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01/11/2011 Hi Dennis, My guitar arrived in two days and in excellent shape. I am amazed at the fast service. It's a beautiful guitar. I haven't been able to put it down. The guitar sounds fantastic and is so easy to play.Thanks again for the great service.
MJ Flugstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

Franksville, Wisconsin

01/09/2011 Greetings Mr. Denny Zager,I received the black ZAD-20CE (Black Beauty, as I call it) three days ago in theafternoon. I pretty much played it all the way till two o'clock in the morning. The sound is very, very impressive. The notes are crisp and candid, and the basses are very punchy and very entertaining to toy with. Strumming chords is also a surprising delight, as the strings have an eerie bell like hum - very resonant. The harmonics seem to be very pronounced. I have a good classical guitar, and a very expensive and world class flamenco guitar…haven't touched either one since the ZAD arrived!I must say that I did doubt getting a black ZAD because a lot of the black or all-solid-color acoustic guitars that I see in local music stores seem to look... well... cheap. I figured that when I receive the black ZAD, I would simply return it for a natural one. But when the package arrived, and I unraveled the packaging to see it... my immediate impression: This IS Black Beauty! Mr. Zager, your photos of the black ZAD-20CE fall way, way, and VERY way short of the true beauty of this guitar - and perhaps all your other black guitars too. One thing, besides many, that I absolutely notice about this guitar - the abalone inlay around the soundhole has some tints of blues and reds, but overall, it has a sparkling emerald color. But the amazement is, against the black color of the guitar, the abalone looks as though it is actuallly glowing. Simply beautiful. In terms of sturdiness, not much to say. This is a very sturdy guitar. Nothing feels cheap about it. The electronics work wonderfully, and the built in tuner is gonna cut a lot of time look'n for that hand held tuner I always use.Now comes the real magic. Mr. Zager, your string science is the answer to my dilemma. I've been playing nylon string guitars for over a decade now, and every now and then I would toy with the steel strings. I love the sound of steel string acoustic guitars, as certain sounds and music genres do not sound as good or appropriate with nylon strings. So I've always wanted to cross over into steel string acoustics, but every time I try, many of my fingering gets very sloppy. Being predominantly a classical guitar player, it is hard to get used to a guitar where the strings are very close together, and the string tension relatively harsh. NOT THE CASE with your guitar, as I had originally hoped. I can play my classical stuff as well as some folk fingerpick'n and my fingers feel right at home. Although I have played acoustic guitars before and checked out many from all price ranges at local stores, the ZAD-20CE is the first acoustic guitar I've ever bought for myself. If I truly felt there was an acoustic guitar that was a better deal in terms of sound, construction, price, beauty, and allowing my classical skills to cross over, I would've bought it. The Zager takes that spot! I love this Black Beauty!Thank You So Much,
Nong Ly
Fresno, California

01/05/2011 I have just ordered Zager number two. Last week I took a guitar lesson using a loaner. I could not believe the difference in playability (Yamaha). So I want to thank you and your Dad. Keep on Set em up right. I am singing your praises. Rock On....
William T. Griffin
Stanford, Kentucky

01/03/2011 Dennis - Thank you so much! The lessons are soo appreciated. My playing has never been great, somehow I have never been able to break into what other people call "mastering" the guitar, so the lessons will really help. I just enjoy sitting and playing, recently I have been working on the blues. If at anytime you need my assistance defending or advertiseing your product, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am sure that there are many people out there who have had to give up the instrument due to arthitis or other conditions in their hands who could possibly return to playing if they had a chance to use your guitar. I sat for many hours playing the guitar and trying to figure out how you guys do what you do. It really is the most amazing guitar I have ever played and at my age I have played a few. Today, I am just going to go home this afternoon and enjoy it and let you guys figure out the rest. Again, thanks for the lessons and please do not ever hesitate to contact me or to use my name in relation to advertising your product.
Dwayne Watson
Austin, Texas

