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11/21/2010 HI, I'm stunned at how quickly it got here. I ordered it on Thursday and it was here Friday afternoon. It's been years since I've touched a guitar, so give me a few weeks and I'llwrite you a worthy testimonial. All I know right now is that it's beautiful and I love it. BUT, I LOVE the T-SHIRT!!! How can I get another one, and do you offer them in colors?I didn't see a place on line to get more, and I have friends who would be thrilled with one also.Your music has a very definite place in our hearts, and we'll never forget where our lives were when we heard it. Warmest regards,
Gayle McDaniel
Des Moines, Iowa

11/20/2010 Denny, I'd been shopping for a new flattop for some time when I saw your stuff on Ebay. I did some research on you, your company, and your product, and made the decision to order a ZAD-80. Before it arrived I visited a local music store and played an '05 Martin D-28 priced at $1995, to establish a baseline. Well, what can I say? Your guitar arrived in perfect condition--tuned and slick. The first ten seconds of play were enough to prove the Zager's vast playability advantage over the Martin. The Zager's tone is different from the Martin, as expected, but in my opinion sweeter, more mellow, better for me. I'm enjoying my guitar again like I haven't in years. Thanks for a great product. By the way, the case is nice, too. My only dissatisfaction is with the teeshirt--Do you have one that doesn't glamorize the rock-n-roll lifestyle?
Gordon Jones
Ayden, North Carolina

11/18/2010 Gentlemen, I received my Zad- 20CE (a B model, but an A in my book)yesterday and quiet frankly, I am astounded. It not olny looks good (where's the imperfection?) but plays like a dream. I chose the CE thinking I may someday get a amp., but it sounds so good on its own, that I probably won't. My other guitar is a Harmony Soverign that I bought new in 1969. No comparison! As for your 30 day money back guarantee, "keep your picks off my Zad". No more sore fingers for me. Thanks,
Nancy Watkins
Zephyr Hills, Florida

11/18/2010 Hey Dennis,Just wanted to let you know my ZAD-20 is doing greatand sounds fantastic. I really love it!I wanted to tell you a story about when I played inchurch last month. The pianist, who also guitar,played with me on one song. During the song, one ofhis strings broke. When we finished, he asked if hecould borrow my Zager, since he was playing the nextsong with the praise band. I said sure, so after heplayed mine, he said, "This plays great, man." Thanks again for making a FINE guitar at a greatprice. I've played sax for years and played my oldguitar at home. But now that I have a great new Zagerguitar, I'm playing in public! It's enabled me to playin church and really has gotten me interested inguitars. If anyone out there is looking at a guitar. You MUSTget a Zager. You just can't beat the quality and thesound. And, the price is great, too!
Al Upshaw
Raleigh, North Carolina

MEBANE, North Carolina

11/12/2010 What can I say?!Guys, I love you and your guitar.I used to play Cremona, then Orpheus, last 7 years - Almirez...But you guitar is something outstanding. I talking about sound and that easy way to play.Many thanks to Denny. His technique is simple amazing.I going to sleep with this guitar tonight - just can't let it stay silenced. That's what I need to write my new album. So far I found a real masterpiece - my sound and my style in Zager 20... I'll be back soon with more detailed feedback - for now I can't wait to play and play again.I love my Almirez but I let it take a rest in closet... Thank you so much for doing your business. There's no one but you, guys... Sincerely,
Val Dashkevich
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

11/10/2010 Hello! Just a note to let you know I received the ZAD-80 in good shape. It is a beautifully made guitar that is a joy to play and that has a good sound that should only get better with age and use. Also I would like to commend you on your web site and lessons. You guys are a real boon to the guitar playing community. God bless you!

