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10/05/2010 The arrangements and online lesson tapes have given me a great beginning tofinger picking that I would have never gotten from anywhere else. I onlyhope that I can get one of the "easy play" guitars in the near future!!Thank You.
William O'Briant
Burlington, North Carolina

10/01/2010 Dennis, The guitar arrived safe and sound. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! You have been very nice about the exchange.Thanks again for the guitar and for the great customer service,
Darci Felty
Webster, Florida

10/01/2010 Hi, just wanted to let you know I love my new guitar. The action and playability are just as you described it and the sound is great. It sounds much better plugged in than my Epiphone PR5e. It has a much fuller sound.This guitar is real nice for fingerstyle playing. Other guitars I have tried all have a spot or 2 where there is some buz or dullness. This guitar dosn't have that. It is crystal clear everywhere. I plugged it in to the PA system at church last Sunday and it sounds great. Nice full sound. My epiphone sometimes had problems with ringing in the bass strings if I turned it up too loud. I think this is a keeper. Thanks Denny.
Anthony Miller
Windsor, Pennsylvania

10/01/2010 I love these guitars, absoultly amazing. I went to my local guitar center over the weekend and played a number of guitars just for comparision. From a playability standpoint only a few (out of 30 or more quitars) had anywhere near the playability of the 80 and all those guitars were well over $3K.Also, you will be recieving an order for two more from my friends. They visitied this weekend and were thoughly impresed with the Zager 80 guitars, although I think they are thinking about the 20CE.Thank you,
Richard Shapiro
North Brunswick, New Jersey

09/28/2010 Dennis, I received my Zager guitar Friday and I can't tell you how beautiful it is. I can't believe how easy it is to play. The sound is unbelievable. I really like the autographed picture of Zager and Evans, the picks, the strings and T-shirt. It is truly is everything advertised and more. Hopefully someday I will get to meet Mr. Zager and shake is hand, to let him know that I'm appreicate him working for peanuts so that I can be able to afford such a fine guitar. Take Care,
Steven V. Snead, MCSE, CCNA
Lake Elsinore, California

09/25/2010 Denny -The guitar arrived safely this afternoon. Wow ! it sounds great you have worked your magic again. The bridge looks entirely different from the previous one, you must have improved the 'science'. Thanks for installing my DR strings, it sounds marvelous.Thank you all again for such a wonderful after sales service.You guys are the best.
Murray WIlson
Savannah, Georgia

09/23/2010 Thank you so much for the fast shipment of the Zager guitar. The careful wrapping and pkg. of the instrument for the journey here to O Fallon, Il. was incrediable. When I opened the package it said, that the person who makes these guitars cares about quality, integrity and great customer service. Well I can't say I know how to play it yet. But I figure if I can play a piano I should probably be able to play a guitar. After all I'm a jack of all trades and master of none. That's just how God made me.May all of your dreams come true Denny and just keep on keepin on.Kindest Regards,
Constance Hurd
Ofallon, Illinois

09/22/2010 Thank you very much for the new guitar Denny.I played the bass in church and just started playing the guitar in church. I have always wanted to play the guitar public and have always had some guitar around the house. I have big hands and fingers and have always had buzzing and strings that my fingers were touching that they were not supposed to be. Your guitar changed all that. I play my first song in church this sunday and I am so excited. It has totally changed the sound of my playing. Thank you so much and God Bless you and staff.
Greg Stallings
Apache, Oklahoma