01/02/2011 Hi Denny, received the guitar yesterday, 9th, ordered on the 6th. Fast delivery to Ky from Nebraska. Beautiful instrument and sounds even better. I am one of those "Music Store Students" from years gone by. Have been researching your web site for a while and finally decided to give it a try. I feel that I have already learned more in one day using your online lessons than I ever did at the "Store".Very excited about the guitar again, don`t want to put it down. Thanks so much for your service.
Carl McKenzie
Somerset, Kentucky

12/30/2010 Rcvd my guitar today. EXCITED!! Played for 2 hours and my fingers aren't sore, no buzzing.P.S. you should make a bigger deal about the tuner being built into the eq. So nice to have!Thanks,
Tyler Price
Grand Junction, Colorado

12/30/2010 Dear Denny-Much to my surprise yesterday, when I got home there was a large box in my living room and within a brand new Zager ZAD-20 guitar. A week before I was telling my family that it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to play my guitar due to the fact that I have severe nerve damage in my left hand and have lost some of the strength in my fingers. At the same time, I told them that I had heard of this guitar, which I had seen on-line that was, suppose to be easier to play and that I had planned to get one as soon as I got my next paycheck. Not to go in great detail and bore you, but this past year I was involved in an accident that after multiple failed surgeries put me permanently in a wheelchair and overwhelmed by debt. When my spirits got low, I always picked up my guitar and it was always comforting to know that I could still play. When the nerves in my hand started to go (caused by an unexpected complication from one of the surgeries) , it became increasingly difficult for me to play my Ovation so I began to search for one that was easier on the fingers. Therefore, my Mom being the greatest Mom on earth ordered this guitar from your company as a surprise present to me. My family and especially my Mom have really been there for me this past year as I was going through the grieving of losing my ability to walk.When I found your web site, I became very curious if it was hype or if in fact you had somehow been able to develop a guitar that not only sounded great but also was easier to play. At first, I was very leary, especially at this price. Well folks let me tell you this is not hype. From the time I picked up the guitar, I was impressed with not only the beauty and design; thin neck, lightweight but the sound was amazing. I have played many top-end guitars lately (costing thousands of dollars) and this one easily matches theirs note for note. The best part however is that now I can play chords that I have lost before, including bar chords and hard to reach extensions at the fifth fret. Call it whatever you like, "string science" or set-up what I have is a guitar that is not only beautiful and sounds like a custom-made guitar but also has the ease of playability that I have not found on any other guitar. Now I am no luthier and honestly, I do not care or want to know how you accomplished this great task especially at the price, all I want to do is say thank you for an amazing instrument, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My next task is to sign up for your classes. If you can do this kind of magic with a guitar, your lessons must be equally as great.Sincerely,
Marvis Ross
Austin, Texas

12/30/2010 I've had my new ZAD80CE guitar for a week now. I truly believe it's a gift from God. I've been playing guitar for 3 years and have been looking for a guitar that's easy to play for long periods of time. I like to play christian music. I took it to a jam session at my wife's grandparents church and played for 2 hours with other guitar players who play gospel music up and down California. Most of these players have been playing guitar for over 30 years. I received nothing but compliments from them. Thank you and God Bless you!
Michael Buller
SONORA, California

12/27/2010 Denny,Just wanted to let you know I just ordered my second Zager guitar, a ZAD-80. I recently began learning to play and have decided to leave my ZAD-20 at the office so I can practice during lunch and I will leave the new ZAD-80 at the house for playing in the evening and on weekends. A friend of mine who is an excellent guitar player picked up the ZAD-20 and played it. He looked at me and said "you must have paid $2000 for a guitar with this tone and ease of play." You should have seeen his face when I told him what I actually paid.Can't wait to receive the 80. Thanks for providing such a wonderful and affordable guitar.
Robert Lewis
Missouri City, Texas

12/24/2010 Dear Zagers,I received the Zad-80 today. VERY NICE!!! The sound is all and more than I hoped for. It playes like a dream. Maybe I should buy the Cutaway electric now!Thanks again,
Norm Ivie
Columbia, California