11/10/2010 I know without a doubt you are the best company I have ever dealt with.Anyone can sell a product, but it's the service after the sale when there is a problem that shows a true professional.You have my deepest respect and I will highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a new acoustic guitar.Thanks again.
LONDONDERRY, New Hampshire

11/10/2010 I have been playing my ZAD-20 for almost a month now. I would have writtensooner, but I can barely set the guitar down. Not only does the Zager playas advertised, but it truly is a thing of beauty! I am returning to playingafter years, and I cannot get over the sound. What heavenly tone. I let afriend who plays professionally check it out, and he couldn't believe Ididn't pay $1000.00 or more for the guitar. I have to say thank you to DennyJr. He was helpful and kind. It's not often you find a company with aquality product; a product for which they could charge anything they wish,but are more concerned with people getting quality guitars at a great price.The People at Zager Guitars just want you to play! Unbelievable guitar,Unbelievable service, Completely believable people! Thank you Zager Guitar!
Joseph A Pele Jr.
Wheaton, Illinois

11/06/2010 Hey Gang,Just thought I'd drop you a line with some feedback on my new ZAD 20 CE. I purchased it two weeks ago and it certainly is a lot easier to play than my Ovation. I am primarily a keyboard player and the Music Director at my church, but I've wanted to get back into my guitar playing in order to add some variety to our Sunday Services using Guitar as a lead instrument instead of the Keyboard. We play contemporary Christian music and have the whole nine yards instrumentally; keyboards, guitars, bass drums, percussion, and brass. Anyway, I bought a discount priced “B” stock Zager and there is a small “ding/blemish” on the front near the sound hole, but you have to hold the guitar at a certain angle to see it. It certainly does not affect the sound or playability of the guitar. I'm taking it to a local Luthier to get a strap button put on and he is excited to see it- he said he's heard a lot about Zagers but never saw or played one. I'll let you know how that turns out, maybe I can get you another customer! Well again thanks for the sweet guitar; I'll be leading service with it in no time!God Bless,
Ed Scanni
Camden, New Jersey

11/04/2010 I truly am a Zager fan and I really like the product. Just wanted to share my adventures. The ZAD20 is on a stand in the living room so I pick it up when I'm waiting for my taxi, or whatever. Sometimes I'm just stunned by how well these instruments play. I have a little etude I fingerpick and the ZAD20 just resonates like church bells on some of the high notes. They all just keep getting better. Talk to you soon,
Tom Leavy
Clearwater, Florida

11/03/2010 Hi got my Zager guitar this morning. I found that in just playing two songs, my hands could operate the strings better..and NO MORE BUZZING like I usually create on my Ovation. I am very impressed...wherever I may take this guitar, I will send forth praises and hopefully more people will enjoy your work.
Robert Koenig
Levittown, New York

10/31/2010 Thank you for the fantastic ZAD -80 guitar. I was skeptical at first, and very leery of buying a guitar without trying it out first, but with your money back guarantee I figured it's the same as trying it out anyhow. The fist thing I was really impressed with was the speed of the delivery. I ordered it on Thursday, and by Saturday (if not for the weekend) it would have been delivered. First thing I did was take it out and play some basic chords on it, and the tone was so nice and crisp it was a pleasure to hear. Also the more I played today the more you could tell it was opening up, and becoming even more beautiful. Up until then I've been playing on an introductory solid top Ibanez for the past 7 years, and even if I tuned it, the notes were still out of tune, and became increasingly out of tune as I moved up the guitar. The look of the guitar is also very striking. The pictures on the website do not do this guitar justice at all. The ease of play was what impressed me the most though. I was looking for new guitars and as a person with small hands I had trouble finding a guitar that fit me right that I could play easily. In order to make long stretches I had to flatten out the arch in my hand, and thus muted some of the notes out. This EZ play system you have created virtually eliminated all the problems I was having, and yet you can't even notice the difference in string width. I can't thank you enough. It's a shame you don't make a 12 string, but the next guitar I get will defiantly be either your 20ce, or 80ce. Take care.
David Homel
North Oaks, Minnesota

10/31/2010 I am someone who is a little leery of ads, but I read the description about these guitars, and I was going to buy a new guitar anyway, and I needed one where the strings were a little easier to push and wider apart for my fingers because I was introduced a few years back to one of the itis boys and he is the meanest ones, his name is Arthur. After thinking about these guitars for a while I decided to try one. I am glad I did. The guitars are really a nice instrument and well worth the price. I have recommended them to a lot of my friends. If any one is serious about a good guitar I highly recommend these guitars and the Zager Company.
Charles Thornton
Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia

