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11/13/2017 Thanks Dennis, you guys are the greatest. I am proud to say that I have sent two others your way. They are as happy with their guitar as I am. Scott
Scott Davidson
Ware, Massachusetts

11/11/2017 Dennis - The guitar arrived in perfect condition today. Many thanks. A joy to not only play, but to simply look at.
Richard Bolus

11/11/2017 Hello Folks, I can hardly believe this guitar. Iím so fortunate to have found you. This ZAD-20 is really amazing. This is hard to say, but I think itís even better than my Martin D35, which I had for 41 years. Iím feeling alive again, lol. Thank you sooooooooo much.
Drew Decker
La Crosse, Wisconsin

11/08/2017 Hi Mr. Zager, Just wanted to let you know I received my Travel Mahogany today and it is a beautiful guitar. And just the right size guitar for a petite person like myself. I look forward to learning to play the guitar. Great price and great service. Thank you, Julie
Julie Pressly
San Jose, California

11/05/2017 Hi Dennis, She arrived safe and sound this afternoon. What a gorgeous guitar! Even my 5-year old son said, "Wow!" With that nod of approval, I'm sure my new Zager has already found a permanent place in our home and lives. I'm a greener-than-green beginner, so one of my first tests was playing the dreaded bar F chord (every new student has challenges with that one!). Every note rang out clear and true. No buzz, no muted strings. Even easier than on my Fender American Standard Strat, which I had requested be set up for a beginner, so the action is quite low. This Zager is not only very playable, but the tone and voice are remarkable. I am very pleased. Thanks again for your exemplary customer service, and this fine instrument. When I've studied for awhile, and can bring some honor to my ZAD20, I'll be back for a ZAD80. Always good to have something to look forward to. : ) Best regards, Bob Poirier
Bob Poirier
Prior Lake, Minnesota

11/03/2017 Hello, Attention all readers of these amazing testimonials! I just received my ZAD20E today, its so breath-taking! The craftsmanship of Denny Zager\'s guitars; are so beautiful, shiny, sturdy! The sound is really fantastic! I can play so well without fatigue fingers and makes me play like a professional guitarist and I only been playing for 2 and a half years. You won\'t Regret buying one of these guitars! Im already saving up for my next prize possession the ZAD80CE! Also, if you want the most professional and welcoming customer service it gets no better than Zager customer service, Dennis Jr has been a big help to me and always responded to my questions quickly. God Bless the Zager family. ~Best regards
Stephen Gamble
Winter Park, Florida

11/03/2017 Denny, Guitar arrived after about a week in transit, was only barely out of tune, I had the guys at Pro-Music tweak it for me. Very dry in Fairbanks, but I added moisture pads at the head and the sound hole, keeping humidity in the case around 47%. Thanks for the T-Shirt and certificates. I am really enjoying working through the chords and as I am a beginner, I find the string pressures and fret heights to be very easy to manage. I appreciated your professional response on my order, it restores my faith in family owned companies in America providing the best service in the world. When the guitar arrived the guys at Pro-Music were very impressed and all had to try their hand. You may be getting another order from Fairbanks. They still don\'t believe me when I tell them the price of the guitar. Best regards to both you and Dennis Senior, I will keep you in the loop. From an Alaska cabin dweller to a Nebraska cabin dweller. Ron
Ron Huffman
Fairbanks, Alaska

11/03/2017 Having fun with a Zager guitar every evening is like reading a wonderful book......that doesn't have an ending ! Thanks again to all of you at Zager for the experience !
Steve Tennent
Portland , Oregon

10/30/2017 Denny Jr I received my new ZAD20E sunburst yesterday. I was so excited, I was outside waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. I can't explain the joy when I opened that Zager guitar case and saw that most beautiful piece of artisan craftsmanship I've ever seen. WOW!!! It is so beautiful, I didn't pick it right up. I stood there an just looked at it. What a beauty. Really, words can't describe it. After a slight tuning the first strum told the story of the quality of this instrument. My what a beautiful, rich, deep tone. Fantastic sustain. A big thank you to all who were involved in the design and creation of this fine masterpiece. I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me later as I spend more time with this beauty. I'm going to do a little recording with it today and later tonight I'm going to a jam so I'll get more input on this sweet, sweet instrument. Thanks again Ken Zenobi
Ken Zenobi
Port Angeles, Washington