12/22/2010 Denny Sr and Denny Jrand all the fine folks at Zager Guitar What else can I say besides WOW UNBELEIVABLE!I had originally decided to buy a Martin DM-1 but after a few emails with Denny Jr. I was offered a blemishied Zager ZAD20 for the same price. They only had black and sunburst, neither of which were my first choice in color, but they were ZAD-20's. Inspite of that this seemed like an offer to good to pass up so I jumped on it (since they only had 2). I never thought I'd get a chance to own a ZAD-20. While the price is excellent they were just a bit over my budget. I placed my order on Wednesday around 1:00 p.m. and had my new ZAD-20 by 10:30 a.m. on Friday. Not even a full 2 days. Now how is that for service? It arrived double boxed in great shape and still in perfect tune. Now if this is a blemished model I sure can't see the flaw. Looks perfect as far as I can see and the tone is out of this world. The EZ-Play technology was immediately noticed. I saw this on the first A chord I did, which have always been a problem for me. I'm going to see my brother this weekend and can't wait to show this guitar to him. He has owned 2 Ovations for over 25 years and I think this Zager will blow him away. This is one beautiful guitar both in appearance and sound. Mr. Zager keep up the good work and thank you for this wonderful guitar. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your family.
Terry Booth
New Baden, Illinois

12/21/2010 I've been fooling around with guitars for 55+years and this is the best sound and action I've ever had, and I have to admit even better than my Gretsch, which I didn't think possible. Thanks for the great communication and feel free to use any of the above any way you see fit. Many Thanks
Vern Hahn
St. Paul., Minnesota

12/20/2010 I received my EZ-Play Zager ZAD-80 Acoustic Guitar today. Everything is quality. The sound is sweet and pure, it is easy to play and it is absolultely gorgeous. Can't ask for any more than that. Looking forward to years of service from a beautiful looking and sounding instrument.
Ronald Stowe
Arcadia, California

12/18/2010 Hi Denny,Thanks for sending me the modified Martin. It is a fine guitar. It is alsothe easiest playing Martin I have tried. The sound is different from theZager but I actually prefer the richer tones from the rosewood and cedar of the Zager tothe brilliance of the mahogany spruce from the Martin. The Zager was also easier to playso I will happily keep it. I thought of keeping them both but I would haveto hide on from my wife as I now have four guitars.You offer a great product at a very reasonable price and that makes a greatinvestment.Thanks,
Bob DeFlece
Bakersville, North Carolina

12/18/2010 Dear Dennis and Denny: It's been about 7 weeks since I first received my ZAD20CE, and a few more than that since you guys have had to answer all my questions about the product. I would like to report that this guitar is causing me serious marriage, job and sleeping issues. I can't put it down! I've owned a guitar off and on since I was sixteen, now I am fifty-two and like so many, I have always wanted to play. Other guitars are difficult, even the nylon classical. (which I've stayed with until now) What has impressed me so much, beyond the playability is the incredible sound. Whether you hit a single note or a chord, there is no buzzing and the note(s) just resonate. I can put this against any higher priced guitar I looked at, researched and tried to play; cheaper ones don't come close. Also the finish and workmanship is flawless. Another feature nobody else will match is your communication and service. Buying a guitar anywhere else is like a car, once you've purchased it it's over, but not with your company. My next step is to learn for you lessons on-line and try to improve. I now believe I can get help, 24 hours a day. So I wanted to say thank you again and express my sincere appreciation for offering your product, service and skills to all the "wish I could's". My very best,
Gary Toulomelis

12/15/2010 Good morning Dennis, Having seen & heard the quality of the ZAD-20 we purchased for our daughter. It was only natural for my wife & I to be interested in buying one for each of us (we are both beginning guitar players).I placed an order for my guitar ( a left handed ZAD-20CE). As always it arrived surprisingly fast in 2 1/2 business days. And as always it sounded incredible. Unfortunately, I noticed a cosmetic / appearance difference that I personally couldn't get past. Your response to my concern, in replacing the guitar, was to answer with the same friendly professional service that has become a trademark of the Zager name and a benchmark for the rest of the guitar industry to aspire too. As soon as my wife decides between a ZAD-20 and a "Baby" Zager for proper fit, our third guitar order will be on its' way.Thanks for being a cut above.
Jim Fennessy
Loveland, Colorado