10/31/2010 Hi DennyJust a note about my guitar now that I've had it for a few months. It's great, it stay's in tune, I enjoy it very much. I have tried it with an amp and it sounds great. The sound and quality of the guitar is very good. I have been playing it daily, it will be a keeper. My old guitars are going to find another home.
Brad Wiebelhaus
Glendale, Arizona

10/28/2010 I purchased one of your Zager guitars acouple of years ago and I still love theplayability and sound. I was recently in a Gibsonstore and I tried some of their "High End" Epiphoneswhich had high price tags also, and some of the lowerGibsons which had Higher price tags, and in my opinionmy Zager is still a much better player hands down. Just had to give my peresonal opinionThanks Again for a Wonderful Guitar
Gary Cresswell
Cranford, New Jersey

10/25/2010 BELIEVE what the web-site says about Zager Guitars. Just received a "B"stock ZAD-20 a couple of days ago (bought myself a birthday present). I'vebeen playing acoustic instruments for more than 35 years (hate to admit thatsometimes). Started playing and could instantly tell how much easier theaction on the ZAD-20 was than every other moderately priced "brand name"guitar I tested in the past two or three weeks (and I tested a bunch). Mycallused fingers thank you Denny. Was a little concerned about buying aguitar that I hadn't tested or heard before, but the one's I tested Ididn't like so I figured what the heck, let's see if this guy on the web istelling the truth. He is. The guitar sings, is easy to play all the way upthe neck, makes difficult chord changes easier and I still haven't figuredout what the "flaw" is in my "B" stock guitar. All I know is I got a greatdeal on a great sounding guitar that'll play anything from ballads to bluesto honky-tonk and rock-n-roll. Now if only I could get my name brand 12string to play this well.
Richard Melaas
Coupeville, Washington

10/23/2010 Hi Denny Jr! I haven't had the time to email you> I received my two Zad20's and I haven't touched any other guitar since then. They had to stop at Florida to then get to Puerto Rico via Priority mail. I'm very pleased with the sound, finish and action of this beauty. As soon as I upgrade mi internet connection will start your lessons.I believe this is the one that will let me learn playing without frustration. Thanks!
Dennis Perez
My Town, California

10/22/2010 Hi Dennis,Be sure to thank Denny profusely for the recent bunch of songs! Also, the selection has been wonderful. I just got "Sometimes When We Touch" memorized and fairly well smoothed out today.The emphasis on the lower strings is really cool. The new material really got me fired up and I've gone from practicing an hour a day to well over three. Yahoo!
Russell King
Batesville, Indiana

10/21/2010 Dear DennyI received my Zad-20 today and 5 minutes after it was out of the box Iwas picking and singing. I was amazed at how much better a guitarist Iam than I thought. The tone and playability of your instrument isremarkable. I think I told you I basically perform the songs of HankWilliams, Sr. Well old Luke the Drifter must be up in heaven smilingthat I am no longer butchering his music. Let me know when yourinstructional program is available in DVD format.A very satisfied customer.
Robert Smith
Brooksville, Florida

10/19/2010 Hello, Will you please tell Denny that I am more than grateful to him? As I wrote before, I have wanted to play like Denny teaches for 35 years. His system is SO easy to understand. I wake up each morning and try to rush through my responsibilities so that I can practice my guitar! Geez, I sound pretty good already! I didn't think at first that the guitar used really mattered. Boy was I wrong! I can not believe the difference in playability with Denny's E-Z play system. He has proven to me that he is an honest man and just wants everyone to be able to enjoy playing music as much as he does. My guitar far exceeds any expectation I ever had. I have shopped everywhere and educated myself on every guitar out there. I am VERY picky. Not only does my ZAD 80 play so much easier than any guitar I have ever played but it looks absolutely stunning. Will you please let him know my thanks?
K Howe
Arlington, Washington