10/28/2017 Denny, Received my 4/5 Parlor today, all is right with the world. Fit and finish is superb ! It is the nicest and easiest acoustic guitars I have played. I am very happy with it and look forward to playing it for many years to come. I also look forward to getting another of your fine guitars very soon maybe the ZAD80 this time. Thank your Dad for me for this wonderful instrument. Dennis Stadler Jr.
Dennis Stadler Jr.
Houston, Texas

10/27/2017 WOW...thanks soooo much. I love my guitar...the sound rocks. And my new shirt too!! I will be a walking ad for Zager from now on. Got the guitar easy!! Getting a few lessons at Guitar Center in Portland. Will be taking my Zager with me....sure to get some referrals.
Anita Wetmore
Portland, Oregon

10/24/2017 Thank you soooo much for your great customer service. My guitar is great and it sound heavenly! I haven't put it down since I got it! At first I was afraid to touch looked soooo perfect.A musical beauty I was very impressed with the outstanding personalized touch you added by including the photos and background information. Thank you for the shirt... I loved it too. I will be buying all my guitars from you now and I can tell you now that the next guitar interest of mine is the travel guitar. I certainly will be getting my next acoustic electric guitar from your shop also. Mr. Zager... I am your fan! Thank you again.
Evelyn Artiga
Silver Spring, Maryland

10/24/2017 Dennis, My Zad-80 gets better and better every time I plug it in. I swear the over tones coming from this instrument is un-like any other that I have had in my hand, and I have played them all. Sometimes I catch myself saying where did that come from like a ghost was playing with meÖ.. Tell your Mom & Dad I said hello and that I am still out there every day with my Zager. Your support means the world to me, and I am so blessed to be part of the Zager Family. John
John Stallings
Baneberry, Tennessee

10/24/2017 Hi Denny, My son was up for motherís day and he played my guitar and the other one I had bought (Alvarez RD20S). The Alvarez sounded tinny compared to the one I bought from you (I did put a set of your strings on it). I am thinking of just selling the Alvarez and giving using the $$$ towards a 20E sunburst.
Gerry Lipka
Quarryville, Pennsylvania

10/21/2017 Oh my god , what is that , you call that a guitar , no sir I call that an awsome guitar lol...I just compared my Takamine ETN20C and my Talor 314 E it souds just as good for a LOT $$$$.$$ less. And pluged in even in my house amp a Peavey, that Clear Wave 10 sounds great and the tuner in right on. Can t wait to plug it in my Fender Acoustisonic at my freinds studio. I love my 20 series , and you know I paid in the $1000.00+ for my other guitars and yours is just $495.00 for the same or better result (AWSOME). Again warmest regards Serge Laflamme proud owner of a Zager ZAD20E
Serge Laflamme

10/18/2017 Dennis Thanks again Picked up the guitar and am very impressedSeems like the more you play it the better it sounds. It got to me in perfect shape, thanks also for the t shirt and Certificates, and strings The service has been excellent, and you have more than made up with the case not coming with the guitar Thanks again Steve
Steve Bracegirdle
San Francisco, California

10/16/2017 Earlier today, I left both an audio, as well as a written, testimonial about my guitar and your company. The guitar is superb! I am extremely pleased and feel confident I will upgrade to a 900ce in the future.
John Gilbert
Reno, Nevada

10/15/2017 I want to thank you for understanding my concerns about the guitar and the way you handled it.Jill for taking care of the refund and lesson library membership and your dad, Denny for making such a great guitar. I am looking forward to his lessons. I will write a favorable testimonial in the near future about buying and owning a guitar from Zager guitars
Dan Bounds
Chicago, Illinois

10/14/2017 I received the Zager 900CE today and it is a beautiful guitar, Iím not a professional guitar player but I enjoy picking out songs by ear. I have a total of 7 guitars that include a Gibson J185, a Martin DM acoustic, a 1970 Framus acoustic, a Sigma electric,( Greg Bennett design,) a Gretsch acoustic electric, and a Takamine acoustic electric. When I took the Zager 900CE out of that very nice hard case I gave it a quick tune up and was pleasantly surprised at how nicely and smoothly this guitar plays. The tone is wonderful and I love it. Looking at this guitar is like looking at a piece of art. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.Thank you and keep up the great work.
Frank Bennett
Minneapolis, Minnesota

