are getting a Zager from Grandpa. Well, I just wanted to thank you.
David LaGraff
Madera, California

01/14/2011 Hi DZJR I can't thank you enough for all the back and forth E-mails and the final delivery of my new Zager ZAD 80,the quality and sound is nothing less than 100%. The next one I buy will be a ZAD 20CE. I have a lot of Bluegrass freinds and they are die hard old time Martin fans, but can only speak well of my Zager guitar. You truely do have to get in the $2000.00 range to compare sound and workmanship with the Zager and then the low action and EZ-Play comes into question and CHING CHING $$ Zager wins again!
Terry Glovier
Wanatah, Indiana

01/11/2011 I purchased a ZAD 20CE about two weeks ago and it was all you promised. It is easy to play and has a fantastic tone. I have been playing for over 40 years and this guitar has truly renewed my interest in playing. Several of my guitar playing friends are amazed at the amount of guitar you sell for the price you ask. Keep up the good work.Sincerely,
David Foss
Telford, Pennsylvania

01/09/2011 Hey Dennis...I got home today and the guitar was waiting in my kitchen. I just wanted to let you know that I'm in love with it. I would put it up against any Martin on the market for sound, and as for playability it blows everything (even my Gibson jumbos) out of the water. I will surely be using it live. If you would like, I would be happy to write a review for you, and send you over some pictures of me playing it whenever I get them. I don't use acoustic live at every show, but we have a few in-stores and some live on-air stuff coming up in the next few months and I will definitely use the Zager. Let me know if you would like me to write something up about it. When we re-vamp our website we will be adding a list of the equipment we use. I will put Zager guitars before Gibson, Fender or Martin.Also, where are you located? I travel a lot. If I am in the area, I would love to come meet you both in person and take a look at the shop.Thanks so much,
Adam LoPorto
Lead Guitarist
Lux Courageous

Adam LoPorto
Oyster Bay, New York

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