12/12/2010 Dennis,My Black ZAD-20 doesn't look like a B stock to me.Guess your dad is really fussy. I appreciate that ashis name is on there and he stands behind it.I never read the testimonials before today. It's weirdthat I have the same experiences as the others. Youhave a great customer relationship and we all feelthat's the most important thing...well a fantasticproduct too! I can't think of another company that is proud of whatthey make and stands behind their product.Thank your dad for making mankind trust worthy again!And for training his son in an honorable manner. Arare find indeed.
Roberta Mikkelsen
Pearl River, New York

12/10/2010 Hey Dennis Jr.,The ZAD-80 and case that my wife ordered has arrived in excellent condition. The guitar is more beautiful in person. Even though I have no experience, the guitar sounds great. I ordered the online lessons and look forward spending quality time learning from your Dad.Thanks,

12/10/2010 Hi to my friends at Zager Guitar, I received my new ZAD80 when I got home Thursday night. You know I own several Zager guitars and they're scattered all around the country for my travel schedule. I looked at several higher end (as in expensive) instruments and, as usual, decided Zager is truly the best product set out there. Well, my new ZAD80 didn't let me down. That guitar is incredible. Unbelievable action, superb frets and set up, fabulous sound and gorgeous to boot. It's my new favorite, unseating a 'perfect' ZAD20 I've had for 8 or 9 months. Dennis, thanks for listening to my requirements and working with me. You were more than fair. I've taken Denny's lessons for a few months now and gotten a couple of level 3s to play nicely. Your products and service truly helped me in my desire to renew my guitar playing and take it to higher levels. I recommend your products to anyone without hesitation. Best regards and thanks again,
Tom Leavy
Clearwater, Florida

12/10/2010 I sold my Fender F-220 on eBay yesterday and had another guy who was interested but waited too late to bid.I told him about your great line of guitars and unmatched service and he is going to buy one from you.I have a few friends coming over tonight and I'm sure at least one of them will be looking into Zager guitars.Hey, you should start an incentive program, refer a friend, and get a set if strings or something like that. LOLAgain, thank you for your incredible service; you are both a one of a kind in this "sell it and forget it world" we live in.
LONDONDERRY, New Hampshire

12/06/2010 Dear Zagers, Thank you for the timely, professional and courteous manner in which you handled my questions, especially after the sale. In a time when good customer service is a rarity, you people really stand out from the crowd. Your customer service is unique in that it is superb! Your family clearly deserves the highest degree of praise and for that I say "thank you, you stand by your word!" Regards,
Roy P. Rachlin
Tom's River, New Jersey

12/04/2010 Hi Denny Jr.,Well I got the guitar ZAD-80CE. It is very nice. I am most impressed thatyour dad is able to provide beautiful playing an looking guitars to peoplelike me who would otherwise have no way of getting these excellentservices. Bravo!
Bob DeFlece
Bakersville, North Carolina