10/12/2017 Hi Jill, Denny and Denny, The guitar arrived today and Iíve been playing it since I got home from work. It is truly a thing of beauty and it sounds wonderful. The craftsmanship is superb and it is so comfortable to play. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and the great service. You can count on me for many referrals. All the best to all of you.
Chris Waite
Los Angeles , California

10/12/2017 Just got a ZAD20E in Sunburst from you guys. Terrific job well done. Nice guitar.
Louis Schaftel
Houston, Texas

10/09/2017 Thanks The new guitar zad20e looks and sounds great, Thanks for your help.
James E. Ray
Tulsa, Oklahoma

10/06/2017 Just got the 4/5 Parlor, just needed a minor tuning and sounds as good as my ZAD 20. I got the ZAD 20 a few years ago, started taking lessons, then injured my shoulder (unrelated). I wanted to get back into it and started looking at some smaller scale guitars. The smaller scale seemed to work ok with my shoulder. Of course when I finally decided to buy one I came back to Zager. The only problem now is that I have run out of excuses, back to practicing!
Bill Stahl
Scranton, Pennsylvania

10/04/2017 First of all, I want to thank you for all the extra time and attention you gave me during this purchase cycle. So nice to deal directly with the owners. In today's global market place "it's priceless" Wow! What a lovely well made guitar this is. Easy play set up is for real and anyone will find this guitar a pleasure to play. The African Mahogany sides and back have nice deep rich grain. Sitka Spruce top was well matched. High gloss finish gives this guitar an expensive look and feel I just love. Over all attention to detail is high quality. I have shown my guitar to numerous friends.... Everyone was impressed with it's expensive look and full balanced sound. Electronic preamp Fishman 60 Clearwave works really great! Only used the tuner twice as the guitar has stayed in tune. My older brother Jim, who has played drums professionally as long as your father has played (55yrs) .... He had this to say; Wow the strings are nice and close to the threts... how much did this cost you.... What do think I paid for it i said.... You can't find something this nice under a $1.200.00. The Zager's offers the best online price - performance anywhere... Believe me I have shopped all over the internet.... Nothing comes close to The Zager guitars. I look forward to my online guitar training classes through with your father's. After not playing for 18 years, I have fell in love with playing all over again. Just can't stop picking up my new Zager guitar. (Thank you again) Yes.... I have already waxed my Ax with high quality guitar wax.... Funny thing... still look the same as it arrived. Your customer service is the best I have dealt with, very fast, effective and supportive... You get 5 stars here Dennis. Thank You, and please thank all the employee's who make this guitar package possible.
William Thompson
Stevensville, Michigan

10/04/2017 I received my guitar on Thursday. Talk about truth in advertising!! The guitar is a perfect combination of beauty and function. As stated it is very easy to play and sounds fantastic. It is definitely a quality instrument built by artists who care about music and also their customer satisfaction. I have shown my Zager to four friends who are very experienced players and the guitar passed their scrutiny with flying colors. I want to thank you and your father for the care put into this product. I would buy another without a moment hesitation.
Jim Dodd
Portland, Oregon

10/04/2017 Hi, Thanks for everything the case arrived yesterday, you have been great to work with.
Gary Turner
Cleveland, Ohio

09/30/2017 Sorry to reply again, but I haven't even received a guitar yet and I am truly amazed at the amount of effort you place on customer satisfaction!!! I have emailed and called 3 or 4 different times today and the emails were replied too within seconds and the phone was answered immediately!! I am 41 years old and I feel like a child on Christmas Eve waiting on Santa. This is the way a business is supposed to ran. Corporate America could learn a great deal from your families business ethics and the amount of respect and dedication you give to your customers!!
Robert Taylor
Little Rock, Arkansas

09/28/2017 I have owned and played a Zager Zad - 20 for about a year now. I absolutely love it. I have a Martin guitar that doesn't compare.
David Patterson
Jacksonville, Florida

09/27/2017  I cannot say enough of not only of your GREAT customer service, but the fantastic guitars that you offer. I have had several Martins and there is only one that would come close to being easy to play and have that sound quality. Thanks again!
Fargo, North Dakota

09/24/2017 Just a quick note to tell you again how I appreciated the way you handled my recent, minor repair. It was truly satisfying. Also, I am still so very happy with my instrument. I sounds better every day!! Best regards and wishes for the future.
Robert Wood
Plano, Texas

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