09/21/2010 Good morning, You might want to lie down, because I am going to swell "Team Zagers'" heads. Let's review my purchase of the ZAGER ZAD-20: I contacted your company via email & phone with many questions...many times. You answered my questions quickly in a friendly, patient and sometimes humorous manner. I placed an online order for the ZAD-20 at about 2 pm on Sunday. You responded with an order confirmation & tracking number by 8:30 Monday morning. (Within 30 minutes of the start of business for the week, approx. 18.5 hrs. from the order being placed on a "Closed" day. I had more questions. You responded with the same great customer service. The guitar arrives on Wednesday at 2 pm. Packed great, jaw-dropping pretty and (I'll get to how it sounds in a second) (Let's see, that would make it 54 hours from the start of the business week and 72 hours / 3 days from the birth of the order. On a closed day) How does it sound ????? I must answer this question in the form of a story..... My wife, daughter and myself are very fortunate to have a friend who is an accomplished guitarist. He is very generous with his talent & time teaching most anyone who has the desire to learn. He comes from a music background, has a family member in the "Country Music Hall of Fame" and he has some pretty deep engrained opinions on the various aspects of the "guitar" world. One of these "guitar rules" is DON'T BUY A GUITAR ONLINE !!!!! He offered up a few of his recommendations from the areas elite but cost effective guitar stores. DON'T BUY A GUITAR ONLINE !!!!! PLEASE, DON'T BUY A GUITAR ONLINE !!!!! You have to have it in your hands, you have to inspect it and feel the guitar. You are going to get burned... Upon arrival of the guitar, I immediately ask my friend to check it out. He looks it over, and ask if he can play it. I answered yes. He started putting the guitar thru the mill, fretting at different locations trying to get it to buzz. and checking for tone balance, etc..etc..etc. After twenty minutes of player interrogation, he hammers into this extended bluegrass lick at about the 10th fret. He keeps repeating the 10 second lick over & over, playing it faster & faster with each turn. Slowly, a smile forms on his face, he quietly says "This is sweet!" "This is a $320 guitar? he asks. He continues playing just a bit when he suddenly stops, stands up, holds the guitar out to me and states "I have to do this". I take the guitar and he disappears around the corner mumbling. He returns shortly carrying his best $3,000 acoustic from a very well known manufacturer. He proceeds to hammer out the same lick on his guitar....he points out to me how the notes coming from his guitar are not as clean as the notes from the Zager. He throws his hands in the air and exclaims All Right...I AM A BELIEVER! This particular guitar was a surprise birthday present for my daughter. She is a young adult working her way thru college. Her response is best described as speechless awe & delight. Orders for guitars for my wife & I will follow asap. From one craftsperson to another, thank you for the great functional art product that you provide. From one person to another, thank you for the pleasant life experience. Best regards,
Jim Fennessy
Loveland, Colorado

09/19/2010 After learning "Love Me Tender" in about two weeks and now almost have "Californication" down in about half that. I have respect for Denny's system. I can't wait to see Introduction to writing song arrangements part 2. I also want to learn more music theory along with his system. As he has said you learn more and play better because you playing music you like. As many times as I have watch his tapes playing the music and teaching... I feel I know him.Take Care,
Steven V. Snead, MCSE, CCNA
Lake Elsinore, California

09/19/2010 HELLO THERE :) You're playing is Magical and Very informative... As I'm certain you've heard many times over and again.. I just saw this 'lil link here and Just thought I'd share with you that you've truely 'touched' my life again and made it possible for me to pick up my guitar and start learning how to play again, and my wife is also learning how to play for the first time as well..You'll be an inspireation for many people I'm sure... Already I've shared your magic with all my friends and told them to do the same.Many Blessings from those you've touched with your magic.
Brad and Tina W.
Denver, Colorado

09/16/2010 Hi Dennis:I just got back from a week on the road and saw a package from you inthe mail. I ignored the rest of the mail and tore it open like alittle kid (I'm 49 years old). When I first looked at the capo, Inoticed how solid it is - especially for a prototype. Then I took outmy ZAD-20 and tried it out. I had originally thought that this styleof capo would work well, but would also be fussy to use. Nothing couldbe further from the truth. It is easy to put on, adjust, changepositions and remove. I think you've got a winner here!Thanks again for sending it to me. And including a set of strings....that's over the top. You certainly know how to create customerloyalty. I have already used you as a shining example when talking tosome of my clients (I'm a consultant that helps senior teams to settheir business strategy). One of these days (if I'm ever out yourway), I'd love to sit down with Denny and you and ask you about howyou decided on this "formula" for your business and what yourexperience has been.As you can tell, I'm a big fan - not just of your guitars, but of yourwhole company.Thanks again and all the best.
Barry Felson
Guilford, Connecticut

09/13/2010 Good Morning Denny, Thank you for responding so quickly, I didn'texpect an answer so fast. I made the adjustment with the allen key andit solved the problem. Now I can get back to practicing and continuewith your lessons. Your system definitely works, all you need to do is practiceeveryday and it becomes second nature. I really appreciate everythingyou and your Dad have done to make playing so enjoyable, it really showswhen you keep at it. The next time I'm in the market for another guitarit will definitely be a Zager. I'm thinking about purchasing an amp, do you have anysuggestions.Thanks foe being there
Bill Slinker
Glendale, New York

09/11/2010 Your system definitely works, all you need to do is practiceeveryday and it becomes second nature. I really appreciate everythingyou and your Dad have done to make playing so enjoyable, it really showswhen you keep at it. The next time I'm in the market for another guitarit will definitely be a Zager. I'm thinking about purchasing an amp, do you have anysuggestions.Thanks foe being there
Bill Slinker
Glendale, New York