12/03/2010 Denny,Well, I've been a guitar player for about 13 years now and a happy Zagerowner for 9 months, and the guitar keeps sounding better and better. Theonly problem is my wife likes the sound of my guitar so much that she'salways begging me to play her favorite songs, instead of working on my gypsyjazz excercises.I thought you might like to know that I attended the Healdsburg GuitarFestival this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.There were over 100 Luthiers there and beautiful handmade guitars went asfar as the eye could see; exotic woods, elaborate rosettes and inlay workadded up to price tags anywhere between $2,200 and $35K. But, I played anumber of different guitars while I was there and found that many of themdid not equal the sound of my Zager. Visually there were many stunningguitars and designs, but I wasn't finding the full rich sound I get out ofmy Zager. A number of these guitars just sounded weak and had a poorbalance of bass and treble sounds. I was amazed.This isn't to say that I didn't play some truly marvelous guitars or thatnone of these handmade guitars were superior to my own. However, the 2guitars that I played that left me absolutely filled with envy and stunnedhad price tags of $3,200 and $6,000 respectively. As one might expect whenyou get to this price range you're playing an instrument that provides analmost transcendental experience, rich with complex overtones and startlingclarity. By all means, if someone has $3,200 or more to spend on a guitarhe should absolutely go for broke, but, hey, for the money, I was once againconvinced your guitars represent one of the finest values anywhere.I love my dreadnought, but hear you may be soon coming out with anOM/000/Concert type model and am eager with anticipation. Will we begetting news on that soon?Well, anyway, thanks again for making quality, outstanding instrumentsavailable for all of us!
Derek Stevens
Losantville, Indiana

11/30/2010 Hi id just like to say i just got my zager ZAD20...andi love love love the thing...everyone whose played itfrom my dad to grandpa to best friend says its theeasiest guitar to play that they have ever[ is also the only acoutsic guitar i willplay...having tried sooo many acoustic guitars...iused to NEVER play acoustic i find myselfONLY playing my new zager...i am considering orderinganother one as a backup...perhaps the 80...and myfriend wants to get one now and i have refered him toyour website...i will now tell everyone aboutit....thanks.
Josh Debney
Los angeles, California

11/30/2010 Dear Denny—It is everything your web-site claimed it would be—and more. Needless to say I am both speechless and ecstatic at the same time!! My only complaint (if I had one) is that the t-shirt would have fit me better 45 years ago (lol) but NO PROBLEM—Thank you so much! My next challenges will be to learn how to play it, and figure out how to use your on-line lessons. Thanks again,
Clayton Peterson

11/30/2010 Dear Denny, I purchased my ZAD20-CE over a month ago, and chose to reserve my comments on it until I had played the guitar for a few weeks. I am a beginner, and purchased this guitar in the hopes of taking my playing to a higher level. I had reached a point, playing my old Yamaha, where it seemed that I could not advance. Barre chords were an unreachable goal, and speed came at a very painful price. Sore fingers and frustration were the norm. I decided to purchase a Zager, after much research on your product line. I was, as I usually am, somewhat skeptical. Could I obtain a guitar of such quality at an affordable price? My skepticism proved to be unfounded. This guitar is simply put, AMAZING! The workmanship and finish are flawless. The action has to be played to be believed, and the tone and volume produced by this instrument are breathtaking. It sounds wonderful played acoustically or amplified. It is truly a work of art. In just a few weeks my playing has advanced well beyond my expectations. I am, once again, excited about playing and learning. Thanks Denny for an outstanding product, one that I am sure I will treasure for a very long time. Sincerely,
David Bret Myers
Webster, Texas

11/27/2010 Hi Dennis My guitar arrived today in good shape. Since I just ordered it yesterday afternoon, I was amazed at the good service. It's a beautiful guitar!Thanks again for the great service!
Larry Shaw
Lawrence, Kansas

11/24/2010 Dennis, I've had the new black ZAD-20 a week now, today. Its great! I have about sixteen acoustic and electric guitars and I love it. The action is wonderful and the electronics work great. I especially love the onboard tuner. I work both on the street in a very busy tourist area (see my web site BandonPix) and in small clubs(I've enclosed a photo using my new guitar) and have played guitar for nearly 20 years. I love this ax! Its exactly as described and, of course would be wonderful for beginners too. So easy to play. Thanks for helping to make an energenic old "hippie" not have such sore fingers.
John Gretzinger
Bandon, Oregon

11/22/2010 Hey! I have had my ZAD-80 for a week or so now and I just had to send you a note to tell you how much I love this thing. It is flawless. The workmanship if wonderful; the inlay binding and the inlay on the back, the wood itself, the fret board action, the is all first class! Thanks so much!

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