10/19/2010 You guys are great! Thanks again for the great guitar and all your time you put into it. I'm taking lessons and playing every day. I'm not in a band right now but that could change. Thanks again.
Dan Luttrell
Comstock Park, Michigan

10/16/2010 Hello,Thanks for the great service and personal attention. Your web site ordering worked perfect and I am very happy at how fast my order shipped. It arrived in excellent condition and the guitar plays like a dream. I am so glad I took your word and bought one. It is by far the best acoustic I have ever owned. The tone is so deep and the high end rings forever! I will use is both live and in studeo work from now on. And thanks for the signature. , I would never take it off it is such a great honor! God Bless!
Dan Luttrell
Comstock Park, Michigan

10/13/2010 Dennis, What can I say that hasn't already been said by somebody else. You and father have INTEGRITY. Your warranty is the BEST of any company I've dealt with and your product is even better. I am very satisfied with the ZAD -20 guitar I purchased from you. I play it in lieu of all my other guitars. It sounds better that the others and more so plays easier than the rest - you have them all beat by a mile. A new faithful customer - will definitely purchase from you in the future. Sincerely,
Danny Medina
Las Cruces, New Mexico

10/11/2010 Have had my Zager guitar for several months now. Still LOVING it!
Keith Gaines
Leesburg, Virginia

10/11/2010 Denny,Thank you for the great "Blem" guitar. I took it to my lesson this week and even the teacher was blown away by the sound and ease of play. WHat is the difference between the zad20ce and the zad 80ce? Once again a great transaction and very happy customer!
Kelly Case
Heath, Ohio

10/11/2010 Gentlemen, Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. My ZAD20 arrived last week and it absolutely plays great. The tone and playablitlity of this thing are absolutely unmatcherd by anything anywhere near the price I paid--I should know as I own everything from a $200 Washburn to a priceless(to me at leaset)Gibson Southern Jumbo from the 20's. And hey, it looks beatiful too. What a deal. The case I ordered didn't ship out with the guitar but you guys really gave me top notch service by getting it out to me quickly with a discount and free capo. Thanks alot for standing behing your product. I guess it's easy when you only deal top quality instruments. Thanks again.
Mark Bramblett
Cumming, Georgia

10/07/2010 Enjoyable is the best word to describe my Zager ZAD 80.When you have acoustics costing double the price the one you end up playing all the time is a Zager.Once in a while you pick up the more expensive one just to remind your self how nice it is to play the ZAD 80 and also how enjoyable it is to do business with Zager guitar not even a shop which is near by where I live can match Zager guitar for service and personality.I received my ZAD 80 not long ago and wanted to let any one who is thinking about buying a Zager but might be leery because of what we here and read about on line dealers don't worry there is no one anywhere that handles a guitar purchase better than Zager guitar.The ZAD 80 I received is set up so good there is not a dealer on line or within 100 miles of me that could match it.The action is as low as possible,the sound for the low string height is remarkable the strings feel so soft that you need just the lightest amount of finger pressure and can play for hours with no hand or finger soreness.Plus the ZAD 80 is a beautiful acoustic I don't know what more you could ask for and I know the Zagers are trying to get even better with even easier to play set ups amazing!!Just ask any one who owns a ZAD or Martin they got from Zager guitar I bet you here the same things I've said.Thanks Denny & Dennis
David Cibula
Bradford, Pennsylvania

10/05/2010 Just put down my guitar. Played for thirty minutes. Wow!!My fingers don't hurt. Like the clean sound, easy to get clear note, not a lot of pressure needed for defination. Love this guitar. Will buy an 80, acoustic-electric as soon as I can afford it. Thank you. Just played Rocky Racoon
George Ensminger
Orange City, Florida

10/04/2010 Hello, I just want to say you guys were honest andtrue to your word about the guitar and returnpolicy. You were polite and everything yousaid you would do, you did and I just wantedyou to know that whatever its worth, I thinkyou guys and your company is great. Sincerely,
Chuck Tilton
Longview, Washington

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