09/11/2010 Dear DennyI first ran across your website one nite while surfing through EBAY, looking at the Martin guitars up for auction. I'm not one who just jumps into the water to see how cold it is. So I took my time and read everything on your website. Everything that you are saying makes perfectsense to me. I have always believed that a beginning student needs the proper instrument. I began reading and playing music in school at the age of nine. It was,"IN THE YEAR 1967". Unfortunately I only played for two years. Lets just say I got into other things, but I never lost, as you say, "the gift of desire" to play music. What a priviledge it was to grow up in the 60's and 70's. To see and hear all that music coming out from everywhere and everybody, it was a remarkable time to grow up in. I remember your tune like it was yesterday and when I ran across your website and listened to what you were saying and offering, it sounded so good to me. As I said, I was surfing EBAY,DREAMING of finding a great Martin guitar at areasonable price. Hey it could happen, right? Well, not only did I find a great guitar but I found an instructor who could teach me the style I have always dreamed of learning! And the icing on the cake is that my instructor is none other than Denny Zager. What a privledge! The lessons are going great. Progress is much faster than anything I have tried in the past. I owned several acoustic guitars over the years, like Yamaha, Epiphone, Washburn and Seagull, but never progressed because of sore fingers, and lack of instruction. That all is changed now, thanks to your committment to music. My ZAG 80 arrived today and as I expected it is a thing of beauty that I will cherish! Boy what a pleasure to look at, and play, man I could play this guitar for hours. I immediately went down to a local guitar shop and compared it to a couple of high end Martins side by side. To me the Zager 80 won both in looks and sound. I am so glad that I came across your site and will recommend to everyone I can. I am going to a Bluegrass festival tommorrow in Darrington, WA and plan to bring along my Zager. I would love to hear how it sounds in the hands of a pro Bluegrass picker. They are always happy to try out new guitars. Many miles of thanks to everyone at Zager guitars. I love what you guys are doing!And thanks so much for the extra goodies!
Ernie Martell
Bellingham, Washington

09/11/2010 About a month ago I sent my ZAD-20CE back to have you replace the bridge. I got it back in perfect shape! I've just waited this long to tell you guys so that I could be sure that my opinion of the guitar wouldn't change. I absolutely love this guitar! I've compared to guitars that my friends have that cost hundreds more and I think it has beat them all! I am very pleased with it and just wanted to let you know. Thanks for everything! Chris
Chris Watson
Bountiful, Utah

09/07/2010 Denny,As you can tell by my email address and title below I work in CustomerRelations for a large automotive company. I just want to take the time togive you some positive feedback on my ZAD 20CE. To be honest I was alittle bit skeptical buying an instrument on line. I wanted so badly topick one up or hear it in person but that was not possible. With yourmoney back guarantee I decided to take a leap in faith and buy one of yourguitars. Your video clips of each guitar were very helpful. I would haveto classify myself somewhere between beginner and intermediate level butwas getting tired of the pain cause by the high strings on my Alvarez. Mypractice times were limited to about 30 to 45 minutes just due to pain.I chose the ZAD 20 CE for the following reasons. I play fingerstyle andfinger picking tunes and wanted a brighter sound, however I will pick upthe flat pick and play folk and early rock or contemporary country tunes(America, Eagles, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, John Denver....). I thoughtat the time the ZAD 20 CE would fit the bill.Well I have been playing your guitar almost non stop for the last 8 months.I will be sitting in front of the tv and some how the guitar always ends upin my lap. I ending up practicing or just playing at least 90 minutesalmost every night!! You and string science has returned the joy of musicin my life and I don't know if I can thank you enough. I have seencriticism of your site and the alleged advertising claims and I just wantedto have my say and let you and others know the truth. Your guitar and thestring science adjustments make a HUGE difference in tone and playability.No one will be disappointed playing one of your guitars!Thanks again for delivering on your promise. I wish you continued success!
Mike Alfieri
Boston, Massachusetts

09/05/2010 My new guitar arrived today 7-13-05. I really didn't know what to expect as it is hard to judge something from a picture and description. Suffice it to say I am more than pleased. Intonation, playability and finish are astounding especially considering the affordability. I've played guitars in the 3000.00 dollar range that don't compare. You have my deepest thanks,
Dan Raney
Aurora, Colorado

09/04/2010 Thanks again for your quick reponse to my questions. Well, my wife and I just got back from a local bluegrass festival. I took along my ZAD 80 and let me tell you it sounded great in the hands of a couple of real good pickers. They loved the 80's action and tone, and I don't have to tell you that the bluegrass crowd are die hard Martin fans! I can't wait until my playing improves. Now that I have a tool I can work and Dennys instruction with I'm sure I'll get to where I want to go in my playing.
Ernie Martell
Bellingham, Washington

09/01/2010 Dennis, No doubt in my mind - you and your father have a great company with great customer service. I will definitely do future business with you and tell others about your products and fantastic customer service and an unbeatable warranty. Sincerely, another satisfied customer.
Danny Medina
Las Cruces, New Mexico

09/01/2010 Well I have a flawless $1400 Ovation 1868 and it doesn't play or sound as good as my sons damn guitar I bought from you guys so I'm selling it on Ebay. Case and axe are in mint condition...You want to trade? lol! Well as soon as I get the Ovation sold I'll call you. I think you likely remember my review of the guitar I bought my son. He plays the hell out of that guitar and it has held up very nicely. His friends with more expensive guitars are still amazed. You and I have talked before and the service you guys provide is why I am going to be a repeat customer. There is no one like it in the marketplace today. Nice review on the Zager ZAD20ce in Gritz Magazine by the way. I can assure you as soon as I unload this damn Ovation I'm going buy either the ZAD20 or ZAD80ce. I bought my son your Zager modified Washburn and gave a wonderful Yairi DY 52 to my brother who plays professionally, the saddle broke on his DY 45, and I bought the damn ovation to replace the Yairi. What the hell was I thinking anyway?
David Higday
Wichita, Kansas

09/01/2010 I received my Zad-20 yesterday and it is absolutely a beautiful work of art. I don't know how to play yet but I am starting lessons and I know this guitar will inspire me to learn how to play. It amazed me that the guitar was still perfectly tuned when I took it out of it's box. very cool. Thanks for a beautiful guitar.

08/29/2010 I love your arrangement of 'Freight Train' -- it's so much fun! It's quickly become my favorite song to play, and it's really getting my pinky in shape! Cheers!
Michael Segal
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

08/26/2010 Hey thanks a lot for the great service and awesome guitar, what a product. I'll never get rid of it, plays like a dream. take care.
Clair Jacobsen
Laurens, New York

08/24/2010 Excelent, excelent, excelent!!!! This guitar is a masterpiece. It is beautiful! It even plays great too! Thanks guys for a quality instrument!!
Greg Lee
Martin, Tennessee

08/23/2010 Wow! I am so excited! I just started with your lessons. For 35 years I have wanted to play right hand melody like you teach. I tried to read lesson books before but became frustrated and gave up because the methods they use are so confusing. I am already on step 3 of your " so simple to understand" lessons and I am making real music! Thanks so much, Denny! I wish I would have found you years ago! Keep up the great work and thanks for allowing me to make music!
K Howe
Arlington, Washington

08/22/2010 I never told you how I found your guitars on Ebay. I was looking at different guitars so that I could sell my Yamaha because I thought that I just couldn't play it after breaking my index finger so it was just staying in a case under my bed. Well, I saw your listing and I had hopes of playing again. I am so glad that I found your site. I, now, am selling my Yamaha hoping that someone can appreciate it more than I could. I am just so grateful and had to tell you. I feel reborn!Hugs
Carol Colwell
Dallas, Texas

08/20/2010 Just recieved my Zager today. The zad20 sunburst. I must say, the saound and playability were more than I could have hoped for. It has pitch, which I am not sure is used to describe guitars, in the middle range that is awesome. Thanks for your honesty and great customer service!
Eric Sheara
Ventnor, New Jersey

08/20/2010 Hi Denny & Dennis,I've been wanting to buy a Zager guitar for a while now. But living in Belgium, I wasn't able to order one. When I went to the US last week, I ordered a ZAD-20CE and had it delivered to my hotel in San Francisco. It arrived within 4 business days in absolutely perfect condition.Now that I'm back home, I've been playing it for a few days now, and I'm really impressed with the sound of the guitar, and how easy it is to play some of the chords that I found difficult to play on my classical guitar. Thank you for a great guitar at an amazing price !
Joeri Leemans
Nashville, Tennessee

08/17/2010 Denny, I have one of your ZAD-20's and I love it! The tone and playing comfort are amazing. Have you ever thought of making a concert style guitar, something like the Martin 000 model?
Derek Stevens
Losantville, Indiana

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